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  1. There for Game 1. Also, fortunate enough to have attended the first ever games for the Rays and the Lightning as well! Come to think of it, first games at the Ice Palace, Ray Jay for the Bucs, and first Lightning game in the dome.
  2. Good to see that athletics is one of the "11 institutional core commitments". Honestly didn't expect that.
  3. I like it. Wonder how much 65,000 replacement seats in green would cost?
  4. This........and/or a few years of Super Bowl host city snubs. They'll build a new one.
  5. I've already seen articles about how RJS is becoming outdated. Hard to believe as it feels like just a few years ago I was sitting in a brand new stadium watching the up and coming Buccaneers playing the Chicago Bears. That was September 1998, almost 23 years ago, and I want to say the average life span of an NFL stadium is like 30 years. The Georgia Dome (which is the worst place I've ever watched a football game, btw) was replaced after 22. Now that the team is riding the wave of the Super Bowl, I wouldn't be completely shocked to start hearing some rumblings. I think it's more likely we will be playing in a new NFL stadium long before our own OCS.
  6. Price came the year after I graduated, unfortunately. Ron was a year behind me, so I played with him 3 years..........he was a helluva player. We had a couple of teams that should've contended for state titles, but choked early in the playoffs. Was that around the time you were there at Seminole as well? If so I'm sure we probably crossed paths on the court at some point.
  7. Must've been early 90's. Played for Bill Killalea and Clint Hrbic. Bogey was always a tough out, I had some friends that played for them.
  8. I was an honorary Warhawk.........played AAU basketball for them back in the day!
  9. Hi, I'm here for the sommelier course. It appears we've gotten a bit off-topic here on page 31, can we re-focus?
  10. As a USF alumni, very excited for Thor and wish him the best! Always good to plant USF seeds in as many area high schools as possible! As a Largo Packer alumni, BOO! 😆
  11. Glad someone is putting them to good use! I bet they tie that living room together nicely!
  12. Great story on a great Bull! Though I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he's 43 and has 5 adult children, and I'm the same age with a 4 and 6 year old. Makes me tired just thinking about it, but I guess he's pretty much home free now.
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