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  1. TakeItOrLeavitt

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    I really like and trust Michael Kelly. He's saying/doing all the right things so far imo. I think he is serious about building a culture of champions here. Which takes holding athletic staffs accountable when they aren't getting the job done. I'll stand behind and support his decisions until he gives me reason not to.
  2. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Today's Playlist

    Say Something (I'm giving up on you) by A Great Big World
  3. I'm finally there. Clean house. I just can't wear my green and gold optimistic goggles anymore.
  4. She's a fierce competitor. She'll bounce back. Hopefully we get to see her in green and gold again.
  5. TakeItOrLeavitt

    WBB - Team of the Week

    It was bad. Happened right in front of me. She was grimacing the whole time. Had to be carried off the court with her leg held up.
  6. TakeItOrLeavitt

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    Extremely disappointing. The only FCS teams we should even consider playing, and only as a absolute last resort, are FAMU and BCC.
  7. TakeItOrLeavitt

    300 Level Opened

    Got the same email. $60 a piece seems a little steep though.
  8. TakeItOrLeavitt

    WBB vs Ohio State

    Plus Rader had 12 boards. Henshaw didn't play much but she's a very good option to have coming off the bench as well.
  9. TakeItOrLeavitt

    WBB vs Ohio State

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the top 10 at some point this season. Seems like there is some really good depth here.
  10. TakeItOrLeavitt

    We want Alabama

    Mike Ford gave us some good games. Barnett has been solid. That whole 1 read thing is kind of a bugaboo. If not for a lot of dropped passes his numbers would be much better though.
  11. TakeItOrLeavitt

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I'll be there cheering loud and proud. I survived the Pat Julmiste/Ronnie Banks and the Holtz new eras. It will take more than a few losses during a bowl eligible rebuilding season to keep me and my family away.
  12. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Beating Teams Above .500

    Just when our resume was starting to look a bit better we had to go and **** the bed. GT beats UNC to move to 5-4 Illinois had a nice blowout win vs Minnesota to move to 4-5 UMass beat Liberty to move to 4-6 Elon beat Rhode Island to move to 6-2
  13. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Young team

    And with Magee out today as well
  14. Well I've gone from being angry to apathetic.
  15. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Khalid McGee Out Today

    Yikes. A lot of key injuries. We need some long drives by the offense today to keep the offense as rested as possible.