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  1. Makes sense. I am fine with this as long as its second string and we aren't risking our playmakers. However, I get leaving our first string out all 60 minutes as they need the experience for now.
  2. In all seriousness, what's the point of running up the score. It's not going to get you anywhere so why piss off teams you have face next year...
  3. Insane game. What a way to finish. Congrats to Tulane. CWT will be fine if FSU gives him time. There is a reason Jimbo left (other than a huge payday)... CCS, not sure but have to see how we progress this year I guess.
  4. I hear ya but at least they have three weeks of game footage to work off of. SMU game will be a fun one. As others have stated on here, as long as they keep improving and limiting penalties, they should be competitive moving forward.
  5. I cant figure it out either man. CWT was great here at USF. Had a tough task of rebuilding our program and that's what he did. I keep telling these FSU fans to be patient. Clearly Jimbo left them in a bad spot.
  6. Dual threat is the only way I can see us getting a run game going this season.
  7. Anyone know if SC State D-line is any good? I have to image we get a run game going this week. If that happens, I would think we could beat them by 10 with the way the D played last week.
  8. What he said Bell knows what he is doing The offensive scheme is fine. The personnel and the scheme are adjusting to each other. (Some players are not a good fit) I agree Blake has happy feet and looks at the rush too much McCloud needs to learn how to strap on his helmet. Edited 1 minute ago by Blackice12
  9. No way they start BB next week... if they do, we all go down and carry CCS out of the stadium.
  10. Undisciplined team. I do believe we got hosed by refs but it shouldn't have even come to that. That being said, let's hope we stick with McCloud and learn from our mistakes before AAC play. Not likely but we have to cut down on the penalties. BS that we haven't figured that out after last year. CCS... ugh are we stuck here?
  11. I cant agree enough but then again we deserve it. We are straight up terrible...
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