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  1. Id take any of them and Marquel Blackwell too but if im only choosing 1 it's Q all day every day.
  2. Probably but UNLV fits the AAC model of large markets. And they play in a new NFL stadium. Plus they have some name recognition. Hard to know exactly what qualities the AAC would be targeting in any possible expansion. There are a few others from the MWC who, depending on criteria, could make a solid case to be added. Fresno St, Utah St, San Jose St, Colorado St, & New Mexico. Some are bigger stretches than others. Ideally, we'd add SDSU but they are too far out on an island by themselves.
  3. My preference; Only in fb & only if BYU and either AF or UNLV comes too. And fill the Olympic sports void with a school in a large market. La Salle, Belmont, George Washington, Loyola, ect. Somebody who is well rounded.
  4. I honestly love that CJS is burning this thing to the ground in an effort to change the culture. Whether that translates into on field success is to be seen. Watching your team lose week after week sucks. Especially after the last few years of the CCS regime. I think IF our fanbase can be patient we will be rewarded by this staff's efforts in a few years.
  5. Didn't see this posted anywhere. Hate to lose depth at an already thin position. Although at this point every position feels a little thin. Best of luck to Jean. Hope he lands on his feet.
  6. The fact that two 1-2 teams are directly ahead of us makes it even more of a slap in the face.
  7. They've been the best team on campus for over a decade now
  8. Need Jordao to stay healthy for sure. Hopefully Jose can get some more bigs in soon
  9. Man I wish I was there!!!! Odds are really high for a win right now Let's go Bulls!!!!
  10. Gotta be Alvarez. She's got ice in her veins. She's a superstat
  11. I want this so bad for Jose Fernandez & this program. No matter the result you can't tell me this isn't a top 25 squad.
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