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  1. Does anybody know anything about the Ethan Poe kid that posts on Twitter? Seems like he has a really good leg, says he only missed one fg in h.s. & his dream is to kick for USF. There's gotta be a simple explanation of why he hasn't been given a shot.
  2. I was there. Most of those passes were behind the line of scrimmage. How about the costly fumble? The kid has been given chance after chance. Yet here we are, down 14 at half vs 0-2 ECU. when it matters, McCloud has never been able to get it done.
  3. McCloud is hot trash. Idk why Cade Fortin hasn't been given a fair shot but it's beyond baffling.
  4. No excuses. ECU should not be running us off our field. Personel decisions are head scratches to say the least. Some coordinators aren't meant to be hc. We'll see if that holds true for CJS but he's off to about as worst a start as possible. For a program with low expectations hes exceeding them.
  5. For as many players that were out and for as much time as they spent on the field they did an incredible job. 3rd downs continue to be a concern though.
  6. Kudos to you for erasing last year's Wisconsin game from your memory.
  7. Even though those teams consistently underperformed I have a soft spot in my heart for him & them. That's the era that I got into USF basketball. Waldon, Altron Jackson, Reggie Kohn, ect.
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