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  1. That would require developing players, CCS doesn’t do that here
  2. That's what happens when your program has a garbage S&C program
  3. He's hurt and obviously trying to protect himself. A shoulder injury is a one of the most painful when it comes to contact
  4. McCloud isn't healthy enough to be playing today. You can tell he's trying to avoid contact and protect himself when running and his passes are just not on target. I would play Rygol in the second half. McCloud playing in the 2nd half doesn't help the team or his health.
  5. Reeeeaaallll close to the doing something I've never done, turning a USF game off
  6. He's been here 3 years his guys should be on the field and ready. They aren't good it's on him, period
  7. Yes he did, and CCS hasn't done that at all. Keep trying to deflect from his deficiencies though. If you're leaning on the portal it's because you can't get kids better once they're on campus so you hope you can get a cast off from a program that can. You have to take other program's throw aways because you can't develop the talent you've head on campus for years. We had less money and resources under the majority of CJL's tenure and regularly beat P5 teams because he could take a two star kid that was under the radar and develop them into quality players and did it consistently. CCS hasn't shown the ability to develop kids at USF and some kids have actually regressed the longer they've been in his program. The proof is in the doodoo flavored pudding.
  8. UCF didn’t lean on transfers and had no problem winning. Find a better method of deflection for CCS bad player development.
  9. He recruited better than CCS. CCS has to lean on the portal because he's bad at getting/developing talent. Just like JUCO s you can't rely on the portal because it WILL burn you because those are kids are transferring for a reason. Keep deluding yourself though.
  10. Other teams in the conference are getting plenty of talent and so were we under CWT. Either CCS can't eval effectively, his program has awful player development, he's hired bad recruiters, or all of the above. Hell, UCF has done just fine during their run for only recruiting at the G5 level. That dog doesn't hunt.
  11. Exactly but I'm sure he'll make some excuse or try to deflect the blame to the kids he recruited and has failed to develop while ignoring those failures are what they are because his bad evals while recruiting or his lackluster S&C program and coaching, or all of the above
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