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  1. I did a crawfish, shrimp, & andouille boil on Saturday. Along with Proof Brewing (Tallahassee) Eightfive-0 APA.
  2. Chris is 10-11 with 3 td's early in the 2nd Q. SDSU is the #2 ranked FCS team in the country.
  3. Nathan, much like Colin, have always been schmucks.
  4. If we lose by less than 30 to UF that will be the most impressive thing Jeff Scott has accomplished here to date. I wish that was hyperbole.
  5. And a great opportunity to recruit in FL and have their players play in a NFL stadium. Win, win, win for them.
  6. Im watching N. Dakota St. Possible future conference mate?
  7. I remember so many times before feeling like we had hot rock bottom as a program. The Skip years, Mcneese St, Willie's first two seasons, Strong's tenure, Scott's 1st year, Thursday night... Sitting here today though I feel a whole new level of dejection. Completely sick to my stomach. I just want somebody to stand up and say "We/I f**ked up" the silence from Kelly, interim president Law, & Aresco has been maddening.
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