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  1. Bullrush33

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    By that very same logic we should have lost to Georgia tech when we gave up 600 yards
  2. Other than Georgetown it’s the worst out of conference schedule I have ever seen.
  3. Bullrush33

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    This team reminds me of 2015. They have not learned how to blow out teams. Last year I felt confident that we would blow teams out and this year every game feels like a toss up because we dont do anything well consistently.
  4. I love to hate them. I am even teaching my kids how much we dislike UCF. Its a family tradition and its fun. Rivalries are fun.
  5. I am open to playing decent mountain west teams. Boise San Diego st Fresno st
  6. No no no. His first year was in Toledo and then we did utilize him correctly his sophomore year then we did right in his junior and senior years
  7. Bullrush33

    Impact Freshman

    Truthfully St Felix red shirted so he is at the same class as Kegler and Pinkney so I think True sophmores should be allowed in this conversation.
  8. Or Skippys WAR vs Taggarts WAR. The data all points to getting Holtzed.
  9. Well its like a pitcher in baseball. When they leave the game and were responsible for the runners on base they are charged for the earned runs even though they did not cross home plate when they were pitching. So yeah it was Skippys fault plain and simple. The demise started in his tenure.
  10. Bullrush33

    Some Changes for Saturday’s Game

    And that is your prerogative. I just prefer to know.
  11. Bullrush33

    Some Changes for Saturday’s Game

    Let me throw a monkey wrench in your theory as I have been the curious one and I work for the government.
  12. Bullrush33

    Some Changes for Saturday’s Game

    This is probably last weeks depth chart that we are finally getting. We won’t see the actual east Carolina depth chart until U MASS.
  13. The level of secrecy is at a new level. We would at least hear something prior to games. Some of this information we are not finding out until after the game. How much gamesmanship is there with lesser opponents? If we need that kind of advantage every game we are in trouble.
  14. Not going to lie, I am little frustrated with Charlies cloak and dagger with who is playing and who is not playing. We don't even know who is hurt or not or people in trouble. Not hurt but missing in action: Culpepper, Donelle Thomas, Jabreel Stephens, Andre Polk, Hurt but didn't know it: Jaymon Thomas, Bentlee Sanders, Demetrius Harris So many players are rotating. Don't know if this is going to help or hurt in the end. It seems like the offense does not have continuity because other than the wide receivers for the most part everyone is shuffled in and out. The defense is a dang mary go round. RB was more consistent this game but still no continuity. 5 running backs is not a committee its a circus. I wanted to add I hope that Coach Strong is just trying to take advantage of the new redshirt rule and we shall see less substitutions later on. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2018/08/01/college-football-18-new-redshirt-rule-in-place-for-coaches/37236919/