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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. They both played defensive back in college? They both were assistant coaches for Tampa from 1996 - 2000? They both have three children? That's three things
  2. TheUpperHand

    2018 AP Preseason Rankings

    I guess, but if we're going to say "what about the 4 point loss vs Houston and the 7 point loss to UCF," what about the seven point win against 5-7 Tulane, six point win over 2-10 Tulsa, or 4 point OT win over 6-6 South Carolina? We could have been 7-5 just as easily as 12 - 0. FAU and UCF have their question marks this year but I think the rankings are based more on program trajectory right now. Both of those teams overperformed last year and ended on a high note where we underperformed. FAU went from consecutive 3-9 years to 11-3 with a conference championship and beat down their mediocre opponent in their bowl game like they were supposed to. UCF went from winless, to 6-6, to undefeated with a conference championship, NY6 win, and fake claim to the national title. In that timeframe, we went 8-5 with no conference championship and a bowl loss, to 10-3 with no conference championship and OT bowl win over a mediocre team, to 10-2 with no conference championship and OT bowl win over a mediocre team again. That's been looking like our ceiling whereas FAU and UCF have been on an upward trajectory. We got our preseason respect at the beginning of last year, starting out at No. 19, picked to win the conference, did nothing with it and are now without QF. I still think it's crazy that UCF is going to be ranked with the loss of their entire coaching staff but they return most of the players that made the 12-0 run possible so it makes sense that expectations are another Top 25 year. Same with FAU, they ended on a high note and the Lane Train is a media darling until they are brought back down to earth. Our expectations are an eight or nine win season and in the AAC that doesn't get you ranked.
  3. TheUpperHand

    2018 AP Preseason Rankings

    When I found this, I was going to send one of these to Jim Leavitt since this was when he was the DC for the Colorado Buffs at the time and that would be perfect. But, then I realized it wouldn't be worth the money.
  4. TheUpperHand

    Kicking looking better

    He broke out, alright.
  5. TheUpperHand

    Season Tickets?

    Can't decide if it's more Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver or Sloth from The Goonies.
  6. TheUpperHand

    Coach Strong's Future at USF

    If by 'rebellion,' you mean grumbling on message boards, then, yes.
  7. TheUpperHand

    Coach Strong's Future at USF

    I agree that we have a better chance of going 13-0 than Georgia Tech does of winning the ACC. But that doesn't get us into the playoffs. See UCF last year. They went 12-0 and only got to No. 10. No way making up that cancelled game and beating 5-6 Georgia Tech last year would have put them in the Top 4. Just like us going 13-0 this year with an AAC schedule and OOC against GT, Elon, Illinois, and UMass wouldn't get us anywhere near it. Out of the question. You'd have to go 13-0 the next year, too. This time with Wisconsin, GT, and BYU on the schedule. We can't run through the AAC unscathed and we'd have to do it two years in a row to have a chance. So say we go on a two-year run. Then playoffs? Maybe. But if we go 13-0 this year, there is just as good a chance that the P5 comes calling for CCS. And he'll jump because he knows the AAC will not get into the playoffs. Just like Frost knew. And Taggart. And Fuente. Ad nauseum. At that point, you're back to square one. There's so many breaks you need in the G5 that it's next to impossible. Meanwhile, all GT needs is one good year. Will that happen? No. I think we're talking two impossibilities. However, Tech is likely to pull the trigger and get rid of Johnson sooner rather than later. At that point they don't even have to find a Saban, Swinney, Meyer, Petersen, etc. They just need one good year. Also, let's not pretend like 13 - 0 has been within arms reach. Last two years were our best team in a long time. We went 10 - 2 both times. Last year we were just as close to being 7 - 5 as we were 13 - 0. While we were within a touchdown of beating UCF and Houston, we were also within a touchdown of losing to Tulsa, Tulane, and Texas Tech. For every commodity on our roster (WR, DL, TE) there is an equally big question mark (QB, OL, K). I want it to happen, I'd love for it, too but I don't see it. However, when it does, please give me an 'I Told You So' because I'll gladly accept it. Either way, 'Go Bulls.'
  8. TheUpperHand

    Coach Strong's Future at USF

    Not likely anytime soon. However, GT can make it to the playoffs by winning their conference. We can't. While it's probably more likely (though an extremely longshot) we go 12-1 or 13-0 this year than GT winning the ACC, it doesn't matter because it won't get us anywhere. Further, GT has at least won their conference relatively recently (2009) while we've yet to do so in our stints in CUSA, BEast, or the AAC. We haven't proven that we can go 12-1 or 13-0 which would be what we'd have to do to even debate whether we'd belong in the playoffs. I'd argue that GT has a better chance than USF to make the playoffs (there's at least a path) though neither GT or USF are likely to do so in the near future.
  9. TheUpperHand

    Coach Strong's Future at USF

    Georgia Tech: 13-0: Playoffs 12-1: Playoffs or NY6 10-2: NY6 or upper-tier bowl 9-3: Upper-tier bowl USF: 13-0: NY6 12-1: NY6 or Birmingham 10-2: Birmingham 9-3: Birmingham 8-4: Bad Boy Mowers 7 - 5: Bad Boy Mowers
  10. TheUpperHand

    2018 FanFest

    Nonsense. Having the events on campus will solve all attendance woes.
  11. TheUpperHand

    Brett Kean Cleared

    What about 2013? We had: Steven Bench Bobby Eveld Tommy Eveld Matt Floyd Mike White We were deep that year, all right. Deep s---.
  12. TheUpperHand

    The thrill is gone....

    This is true; Butch Jones didn't need to win an SEC title at Tennessee. He declared his team Champions of Life and it landed him a $35,000 internship at 'Bama.