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  1. Because they aren't worth two threads on the main board. Are we officially fans of the vodoo five now?
  2. I take full credit for this loss. Stacked Gabriel, Nixon in FanDuel.
  3. Financially these schools benefited, but its a pretty clear argument for the P5/G5 divide. No meaningful success outside of one season at TCU where they got left out of the final 4. Most of the teams have wavered in the 6-6 range. Rutgers (and really Cuse) have been embarrassing.
  4. Stringer Bell is dead. I never in a million years thought I would say this. But the 1AA game is a must win for Strong. I'm negative so I'm setting the date as 9/16
  5. We are going to have plenty of national exposure in November with Taylor's Heisman highlight reel.
  6. This off-season felt like 2012. Mediocre season with an awful finish. No energy or excitement for the new year. Then this week came and all of the humidity talk and that Bell was going to turn chicken **** into chicken salad with this O. I was optimistic again. It didn't feel like 2017. But it felt like we would pull a USF tonight. That lasted an hour past 7, but only because mother nature is cruel. I should have turned it off when they converted the 3rd and 7 on the first drive. I stuck it out for one USF possession. I'm tuning out for the season. I hope I get to eat crow and come November this program is at least watchable. But the bright side is I won't have to buy bowl game tickets to donate this year
  7. I know nobody cares but I've turned this off. Maybe I can jinx us into something different, but this is going to be 300 yards of rushing for Wisconsin. The only reason it won't be more is they take so much time off the play clock.
  8. Oline looks overmatched but the route concepts seem like they are 201 at least. A quick out and corner. Did we throw one of those last year?
  9. Did this really get announced 5 min before kickoff? **** you strong. Some of us degenerate gamblers had bet on Ford in daily fantasy, while also trying to have a life.
  10. Breat Kean made his 49ers debut last night in Charlotte. Got the start. Went 4/8 with 2 picks and a td before getting pulled. https://www.espn.com/college-football/boxscore?gameId=401135910
  11. NCAA denies the waiver, forcing AAC to devalue the brand with a new team, allowing ESPN to offer less next bid...
  12. PFF have done a very good job of analyzing players and their potential at both the NFL and College level. They have an army of nerds watching tape of every player in every play of every game to compile the data. They were the first "media" high on Baker last year, and have been super high on Kyler since week 1 of last year. They aren't perfect. No scouting system is. I would argue their evals of potential college success are going to be more open to error because of how large the variables are. At least 25% of most rosters are new. The players are at an age where there are still massive opportunities for improvement physically, mentally, etc... I wouldn't be surprised if Blake finally puts it all together, and combined with a QB friendly offense puts up the numbahs to be much higher than 44. Also wouldn't be surprised if what we saw the last 3-4 years across three different teams is what we get.
  13. Wilcox would have been a day 2 pick last year, and up until that point his career highlight was fumbling versus the Gold Knights. He reminds me a lot of Travis Kelce. I won't say he is the same player, but if this offense is all its cracked up to be he will put up those type of numbers.
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