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  1. SoFlo All Day

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

  2. SoFlo All Day

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    When it comes to major sports I'd say Harlan is so/so in hiring - Antigua was a bust, but I'll give him a pass. Getting Charlie seemed like a slam dunk, but this past season was a disappointment. Gregory looks like he's on the up and up. Like how he handled the baseball coach situation this past year too. Not sure why people are giving Harlan credit for hiring Tags though...Woodard hired Taggart before he was canned in 2014. Fernandez has been here for like 15 years? I think that was all Selmon. Heard he's rubbed some large boosters the wrong way though...not sure what's happening behind the scenes there... Think Harlan has done well on the marketing front and the two recent scheduling deals for football seem pretty good. I think he's done a lot with a little considering that he practically inherited our athletics program in a crappy realignment environment for us. That said, if he does sign a long term extension - his legacy will be tied to where we go during the next round of realignment, getting the practice facility up, and progress on OCS.
  3. Lightning playoff game at home that started at 3. The way Tampa has gotten hyped for these playoffs it can be hard to attract fans if you're another ticket in town especially if your event is almost at the same exact time.
  4. SoFlo All Day

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    Heard he wasn't all that great. Not going to miss a guy that goes out the way he did. I think the bigger thing is how the other O linemen responded to his accusations. Makes this guy look like a disgruntled diva who decided to take a parting shot out of bitterness because he probably wasn't good enough to compete for a spot that he thought he was entitled to. Moving on.
  5. SoFlo All Day

    Your take on this past football season

    Same here. I think everyone can agree it was disappointing. Moving on
  6. If they had been more consistent over the past 3-5 years then I would agree, but they haven't. The one thing that USF has going for it that UCF doesn't is the consistenxy factor - we have gone 29-9 in our last three seasons, UCF has gone 19-19. They had a great season and a few more trophies in the case (counting the two major bowl games and outright AAC championships and not counting CUSA or AAC co- champions here) but they are not light years ahead of us. If they rattle off another couple of 11 win seasons and we fall off (which I don't see either happening) then we should be concerned. As of right now, I think we need to chill a bit. It will equal out eventually because at the end of the day, these two programs are equal. USF hasn't tasted the highs that UCF has, but also hasn't seen the lows. UCF doesn't have USF's consistency over the course for many seasons.
  7. Yep - Sherwin made a good point on Twitter about the 1-1. What's the buyout look like for that return leg at UCF? If it's low, then I would bet that Louisville buys it out and never plays that game in Oviedo and you could then argue that UCF is the one that got played. With our deal I think the home game is in between two at UL and each game has a $1mm buyout plus UL would forfeit another $200k in pay for actually playing the game in Tampa. The last game at UL probably gets cancelled and we get $1mm for that cancelled game but probably get two games against them anyway. I think Harlan learned from the MSU and Wisconsin debacles and positioned us well here.
  8. Agree. Flowers' inability to hit a pass inside 15 yards really hurt drives. There were quite a few 3rd and 5/6/7's that dies out bc the passes were off.
  9. SoFlo All Day

    USF 2018 Football Schedule

    Think we can be 6-1 or 7-0 going into the Houston game. Think we end up 9-3 at the end. Drop one of the two against Cincy and Temple, drop GT and Houston.
  10. SoFlo All Day

    USF new requirements

    SAT of 1300* Dont think it will hurt the process as much. I think academic requirements were still higher than UF or FSU for athletes under Taggart and now Strong. Besides I think becoming more selective will help the university from the standpoint of having students that can be successful with the rigors of the rising academic standards. Also it helps the value of our degree and helps us shed that "lower tier" perception versus FSU or even UF. Its actually harder to get into USF than it is to get into FSU now. From a STEM standpoint, I think we may be surpassing the Noles pretty soon if we haven't already.
  11. SoFlo All Day

    USF Future Scheduling Strategy

    I like the strategy here, especially if the next round of realignment occurs in the next 3-4 years and we luck out and get a spot. We'd have a bunch of mid level P5's to help boost the out of conference instead of cupcakes. Regardless of if that happens they have to stay on the schedule. Thought how we structured the games vs NC State was good so they can't screw us over the year before without paying a hefty price. Louisville deal structure was alright too I guess.
  12. SoFlo All Day

    TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    CCS can't develop players because a second string TE decided to transfer?? Seriously? Dillon was losing minutes in 2016 under CWT. He was gonna sit behind Wilcox under CWT or CCS regardless.
  13. SoFlo All Day

    TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    Heard rumblings about this a few weeks ago. Not surprising. Great talent, but he was losing reps even under Taggart once Mitch got here. Good for him for graduating and trying to get meaningful minutes.
  14. SoFlo All Day

    Quinton Flowers leaves east west shrine game

    Show out at the combine and get that paper. He deserves it not only for himself, but to support his family too.
  15. SoFlo All Day

    Gilbert Rumors

    Fair point about Flowers not being back next year - but I think the process becomes even more important when you don't have his improv skills to bail you out and simply outtalent the opposition. Your point about the Houston game being meaningless is only validated because of hindsight. At the time, we didn't know what was going to happen next making it very important. There were quite a few variables where that loss bites us in the ass. Just because it ended up not really effecting our season doesn't mean that it should be treated as no harm no foul. Again, process over result. Also, if you are a G5 school trying to get respect in a P5 CFB world you need every victory you can get. Don't care against who - you play to win and we should have against Houston. Also, he had D'onta Foreman to bail him out at Texas and I think had Garrapolo at another stop too . His offenses are too predictable and it showed towards the end of the season last year at Texas - defenses keyed into the fact that he runs four plays without any variations.