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  1. He “rocks”a mean turtleneck while collecting $5 million.
  2. Ok. so who are you suggesting we should beat up first?
  3. Go back and watch CCS in season 3 at Texas. It was quite obvious based on body language last season that CCS was not worried. He was in season 3 of Texas. He was practically begging after the Kansas loss. The cake is done, we just have to bake it. It’s all there if you wish to see it. Kelly is going to come out at season’s end and lecture the fan base that they don’t have money and we haven’t given CCS and Bell enough time. The only way I see a change is if the BOT and the pres step in and tell Kelly to go ahead and eat the buyout. Hopefully I am wrong.
  4. This is what I believe will happen. I suspect Kelly promised Bell and CCS two more seasons when KB was hired. Now he could pull the plug at anytime but the body language from all the parties included tells me we got 15 more games of this. I hope I’m wrong.
  5. That is kind of a toss up. Both killed two people "allegedly" and 50% of their wives/ex-wives.
  6. I suspect that when most of these AD's and search firms make a hire.....all they are doing is reading the news and looking at the next splash hire. I doubt they are actually looking into who is actually doing the play calling or who did the recruiting. I recall it took a while of digging into CCS to really figure out why he had so much success at Louisville and realize that he was doomed to failure once he lost Clint Hurtt.
  7. Well if his goal were to "Win the game" maybe he would consider saying that. But I suspect his goals are to "have us a good week of practice, have a good week of preparation, and be ready to go." That will not necessarily lead to a win mind you but those are much more attainable goals.
  8. This seems to be a recurring theme in coaching ranks. New coaches come in with their system unwilling to make any adjustments to what they have on the roster. Taggart, Gilbert, Bell....they all just came in with their "system" assuming they would have all the time in the world to implement it. Chad Morris just got fired for basically the same thing. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/arkansas-football/arkansas-football-5-biggest-mistakes-chad-morris-has-made-since-arriving/ Morris inherited a roster that didn’t fit with his system. It needed to be overhauled and that takes time. Morris could have helped the process, however, by adjusting better to what he had. He still hasn’t found a quarterback, which is the key to his system.
  9. https://footballscoop.com/news/a-look-at-the-arkansas-search/ If Fritz is too far a bridge for the Hogs to cross, another name that we hear drifting in the wind is Louisiana Tech’s Skip Holtz. The 55-year-old son of former Arkansas head coach Lou Holtz took Connecticut to the FCS quarterfinals, took East Carolina to two Conference USA titles and four straight bowl games and, now, after an unsuccessful 3-year run at South Florida, he’s on the verge of his sixth straight bowl trip, his third division title and perhaps a Conference USA crown with his 8-1 Bulldogs team
  10. Random piece of useless information.... Did you know that ESPN announcer Pat McAfee (former Colts punter) was the punter for WVU in the 2007 game at RJS?
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