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  1. QF's performance last night was one I'll remember the rest of my life. In the stadium, everybody around us (including UCF fans) knew they were watching some very rare and very special on that field. It's one of those rare moments when a great athlete gets in a zone and cannot be stopped. I'm just honored to have been able to witness that performance. Q has that fire burning inside him that is needed to compete at the highest levels. I wish Q the best and thank him for fighting so hard and through so much as a USF Bull. He will be an inspiration for years to come and will hold records that may never be broken. Thank YOU Quinton Flowers!!! BULLS NATION loves you!!!
  2. Just win and we're in the conversation. People are forced to include us in the national discussion and we keep climbing the polls. About a year ago we killed Syracuse on the road...and they just beat #2 Clemson. Gotta take care of business!
  3. 1. Defensive intensity 2. Many weapons on offense, although the OLine blocking could be better 3. Very few penalties
  4. I just donated 2 tix to USF student or veteran. Wish I could go, but hopefully this puts two more green wearing butts in seats at the game.
  5. The AAC has gained national respect and is the most coveted conference for young coaches to make their mark and athletes like Flowers that want to prove they can play QB. I'd argue that it has some of the hardest working players/coaches b/c they're on the outside looking in and have to be nearly perfect to get a chance at the NC. It's totally not fair to the coaches/players that they have to be perfect to even get a chance, but in a way this has made the AAC a consistently strong conference in some very fertile football player rich areas of the USA. The AAC is doing more with less than the P5, which makes the current P5 system that much more disgusting. I'm pulling for all AAC teams this bowl season.
  6. Larry Scott was the first guy I thought of as a replacement. I was watching what he was doing with Miami last year, finishing the season strong with them as their HC. This would be his dream job and I know he can do the job as good or better than Willie. We know he can recruit and we know he can lead an entire team (see UM last year). This is a no-brainer for me. He's paid his dues, so let's get him and keep this train rolling!!!
  7. Just send bodies to the ball and play aggressive instead of letting things develop in front of you. Take risks, blitz like crazy and play like crazy on D! If you give up a big play, oh well...we'll just get the ball in the offense's hands sooner. But I feel the risks will result in more sacks and turnovers, which is all we need from the D. We don't need the D to bend and break. That's been the worst case scenario that's been happening all year.
  8. He got the final stop on the final 4th down too. Great job!
  9. Noon kickoffs in that stadium should be against the law. Either modify the stadium to create some shade, like down in Miami, or NO MORE NOON starts! When will the powers of TV or whoever learn this?
  10. We need ATTACK D, not react D! Like others have said, if we play aggressive D and they score...oh well, at least our Great Offense gets more touches.
  11. Yes, the Defense is still the biggest concern. The only way they ever get a stop is when they create a turnover. This needs to improve b/c we won't be able to out score everybody.
  12. I've seen a flag or two in the student section, but not on a pole.
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