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  1. I can't agree with this; because UCF's up cycles have hit notable accolades (winning when it mattered). The same is true for the 'Big 3'. Meanwhile, our up cycles... has always been 'not good enough'...
  2. I have to agree with this comment... If fans enjoy the Ray Jay so much; they should make the extra trip on Sunday to watch the Bucs play... smh
  3. I can't hate on this at all... Simply beautiful. USF's admin fumbled many opportunities... I understand OP's concerns
  4. I love basketball and I'm really interested to see the progress Gregory has made.
  5. Let's just go to 16-teams. 10 FBS Conf Champs; and 6 At-Large. No excuse... FCS and NFL, and every other competition known to man has a better post-season structure than FBS college ball. Pathetic.
  6. Under the current system; a G5 team will NEVER make the playoffs... unless, the stars align and they: They go undefeated in one season; THEN they happened to have scheduled the right P5 teams in the next season; THEN they will need to undefeated again; AND the winnings will need to be convincing. ALSO, the top 4 P5 teams must lose at least 1 game to a non-top 10 team. If all these happen, then the G5 team can make the playoffs.
  7. Actually, I would donate to USF academics (get that AAU); and then I would start/fund an anti-trust lawsuit agains the P5. If that fails, I would help lobby to get USF into the P5. (can't beat 'em, join 'em)
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