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  1. Do you perhaps have any Vegemite Sandwichs?
  2. Clearly a two game series with CMU does nothing for us. Might as well be a 2 game series with Georgia Southern or Troy. Unlike CMU, at least you could use it with recruiting and the travel expenses would be low. That CMU deal never made sense to me. Speaking of Harlan, what about a 2 game series with Utah?
  3. The problem is that you are pretending. Don't pretend. Don't pretend to "Not Care". Don't care. Much like you don't care or know anything about what Fresno State is doing. You don't pretend to not care about Fresno State.
  4. We have a pretty good track record of wins (4-1) in Birmingham. It is practically, USF's 2nd home. Not saying I would be excited about UAB but Legion Field seems to like USF. 2003 L 40-17 Alabama 2004 W 45-20 UAB 2006 W 24-7 ECU 2016 W 46-39 South Carolina 2017 W 38-34 Texas Tech
  5. Right now, for 2020 USF has Nevada at home with Texas and FAU on the road. In 2021, you have CMU at home with BYU and NC State on the road. I would think you give a road game for 2019 to get a home game in one of those years. Maybe moving the FAU road game up a year would also create more flexibility because 2019 looks to be a pretty good schedule already with Wisconsin, GT and BYU.
  6. Just a thought. You do realize that wanting UCF to lose....caring about their win/loss outcomes further feeds onto their obsession with USF? Why feed the troll? Rather than caring if they win or lose....give them what they really deserve. Apathy. I don't care what UCF does. They had a nice season last year. They had a terrible season 2 years prior. Whatever. If they want to lose a Conference game or two prior to us playing, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. But in the grand scheme of things. I don't care about UCF. Rutgers has beaten us 7 times but now that they have zero impact on USF, I don't think about them.....at all.
  7. Fond memories of one on the most messed up kids’ movies of all time. Gotta love 12 year olds getting shot at and killing people in self defense. Ooh the 80’s.
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    Fox Sports Go I believe
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    This thread caused me to go back to 2016 and again look at that compensation package in relation to UT. I stumbled across this article that was written prior to the terms of the USF deal with CCS being released. https://www.texastribune.org/2016/12/11/new-job-charlie-strong-could-mean-money-saved-ut/ Even through the title in the link says "Could mean" the actual title of the article is much more optimistic. "New job for Charlie Strong means UT saves millions" Actually it should have read "saves MILLION". Then at the bottom of the article (the basis of which is based on a assumption) it says " Perhaps it goes without saying — but producing quality journalism isn't cheap."
  10. Seriously?? Apparently you missed our game with them. https://gousfbulls.com/documents/2008/6/10/131072.pdf
  11. Well Adidas only revealed the two White Jerseys not very long ago so I doubt they would have the alternate jersey out yet. In two games the home versus away are pretty similar. Different pants. Different colored numbers. Seems about it.
  12. Except for LSU and Georgia Tech can wear white at home all the time. (They are special apparently) And UCLA and USC can both wear dark home colors for their game together.
  13. So I guess that means we will be in the green uni's in Atlanta on 9/7/19. Worked for us in Tallahassee against FSU in September of 2009. Seems like an appropriate way to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of that win.
  14. If we did end up in the Gasparilla Bowl facing an ACC team, sure would be funny to play the current incarnation of FSU. CWT doesn’t have a very good bowl record against former teams. Actually he he doesn’t have a very good bowl record period.
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    Somehow I doubt what was really going through his mind would be board appropriate.