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  1. Is it me or does our Covid 19 policy seem more rigid than other schools? It seems we were without multiple players for weeks and from what I understand it was contact tracing not just positive testing.
  2. If Cade is the best we have makes me wonder why he wasn’t playing. 1. he did something wrong and was in the doghouse. Covid 19 does not seem to be the reason wasn’t playing 2. CJS love affair with McCloud family 3.bad evaluator of talent
  3. Never seen such a cluster in my life. We rotate qbs like underwear. Coach Scott says he didn’t watch any film on these guys to give them a clean slate. It was a mistake. We look freakin clueless.
  4. What does that make Mccloud? I kid I kid. Many players family members are on these boards. Unless Marsh turns out to be special we dont have our future QB on this roster. Also who was telling us the Cade Fortin was all world or is there something else going and he is in the dog house?
  5. Defensive coaching is garbage. The daunted secondary is garbage. I really hate watching this but we are not good at one thing.
  6. And here I thought you were going to apologize for all of Brybulls post.
  7. Good grief. College football ebbs and flows. Will those posturing for a demotion will you stop coming to the board if we don’t demote ourselves next year?
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