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  1. Definitely good news since we need them to take a big step forward this season. If they can give this offense time we have athletes with bug play potential all over the world place. We're going to find a out of real quick because Wisconsin is going to throw a bunch of zone blitzes at us.
  2. No matter who starts they won't be asked to do much more than hand off, take care of the football, and take a few deep shots off of playaction. This game is all about stopping the run.
  3. All of this. Leonard runs a deceptive pressure based scheme and that can wreak havoc on a team in a brand new system.
  4. Not surprised by this at all. He's a fantastic athlete and was always a going to be a project at QB
  5. Macon because we need a bigger LB to get downhill and stop the run.
  6. Bringing the crates hype video back and rolling out some robogoat throwback unis would certainly complete the transformation the Athletics department has undergone since Kelly took over.
  7. Yeah that's more accurate. Either way it's not USF that controls practice access/availability it's the coach, always has been.
  8. CCS only allows the media at practice for the last 20 or so minutes, this is the way he wants it. This is a "CCS problem" not a "USF problem". We've had more access under previous coaches. Sorry bud, this isn't a "USF problem". Thanks for playing
  9. We're going to find out real quick about how much or little the tackling has improved.
  10. Yup he was verbaled to us for a while then flipped to Miami when Dugans went there the flipped again to Tennessee. I liked his ability coming out of high school but he made virtually no impact at Tennessee. Doesn't hurt to kick the tires and take a flyer on him at a relatively deep position group. Low risk high reward.
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