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  1. Put on the breaks!!! As the US population grows so will parity. Landscape will change. It may take another 20 years but it will.
  2. The problem is distance. Boise St is too far and is every Mountain West Conference team
  3. To Harlan’s defense of on paper Antigua looked good.
  4. What I love is that this is a young team that has time to grow and mature. Talented but still make a lot of mental errors which can be corrected and free throw shooting.
  5. If Bell calls more than the HB dive we will be just fine. We have been too predictable.
  6. I’m calling BS. Ford stays at running back. He may flex out but no way he changes position.
  7. Man Q is making me a believer. Reminds me of Jameer Nelson.
  8. I wasn’t asking what JUCO is but who was a JUCO transfer funny guy. now I remember the Florida dB and the DE we’re JUCO guys
  9. I don’t like big leads in the first half. You get out of the flow of the game and come backs happen. This game is not over
  10. Why is Rideau not playing very much. Castaneda played too much and now Memphis has confidence
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