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  1. A great route runner who is deceptively fast. A real gritty gym rat.
  2. Yeah, we may have to bite the bullet and just read option this year if Fortin can't give us anything passing the ball. He's also going to have some mobility to survive this line.
  3. The Battle in Camp Between McCloud, Johnson, and Fortin was close from all reports. I'm not holding my breath that Fortin is a savior because if he couldn't beat the other two....
  4. Just completely over matched physically and it makes everything else look worse
  5. This. Need 3 years to get this thing turned around. Gotta cycle kids out and get some new ones in here and develop them.
  6. We don't have the time to throw it down the field. The OL is baaad
  7. This team was supposed to be there CWT's last year and CCS's first year
  8. Rebuilding both lines is probably more important. We are bad at the LOS on both sides of the ball.
  9. A bad one at that. Expected this though, this team is 2-3 seasons away
  10. Gotta give Johnson a shot next series. This team needs some kind of spark.
  11. Hopefully it's just cleaning up some scar tissue and not a revision.
  12. Roll a D100 and if it's your Cleric level or lower your deity intervenes.
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