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  1. At the very least it's a signal the administration is giving this staff time. Realistically we aren't fending off P5 schools if they want our coordinators so this is basically the school saying "we're giving you time to turn this around and we want stability".
  2. It's a much needed change after the toxicity we had before.
  3. He should but not because of that. Those two basically recruit another dimension compared to USF. I hope he expands that inside out strategy to include Manatee and Polk county.
  4. It's great to see a real focus on recruiting our backyard again
  5. Corey and him will organize a press conference
  6. This is the heart of our issues and is the #1 priority for CJS and company to fix
  7. Talk about a gut punch. Please done speak (type) this morning onto existence
  8. Always tough when you were there when the wheel was invented
  9. When all you have is a hammer everything is a nail
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