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  1. Roberts was actually a CWT commit from July 2016 and went ahead and signed with USF anyway after Taggart bolted for Oregon in December 2016. A lot has happened since then. Wonder if he will try and transfer to FAU?
  2. This is how it feels to add on ESPN+ just to watch USF football.....
  3. OT: For all the Tate Rodemaker fans.....he just threw a pick 6 against Jacksonville State. FSU losing 7-0.
  4. Maybe McCloud and Johnson could play the roles of Julmiste and Denson and they could reenact Voodoo 5 for the 15 year anniversary.
  5. It just adds a new layer of excitement for sports. Now you get excited if the game actually happens.....after it starts then you worry about the outcome
  6. In the last meeting (2013), FAU beat USF 28-10. I wonder who was the coach of that USF team? To answer your question.......
  7. UNC Tarheels are looking for an opponent on 9/26 since the Charlotte game was canceled.
  8. Louisville coming in under the radar and getting a high recruit at the last minute....hmm.....where have I heard that before? Louisville lands surprise commitment from Brian Bowen, last five-star in 2017 - CBSSports.com Bowen once thought headed to Michigan State or Arizona, but Louisville comes out of nowhere
  9. Coach has already said all 3 are playing......against the Citadel. Who actually handles the 1st snap is irrelevant. We will know more by the end of the game.
  10. I suspect this decision has more to do with CJS's prior relationship with Ray Ray McCloud more than anything else.
  11. With the way construction works, it would not be likely that they would break ground early. When this thread started in February there was talk about breaking ground in June. Most construction projects in Florida have either been unaffected or are pushing back slightly because of all this Covid-19 stuff. If I had to guess, based on this being a Public University with lots of eyeballs on the project, I doubt they break ground in June.
  12. Seriously? https://www.thedailystampede.com/2020/3/31/21200569/i-can-be-silent-no-longer-texas-stole-usfs-hand-sign I am pretty sure they didn't steal it from USF. He is comparing a USF picture from 2016 to a UT picture from 2019. This must be a troll article. Texas has been doing that hand symbol since 1955.....USF didn't even exist. 1973
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