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  1. Bowling Green was the first for me. That was a huge game at the time, one that's often forgotten when people talk about the big wins we've had.
  2. This Tampa Bay Times article says we were three touchdown dogs against Louisville. That was an awesome game..........second (and last) time I stormed the field after a game https://www.tampabay.com/archive/2005/12/31/usf-s-five-biggest-wins/
  3. Yeah, I don't recall how that all went down, if there was an opportunity for fans to pick anything up.
  4. I had a friend working at the Sun Dome when they were doing the demo prior to the big renovation. Scored the seats and the sign that had the seat/row numbers on them.
  5. Enjoy! My wife thanks you as well. They are going to look great smack dab in the middle of your living room!
  6. Yes, Puc is 1st in line. Will let you guys know if anything falls through. Thanks!
  7. Hey NEB, thanks for the interest and the understanding. I do think I'm going to save myself some hassle and let someone local pick it up from me.
  8. Sorry responded back to NEB's question before seeing the back and forth. It would certainly be much easier for me to coordinate with you locally vs breaking it down and shipping it.
  9. Without taking it apart, based on crude measurements on what size box it would be in and the weight of just the seats, my very loose estimate (using the UPS site) is that it would cost around $85 to ship the seats and mounting hardware. Probably add a few $ for a box and packing material.
  10. I got them for free so I'm donating them to a good Bulls home. Not sure on the shipping either, I can look to see how they disassemble. Most of the weight is in the wood frame, which I'd think you wouldn't want to ship.
  11. Kills me to even think about getting rid of them, but there is just nowhere for me to put them. My old garage was a detached true 3 car garage, with the 3rd bay being my man cave.............had a bar in there, all kinds of USF memorabilia, etc., it was awesome. New house is an upgrade in (almost) all ways, better neighborhood, but the dang garage is tiny!
  12. Hi All, was going to post this in the USF merchandise board, but wanted to start it off here to maybe get some views - please move if needed. Several years ago, I acquired two seats from the Sun Dome when they were doing the major renovations. I had a USF - themed man cave that I was keeping them in, but I've recently moved and just don't have anywhere to put them in my new home (go figure, upgrade the house, no room for the man cave). Definitely don't want to throw them out, but if anyone is interested, or if anyone knows of a place where they might get use out of them, I'd love to donate
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