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  1. Bull Dozer

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    We shall see what he turns out to be. He was actually the recruit that excited me the least last cycle. Hopefully he proves me wrong.... An athletic and big back like him can be intriguing but they are also rare birds and hard to develop, which is why you see so few of them. Johnny Ford is who I'm excited about down the line. That kid has some special attributes and tore it up in south FL. He's more Marlon Mack than D'onte Foreman tho.
  2. Bull Dozer

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    So 40 orientations and 2 tickets per= 80 new season tickets. That's nice easy low hanging fruit with the possibility of keeping the parents and adding the grads down the line. Small stuff like this adds up over the years and builds your fan base. Considering the state of Rayjay on Saturdays we don't need to be scoffing at anything that gets more butts in seats with the opportunity to retain them. I don't think anyone is saying this is some kind of major attendance fix but the number of red seats on game day tells me we need to take advantage of every opportunity to get new people into the stadium. If we aren't doing this anymore as Dave (and his daughter) said it's a missed opportunity. Every little drop fills the bucket up and we can't afford to miss those drops..... From just a pure promoting the college experience without considering season tickets etc, i see it as a missed opportunity (again not a huge one but still a miss). You're essentially not promoting something your customer is paying for when you have them sitting right in front of you.
  3. Bull Dozer

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    I was mainly pointing out that he's going to lose some weight before he gains it. He's from an extremely rural area/small school that probably didn't have the best S&C program. Because of his size for his position he's going to follow more of a incoming OL type S&C regiment where the coaches break him down and get rid of the bad weight then build him back up. By this point he's probably starting to put weight back on as coaches have probably dropped a good deal of bad weight off of him and are putting muscle back on.
  4. Bull Dozer

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    I Think he will slim down a bit just because of the change and diet and strength training he will get at USF. Even if he slims down to say 225 he will be more solid than he was coming out of high school.
  5. Bull Dozer

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    Yeah, a 2-3 minute video that highlights the ENTIRE athletic department then have the AD or a representative from Athletics (I'd prefer the AD) speak briefly about the games being free, great entertainment, a great piece of a traditional college experience, and acknowledge the fall pep rally that is held at a later date. Thinking beyond just our sports enthusiast world,I don't see why the university wouldn't want to at least briefly briefly acknowledge/advertise something that is a large part of campus life and traditionally considered part of the college experience. Will it mean the students sell out every ticket for every sport? Of course it doesn't but we should be turning down a basically free opportunity to market to the students and their families either. Considering the the state of our athletics donations and attendance we need to do anything we can to cultivate new fans/donors.
  6. Bull Dozer

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    I think incorporating something at orientation, even if it's just a couple of minutes would be expected. It doesn't have to be something major but not having it at all seems like a wasted opportunity to market to your incoming students. Every little bit we can do to engage the students adds up. Maybe a few more kids come to that pep rally, maybe not but at least we are maximizing our opportunities.
  7. Bull Dozer

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    There's that marketing (or lack there of) we're talking about again.
  8. Just like the title says who will breakout this season? Offense St. Felix Mack Dukes Defense Kegler Broyles Hampton Culpepper
  9. Bull Dozer

    Club Soccer to Potential K.

    This. Gilbert's offenses have historically struggled with red zone efficiency and we're breaking in a new QB/Offense (no more flowers factor). Considering CCS is a defensive oriented coach the defense should be ok but will have some big growing pains early with the key losses so we can't afford to leave points on the board.
  10. This. The kids have to learn how to win consistently, which we haven't done in years. As weak as it is on paper this is what's needed for this kind of rebuild. The team gets some experience and gets a real opportunity to learn how to win consistently. Baby steps.
  11. Bull Dozer

    IPF vs OCS

    Gotta keep up with the Joneses so IPF first. We need to win the **** conference and start OCS funding when excitement is high. Unfortunately woolard blew it when he didn't capitalize on the excitement after 2007. The IPF could have been long since done. CJL wanted it baaaaaad but the administration didn't have urgency to get it done.
  12. Bull Dozer

    The Mount Rushmore of Tampa Bay College Sports

    One of these days they will get caught in a troll feedback loop Also:
  13. Bull Dozer

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    Because he is unless his appeal comes through. He is currently scheduled to be suspended for 4 games, that's the reality of the current situation.
  14. Bull Dozer

    Google's QB opinion

    I'm sure we log onto compuserve to use web crawler