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Celebrate UCF's 0-12 Season With #UCFDonut This Weekend


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I think it's time to revive and update a long-lost USF celebration for the social media age. I write for another site now, but I came over because TBP inspired this idea, and really everyone should get to share in the fun.

I started talkin’ bout the Bulls here when I was a student about a billion years ago. After UCF went 0-11 in 2004,  _____ Eats It and other posters made a bunch of George O’Leary donut Photoshops to commemorate the Knights taking the donut in his first year as coach. I think there was an entire thread of them. I don’t know if any of those old Photoshops have survived. Maybe they’ll come up again now that I’m mentioning it.

Now we’re in 2015 and history has repeated itself. The Knights have finished an 0-12 season in O’Leary’s last season as coach. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, donut to donut. They’ve come full circle, glazed and filled with jelly.

So let’s celebrate on the Internet. It’s simple. Take a break from shopping or traveling this weekend and treat yo’ self to some tasty donuts. Then take a picture of you in your USF gear with your donuts, post it to your favorite social media site (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, wherever you want) and use the hashtag #UCFDonut. Let's celebrate this magnificent achievement together. Again.

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UCF's current streak is 13. They have not announced an opening week game but I have to imagine they are looking for a 1AA to open the schedule instead of FIU again. After that they are in the Big House of Ann Arbor then host Maryland. Their 17 game streak should be safe.


EDIT: FIU's opening weekend is already booked with Indiana, unless UCF picks up a noteworthy opening week game from a P5 it looks like they will have booked a 1AA into that timeslot. Maybe they are saving the date with FIU for "Jiffy Lube Rivarly Week"? That game was much closer. :GoBulls:

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Velcro and I made this years ago....still relevant, except they broke that 0-11 record. now going 0-12.




I'll be celebrating USF's 8-4 and 7-1 run to wrap up regular season.  Really happy seeing these young guys put it together. 

We need to reach more people and get them in the gates for 2016 season.

Go Bulls!


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