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  1. Well that was one crazy drive. Agree that we should just go for it on 4th. Everytime. **** it.
  2. Sorry fam... it will be the first rivalry game i have missed that i can remember. Go Bulls from the floor of my patio because I'll be hammered!!!
  3. At least McCloud can make it through one game without sitting out the next four weeks...
  4. Also, If you want some serious misery and reality... Read this gem from our "rivals" 25 Ways USF Has Completely Blown It No program in major college football has done less with more than South Florida.
  5. Yep. Play the game, get experience (for what it's worth) and move on. At this point it isn't even a rivalry anymore so who cares if they beat our ass.
  6. Works for me but apparently not the folks with all the $$$. Cut out the nonsense games on the schedule and make room for expanded playoff.
  7. The playoff doesn't include anyone outside of P5 and never will as a 4 team playoff... I agree with NEB. They aren't going to the playoff and may be lucky to make the NY6.
  8. Meanwhile. FAU is 5-1. Good thing that game got canceled
  9. Have to imagine some QBs transfer out if we hang onto him.
  10. Early but it appears UCF has fixed the issues from the 2 losses. Unfortunately...
  11. Forgot about him. ****, how many quarterbacks do we have?
  12. Keep it. I think i had the same one although its long gone.
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