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  1. At least there is some level of excitement that hasn't been around for a few years.
  2. Which is why I said "slightly less". It cant be more...
  3. ****. Can't get better if you don't play. Would have liked to see a more even matchup and what CJS did with the passing game. Cinci game will be slightly less disasters than ND
  4. Has no one told JK to call the IT Helpdesk. His microphone is **** lol.
  5. Where have a I heard this one before. However, since this is the positivity thread. Go 2021 QB!
  6. Aat least NJ was over throwing the receivers... McCloud underthrew every deep ball I saw. Other than getting some clutch throws before getting drilled, let NJ start the next game. Not sure Marsh is ready but then again haven't seen enough passing. Should have passed way more against Citadel in second half.
  7. Surprised there were folks here before the season. Why quit now.
  8. Btw.. I grew up in Orlando, went to UCF. Was a freshman for the first winless season they had 04. Was at USF for what I will call the glory years (06-09). What I'm getting at is I've seen both teams suck and both teams great. It will turn around.
  9. This is why we hired CJS... to turn around the culture, market the team, get the bay area media and community involved. CCS was a bum and terrible at getting anyone excited. We will get there. It will just take a couple years.
  10. Mike Norvell... Man has FSU fallen. We need to schedule them!
  11. Two years. Gonna take at least two to get us back to some relevance. I would say four before we are anywhere near a AAC championship.
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