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  1. Bull Dozer

    Football: better year?

    I think we take a step back but we will be much better in November than we are in August. I have us pegged for 8-9 wins not including the bowl.
  2. I'm with you on Battles. I think part of the reason why they took McCloud at QB is he can still help the team in other ways if the timing is just wrong for him at QB. I like him at QB too but Battles has a higher ceiling. The staff now has the luxury of giving McCloud a real look and seeing what's truly there while knowing he's dynamic enough to contribute elsewhere by design or his choice. Smart recruiting by CCS
  3. It's not unrealistic to think McCloud may eventually switch positions either.
  4. It's definitely at the very least a very clear message. Barnett, even with all of his accolades, is far from a sure thing so either his light bulb goes off, this lights an inferno in one of those two aforementioned guys and they elevate their game, or the offense could be in real trouble next season. Either way I think we can put to bed about how much better passers the guys on the roster are than Flowers etc. Just like with BJ, some folks here need to slow down and realize how good we had it at QB.... The offense could be in real trouble next season if somebody, anybody, doesn't take the next step....
  5. We've had plenty of those over there years..... The problem is pretty much all of them have been bad QB's. This kid has potential to light the world on fire if the light bulb goes off and our OL steps it's pass protection up. Keeping my fingers crossed....
  6. Officially, official. I hope this kids reaches his full potential here.....
  7. Bull Dozer

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    Nah, runs too high and doesn't have the power to make up for his lack of shift. Love the kid but he's not an NFL back
  8. Bull Dozer

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    I wonder how some people made it this long and still have so many "cares" to give about such silly things. I'm not even 40 and I've been all outta "cares" for years......
  9. Bull Dozer

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    People care about down votes?
  10. Sounds like the last highly touted QB transfer we had. Hopefully the kid has grown up.....
  11. Bull Dozer

    HB QF

    Play wherever keeps the checks coming. Get em Q!
  12. We will see what he catches (if anything). He's putting his entire career trajectory on the line with this.....
  13. 98% of the internet is porn and ******** about people/things
  14. Yeah, that a fan blog so right away I put that in the same column as a yelp review.