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  1. Even though those teams consistently underperformed I have a soft spot in my heart for him & them. That's the era that I got into USF basketball. Waldon, Altron Jackson, Reggie Kohn, ect.
  2. BB Waldon had a decent outside presence as well. One of the highest 3-PT % in program history.
  3. He does. And what's even better is it's his dad, Brad Scott.
  4. I think next season we'll go as far as our o-line takes us. Jennings, Cecil, and Hopple are a nice foundation but we need to focus big time on bringing in more talent there over the next few months.
  5. Just tells me he wants to win and wants to be surrounded by as much talent as possible to ensure that. Both positives in my book.
  6. Nope. According to his Facebook he was let go. Disappointed. Auggie bleeds green and gold. Wish CJS could've found a spot for him.
  7. Very, very doubtful. 2021 on the other hand should be no problem. I'm sure a lot of Gator faithful will buy season tickets to guarantee their seats.
  8. When you're spending half your time kissing babies and shaking hands and the other half game planning for Clemson of course recruiting is going to take a hit. I have a feeling the game plan is to hit the portal hard this year. And then build/strengthen recruiting bonds with local h.s. going forward.
  9. F that. We need to go after Boise, AF, BYU, and San Diego St. and then go have a sit down with ESPN to renegotiate.
  10. Im shocked that prices went up after the past 2 seasons we've had. Last year was understandable with 7 homes games and Wisconsin, BYU, Cinci, and Memphis , SMU, and Temple at home. Like it's been mentioned, this year we only have 6 home games. Nevada is our biggest OOC opponent and UCF and Navy are the only home conference opponents of note.
  11. I get what you're saying but they are still getting paid to do their job. I'm sure at this point he's not even 100% sure who he is retaining.
  12. Joey reported that some of the area recruits Scott was credited with were actually co recruited by Elliot. But I'm sure the same could be said vice versa. Idk.. Hopefully he wins a conference championship before he bolts.
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