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  1. TheUpperHand

    Little Help...

    Oh, yeah. I forgot about ‘Golden Showers’.
  2. TheUpperHand

    Little Help...

    The Tinmen The Kanigets (corruption of pronunciation of knights, I believe came from here)
  3. TheUpperHand

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Five or six bottles usually do it for me.
  4. TheUpperHand

    New AD Search

  5. TheUpperHand

    New AD Search

    This man is all about efficiency. Hire him.
  6. TheUpperHand

    Our Shirt 2018

    From my experience, it's not a lack of ability -- they could have made it better, they chose not to. This is the best that the athletics department would approve. I volunteered with shirt design when I was in the student bulls club and anything slightly edgy was nixed. Members made suggestions like "I Bleed Green and Gold," "Bullies: We'll Beat You on The Field ... and Then Take Your Lunch Money," or "Green and Gold 'til I Die" over a bull skull. They weren't approved because "we're looking for something more vanilla." It breeds a culture of apathy so instead we get Rocky Buffett Wastin' Away in Non-Alcoholic Beverage-ville.
  7. TheUpperHand

    New AD Search

    One down http://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/06/08/rob-higgins-says-hes-not-pursuing-bulls-ad-job/
  8. TheUpperHand

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Give UCF time, buddy. Give UCF time.
  9. TheUpperHand

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Meh. Not upset to see him go, just concerned about who might replace him.
  10. Also Austin Reiter (2015) and Kofi Amichia (2017)
  11. TheUpperHand

    NFL Draft

    No post on the American Athletic Conference Facebook page congratulating him, though there's been one for every AAC player before and after him. I posted to remind them, but I'm sure they'll ignore that. At least they tweeted it.
  12. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/4/27/17267710/usf-football-2018-preview-schedule-roster
  13. Or FAU -- Joey Saltwater loves his transfers and landing one that has an attractive wife would be a bonus for him.
  14. Neither Kean nor Oladokun has been successful in running the HB Dive?
  15. Maybe both -- the falling star is meant to symbolize the fall of the Big East football conference while the rocket symbolizes how fast the schools will be out of this conference if they get an offer.