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  1. RG

    4th Quarter Statistic

    Strong's 3 losses in AAC - against Houston (2017), Central Florida (2013 & 2017)
  2. View from our room at the International Bowl.
  3. Stayed in that Hotel for the International Bowl Game vs NIU. Watched USF's last practice the day before from our hotel room.
  4. Currently airing on Eleven Sports Network is the replay of UMass vs Charlotte, if anyone is interested.
  5. Eleven Sports Network is on channel 597
  6. Update: Tickets have been claimed.
  7. I'm not planning on using the (2) extra tickets that Valley National Bank is giving to season ticket holders for the Elon game. If anyone would like, just let me know and I will send them your way.
  8. Leave everyone with one thought. What did Tennessee do after their G.O.A.T. graduated? Won the national title. Not saying USF will win national title, but maybe their first conference title.
  9. RG

    Season Tickets?

    I'm beginning to think that whatever company that was in charge of putting the boxes together, just sent some out in regular UPS boxes. Maybe they ran out of presentation boxes or the shipping boxes for the presentation box. Unfortunately, I was one of the ones that received a regular UPS boxes.
  10. RG

    Season Tickets?

    Typically if a carrier (UPS, USPS, etc.) damages a package, they put the damaged package in another box. They don't take the contents out and repackage them.
  11. RG

    Season Tickets?

    Same here. Was extremely excited to show off the nice presentation of the season ticket box with all of the swag, but completely disappointed with everything stuffed in a UPS bag that was stuffed in a UPS box. The bobblehead box was completely crushed - at least the bobblehead survived. Got the ticket holder, but no lanyard. Anyway, the most important items were accounted for - the season tickets and parking passes. Wonder if the presentation box was only set to certain donor levels?
  12. I believe they own most/all of the land. Same with the land around FGCU.
  13. Noticed the same thing with AAC social media.