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  1. We should host the semis, right? Is there any criteria that determines that?
  2. DJ is currently the AAF's second leading rusher. Nice to see him making the most of this opportunity. Very happy for him.
  3. JMU was 14-0 at home this year and probably should have made the NCAA tournament. Tough draw for the ladies but still a season to be proud of. Plenty to build on.
  4. So I guess Laska is officially gone? Was really hoping she'd use a medical redshirt and come back next year.
  5. Undefeated until we're not. Senior QB, one of the best pass catching TEs in the country, a more experienced OL, two dynamic RBs, a solid WR corps, Horne back and Michigan transfer McDoom = game changing speed, new OC with a great track record. Defense? That's the big question mark. There's a lot to be cautiously optimistic about but the first game will tell us a lot about where the program is.
  6. I have been thoroughly impressed. They could have mailed it in many times and nobody would have batted an eye. Even the games that they've lost they've battled to the very end. CJF has built quite the program.
  7. I have no faith in anything Aresco does. Hopefully ESPN was feeling generous.
  8. I wasn't aware that Andrew had left. Tough loss as he was a valuable member of athletics imo. Wish him the best.
  9. Please post any info you have that has not already been posted about what this event was or wasn't.
  10. It's an incentive to get people there. I, like many people, am a much bigger fan of footbal than basketball. You want me and many others at the games? Attach a football event to it and actually promote it. Especially one that gives fans a chance to meet the new OC. A position that was a lightning rod for criticism the past few years among our fanbase. I know that's probably a tough pill to swallow among basketball purists but it's the truth.
  11. I never heard about it either. Bummer. Would have been there in a heartbeat.
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