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  1. It's gotten so bad I might just use the clear plastic ones
  2. It was bad. Our section (124) was probably the worst I've seen it since the days of Skippy.
  3. At least there were still enough students in the stands to start a chant. Our section could not have supported a chant.
  4. Our curse has officially moved above the Madden, Billy Goat, and Bambino.
  5. Met Mike and hung out with him at the Bullspen get together at the German Restaurant in Columbus, GA the night before the Auburn game in 2007. Super cool guy, sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.
  6. If you do, save the paper bags for the BYU game
  7. I walked out before half time. Did we run the picket fence at 'em in the 2nd half?
  8. I said almost the same exact thing last night. One of the better games I've watched in a long time, actually. Tulane is no longer a doormat.
  9. Difficult to run when you're one dimensional. Hopefully McCloud's progression will change that, and defenses will be forced to worry about more than just the run.
  10. I really hope Willie sends Q and Marlon really nice Christmas gifts every year.
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