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  1. 39 in Palm Harbor this morning! I'm sure when you do the conversion to New England temps, it's single digits
  2. Heard him many a time sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” to open the Indy 500. Incredible voice.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. The only word I could use to describe it was "typical"
  4. I've taken both of my kids as early as 3 and they loved it. As CousinRicky said, if you go to a day game, definitely splurge for Club access. I only took mine to late afternoon/evening games. Also, if you are really interested in watching every snap of a particular game, you may want to skip bringing them to that one.
  5. This presser gave me loads of hope. Obviously we will see if that hope turns into reality in the form of championships. I will say that, although I was in favor of and excited about the hiring of CCS, I was at the presser where they introduced him, and left a bit underwhelmed as opposed to this one where I am now fired up about the season!
  6. Fletch Lives? That was a good sequel. Does Christmas Vacation count?
  7. Might be part of the settlement that he not discuss the matter. That would be an easy answer for he and the school to any questions about the incident.
  8. The other thing I wonder about in regards to CJL being rehired, is that, while Judy is officially no longer President, does she still have her meat hooks dug into the administration? Would she allow this to happen? I assume there are a lot of holdovers from her administration still in place or at least connected that would have some pull. Could make Kelly's life a living hell if they wanted to, I would think.
  9. Something that you can't instill in just anyone is that love for the program that CJL had (probably still has). If you look back at the teams of the CJL era, they seemed to bring the same intensity and passion as their coach, oftentimes to a fault. I'm sure that CJL has learned much and established quite a network from his travels to the NFL and various coordinating jobs since USF. Just hope that it's all taken into consideration as part of this search and not blindly dismissed due to the conflict with previous administration.
  10. I'd love to have CJL back at HC. I just hope, at a minimum, Kelly thoroughly considers it - if he does his homework and ends up going another direction, then so be it.
  11. It's gotten so bad I might just use the clear plastic ones
  12. It was bad. Our section (124) was probably the worst I've seen it since the days of Skippy.
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