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  1. Bull Dozer

    UCF President quits

    Zero cares. Wake me up when they are fiscally punished at the same level of the fraud they committed. I'm sure I've got a nice long nap coming because there are almost never any real consequences for things like this...
  2. Bull Dozer

    Football event tonight

    It sounds far too overthought and targeted if this was indeed intentional. We have everyone from guys at the bottom of the donor totem pole all the way up to guys like Cousin Ricky who didn't get invited but yet somehow a guy who is admitted at the bottom of the totem pole got an invite. This OC hire got some juice locally in the papers etc because it's Kerwin and it would seem like a real error to waste that with this event that was so specifically targeted when many across the donor base would love a chance to rub elbows with Bell, let alone the other coaches. This is a layup when it comes to generating excitement and engagement but either through error or overthinking it we didn't use it to it's full potential. Yes I may be jumping to conclusions with this but this just has the feel of another case of USF doing a USF thing and making things that are very basic operations at other athletics department seem like theoretical physics... The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.....
  3. Bull Dozer

    Football event tonight

    I'm sure athletics is aware not from this board post but from the attendance, or lack there of at this event. I'm in no way advocating somebody getting fired etc but there should be processes and procedures for these kind of events that prevent what happened in this instance. If this is indeed because somebody left and this was on their plate that's not acceptable either. There should be proper off boarding processes and and contingency plans so that stuff like this is passed along to a temporary steward to makes sure those communications etc go out. I'm not here for torches and pitchforks I'm here just completely disappointed at the lack of internal processes for this stuff at my university, or the lack of enforcing those processes. We seem to talk a good game about prioritizing engagement and growing the donor base but in practice it appears to much less of a concern.....
  4. Bull Dozer

    Football event tonight

    Could be, either way we need to get this fixed. Every year we deal with stuff like this and it just seems to stay the status quo rather than being fixed. It's hard to take athletics seriously when they talk about needing more engagement and more donors when stuff like this happens on the regular. It may seem like a small issue but it's symptomatic of a larger problem USF has had for years.
  5. Bull Dozer

    Football event tonight

    Because the lack of invitations is symptomatic of the disconnect between athletics and fans. I know you don't care because you're only here for CCS rah rah stuff but to actual USF fans and season ticket holders stuff like dropping the ball on this event is a big deal. Many we're hoping that missed opportunities like this would be a thing of the past or rarities with Kelly coming in as AD so this is a big disappointment. As you can see by the responses in this thread there were quite a few season ticket holders who would have jumped at this opportunity if they were aware this event existed. Who wouldn't want a chance to spend a few minutes with the new hyped OC and BJM? Also, USF needs MORE engagement to grow their game day experience, donors, ticket holders etc. As usual you're up in the kool aid but don't know the flavor....
  6. Bull Dozer

    Football event tonight

    Hopefully John Lewis or some of the athletics people that cruise the board will see this. Lost opportunity to engage the season ticket holders
  7. While i agree they should have the book at them for this kind of mismanagement and basically fraud nothing will come of this bigger than some people getting fired. If you play by the rules you're basically fighting with one hand behind your back. In a perfect world they would get shut down or have to pay fines equal to the misappropriated funds so those buildings are a complete loss. None of this will happen though because we live in a world without justice when it comes to this kind of corporate malfeasance.
  8. Maybe he can get Publix field at Pepsi Stadium built
  9. Cristobal and CJL are both notrously hard to work with so this is not a surprise except for the timing.
  10. 3-2 at UCF - W Temple - L at Houston - L UCF - W at UConn - W
  11. There's food you put some on a plate and eat it. Pretty basic stuff
  12. Last time we let him in he caused all kinds of problems. He's no longer welcome here
  13. Bull Dozer

    We’re a Hockey School

    I thought we were a quiddich school?
  14. Bull Dozer

    MBB Postseason Projection

    I'm just enjoying this team being much better than expected and being an exciting product again. Post season would just be icing
  15. Bull Dozer

    New DB Coach

    Love that he already recruits the panhandle/west Florida. He's apparently already familiar with BJM. He has a solid rep as a coach too. It's a good solid hire.