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  1. I gained 21 lbs and no one tweeted about me. Well except for that one Sasquatch sighting blog...
  2. So basically our first and second choices in '14 sucked. The other hires that TBT listed as possibilities were: Mike White, Louisiana Tech (has since gone 122-74 with Florida) John Pelphrey, Florida (has since gone 14-44 with Tennessee Tech) Donnie Tyndall, Southern Miss (went 16-16 at Tennessee and was fired after the NCAA issued a 10-year show cause penalty for ineligible players at Southern Miss which was the largest imposed on a head coach). Since we wouldn't have outbid Florida or Tennessee, the best outcome would have been Pelphrey. Good to know we were never close to making a good hire.
  3. Hard to judge based on: - First year of new head coach and staff - Known terrible recruiting of CCS - Pandemic causing games to be cancelled and players to sit. You can’t draw any conclusions whatsoever based on this year. We got pounded by Tulsa and Cincinnati, which was to be expected. We got shellacked by ECU which was a surprise. But we lost to Memphis and UCF by a total of 13 points when I expected we’d get blown out. But then again, it goes back to the fact that we almost never had all of our starters available. I don’t think we’re as bad as advertised but still have a lot of work to do to be in the upper-tier of the conference.
  4. I guess it depends on what your definition of 'made it through' is. If you mean 'survived,' yes. But at what cost to our livers?
  5. I don't see what USF or the CoE can do about the fact that teaching is a brutal profession. You can have a top-tier college of education, but if people don't want to teach, no one is going to enroll in it. That's a problem where the finger needs to be pointed at the Bay Area school districts, or the state, or the Department of Education. The district is getting downright dictatorial with the lack of flexibility teachers get with their curriculum, standardized testing is the only thing that matters, teachers have very little authority to maintain any sense of order in their classroom, they have to spend 100s of dollars out of their own pockets every year for school supplies, they have long hours, the pay sucks. My wife has been a teacher for 10 years and the job has gotten downright unbearable. She's consistently one of the highest rated teachers in her school but when it comes time for a raise or bonus, the district 'loses' the money. With the supposed pay increase for new teachers, she'll make $500 more as a top-tier veteran teacher than a brand new employee. Sure, there was a 'We ❤ Teachers' phase when the pandemic started, but that was largely lip-service and things are back to normal or arguably worse. The superintendent is 'reallocating' jobs so that 'specials' teachers (physical education, art, music) have to support more than one school or no longer have any planning time during their day and class sizes are going to grow from 16 - 18 to 18 - 22 (and still expecting social distancing, at that). It's a snowball effect: As teachers are less able or motivated to make an impact on their students' lives, the fewer students there will be that say "this is something I want to do, too" which in turn droves down enrollment in the CoE, forcing them to shut their doors as they are not generating enough tuition revenue to pay for the program. This leads to less qualified teachers and a further worsening of the school environment. Don't get me wrong, I hate to see it. My wife has a B.A. in Primary Education from USF, I have a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from USF. We're devastated at the loss of the CoE. I think it's going to hurt the academic profile of the university overall. It's never a good thing to close a major college like that. It's going to have a devastating impact on the quality of teachers that we send out to our schools and IMO will have a ripple effect on the economy of the Tampa Bay Area. I'm not seeing it -- memories are short. From a teaching perspective, things are back to where they were before the virus, if not worse. People have other problems to worry about now other than teachers having a hard job. We were 'saluting essential workers' 6 months ago but now that people are getting numb to the virus, no one cares about grocery store workers, or teachers, front-line medical professionals. No one cares about employees of the restaurant/tourism/hospitality/entertainment industries that are out of work. The 'haves' are getting on with their lives and wearing their masks under their noses while the 'have nots' are trying to figure out how to make ends meet.
  6. Our record since firing him is 62 - 62. The ten years prior was 75 - 44.
  7. Yeah but that won't stop someone else from trying...
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