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  1. Last year — 3 times.
  2. Disagree about losing to UMass. xCJL was 10 - 0 in OOC games against non-power teams from 2005 onward. The average final score was 31 - 14 so while you probably wouldn't have seen a UMass blowout by xCJL, we would have handily won the game. These games tended to go one of two ways under xCJL: 1) Jump out to an early lead and then kind of let the other team hang in there. 2) Struggle the whole way through and explode in the 4th. He never lost the games, but never dominated them, either. They were normally pretty unsatisfying. This game under xCJL probably would have looked something like the 2009 WKU game -- maintain a 7 - 10 point lead through 3 quarters and then put it away in the 4th. The defense would have done a good job of shutting down the UMass O, but they'd stay in the game until the 4th due to dumb penalties and a miscue here and there. The O would underwhelm until the 4th and then the talent gap would become evident and the tired UMass defense would give way to 2 - 3 scores. The game would be closer than the final score indicates.
  3. TheUpperHand

    Calling it

    We can hang a banner at Ray Jay. Put it over the urinals.
  4. TheUpperHand

    Schneinder our punterr

    According to the roster on our website, yes, this is incorrect. Par for the course, I suppose. https://thespun.com/aac/south-florida/usf-spelling-error-big-12 http://www.diehardsport.com/college-football/usf-spell-check-awards/
  5. TheUpperHand

    Charlie Strong?

    Yes, I remember last week.
  6. TheUpperHand

    SBNation Risk Map

    Yes. Yes. I've circled below. Kind of. Say Cincy beats us on 11/10, they get everything we hold. Then say the next week on 11/17 UCF beats Cincy, UCF gets all of that. Then say we beat UCF the week after, we get everything UCF holds which would include everything Cincy took from us. But say instead, Cincy beats us on 11/10, takes our land and then beats UCF on 11/17, we'd have no way to get the land back because Cincy would still hold it.
  7. TheUpperHand

    Cronkrite on Jim Rome

    For anyone wondering, the 'Florida Transfer' discussion starts at 3:55
  8. WIth Mr. Whipple suspended from the game, it’s USF that’s been Charmin soft.
  9. Can’t believe ESPN disrespected us by saying we wouldn’t cover the spread.
  10. Or a live bull chasing them out if the tunnel.
  11. Dude. She's married. ... That means there's only one guy to compete against.