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  1. Nothing to feel better about the defense but im pretty sure they cycled in a lot of 2nd ad 3rd string.
  2. Our D still cant stop the run. I dont know why teams bother throwing.
  3. Put on usf bulls radio. Just have to sync (a lot of pausing) it with the game. All espn announcers are garbage.
  4. Heard... but our depth makes me nervous and these guys need some reps or we get beat every game in the 2nd half.
  5. Yep. Thats exactly what i think. Typically, in most jobs, the more experience you have at doing that job the better you are at that job.
  6. Lol. When else are you going to get your team real in game action. Some of these backups will end up being starters. I don't get your logic man.
  7. Do we have starters? We have no depth man. You have to get these guys reps. These games dont mean ****... get ready for conference play...
  8. Not a given but this is the game where you test all your players and see who steps up.
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