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  1. 2000bull

    Holgorsen To Houston

  2. 2000bull

    Out of shape players

    aaron lynch said you forgot the meal plan
  3. 2000bull

    Out of shape players

    Butterbean was awesome This thread
  4. big changes are coming tuesday or was it monday
  5. So are you saying this wouldn’t be an issue if we had an ocs?
  6. 2000bull

    Rut-Row Umass Coach....

    i heard that when the defense is struggling you should switch QBs
  7. 2000bull

    Recruiting question

    recruiting isn't for the faint of heart
  8. don't they automatically drop you if you don't show up in the first couple weeks? you probably just typed in the wrong course code on the telephone
  9. 2000bull

    NCAA changes redshirt rule

    That’s how I understood it as well.
  10. 2000bull

    NCAA changes redshirt rule

    article i read only said 4 games, didn't matter if it was split either, 2 in the beginning and 2 at the end. also talked about the changes to transfers saying all a player has to do is tell the school he wants to transfer and they can't limit to where they transfer https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/06/13/ncaa-passes-significant-transfer-reforms-redshirt-rule/
  11. sounds like a new tradition do any other schools already do this?
  12. They’re planning for when we merge with the big12. Won’t be as far of a move
  13. 2000bull

    HB QF

    hopefully whatever money he does make, he saves the vast majority of it
  14. 2000bull

    HB QF

    i knew it was kid rock