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  1. I swear some of you folks must love watching games in a half empty stadium. This has a chance to be our one marquee home game this year. Personally, I want the both of us to come in undefeated with everything on the line. And with their spirits at an all time high and a sold out RayJay rocking THEN we unleash a fury with which they'll never be able to recover from.
  2. I strongly disagree. Especially if we go into next season ranked. With Michael Kelly's connections and a undefeated season next year I find it highly unlikely that we'd miss out on the playoffs. Especially if we upgrade the CMU game. Wisconsin, BYU, Memphis, Cinci, Temple, @GT, @Navy, & @UCF with the possibility of another quality opponent would be too much of a statement to ignore. I get that the P5/ESPN would not roll out the red carpet for us. But to ignore a resume like that would cause a backlash that I think would have major implications on the future of the CFB playoffs as we know it. Now... the probability of us running the table with that schedule is another conversation entirely...
  3. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Amazing weekend

    Inquiring minds want to know why Natasha was so much more memorable than you?
  4. TakeItOrLeavitt

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    Doesn't seem like Michael Kelly wants to add another P5 team. Hopefully CMU gets replaced with another respectable G5 team.
  5. Has UF, FSU, or Miami ever been FCS/1-AA? We are 129-92 since joining the FBS. If we keep anything close to the pace of the last few years then we should reach 150 wins as a FBS member in 250 or less games.
  6. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Kickers ? K/P

    Isn' Weiss like our #3 kicker? I was confused by that as well. Schneider started at P. Idk what happened to him.
  7. TakeItOrLeavitt

    First Half Thoughts

    We saw this team dig deep last week against GT and get the W. Imo, they need to dig even deeper this week. They clearly haven't brought their "A game" but they are clearly the more talented team. It will come down to protecting the ball and cutting down on the penalties. Basically execution.
  8. As bad as it's been we are a Horne return away from the lead. Gotta believe!
  9. TakeItOrLeavitt

    Illinois game TV

    Just got the sports pass, which includes all the BTN channels, on spectrum for a prorated price of $5 for the month. Not bad. As long as the BTN game finder listed above is accurate I should be good to go for tomorrow.
  10. TakeItOrLeavitt


    CCS just turned 58. I think he realizes he doesn't have many years left to coach. I would be surprised, but not shocked, to see him leave to start over again some place else. I hope/think he understands that he has a real chance here to build his lasting legacy here. I for one believe him when he says he'll change this area to have a USF first mindset.
  11. TakeItOrLeavitt

    When will we know ECU game time?

    Btw I expect us to use the black unis vs UConn for homecoming.
  12. TakeItOrLeavitt

    When will we know ECU game time?

    Hopefully we get some more family friendly times going foward. My 2 and 5 y/o daughters love going to games. Noon in September and 8 PM (their usual bed time) aren't very manageable as a young family though. Hate to sound like a Debbie downer when everybody else seems to like the time slot. Just bums me out not being able to experience these games with my girls.