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  1. I get why the rivalry was created as much as I haven't really wanted it. Two schools about the same size, created around the same time. Unlike say FAU or FIU. However, even if you want to have a "rivalry" with UCF ….I just don't like how we have gone about it. To me the "War on I-4" is always a game between the Storm and the Predators of the AFL. The name is a rip off. The trophy is stupid. This belt thing is stupid. It shouldn't involve all the sports on some points based system. If you lose the football game, nobody cares if you still win the trophy using Golf or Tennis or whatever. It should be based on just the football game. If you are going to do it, based on how the rivalry started, it should be based on some kind of "stupid and futile" symbol. Like a bushel of oranges or a keg of trolls.
  2. There was a time that we were left behind in a conference with just Cincinnati and UConn. Just sayin.
  3. 1) Ben Moffitt INT TD against WVU 2007 2) FSU 2009 3) 100 yard rusher 4) Yes 5) No, not a hairnet. But a swim cap might be nice.
  4. I don't see how this really changes anything. Aresco was hoping to make the AAC stronger by making the MWC weaker. It doesn't appear to be working out. As far as fan support, CSU and Air Force were like the #4-#5 schools in the conference. In the grand scheme of things, it's like losing out on UAB or ECU....or dare I say....where USF is currently.
  5. It's possible that they do live right there. It would be like all the houses just to the East and North of Campus at USF. Rutgers' main campus (New Brunswick) is actually 5 separate campuses. The College Ave campus is basically in downtown and there are all kinds of houses, condos and residential around it. The free bus to the game is pretty easy if you don't live on the Busch campus. In my time at UGA, the stadium is right in town and everyone just walks to the game from their houses. There really isn't any parking. Athens shuts down more or less on game days. Madison, WI also has the same vibe. Florida is such a sprawling, car committed environment, I am not sure you could truly mimic it. UF and FSU are "similar" but it is a bit of a walk.
  6. It almost feels like the Big 12 is just going to gobble up whomever has any support and facilities. Would they also take Boise State AND SDSU along with USF and Memphis and create a 16 team conference? East: Cincinnati, Memphis, Kansas, KSU, ISU, WVU, UCF, USF West: TTU, Ok State, Houston, Baylor, TCU, BYU, Boise State, SDSU
  7. An OCS that is properly sized and located will greatly help with the connections that the students make. In the 2007 - 2010 seasons, that was the vibe at USF. We haven't really had that since. When I have been to a Rutgers or UGA or Wisconsin games on campus a lot of the people there don't care about the actual football game. It's a community, it's family and friends. It's a party. Oh by the way, there is a football game too. Was just at a Rutgers game the other day and the section I was in had dozens of late 20's/early 30's former alumni with all kinds of babies. I counted at least 10 kids ages 0-3. Sure they mostly all left by halftime but you get this is just what they do. This was their family. You cannot reproduce that environment in a massive stadium far from campus.
  8. Well if there are classrooms attached, you will likely have more than just bleachers around a track like Mackay Stadium (Reno, NV) or Kidd Brewer Stadium ( App State).
  9. Wasn't there talk that they were looking to put the stadium around the current track? That wouldn't be at either location mentioned in the feasibility study.
  10. I think what we are seeing with Jeff Scott could be categorized as "Southern Football Family Culture". Similar to a Terry or Tommy Bowden. In this case, Michael Kelly found himself in a bind and said I will reach out to friend, Dabo Swinney and see if he can do me a favor. Dabo found a "family" member (Jeff Scott) a nice job where there would be no pressure (likely a commitment made by Kelly) where he could "learn on the job". Jeff is trying to implement "Clemson" culture. Unfortunately there is no precedence that this "Clemson culture" will function at this level. It's quite the grand experiment. Given enough time, maybe it'll work. I tend to doubt it. Leavitt and Taggart seemed to provide USF the blueprint with our limited resources. Get an athlete that everyone wants to play a different position (Blackwell, Grothe, Quinton, BJ Daniels). Tell him he can play QB at your school. Then recruit speedy, tenacious defensive players. Then don't hold the players to a high a level of discipline standards or they won't commit to your school. Rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, I believe the admins don't want that kind of reputation regardless of the results on the field, thus we keep turning back a more squeaky clean image (Holtz & Scott). Might as well let it all play out. I think the fans just need to accept the USF admins want us to be Tulane or Rice. That may be the compromise required to get them to actually invest in athletics.
  11. Just gotta see if we can get UAB, Southern Miss, Army, Charlotte, St. Louis, DePaul & Marquette to join us. 😀
  12. Funny thought. Many suggest if only we could have an OCS and attain AAU status, we would be in a better situation. The university of Buffalo has both of those things and is looking to see if they can get into the AAC with us.
  13. It is a valid point about the cost of running a football program at this level versus the marketing benefit to the school. I don't know what the answer is. Up until the building of the IPF, the school hasn't really dropped big $ on football. Sure we have the practice fields, the existing offices and the coaches salaries but in the grand scheme of things, USF hasn't spent that much on football. Now if you are planning to build an IPF and an OCS, you better hope it is worth it. IF USF stays in an AAC or CUSA type conference and has a solid 20k fan support typically, is it worth that kind of investment or would you be better off cutting bait like it appears UConn is doing? It sounds like they plan on moving forward but if football is outlawed in say 20-30 years due to concussions....I would say there is at least an argument to look into if that kind of investment is wise.
  14. I don't think you understand how college football works. USF is NEVER going to sit "at the big boy table". What just happened recently wasn't UH, BYU, UCF & Cincy joining the Big Boy Table.....it was OSU, TTU, Baylor were REMOVED from the Big Boy Table.
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