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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. This video could be useful when introducing the fairer sex to the game. If you aren't familiar with this man, he is out of the Dr. Philips area in Orlando PS 3:15 for shots fired at Cent Fl.
  2. Just about every school listed is second or third fiddle in their city. Even schools like Charlotte in my beautiful current town, are a distant 5th at best (UNC, duke, Clemson uSC).
  3. It's a bullspen thing. You will catch on eventually.
  4. Its the slow season. I check once a week. The bigger issue is I have my password saved on Firefox at work. My Firefox has crashed and taken 3-4 weeks to reload. I cant be bothered to reset my password on Google Chrome, and I am too productive at home to log on and reset
  5. I was (one of several here) SHOUTING this when they declared their "championship". The other side of the coin was all "yeah good for them sticking it to the man!". I am not saying sit quietly and accept your lot in life, but pissing off the money that controls who sits at the table was probably the worst thing they could have possibly done. IF somehow a major realignment happens, and the table grows a little bigger, I will not be shocked when they are left out. Pissing in the grits of the blue bloods is only going to cost you money in the end.
  6. It's a good accomplishment for this team, but let's be honest this is essentially playing for 101st place. The meaningfulness of this season will be over the next two, as now these guys know what it takes to win a tournament.
  7. They rotate three guys in. DJ did finish with 7-54. 7.7 ypc is pretty good. He also added 2 catches for 27 yards, and ran in a 2pter. Price was targeted on a 2pt play but it was incomplete, doesnt look like he made the stat sheet.
  8. Just clinched president trophy with 10% of the season left. First Tampa sports team to finish with best record in the league, according to the broadcast. Surprised Storm never did it?? Stanley Cup or bust this year boys.
  9. Price made some noise, 3-60. DJ lead the team in rushing but it was a paltry total, maybe 50 yards? Orlando finally went down losing a close game.
  10. Great season for this team, especially compared to the raging inferno of a dumpster fire it was two seasons ago. That being said its obvious the optimism of some on this board; predicting winning out back in Feb, and this being the best team to put on the green and gold, was a bit overstated. Let's hope those comments come to fruition in 2020!
  11. Can't make Charlie happy. Didn't he blame the Tulane debacle on the uniforms?
  12. As long as he is getting 10+ touches a game label him TE for all I care.
  13. DJ was second in carries again, but ripped off a 31 yarder and finished with 49 on the ground. He also had an 18-yard punt return but did muff one. Much more productive catching the ball, 6-73, second on the team for both catches and yards. Price was targeted once. He seems to have settled in as the #2 TE and more of a run blocker. Haven't seen any OL stats to grade Eatmon.
  14. Is this Nationwide or just FL? I owe a co-worker lunch and wouldn't mind going cheap(er)
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