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  1. Yup now he's a full time slot and he's going to be that much better. Also everyone knows who McDoom is he's a high profile transfer with big expectations if we're being that technical.
  2. I think Ford qualifies because he's playing a position he's never played before and it's not exactly like he got alot of targets last season. I also think he's going to be a special player in the slot. Like Ean Randolph but with enough speed to take it to the house.
  3. This is long overdue. Glad that CCS and presumably Kelly are making this happen. We need to build the culture we used to have, that swagger and chip we had on our shoulder.
  4. What is this NHL you speak of? I have no idea what you're talking about...... The spring game for me was about 3 things Getting a real look at the new offense. It didn't disappoint as it basically did all of the things I have been screaming for the last two seasons. Athletes in space, finally How the young guys who saw substantial minutes last season matured. They all looked noticeably bigger and were making plays An eye test for the S&C program. It passed we looked bigger and leaner as a whole than last season The program just has good feel that it hasn't had since going into the 2016 season. CCS even looks a bit more happy than he did the last two seasons. I'm optimistic but not irrationally exuberant
  5. This is where I'm at too. The Spring started with Jennings at LT and Billy at right guard then they flip flopped those two and it stuck through the rest of the camp. I'm not as bullish (no pun intended) about Hopple as some here are as I was told by somebody who's opinion I hold in high regard to "not expect much out of him" when I asked about him. Apparently while he's a massive human he doesn't play with good bend and isn't as Fluid at tackle so he's easy to get off balance and use that size against him.
  6. I kinda lumped them in with Bell's guys. Should have phrased it all of the new additions. But the Bells, Darveau, Ellis, and Spicer all are a huge part of this new energy. For me it's more important that Ellis can actually coach (unlike Adams) as we are still relatively young in the secondary. Also, Adams has a reputation a very good recruiter and not a very good coach and that showed during his time here, then you add in the stuff he was doing behind the scenes and good riddance....
  7. I dunno if momentum is the right word but there is a different energy around this program than there was the last two years. I really do think those coaches leaving has a ton to do with it. it was like cutting out a cancer, and it's not just my disdain for Gilbert as the others were doing worse things behind the scenes that were poisoning the program from the inside... The energy that Bell and his guys have brought is palpable
  8. We have lots of momentum right now and hopefully we can carry that into and through the season. The wheels can come off quickly if we don't out of the gate fast this season so hopefully the team does it's part this fall.
  9. This camp Q has a chance to solidify his place on the roster but it wont be easy. The Bengals are going to definitely draft a guy to compete for that 3rd spot and are going to give that guy every chance in the world to take that spot. Q is going to have to take that spot if he wants it. It's going to be tough but Q has been through worse.
  10. This in a nut shell is why I'm so excited about next season. The team as a whole actually matured and got better as the season progressed. With CBG at the helm I have zero doubts every single guy in the rotation will be a better version of themselves next season.
  11. This. The new offense and how it will take advantage of our strengths is very exciting but none of it matters if we can't win the LOS more than we lose it and stop people from scoring. Here's to hoping the OL makes a big jump between now and September
  12. EVERY BODY NEEDS TO IMPROVE THEIR FREE THROW SHOOTING!!!!! That alone will make us a much better team as we know how to get to the line we just don't finish enough when we get there. As for individuals Collins- I would like to see him work on his mid-range game and be a little more aggressive in asserting himself Rideau- He needs to work on not trying to do too much with the ball. He gets in modes where he just over dribbles and gets himself in bad situations. It may be a part of the offense at times but he needs to just slow down and not force things for the full games. Durr- He needs to continue to change his body and become more aggressive/physical in every way possible. As with all young guys he needs to work on his low post game and develop another move or two. Yetna- Just keep maturing and start working on the mid range game. He just needs to keep being him and get bigger and stronger. He has crazy potential if he just stays on course Kiir- As others have mentioned he just needs to play within his skill set as an athletic energy guy on both sides of the ball. He needs to stop trying to be a ball handler and develop his game down low. On both ends of the floor he need to stop trying to always make some kind of big play and just let the game come to him. He often picks up stupid fouls and commits bad turnovers that could easily be avoided. He just needs to play his role and use hi skill set. Brown- He needs more consistency and confidence behind the arc. From what I have heard he's a much better shooter in practice than in the games it just doesn't carry over for him. He needs to fix whatever it is mentally to make it carry over better to give us that legit outside sharp shooter Castaneda- First thing, on the offensive side he just needs to SLOW DOWN. His speed is a great attribute but sometimes he just plays fast to play fast and it leads to mistakes. It's probably mostly just maturity but that would go a long way. He needs to work on his scoring in every facet, especially finishing around the rim. He's great at getting to the basket he just needs to finish those drives.
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