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  1. What's your definition of good for CCS? "Allegedly" porking someone else's wife, while cheating on yours doesn't sound very holy to me.
  2. - called it. The team was in this game DESPITE the coaching. The only one who made adjustments was BJM.
  3. I think Gilbert and the Special Teams coach were a package deal....makes sense doesnt it??
  4. I think if MK is going to make any decisions they have to come after the game next week. Can't wait too long because of the new recruiting window - even for assistants. Possible that a change comes next week.
  5. 200k after this year - you save $2.5mm and a couple more million on assistants.
  6. On one hand he might want to stay since he was injured this year and didnt have a full season. On the otherhand, he might want to jump, especially if he has to play in this bull**** ass system that only utilizes him as a safety valve (the previous offensive scheme proved that TE's can be soo much more and would better highlight his skillset). He also might just want to go get paid instead of getting beat to **** and then being told that he's not "executing" well enough....yeah I'm throwing CCS hate into this chat too...sue me.
  7. I get the need for patience here, but this wait and see mentality could potentially cost us 12.5x if we cut him loose next year like you're suggesting. He's set to make $2.5 million next year if we keep him, but what has he done thus far (on his own merit) to deserve that? The fanbase that's pissed off is showing that its not going to settle for a coach who makes countless excuses, throws his players under the bus, and pivots on his opinion of the team to try and cover his ass when it starts to lose. I mean c'mon - we have no depth at WR outside of St. Felix?? Really?? That's crap and everybody knows it, including Charlie. Cutting him loose at $200k makes too much sense at this point. One way or another, he was going to be a rental coach when we first signed him. His contract was set up that way with the Texas money and the jump in salary for him and his coordinators. He needed to shoot the lights out at USF and he had the situation & players to do it. "The cake was baked." He didn't execute - simple as that. Also, thinking coaches will stay away because we fire a guy who posted a winning record I think is absolutely ridiculous. If a coach is not confident enough in their abilities to think they can succeed here with the expectations that we have, then we don't need them. Also, I would be willing to bet there's a large group of current coaches who think CCS probably isn't that good of a head coach anymore or is better off as a D coordinator. Much respected for his character (maybe not with UL boosters...), but I think his performance at Texas set the tone for his "name recognition" as head coach in most coaching circles. Mack Brown was a great coach at once, so was Phillip Fulmer, and Rich Rodriguez, and Les Miles - big name coaches lose their edge because the game passes them by. From what we have seen thus far, the same could very well be true for Charlie. Hell, maybe he wasn't even a real big name coach to begin with? Other coaches also probably aren't blind to the fact that USF has played nobody in the past 2 years. Just sayin'.
  8. If there isn't donor pressure already, you could sure see it if we get blown out in the next two games playing like we have.....especially against UCF. If I were MK, I'd atleast force some changes on offense and special teams. And not just digging back into Charlie's old network either. If you want to be successful here you have to be willing to think outside of the box and change your style like Willie did.
  9. Actually I take this back - just read something about how Strong was allegedly involved in some "extra-curricular" activities with a UL boosters wife? Sheeeeesh. No chance they hire him back.
  10. Is Brohm not a high character guy? I can see Charlie being considered, especially because UL athletics is trying to clean up its image, but this 6 game losing streak we're about to witness will cap any value Strong had coming into the season.
  11. But how are they ever going to get another coach after firing a guy who posted a 77-35 record and only one losing season at the school??? What about the job security???? (Sarcasm) See, its not irrational to fire a coach with a winning record...
  12. Regardless of how the next three games go (they wont be pretty lol) I think MK is going to have some really tough decisions to make this offseason about football. I think it will come down to a combo of different factors on and off the field. 1. If I'm MK, Im really worried on how a 6 game losing streak to end the year stalls momentum on the fundraising side and buy-in from donors to the program. We've worked hard to get donor momentum back on track and it feels like we are letting it slip away by losing and not playing well. MK's legacy will be how he builds up the football facilities - any threat to that should be taken seriously. 2. Charlie isn't MK's "guy" - We are effectively in a Holtz year 2 scenario here. The team has a big win early on (ND for Holtz - GT for Charlie) - regresses as the year goes on, isn't ever ready to play and cant finish games, and limps to a crappy finish (Holtz year 2 was 5-7). We made the terrible decision to re-sign Holtz only to fire him the next year and then saddle ourselves with an annoying buyout. Does MK really want to replay that scenario with Charlie?? If he does, then he is essentially tying his job to Charlie's success and given how CCS has coached here the past two seasons, that is very risky. Dont give me that 17-5 crap either. Going 2-5 against teams with a pulse isnt cutting it. Not to mention - we should be 6-4, 5-5, or worse this year. 3. The cost of cutting Charlie loose this season is dirt cheap (even for us). $200k to remove someone who is hurting the momentum of the fanbase for someone that you handpicked is an interesting proposition. Not to mention, Charlie will be very expensive to keep going forward and anyone who can stomach giving Sterlin Gilbert a raise after these past two seasons shouldn't be anywhere near a football program. I hope MK lets this entire coaching staff go - going 17-8 across two seasons sounds great, but this staff is equivalent to an overvalued stock because of the coach's name, prior successes, and the fact that they won most of their games against garbage opponents. If you take a deeper look at the stats then the picture is pretty clear. Also, the value of any type of investment should be in the expected future value, not a backwards looking statistic like W/L.
  13. Having a down year is okay. When you have veteran players getting into scuffles with coaches on the sideline ON NATIONAL TV while you're getting blown out, thats a problem. When your team comes out the next week and gets blown out at home to a team that has no business (based on talent) being on the same field as you, that's a problem. When veteran players say they "have been just going through the motions" at practice to the local media and are overheard on the field saying "F**K this, I don't wanna do this anymore", that's a problem. When your team makes the same mistakes repeatedly over 21 games because they "just weren't ready to play"....you guessed it. Problem. There's nothing irrational about it. This team has no leadership and is getting soft.
  14. Apples to Oranges - Willie was rebuilding the culture from the Holtz years where he had nothing to work off of from the previous coaching staff. Charlie inherited a winning culture with very talented players and has regressed that culture over 21 games. Big difference.
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