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  1. 1) USF2) 41-243) Cronkrite4) St. Felix5) 535
  2. BullsWinBucsWin

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Right on, come join us. Have you been to our new spot out by the Yankee complex?
  3. 1) USF2) 41-283) Cronkrite4) St. Felix5) 498
  4. BullsWinBucsWin

    Caption This...

    This caption has my vote
  5. BullsWinBucsWin

    When will we know ECU game time?

    Love being able to watch the end of the 3:30 games at the tailgate before heading in
  6. BullsWinBucsWin

    When will we know ECU game time?

    Comedy gold!
  7. BullsWinBucsWin

    Brutal heat

    UCF at the Citrus Bowl felt 20 degrees hotter than yesterday's game. Just absolutely zero air flow where we were sitting in that dump. UF game a distant second.
  8. BullsWinBucsWin


    GOLD! I love a morning tailgate!
  9. 90 degrees and 72% humidity? Ahh, Fall is finally here!
  10. Very fortunate to have been in attendance at Bowling Green '02 (win over ranked, Urban Meyer-coached team), Lousiville '05, WVU and Auburn '07, Kansas '08 (an underrated win and home environment), FSU '09, and Notre Dame '11. I'd have to say for me it would be Auburn just due to the fact that it was an away game at a ranked SEC school. Always something great about walking into a stadium as an unknown and walking out a winner.
  11. Rutgers 07. It's probably a combination of being a few years older and having a family now, plus being in a better conference with more of a path to a National Championship, but wins and losses just seemed to matter more back then. I would think a loss to UCF for a shot at a conference championship would mean more since there was a lot of football left to be played in 2007, but the Rutgers loss just stung so much worse after the great start we had and all of the excitement over the team.
  12. Did you attend the Bulls' first game against Ga Tech head coach Paul Johnson when he led a #8 Ga. Southern team to a 24-23 victory over the Bulls in the 1997 Inaugural Season? I believe I did attend that one, but don't have the ticket stub to prove it USF has beaten a number of current ACC members. Without looking it up, name them: NCSU, UNC, FSU, Miami, Syracuse, Pitt, Maryland (iffy on this one), Louisville A yellowjacket is most closely related to a wasp, a spider or a bee? Wasp? Do you expect we'll have more offensive possessions or tackles (solo and assisted) by our leading tackler? Tackles At this moment, are you planning on attending the game next year in Atlanta? Will be there - have family that went to GT and root for them when not playing USF. Been looking forward to this series for a while!
  13. BullsWinBucsWin

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Thanks, we park in the back 40 - kind of the Wild West like the old mall lot used to be. Don't have us packed in like sardines, although we have to walk half a mile to get to the stadium and don't get to participate in the pregame stuff.
  14. BullsWinBucsWin

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Looks great! Here's our new one in action from Saturday. Not as customized - still trying figure out USF signage, etc., but definitely a step up from our old beater.
  15. 1) USF2) 42-383) Cronkrite4) St. Felix5) 507