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  1. Living on what those guys make while coming up the ranks isn't easy. He's always been a hard worker so he will have success in whatever his next opportunity is.
  2. It's going to take a couple years to get S&C where it needs to be and we have some glaring holes at key spots. So in short, no. It's going to take a few seasons
  3. Hopefully Nance moving to TE means some of the DEs are stepping up. We need quality pass rushers in a baaaad way
  4. Not much has more accurately captured life as a Bulls fan than that video of Willcox taking that pass to the face piece
  5. Some people forget that a personal record is just personal and doesn't necessarily mean you you are where you need to be in relation to your competition.
  6. So you have to officially announce this at the spring game, right? Seems like a good time to try to use the announcement to carry positive momentum into the off season.
  7. It's going to be a rough year. We're not very talented at key spots, new systems on both sides of the ball, and it will take time for the new S&C program to get us caught up to the competition. As far as I'm concerned this is year zero/a throw away year. My only expectation is to be better at then end of the season than we are at the beginning.
  8. I'm sure there would be plenty of half baked discussions
  9. Could you imagine the amount of Publix subs and wings talk if we did?
  10. Usually the published reports comes out right before spring practice
  11. Q earned himself a larger role in the offense today IMO. He was the only spark in the offense and made the best throw of the day. I think he'll still be used at other positions than QB but when he does get under center I think we'll see more passes. I think don't think they move away from Murray after 1 game but Q should be heavily featured.
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