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  1. Catsdontpaytaxes

    Our Shirt 2018

    Can we go back to 'if you can't see, stand up'? Please?
  2. Catsdontpaytaxes

    Do we really not know our bowl?

    **** no to bham
  3. Catsdontpaytaxes

    STAMPEDE #USF2LibertyBowl

    Cool to see the support here. Remember to visit their FB and leave a comment on their post asking who to pick, or ring them up for a few-second statement that you'd like USF to get a bid. It looks like a number of you already have and the comments on that post are starting to fill in nicely. Facebook.com/AZOLibertyBowl
  4. Catsdontpaytaxes

    STAMPEDE #USF2LibertyBowl

    I dm'ed one of the LB's social media pages and they said they are still currently gauging interest and are excited to announce a matchup tomorrow. This could be a generic response and it pales in weight to other metrics but if there's any truth to it let's blow 'em up and get a respectable game for Q and the seniors. Memphis doesn't even want to go. Let's really make a push. Don't forget to feature a '#USF2LibertyBowl' to get it trending. Come on, Bulls fans! 901 795 7700 LibertyBowl.org https://www.facebook.com/AZOLibertyBowl/
  5. MARK, JUDY GET US INTO THE LIBERTY BOWL VS. WEST VIRGINIA Memphis doesn't want to stay home for bowl season anyway. McSmurf has us in Bham. Others have us in anywhere from St. Pete to Boca. Military seems out for reasons unknown. Service academies' exclusive affiliation with Mil. Bowl expired last year and honestly why would their team want to spend bowl season in a more insulated setting (more military mumbo jumbo) vs a vacation? We shall see tomorrow. Seriously, Liberty vs. anyone would be an incredibly pleasant turn of events as far as consolation goes for seniors. Look at Liberty Bowls throughout history on YT. One of the more prestigious bowls going and Harlan would be a smooth operator in getting us an invite. Also if we somehow land this bid, everyone on this board better attend to see Q's last game or you're all dead to me. Hyping the Bulls all the way in magnificent Seattle, WA, and finding more people know us than you think. Your bro in Bulls pride, Cats
  6. Catsdontpaytaxes

    Welcome Catsdontpaytaxes

    W00t Thanks y'all but I've been around for ages under another acct. No need to welcome.