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  1. 1) Cincy2) 31-203) Ford4) McCants5) 417
  2. 1) USF2) 31-243) Cronk4) McCants5) 475
  3. BullsWinBucsWin

    College Game Day opening video

    I’m fully expecting him to now replace App State with GA Southern on his list of teams better than UCF/USF.
  4. BullsWinBucsWin

    College Game Day opening video

    Someone ask Herbstreit if he still thinks App State should be ranked ahead of UCF/USF. They’re getting housed by GA Southern
  5. 1) Houston2) 45-313) Cronkrite4) McCants5) 478
  6. BullsWinBucsWin

    College Game Day opening video

    That was a coordinated attack. Basically all took turns............Herbstreit brought up Fresno, App St, and Utah St. and how their Sagarin rankings are higher than UCF's (mentioned UCF fans' perception of ESPN bias). The gist was that you need to play somebody in the P5 and beat them convincingly. Desmond said that he doesn't think a non P5 team will ever make the playoff. Even Rece started to go off. Agree that it was also a shot at USF and Cincy, but the bullseye was on UCF.
  7. BullsWinBucsWin

    College Game Day opening video

    Wow UCF just got stomped on by the whole Gameday crew.
  8. BullsWinBucsWin

    I'm going with lucky

    You sound like you just got lucky!
  9. 1) USF2) 48-243) Cronkrite4) McCants5) 547
  10. BullsWinBucsWin

    UCF Over Memphis...Better for Us?

    If you could somehow guarantee that we beat them in November, then I'm good with them winning all of their games up to that point. Since that's impossible, I want them to lose every game they play.
  11. BullsWinBucsWin

    Jim Louk’s Call of Game Winning FG

    Great call..........There's no way the ball took that long to go through the uprights!
  12. When you said "book it" did you mean with the points? Nice call, glad you were right!
  13. 1) USF2) 35-313) Cronkrite4) St. Felix5) 502
  14. 1) South Florida2) 51-243) Cronkrite4) McCants5) 580
  15. BullsWinBucsWin

    Aussies looking for first tailgating experience

    Lots 3 and 4 are on the North side of the stadium, I think Accountant might have made a typo. That is, in fact, where the students typically park and is probably more of party atmosphere as opposed to the alumni on the South side of the stadium (although there are pockets of craziness there too). Either way, welcome and have a blast!