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  1. Now go back an remove the kids that CCS ran off or have left and re adjust those rankings. I'll wait....
  2. I have yet to see that talent the last 3 seasons but ok..... The results agree with me too....
  3. I'm not going to assume those guys were ready to play this whole season. They may not have been mentally ready to play their roles/know their assignments. The young guys that have been out there have been thrown out on the field early and a few are figuring it out.This team is still vastly undersized, can't pass block, terrible on the DL, doesn't have an answer at QB, lacks consistent playmakers on the outside, and isn't very physical. There are some glimmers of hope but I still maintain the same thing I've been saying before CJS got here. This is a 3 year rebuild to being a good football team because we need a talent infusion. We have a few pieces but we have far more holes in this roster and that's without even considering depth.
  4. Some young guys stepped up and made some plays and the players did enough to win but the coaches let them down today. We still have a ton of holes in this roster but there are a handful of pieces for the future to be excited about so that is encouraging. The fact that we are so underclassmen dependent for play makers definitely speaks to the low talent level on the roster though.
  5. He's at FAU and basically tied up to Taggart's hip for a reason. I love CJL and appreciate what he did for USF but I have trouble calling a coach great when they have never won anything of real significance. If he was truly "great" in the results based business that is coaching he would have to more than opportunities than following CWT around. People will look the other way in coaching if you are truly great. They haven't for CJL....
  6. Yup he couldn't get along with Cristobal and now he's at where he's at due to his inability to grow as a person. He's a talented coach but also his own worst enemy.
  7. I believe he had already been pulled from the game at this point. From what I gathered watching the game his outburst was more than likely about the guy they took him out for having a bust on that play.
  8. Now we just need to give him a full uninterrupted off season to start the long road back....
  9. I've been harping on this for what feels like forever now. We just don't pass the eyeball test when it comes to size/strength compared to our conference mates.
  10. Yup, this is a total rebuild and those that think the talent level is fine are either fools or trolls.
  11. This. He's been coached to secure the football his whole football playing life. It's football 101. He's just out there more worried about trying to make a play than taking care of the football.
  12. We're small, not physical, and not as athletic as we should be. The roster purge, sub-par recruiting, over reliance on the portal, and bad S&C under CCS were on full display last night.
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