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  1. The win-loss record is not a factor at all, for me. When I donate my time, money, and energy, I need to see/feel some sort of reciprocation from this program in the form of passion for my alma mater. Don't see it, the trade-off is broken.
  2. Last time I jumped, i had no lapse in my season tickets because leadership stepped up and made a coaching change at the end of that season. I was back in the stands patiently supporting a 2-10 team the following season. Here again, I will respond the same way.... if leadership is shown, I will come back. Until then, I will sit out; its the only card I can play. Last night, Strong showed me he is not a Bull (anymore, if ever).
  3. ..two scores. punt resulted in a touchback, no less.
  4. Tonight brought me right back here to the last time I jumped ship. Holtz was gone 2 weeks later. For Strong, it was the punt on 4th and 1 at mid-field down 2 scores in the 4th quarter. As was the case with Holtz, whether its incompetence, self-doubt, or apathy, or all of the above, I can't support a program that doesn't make an attempt to compete.
  5. 1) WR 2) Accuracy in the pocket. 3) Telegraphs passes. 4) Beer 5) 63
  6. GT will beat Clemson, 30-28, on their way to 3-1 and propel undefeated USF into AP Top 25.
  7. Yeah, he certainly did, but at some point, when you see that we are still scoring just as many(more) points as last year, don't you have to make a correction to your voting? Realize that the loss of Q has been mitigated, admit your oversight, and restore our ranking? If we put another 40 point W up, on B1G, no less, I would think a conscientious voter in tune with actual events would have to do that.
  8. Final rankings for 2017: USF 21 Boise St 22 Preseason rankings for 2018: USF NR Boise St 22 We finished 2017 strong, reloaded all skill positions on offense. Is it the loss of Hector/Senat?
  9. The CFP chairman was not the AD at South Carolina; I doubt anyone on that committee even watched our bowl last year. Really though, Mama, I don't expect this game to change the committee's perception of USF much. The main point of my post was to inform Bulls fans that the pot is sweetened just a little bit with this bowl. We have an opportunity to bruise the pride of another high and mighty P5 and the CFPC chairman with a win. We can't make them respect us, but we can make them lose to us. That is satisfying.
  10. I realize this year's rankings are done, but the committee is not going away. He chaired last year, he could chair next year as well. Regardless, a win against an opponent aligned with the committee that snubbed us is gravy.
  11. ... is Kirby Hocutt, the CFP Committee Chairman. Will make a bowl victory even sweeter considering the disinterest shown toward USF by that bunch. This match up should allow him to gain some familiarity with our program to share with the rest of the CFPC, which they undoubtedly lack up to this point.
  12. We arrived late for the St. Petersburg Bowl. Spent about 15 minutes in the seats sold to us by the University and then watched the remainder of the game from the Everglades Brewhouse. Definitely not the bowl experience we've grown to love and expect, but at least our streak is still intact.
  13. That link was posted in the "Bowl Game - Military" thread yesterday. Here is another article that counters Beck's statement: https://www.thedailystampede.com/2017/11/29/16717748/bowlgazing-where-the-bulls-might-play
  14. Fuel for the skeptics: http://www.capitalgazette.com/sports/navy_sports/ac-cs-navy-military-bowl-20171128-story.html
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