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  1. I guess it depends on what your definition of 'made it through' is. If you mean 'survived,' yes. But at what cost to our livers?
  2. I don't see what USF or the CoE can do about the fact that teaching is a brutal profession. You can have a top-tier college of education, but if people don't want to teach, no one is going to enroll in it. That's a problem where the finger needs to be pointed at the Bay Area school districts, or the state, or the Department of Education. The district is getting downright dictatorial with the lack of flexibility teachers get with their curriculum, standardized testing is the only thing that matters, teachers have very little authority to maintain any sense of order in their classroom, they have
  3. Our record since firing him is 62 - 62. The ten years prior was 75 - 44.
  4. Yeah but that won't stop someone else from trying...
  5. It's Miller Time, of course I'm being melodramatic and not reading the full comment. Why hasn't Taggart had another offer? Beats me. Best guesses: Potentially leaving a school after one season isn't endearing to ADs. They want to be sure the coach will be around at least long enough to get a few recruiting cycles in. His style of ball might not be appealing to some of the open jobs. Getting fired mid-2nd year due to fielding some all-time bad FSU teams isn't a desirable trait in a coach. It can be tough to reconcile how, with the FSU brand and recruiting grounds, you c
  6. He def'n clowned us. He left us sitting at the bus stop, took some recruits with him, talked some smack, played sugar daddy at FSU, and then asked us to take him back when his new fling kicked him out. He's made a fool of himself. Some of us are just saying "Yes, daddy, please more" because we're in the unenviable position of being back in the cellar and he might be able to bring us back out of it.
  7. There's an old saying at USF. Clown me once...shame on...shame on you. Clown me...y-you can't get clowned again.
  8. Yeah, yeah. Mike Leach locked up a kid with a concussion and refused to cooperate with investigators. Didn't keep him from finding another job. George O' Leary killed a player and still got a statue. Taggart's S&C coach hospitalized three but that didn't stop him from tagging along with Slick Willie to FSU. What Leavitt (allegedly) did was wrong but wasn't nearly as bad as what other coaches got away with. He's paid his dues. He got kicked out of his house and it burned to the ground. We've since gotten clowned by Woolard, Harlan, Holtz, Taggart, and Strong but this is too much to han
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