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  1. So going along with this theme.....should we expect some variation of this uni? Or would this be considered distracting?
  2. People can do whatever they want with their time. If someone is even still here posting, then that shows they have hope for the future regardless if they are happy with CCS or not. If you go back and read the posts of this board a decade ago, there were a lot more posters. There were around 20k more people in the stands. Those people aren't even complaining. They have moved on.
  3. I believe this is fairly accurate. Gilbert's offense has some issues. I went back and watched a good portion of a 2015 UCF-Tulsa game. Phillip Montgomery's 1st season. Gilbert had a good QB in Dane Evans, currently in the CFL. I saw several HB dives and one went all the way much like we saw with Cronkrite early this past season. That team went 6-7. Evans threw for 4300 yards and accounted for 27 TDs . In 2016 after Gilbert left, Montgomery called the plays. That team went 10-3. Evans threw for 3300 yards and had 36 TDs. I am sure without really researching Tulsa's teams in 2015 and 2016 this is not really an apples to apples comparison. That said. There seems to be a theme. I infer that Gilbert's teams put up lots of yards, especially against inferior talent. But at times it feels like his teams tend to underachieve. It will be interesting to see how things go at McNeese State.
  4. Maybe not. But 2 years seems low for a new coach. Obviously, he isn't going to accept a one year deal, but I would have expected it to be 3 years to match CCS's contract. 3 years is fairly standard for a new coach. I know many on hear assume that if CCS has a bad year next season then he will be gone. Since we don't know how much his buyout is and the AD office keeps talking about how we don't have any money, I haven't seen anything that gives me any indication from the AD office that CCS is currently coaching to keep his job. If you go back and re-read the two Propaganda pieces that came from Sherwin and Fennelly at nearly the same time after the UCF game they almost sounded like identical talking points. Relax. Kelly is calm. CCS cannot be expected to perform at a high level without an IPF. CCS is a nice guy and they want his tenure to work and they don't want to start over. To add, CCS comes out and says until we get some things done (not sure specifically what he is referring to) then we are going to be average. Which reads to me, we are going to be 5-7 or slightly better next year so quit your complaining. To me, that all adds up that CCS has 2-3 seasons left here as long as his teams can go 5-7. Worst case, he may have 2 seasons regardless of the record. So Kerwin getting 2 seasons instead of 3, confirms to me that CCS would probably be bought out after 2 bad seasons, not waiting out his contract for the 3rd season. I always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  5. 2 years just confirms CCS has two seasons. As has been mentioned prior, I could see Bell taking over eventually if he has success.
  6. The phrase "big changes" is very subjective. We still haven't heard about the film interns and the guys holding the first down chains. That is what we are all waiting to hear about.
  7. I would think normally if the OC goes then the entire staff would go but the only one attached to Gilbert was Mattox. So it appears CCS is trying to bring in an OC while trying to retain 3 Assistant Coaches from the previous Offensive Staff (Williams, King Burke). I know there are 2 Defensive Assistant Openings but I would think Bell is trying to bring in more than 3 guys since he was a HC as has been mentioned.
  8. I think of Puc more like George Lazenby.
  9. Well CCS did say we need a “ good washing”.
  10. His Louisville tenure is easily explained. Clint Hurtt. 2011 Recruiter of the Year. Later suspended for giving benefits to recruits and left for NFL in 2013. So did Teddy Bridgewater. If we can get a similar bagman then we should be good.
  11. All I see out of adminstration is ego and a play to put more money in their pockets. How much did Woodard fleece USF for before he left? http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/college/audit-usf-broke-law-with-hefty-payouts-to-former-athletic-director-coach/2270526 Genshaft is one of the top paid university executives in the country. https://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2018/07/16/usf-president-judy-genshaft-among-highest-paid.html Harlan couldn’t be bothered to try and have any kind of relationship with the alumni while he is signing secret contracts with CCS. Just like Woodard did before him. The pushback on the academic logo (some rumors state that adminstration wanted it to also be the athletic logo) is a good example of the hubris that emanates from administration. I don’t think anything they did damaged athletics like losing the BigEast but there are shenanigans going on. Like why doesn’t anyone really know what CCSs buyout is? It is ridiculous that we can’t even get a straight answer on such a simple question.
  12. Interesting article in Deadspin the other day about Fan-dom and how most people at Chargers games are neither from LA or San Diego. It isn't clear that this Chargers experiment is going to work. https://deadspin.com/can-los-angeles-ever-love-the-chargers-1830571076 I think USF fans hung in there for a few years after Leavitt but we see the shenanigans of Woolard and Harlan and Genshaft and are fatigued. I just hope the next USF president isn't just another ego driven politician but cynically I believe that is what all of them are.
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