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  1. No, you got the actual authentic item. I didn't realize that I was buying from an "amazon seller" that represented the authentic flag but sent me a fake flag direct from China.
  2. Well, of course. That's obvious to even the most dense. Who are we to judge? Who's judging? Again, this is making something out of nothing. You said he stuck it to Kentucky, the blue bloods. They are just fine without him. They have far more to offer him than Howard. He made a choice. Just challenging your assumption he stuck it to ANY of the other schools recruiting him. He made the sacrifice, not any other school. Perhaps you should honor his decision as one for Howard and not as sticking it to anybody.
  3. Exposure in the online media for selecting an HBCU in these times is not the kind of exposure I'm talking about. Playing at Howard (or USF) will undoubtedly provide less exposure than playing in a high level program. He sticks it to himself by going to a small time league. But if that is what he wants, that's fine. Chances are he either leaves after one year (and hopes stock rose incredibly in NBA eyes) or transfers out. I love the thought and the spirit, it just rejects common sense. Had I been a top 25 high schooler and gone to USF it would have been for similar reason, but wouldn't have made sense to the rest of the country. He made his decision, as I would have made mine to go somewhere for a different reason. That does not rule out that it was not the best move for a player hoping to make a career out of the game.
  4. Not sure he's sticking it to anyone but himself. Hopefully, Howard will give him the development and exposure he needs.. He had declared for the draft and was not considered a top prospect.
  5. But recruiting was his thing. Coaching was not. He'd have to attract top shelf talent to have a chance or winning without a coach. Calipari has admitted they get so much talent at KY, he coaches less, let's them play. You can't do that without having top talent like KY.
  6. Cooper's dad was a TV sports guy in Phoenix. He reacted as some fathers might, that his kid wouldn't be the one to succumb. Sad. None of us know what happened. Just like the other story out here about the 19 hotshots that died. One lived and he has felt forsaken because of that.
  7. Or Memphis...Or UCLA... The kid played at a "prep school" right down the road from me....
  8. Good thing the company has EAP benefits...
  9. Happy Independence Day! Reminds me of my favorite USF Flag. Ordered it from Amazon a couple years ago and got some cheap knockoff. Working the grill soon. Tried to get some Cigar City Maduro for my afternoon, but it was not available at my usual place. Reflecting on life in a free country and beers of Tampa! Had to move on to Yeti. I am cross-mojinating a lot here. Focus issues. Too much caffeine early. Go Bulls!
  10. Yes. I think we can generally refer to COVID-19. I don't think we need to debate masks, ventilators, political motivations, lies, death rate, how we think it can spread, hypocrisies, testing assumptions, etc. Each can from his own opinion (and espouse it elsewhere) about the politics of COVID. No doubt COVID impacts sports. IF we can stick to facts, we'll be okay.
  11. It has always been the goal to use this site to help drive interest in the USF programs. I hope all of our members will adopt that goal as well.
  12. Hello board members, please join me in welcoming philip amuso to TheBullsPen.com. philip amuso joined on 07/01/2020. View Member
  13. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. USF ATHLETICS GoUSFBulls.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2020 Web Release: https://bit.ly/2CRMHia Bulls Welcome Jade Hayes as Newest Assistant Head coach Jolene Shepardson adds another experienced coach to her new USF volleyball staff. TAMPA, JULY 1, 2020 – Head coach Jolene Shepardson is happy to announce Jade Hayes as her new assistant coach for the USF volleyball program. Hayes heads to South Florida after serving as an assistant coach of the Missouri State beach volleyball program for the 2020 season. “I am thankful to have Jade join our staff. Having grown up in the gym and being a coach’s daughter, Jade has a wealth of knowledge of the game,” Shepardson said. “She is also a wonderful role model for our young women as a woman of character and has been a successful student-athlete herself. She has a positive effect on everyone she comes in contact with because of her radiant personality, love for people, and unending energy.” Hayes brings much experience in both the beach and indoor games to the Bulls. A two-time Missouri Gatorade Player of the Year in high school, Hayes played her first two collegiate volleyball seasons at Missouri. She graduated from Mizzou in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in health sciences/health professions after appearing in 65 matches and 227 sets, and transferred to Central Florida for her final two indoor seasons. At UCF, Hayes accumulated more than 1,000 digs in two seasons, and then concluded her eligibility on the South Carolina beach volleyball team in spring 2015. She returned to UCF to work as a graduate assistant and director of operations for the Knights' volleyball program, and completed her master's degree in interdisciplinary studies at the school in May 2017. Hayes remains active on the professional beach volleyball circuit, and has been a Platform 1440 sponsored athlete since 2018. This upcoming season will mark the first for the Bulls under the leadership of Shepardson, who returned to USF volleyball 18 years after she helped lead the program to its last conference championship and NCAA tournament appearance as a student-athlete in 2002.
  15. They have a warm place in my heart...although their fans were crappy at their place. First time a fledgling program really went balls out to beat an alleged power.
  16. Would this be alright? NCAA conference realignment: Re-doing college football landscape - Sports Illustrated WWW.GOOGLE.COM As COVID-19 threatens the college football season, what if we blew up the system entirely? Welcome to the Forde Bowl Subdivision.
  17. I truly need to do the same thing. I have my own little structure out back. I have a very large TV and surround sound. Add to that many boxes of memorabilia, flags, helmets, balls, jerseys, etc. But I sit in here looking at eggshell walls and very little USF anywhere. I need to develop it. I think a bar with a tap will fit in back corner.
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