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  1. Now if we could just get the OL to a respectable level of play
  2. It's a wide open competition. I wouldn't be surprised to see anyone out of Fortin, Johnson, McCloud, or Smith. It's all going to be about who can grasp and execute the system the quickest with limited practice time.
  3. Looks like a good get. Productive at the G5 level last season and adds much needed experience to the group. Him and Mathis on the field at the same time would a nice combination
  4. Getting any kind of test (Covid or antibody) is difficult in Florida. I know several friends who had all the symptoms but were not able to get tested. Because of that none have been able to get antibody tests either. These are just the ones I know directly and not counting the numerous similar stories I see from not close friends/associates on social media. The state government is also trying to bury as much info as possible here....
  5. Per his twitter. He said it was for financial reasons. I wish the kid the best
  6. I was just curious if he signed a UDFA deal. Wasn't meant as a slight which seems to be how you took it....
  7. Isn't he out of Eligibility? Off topic, Cronk signed anywhere yet?
  8. "What if I told you there was a sleeping giant that kept hitting snooze? 30 for 30, Flase Start: The Rise of USF football"
  9. Same. I think he has a higher ceiling than either who were both projects too. It's just a matter of what our S&C and coaching can getting out of him. You can't teach his size and athleticism combo so let's see what the coaches can mold that into. It's probably best if he doesn't get a waiver and redshirts imo
  10. Love how well he moves for a 7 footer over 250lbs. He's definitely very raw but that athleticism at that size is something you can't teach. Also this is kid has only been playing basketball for a few years. If Gregory and company can refine his game he could be a productive for us down the road.
  11. Agreed This is a slow build. The trenches are a few years away
  12. When he realizes what he signed up for https://images.app.goo.gl/S3Qejf1wuQbDQBvn7
  13. Cincinnati is a great landing spot. They don't have much at the TE spot.
  14. I would agree with for the first 5 rounds but 6th and 7th are often seen as borderline game day roster guys due to to the obvious deficiencies in their game. It's after all why they are picked so late. Teams often "take fliers" on guys later for numerous reasons. Teams love to "add competition" to send a message or straight away plan on drafting guys who they know will probably be practice squad guys. In the end, having agency over where you get your first shot is an advantage over possibly being drafted into a bad situation.
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