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  1. Neighbor and his little boy - Longhorn fans trying to convert to Bulls. Not looking to buy at cutthroat prices but don't blame you for trying to profit. But if you've still got 2 tix tomorrow and want to move them - Come see me in Lot 5. Dark gray Pilot with the octagonal tent. Go Bulls!
  2. Good seeing you in The Hangar this morning Good seeing you in The Hangar this morning
  3. No sir. I am completely sane. Those two food products are an abomination against God. ;-)
  4. Don't know what question it was (I got it wrong I'm sure) but the name is Carlton Mitchell, not Charlton.
  5. The inner harbor (specifically fells point) is awesome. I go there for work often and have a great time. The rest of Bodymore... meh
  6. The thing that will forever hold any G5 team back is the enhanced importance of the "Quality Loss" - an item that now holds more clout than an actual victory. The CFP Playoff committee is now weighing negatives higher than positives. We will never get a fair shake.
  7. I booked a room there too - sounds like a plan.
  8. Is that really the AAC team hotel? It's hella far away.
  9. I'm raising the prices of policies in two years. With beams and bolts falling off and knocking you in the noggin, my risk of payment just went up.
  10. That billboard cost the school 1/3 of their endowment to put up.
  11. LOLOLOLOL I wondered if people would actually read the text. hahah, that and the note about how to file a claim on the Policies page were the favorite parts I wrote.
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