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  1. I too would not like to be at the next practice. Primarily because they wouldn't let me in and I'd just have to stand outside.
  2. Bull Dozer

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    Holy ****, I had no idea he passed I totally missed that thread.
  3. Bull Dozer

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    With the new avatars I can't keep you, @charsibb and @GaUSFBull straight.
  4. Bull Dozer

    Practice Facility updates??

    Yeah, I've heard they were close on the goal to start breaking ground and there's possibly still some unannounced large gifts floating around. This would be a smart approach as it would maximize the audience to try to get fundraising going for phase 2.
  5. Bull Dozer


    Change of Pace back. If Bell is healthy we won't need Ford this season for that though.
  6. Bull Dozer

    Impact Freshman

    He's a sophomore.
  7. You can add the Duke Transfers Price and Boyce to the MIA list too.
  8. Bull Dozer

    USF Run Defense

    I can't recall hearing Price or Boyce's names called so far. I know it was off the field stuff that led to them leaving Duke so maybe they got caught being knuckleheads again and there's a suspension we don't know about? I figured they'd at least be in the rotation by this point.
  9. Bull Dozer

    USF Run Defense

    The staff loaded up at DT this past class hence all the pups in the rotation the first few weeks. I think we will be fine once that group, Pinkney, and Kegler grow up. We're talented but young at DT.
  10. Bull Dozer

    USF Run Defense

    I think he will eventually lose the spot to one of the young guys behind him. This defense needs guys who are versatile at LB and I think Johnson, Grier, and Boyles are better fits because of their athleticism. I also like the current verbals and targets we have at LB. We're getting back to recruiting CJL type LB's again.
  11. Bull Dozer

    USF Run Defense

    We lost Sanchez, Hector, Senat, and Mike Love up front but for some reason people thought we weren't going to skip a beat on defense. That's a ton of experience, leadership, and production to replace. The young guys on the DL have shown flashes but they aren't playing consistent solid football yet. I think we will be much better at the end of the season than we are now as the guys get used to being the man at their spots rather than just being rotational guys like they were last year. As for LB, I'm not 100% sold on Sawtelle and both him and McGee have trouble getting off of blocks. We really need the DL to be consistently disruptive to help the LBs out because they struggle when they have to take on blocks and aren't just allowed to run around. We have a string of very winnable games coming up so hopefully we can everyone on the same page before we get into the meat of our schedule.