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  1. Unless some magic happened in the off season this is two horse race between Cade and Noah!
  2. How incompetent was CCS? He could care less about having a decent place kicker. I mean who wins games with field goals? He was clueless. His recruiting was questionable. Our linebackers were like the days of Skippy and his misfit toy wide receivers. No Defensive ends developed! D tackles were soft. 4th and 24???? I was feeling fine until you brought up these feelings again.
  3. And here I thought the mystery was finally going to be solved. Thanks for nothing.
  4. No doubt you are an arse! But you are who you are and I think most of us have accepted this. You are the new Smazza!! I don’t take you seriously and I think Ricky was just having a hard time. Don’t take it personally when people leave. You arent that powerful.
  5. Can we all just unite in our disgust of the Charlie Strong era?
  6. Collins isn’t playing pg. it’s castanaeda or Zach at pg. brown is best at 6th man. I suspect if Collins comes back it’s; pg Castanaeda sg. Collins sf Murphy pf Yetna c Durr but Oduro if eligible
  7. I was sad he was leaving at first and then I warmed up to the idea that Caleb Murphy would get more playing time. So I am still okay if he leaves.
  8. I don’t know. They are both bad. I just want to forget.
  9. I thought he was a grad transfer anyways
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