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  1. Clearly you wait till after the season. You got two games left. The bowl game will be an early bowl.
  2. usf97

    Promote Shaun King

    Another Novel thought, hire Flowers to recruit his clone and run the offense from the press box.
  3. Didn’t catch the postgame presser today. Did he say “Were we not winning 7-0 after the 1st quarter?!?”
  4. usf97

    Promote Shaun King

    I would rather see someone with some kind of experience with ties to the program like Larry Scott, Current UF TE’s Coach. Probably will never happen.
  5. It’s actually regression. Darnell Salomon used to look like a good player. Now he doesn’t even look like he knows how to catch the ball.
  6. I would normally think CCS is safe in this situation but I question that due to the low buyout and the new AD Kelly. Kelly has no loyalty to CCS. Not his hire. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly would want to be graded on his own hire.
  7. usf97

    You wanted a bowl season?...

    Speaking of Bowls. If everything stays similar, do you see more than 5 wins next season?
  8. They were able to pull this scam on Birmingham. Why not Mobile? http://www.fieldofschemes.com/2018/02/01/13408/birmingham-considering-spending-15-7m-a-year-on-a-college-footballusl-stadium-because-numbers/ The Rays are about to do it. There’s big money in getting other people to pay for a stadium.
  9. usf97

    Veer and Shoot Offense

    Well sure that helps. There are a lot of variable here. The pattern I see is that he tends to have highly ranked offensive numbers, yet the Win/Loss record of those teams are not that impressive. Of the 4 teams he left, 3 of those 4 teams have had a better record the following season. Maybe that is just a coincidence.
  10. usf97

    Veer and Shoot Offense

    I am sure this has been laid out before on Sterlin Gilbert. We keep hearing about where his offense ranks. Has anyone really looked at his resume? His team's win/loss record in comparison to his offensive rankings? It screams under-achiever. Yet if you look at his USF bio page, he sounds like an All Star coach. Reference after to reference to Offensive Yards rankings. https://gousfbulls.com/coaches.aspx?rc=3198&path=football 2012 Eastern Illinois 7-5 under Dino Babers 2013 Eastern Illinois 12-2 under Dino Babers, Led nation in total offense in FCS. (Had Jimmy Garoppolo as starting QB both seasons) 2014 Bowling Green 8-6 (41st ranked offense) under Dino Babers ( Team went 10-4 following season and won MAC championship when Gilbert was gone) 2015 Tulsa 6-7 (13th ranked offense) with Dane Evans at QB. (Tulsa went 10-3 season after he left.) 2016 Texas 5-7 (17th ranked offense) Got Charlie Strong fired. (UT went 7-6 following season after he left) 2017 USF 10-2 (6th ranked offense) Had QF (GOAT) Sure he doesn't control the defense but I am seeing a pattern.
  11. Probably an over simplification to say the Gulf Coast Offense was implemented in the 5th game of year 3 under CWT. Seems like he realized it after 2 seasons and tried to install it in the off-season and it wasn't until game 5 that it "clicked". This article goes in depth into the evolution of it. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Article/FSU-football-Gulf-Coast-Offense-Willie-Taggart--121257906/