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  1. This what he did. He punched a girl who pushed him twice and called him a ni*er. Let it show in writing again my official position is man or women, hitting is a no-no, but the comment section doesn't exactly have your view point.
  2. Explain how anything I have said makes it sound like I am having a bad day? Such a weak internet message board cop out. You cant debate my point so you try to go the troll route. You tried to white knight playing the "the big bad guy has a job while the tough luck kid cant get a shot" when that has nothing to do with reality. You then continued to play the internet hero with a statement like "I bet you think its ok to hit women". Yauch and Berry would be disappointed to see someone using their name in such a weak intellectual way.
  3. I am the kind of guy who thinks its never OK to hit anyone. It was pretty clear what your post meant. You dont think its right that talent in a field creates a privilege that others are not afforded. Big communist guy too huh?
  4. So if the college football landscape doesnt change, by the time my kid graduates elementary school we MIGHT have a shot at the playoffs. Riveting.
  5. Oh the AD of the school who would hypothetically go undefeated thinks they would be in... so it must be true? The explanation would be pretty simple in this hypotehtical... "USF plays in the American, their SOS was in the 70's, they didn't face the weekly tests as (Insert SEC/Big 10/ACC 1-loss team here)". Lets hope we run the table and pull this up in 18 months. I would GLADLY eat crow.
  6. He is getting a shot because all of those aspects. Trust me I love Q, I can dig up the post where I compared him favorably to Matt Grothe after 3 or 4 starts. My line was more in reference to a previous post that implied Mixon shouldnt be there because of his bad behavior and Q should because of his good. I will say this, I saw a stat that there are more undrafted NFL players on rosters than there are drafted in rounds 1 and 2. Granted the pool of the UFA is much bigger, but the fact that the "experts" are that far off on talent is pretty eye opening. (Found the link as I was typing) Good news for Q in the future. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/one-staggering-stat-shows-how-important-undrafted-players-are-in-the-nfl-090516
  7. Fair enough. Didnt think of it attack. I thought Mixon's history was well known. I know a lot of people draw a hard line in the sand on these issues (understandably) and figured that was the reason for the link.
  8. Capital H

    Champions League

    Liverpool did look great for 60 minutes. Managed to steal all three late. US stud Pusilic helped BVB salvage three points. Surprised Red Star held Napoli, but just goes to show how tough that stadium is to play in. As an Everton supporter I don't really care..
  9. Lot of ifs and hypotheticals in that statement. I'm looking forward to Lane cucking UCF. Both on the field and in the bedroom with the co-eds.
  10. I am well aware of his history of violence. Its called privilege. Mixon will be living by a different set of standards because he is one of the best in his field. A tragic backstory isnt enough to hand someone a roster spot.
  11. I'm guessing you are the type of guy who judges a porn star based on their personality right?
  12. Capital H


    Cronkite got 20+ carries last week. He is the clear #1 and IMO will be the highest drafted RB to come out of USF. With the new redshirt rules strategy on playing time will be interesting. I can see guys like Ford being saved for games like Black Friday, Bowl Game, or even a conference championship game if we get there. No need to burn all 4 games in non-conference when you can save them for games where depth may be needed to backfill additional injuries.
  13. https://www.sbnation.com/2010/9/3/1667401/fan-guide-standing-games-etiquette-football-rules
  14. Capital H

    Stevie Y Stepping Down ...

    I think with a guy like Steve there are two options: The Red Wings busted out the knee pads He has a heart/medical condition and will be dead by the end of the year Either way he wont be in Tampa at the start of the next season.
  15. Capital H


    I would have thought after winning a national championship they would no longer need validation from us. SAD