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  1. They were trying to sneak it into the bipartisan infrastructure bill but got discovered at the last minute?
  2. If all goes well, then we’ll be seeing this on the opposite sideline.
  3. I am but there’s only so much they can do when we’ve gotten out scored 87-9 in the first half of FBS games this season.
  4. They’re gonna run at us with their big HB and I have a feeling we’re gonna get run over.
  5. It’s not hockey. I don’t know that injuring the other team is a measure of success.
  6. Oh, boy. Announcer blaming the climate and altitude. Flashback to Holtz blaming the humidity in Connecticut.
  7. Maybe he's referring to what he gleaned from our post-game pressers so far: "Well coach, I guess this game didn't turn out the way you expected..." "Well coach, you had some trouble in the red-zone this game..." "Well coach, you beat an FCS team, when is that elusive first FBS win coming?" "Well coach..." If that's the case, I agree we are very well-coached.
  8. 'Kick Announce?' Shouldn't that be 'Kick-Off Announced' or 'Kick-Off Announcement' or is this just some new way of saying it that I'm too uncool to understand?
  9. Yes, I think we are rank. Probably one of the 25 most rank teams.
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