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  1. This will be our first FBS win since... well.. i don't remember .
  2. Thank you... Although the 4 pages of nonsense today were entertaining. This is what i was looking for. Good to see some firm dates and commitments.
  3. Oh, i forgot about defense? Do we have a defense?
  4. TB took a 7-9 bucs team to a superbowl win the next year. I know... apples and oranges. That being said, if our O-Line gets it together and one of these QBs steps up we can win some games. No QB for the past few years has been excruciating. I say 4 wins is a stretch and we will still lose to UCF.
  5. But did we? Not sure how this affects USF at all until we somehow climb out of the cellar and make it back to their level of competition.
  6. Can flowers throw touchowns for USF again? Do covid extensions extend to ex players?
  7. ****.. why are we still here? It's about like my Nascar fandom... Dale Jr wins were few and far between. Luckily i got to see his old man win his last race at Dega in 2000.
  8. So did we break ground? Did the Ahletics department invest in GME?
  9. ^^^ Found him! Excuse my laziness for not going back a few pages.
  10. He made the right call as Tennessee is where coaching careers end. Or as someone else stated, they start that loop of coaching for Saban lol.
  11. Tony Elliot to UCF would sure be interesting (not that I thing he would leave Clemson).
  12. They lost an AD and a HC and are still in better shape than USF. SOB.
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