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  1. Capital H

    ESPN Losing Viewers

    They may not be losing subscribers but they are losing viewership around anything that isn't a live sporting event. Regardless of which way they lean, I don't even bother with Sportcenter anymore because I don't even get the lame highlight package we used to. Anecdotally this story is repeated thousands of times on any sports platform, ranging from Barstool to Youtube. Advertisers hear this and do not want to pay for time slots that have no one watching.
  2. Capital H

    HB QF

    I think Q has proved people wrong his whole life, and I don't see this opportunity being any different.
  3. Capital H

    Flowers to the Bengals

    I know he has a young one to provide for. Do whatever it takes to get on a squad. Return kicks, play safety, waterboy...even practice squad players are making 6 figures...
  4. Capital H


    Yeah and to be honest I don't love NBC production on anything. The game on Golf channel didn't show the first lightning goal, they cut to commercial after an icing call instead of doing the split screen commercial.
  5. Capital H

    New Spring League

    With the War on I4 being played in Tampa this year they had to do something to boost attendance. Smart.
  6. Capital H

    Our 2018 Bowl Destiny is Set

    I can see UCF missing a bowl game with how up and down they get. I guess Navy could make the playoffs and thus play in 2 "bowl" games, but I doubt thats what they meant.
  7. Capital H

    Andre Davis Speaking Canadian

    Its about a 30% gap right now. So $50k canada money would be $38k usd....def not great and would make a difference. A few years ago it was pretty close (maybe even inverted?), but dollar has strengthened in that market. I think when I went to Niagara in 2013 it was 1:1 or I was actually losing a penny or two...probably picked the worst time to visit Canada ever.
  8. Capital H

    Andre Davis Speaking Canadian

    If that is the average than they are well above the median salary. The only reason they would need a second job is if they are trying to live a baller life style off of $80k.
  9. The most popular annual tournament in the world, the UEFA Champions League, has broadcasts on Facebook.
  10. Capital H

    Something fun for the offseason

    This was just a list of schools that have had a lot of success in college basketball
  11. It looks like all three have done nothing but help their stock this weekend.
  12. Capital H

    How Long Until

    Yeah Peterson is the man. Two years ago he said all of this nonsense would happen in Canada and people called him a loon. He can get too reliant on the Bible and is more of a pure Capitalist than I prefer but he brings a reasoned and intelligent discussion to just about every topic.
  13. Capital H

    How Long Until

    I'm sorry where is the scoreboard for what the cheerleaders do at football games? 29 years of football and I must have been missing an integral part of the game.
  14. Capital H

    How Long Until

    The Sun Dolls and USF Cheerleaders are removed from the games? https://www.yahoo.com/gma/grid-girls-speak-against-formula-1s-decision-ban-231803061--abc-news-topstories.html
  15. I have to give you credit. As a deep sleeper cell it took you over 13 years to come out of the closet as a UCF troll but alas the last 3 months have proved it.