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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

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  1. Additional donors for Friday: @Bullschmutz @jchem1995 repeat donor! Thanks gents, we're on to Saturday now, 15th straight day in the making? Let's get it started, who's up? 5/23 5/24 5/25 5/26 5/27
  2. Lights a fire. A coach with any soul will prepare. Judgment day.
  3. Conference championships matter in some sports, like MBB.
  4. Not at all. I’ll take a win over Florida. We beat UCF five times, right? Means nothing. AAC trophy? Nothing. You get to play a meaningless game against a disinterested P5. Nothing.
  5. Bus is the wrong term. However, it seems to me the vehicle may be pulling back onto the road, with all four wheels. As fans, we need to do our part. Jump in and bring others. Spread the word. You have the tools.
  6. On my knees This is part of what it will take.
  7. I think we can bring back fans in spite of the conference. No disagreement that getting out of the AAC is of paramount importance. But, I do believe fixing what you can - the non-con schedule is a step towards pulling many back.
  8. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. Hello board members, please join me in welcoming USFBraham72 to TheBullsPen.com. USFBraham72 joined on 05/24/2019. View Member
  10. Phase One - new President Phase Two - reconcile with Leavitt Phase Three - donors return USF Athletics needs to be something to be proud of. It’s just not there for the vast majority of people in the Bay Area. Need to get the Leavitt thing taken care of. Continue scheduling real games, eventually bring people back. Conference change not required but highly beneficial. Mr. Kelly is taking us back to the early Leavitt era... we’ll play the big boys - any day. If he can capture the magic like Leavitt did, and dress that open wound, we’ll be back. If we go half-ass we’ll be half-ass.
  11. You never know, we might inform and excite enough people while trying to find donations that someone pays closer attention to the Bulls and reaches out to donate big $$ or sponsor a program or facility. If we only manage $10,000 it will be appreciated AND hopefully create and maintain some buzz as we head into the season.
  12. Thanks @Friscobull, we are officially underway with Friday support for the Bulls football program and IPF. Show them you care!
  13. If you can’t recruit to the conference, you can recruit to the out of conference, hopefully. Playing real opponents has got to attract some that want to play at the highest level.
  14. We notched our 13th consecutive day of doing our part for USF Football and the IPF. Donors yesterday included: @JoeB @BulledOver (multiple donations) @KyleC @Ghostbuster Thanks! Now we head into a long 3 day weekend amid some great scheduling announcements - apparently one more coming. I hope we get enough visits and donations to get us through. Day 14 is underway! Go Bulls! 5/23 5/24 5/25 5/26 5/27
  15. Because it matters not how we did in some fictitious highway battle with the Tinmen. I don’t support the notion that’s our measuring stick. Why would we want that? Just like when we were stomping their asses, it didn’t define us. We chuckled and moved on. Some goofy ass I4 sign converted into a trophy doesn’t change that either. I can almost understand the alleged prestige of winning the P6 American Amalgamated Conference, but can we drop this silly sub-plot with the yahoos down the street?
  16. Tough to read that on a day full of great scheduling news. Thoughts are with Mike! I don’t know anything outside of the screenshot above, but I hope he has a full recovery.
  17. Not done yet? Give me mo baby. “And from what I am told...#USF isn't done yet.“
  18. This is why I keep coming back to The Bulls Pen. I can’t cross check that data, but the analysis makes sense to me.
  19. We can also get some larger donations, such as the two today @ZeroBullChip @jcallihan1 Thanks guys for your donations in excess of $23 Don't forget @E.T.'s dream of $23 per season ticket, there's a multiple to consider. Still, we've notched 12 days in a row, Thursday will be 13. Please invite others to join in on this fan-based grass roots effort.
  20. Wonder if we ever considered running a power I offense?
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