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  1. I thought he was a grad transfer anyways
  2. I guess we shall see if anymore transfer out. Fortin Johnson McCloud Marsh and Smith right now.
  3. Have we ever had 5 scholarship QBs in the same season before?
  4. If you sit on the home side it is mostly shaded. Now on the visitor side you don’t get a break from the sun
  5. I am just glad we have options. The cupboard was bare last year.
  6. Well I don’t think trestman is wrong and neither is Q. Trestman is not going back into the league playing college ball. Q is not an NFL QB. Canada would be a better option for him.
  7. Anthony Henry, Kawika Mitchell, Marquell Blackwell, Otis Dixon
  8. How many other basketball tournaments have we won?
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