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  1. Horrible news, way too young. Prayers to his family and friends. Don't believe I'd ever met him in person, but feel like I know everyone on the board in some way. Always treat your Bulls brethren with respect, regardless of our petty disagreements............you just never know.
  2. Haven't read through all 7 pages of this topic, but was curious if anyone else read the thread title in the voice of Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  3. I feel like I’m watching the closing scene from the Benny Hill Show on a loop
  4. Shocker no context given to total population. These are HUGE schools.
  5. I agree with the general theme of needing to be patient and not dwell on individual game performance in year 1, especially given the circumstances around this year, however for me it's tough to get past the fact that: We are in the AAC, not SEC We are in the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country It should not take 4 years to be competing for the AAC conference championship
  6. You left out the part about the emergence of a QB and RB, wearing #9 and #5, respectively, coming up with a vaccine to administer to the team
  7. Yeah, I have to say those videos looked pretty impressive to my untrained eye. Maybe all decent kickers can do that stuff, like aiming at and hitting goal posts on purpose, when there's no pressure. Or he's editing several sessions together.
  8. This has gone too far. Guess I need to dust off the Rum Runner flasks. Can't watch without inebriation.
  9. Where's that kid that had been posting daily Twitter videos of his practice sessions and begging USF for a shot? Wonder if he's ever been brought in.
  10. Cincy tried their hardest to gift us the upset, and we still lost by 21.
  11. Makes absolutely no sense, but also not surprised.
  12. Been to all of the big Bucs games in that stadium, that was the loudest that place has ever been.
  13. Bowling Green was the first for me. That was a huge game at the time, one that's often forgotten when people talk about the big wins we've had.
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