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  1. They rotate three guys in. DJ did finish with 7-54. 7.7 ypc is pretty good. He also added 2 catches for 27 yards, and ran in a 2pter. Price was targeted on a 2pt play but it was incomplete, doesnt look like he made the stat sheet.
  2. Just clinched president trophy with 10% of the season left. First Tampa sports team to finish with best record in the league, according to the broadcast. Surprised Storm never did it?? Stanley Cup or bust this year boys.
  3. Price made some noise, 3-60. DJ lead the team in rushing but it was a paltry total, maybe 50 yards? Orlando finally went down losing a close game.
  4. Great season for this team, especially compared to the raging inferno of a dumpster fire it was two seasons ago. That being said its obvious the optimism of some on this board; predicting winning out back in Feb, and this being the best team to put on the green and gold, was a bit overstated. Let's hope those comments come to fruition in 2020!
  5. Can't make Charlie happy. Didn't he blame the Tulane debacle on the uniforms?
  6. As long as he is getting 10+ touches a game label him TE for all I care.
  7. DJ was second in carries again, but ripped off a 31 yarder and finished with 49 on the ground. He also had an 18-yard punt return but did muff one. Much more productive catching the ball, 6-73, second on the team for both catches and yards. Price was targeted once. He seems to have settled in as the #2 TE and more of a run blocker. Haven't seen any OL stats to grade Eatmon.
  8. Is this Nationwide or just FL? I owe a co-worker lunch and wouldn't mind going cheap(er)
  9. Looks like Orlando is still unblemished. DJ took a backseat in the rotation but had a two point conversion throw. Also looks like Price was kept out of the box score, but all over the highlights in run and pass blocking.
  10. If this team doesn't go bowling with a SR qb, a SR rb, and most (all?) Of the online coming back then USF will be hiring a new coach for 2020
  11. Obviously Wisconsin and BYU are upgrades over UMASS and Illini but... Honestly not a fan of the schedule especially the first 2/3 of it. Other than drawing UCONN before the cold sets in. A very early bye week right after a glorified bye week. A tricky non-conference game sandwiched between 3 conference road games. What is likely cross division 1A or 1B right before Cent Florida. Very little opportunity to recover from the nagging injuries. Hopefully this can be offset by not having to leave Florida in the month of November. At the end of the day hopefully the new OC has the offense humming day 1. I'm worried about bowl eligibility if they come out of the gates 3-3 (or worse ). 5-1 or 6-0 and the NY6 dreams get started
  12. Houston and Cinci feel like locks. I think one of: Cent, USF, Temple, or Memphis win the tourney. Thus, 3 bids!
  13. I don't understand the diss. Regardless of the product you are purchasing from Publix (I cited an example my 5 year old would eat), there is a markup. The markup has always been positioned based on quality (that box of kraft is the same everywhere) and service. If they are eliminating the service aspect of their niche I have no reason to shop there. I will get my boxed staples from Walmart and source meats and veggies from other grocers. Luckily outside of Florida there is more diversity in this market!
  14. All of the newer Publix have replaced registers with self serve kiosks. They still staff a lane or two here in the CLT area but are really forcing you to scan and bag yourself. Obviously this goes against everything Publix brand represents, which is allegedly high customer service. Its why I could ignore paying $1.99 for a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese for the kids, when at Walmart it was $0.89. If I have to do all the work on top of the inflated prices? Piss off!
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