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  1. Trip is there a way to find out how many Active Board members are still posting in this thread and what is the post count? Going to page 1 is like going in the wayback machine seeing all the posters of days past.
  2. This thread makes me think that maybe EA sports should develop a "Conference Realignment" Video Game. There clearly is a demand for such content. You could pick any team be it Wake Forest or South Alabama and you could navigate all the political infighting until you were invited to play in the Big 10 or SEC. The final scene would be you getting your media rights check!
  3. Ah, the media. The current USF media is downright soft and positive compared to the Brett McMurphy, Martin Fennelly & Steve Duemig days. Then add in the usual Orlando Sentinel writers like David Whitley, Bianchi and Andrea Adelson (who then took her anti-USF/Big East toxicity with her to ESPN) and the lack of coverage is nearly refreshing compared to all the negative media we had to deal with. Here's a walk through memory lane for the old timers. USF Football: Source Says Backups Speak BS; He's Too Leavitt To Quit Word around the University of South Florida campus is former head football coach Jim Leavitt’s “slapping” incident wouldn’t have leaked if senior wide receiver Colby Erksin...
  4. Scott is going to be given an incredibly long leash in my opinion. I think it is obvious what the USF admin's really want in a football coach. They want a nice guy/ face of the program that looks competent in press conferences. They also hope that he can have enough success on the football field to keep the natives happy. It's the same as the Skip Holtz hire. Scott kinda reminds me of the Will Forte coach character in the SNL Peyton Manning in the attached link. Anatomy of a Sketch: How Will Forte Made Dance-Magic With Peyton Manning This is how one of Will Forte’s favorite sketches of all time came together.
  5. I think the fan base would do themselves a lot of good to reframe how they see UCF. They are just another school that happens to be in the region. Being with them or without them is really no big deal either way. Why compare ourselves to them? You don't worry about FIU, FAU, FGCU or the University of Tampa. Each schools goals are very different. What does USF spend their money on? What does UCF spend it's money on. I know their fans are obnoxious but why care? T here's good and bad people over there just like there is at USF. McKenzie Milton seems like a good kid and I hope he does well at FSU. Dante Culpepper was fun to watch back in the day. If we play UCF regularly fine. Personally, I don't really enjoy beating or playing UCF. In my mind, its like playing ECU or Memphis or Houston. I root for USF regardless. But if we don't play UCF and they are in a different conference, whatever. We were in a conference with Pitt, SU, Rutgers, WVU & Louisville and I don't sit back and envy their current situations.
  6. USF has come a long way in 25 years. Going from what was viewed as a commuter school along the lines of HCC (with no football) to US News Ranked Public School #46 and national recognition. A USF degree is considered the same value in an education as Temple (at triple the tuition price) and Colorado & Oregon (double the tuition). USF has a lot to be proud of and sure the football team isn't that entertaining but this is a university first. It represents the Tampa community. Tampa is better off for having USF and USF is better off for having a football team and athletics. What the football program did back in the 2000's with a shoestring budget, a rabid coach and some good connections in CUSA was something spectacular and unprecedented. I don't think that early success should tarnish what the school is attempting to build. I see what they are trying to do but it's going to take some time. I'd rather Kelly be honest with the fanbase and alumni than try and sell us that things are going great like he initially tried to do after his 1st season with Charlie Strong.
  7. Sounds like Greg McDermott with Creighton....well except for the winning part. 😀
  8. My favorite Michael Kelly quote from 11/30/18 as to his reasoning for keeping calm and not making a change from Charlie Strong. "I could look at silly at any time, but I really believe he wants to be here," Kelly said. Likely, Kelly didn't have the authority to make the change due to the financial implications but I still like that he thought that would be a reasonable explanation for it.
  9. Agree but to your earlier point....the reason these country bumpkins in many cases are successful is the support of boosters and the decades old "system" that has been in place in those communities that care so much about the outcome of college football. I don't believe Mack Brown and Phillip Fulmer are great coaches yet they each have a national championship. Likely those "systems" assisted in their endeavors even though they sound like country bumpkins also. I believe Jeff Scott is just a product of that pre-existing system. Obviously, CJS is not in one of those communities that values his "cultural heritage" at present but I imagine he one day hopes to be. Thus, the way he speaks could actually be beneficial to him in this one industry whereas it would likely be an impediment to him in almost every other career.
  10. And where is Nick Saban from? Probably one of the most country bumpkin states in the Union. 😀 You got to go back to Urban in 2014 to find a non country bumpkin NCAA champ coach..... well unless you want to count Scott Frost. 😂
  11. FYI, ED Orgeron and Dabo Swinney aren't known for their articulation. Being a country bumpkin actually seems to be beneficial in college football unlike the NFL. Wonder why that might be? 🙃
  12. So the future football schedules are done for the next 7 seasons.
  13. NEB you don’t have to go all the way to the South for your Waffle House fix.... sure you might have to drive 5 hours (Allentown and Scranton PA) but when in the state of mind of craving Waffle House....5 hours seems down right reasonable.
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