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  1. Well the chickens are coming home to roost in Tally their recruiting class is down to 20th after two more decommits today
  2. Maybe, but it's with a guy he's worked with before. There's a mutual respect there and he could mentor CWT until he leaves and take a over. You can bet the vultures are already drafting up outrage pieces IF CJL were to be come back as HC. It's harder for them to do so when he comes in as a DC seeing as they didn't care about it at his last 2 stops.
  3. He wouldn't be disappointed so that would be silly. Also, he could position himself as a coach in waiting for when CWT bails. This set up would also help stem any non-McMustache media backlash. Also CJL on the trail full time would be a recruiting monster, as would CWT if the positions were swapped
  4. Also apparently Quez Bell didn't get the Kerwin Memo as he decomitted right after CCS got fired
  5. The Columbia kids also have a coach that's a USF alum, that's also Jordan Smiths father....
  6. OBC ain't coming without Junior being the coach in waiting. Thanks but no thanks
  7. Hiring Bell would be horrible optics. How can you with a straight face expect your fans to buy in after how bad our offense was this season and brining back the OC? Especially when we're staring a couple rough seasons right in the face. Bell is a victim of circumstance and unfortunately he has the stink of the previous regime all over him and we need to signal heavily that we are trying to move in the opposite direction of that.
  8. I wouldn't say Bell was 100% responsible for Williams... Williams was a commit to us for months before he flipped to go P5 and the process was started when his recruiter (Dugans) left and basically brought the kid with him. He ended up flipping again to Tennessee but he was commited to USF for months before any of that nonsense started. Williams liked what he saw from USF before Bell was here so It's hard to say "he brought him in" especially because transfers have such an abbreviated process in the way they are recruited compared to HS kids..
  9. I'd be more Bullish if our OL and QB situations weren't so bad right now.
  10. I'm hopeful whoever comes in is a major upgrade when it comes to player development and has a good S&C coach coming with them. Those two things could go a long way towards getting this thing turned around sooner than later. I do think we're at least two seasons away from getting this thing turned around though.
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