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  1. Amazing how much last season torpedoed Sails & Hampton's draft stock. I thought both had 1st-3rd round potential.
  2. Cade to Weaver looks like something special 🤘
  3. First thoughts... This crowd is small Ray Jay is definitely not the right venue for a spring game The mask mandate is not being strictly enforced today. Thank God because it is hot as Hades today and there is nobody within at least 50 feet of my family right now Cade looks good so far
  4. If its anything like last season they will definitely be enforcing masks. With the heat & masks there is no way my family will last very long. I don't think wearing a mask in near 90 degree heat with 60% humidity is entirely safe tbh. Especially for children and elderly.
  5. Especially having to wear a mask the whole game with 60% humidity. We have two daughter's, ages 4 & 7, so we probably won't make it the whole game.
  6. John, I appreciate the response and your time as always. Can you tell me if there will be any pregame activities like there normally is when it's on campus or is it bare bones this year? (which im totally fine with. Dialed back is better than nothing at all imo.)
  7. Don't think so. My ticket rep is supposed to reach out to me when he finds out. Last talked to him Thursday and he said they were still waiting on a decision. Maybe @John Lewis can shed some light?
  8. Hypothetically speaking, if we we're going to go the alum route I'd much rather give Reggie Kohn a shot. He's only 40 and already has 4 state championships and around 400 wins as a h.s. head coach. Obviously a big splash hire would be more preferable but I thought Kohn's name was worth mentioning.
  9. Id take any of them and Marquel Blackwell too but if im only choosing 1 it's Q all day every day.
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