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  1. Thanks again for all the work u put into this!
  2. Oh I agree with you but Bell is still not getting any open lanes. Other Ford running the ball we have had no success. Its the same Oline as last year so I don't get it.
  3. Rushing started to die last year when we played good opponents.
  4. Right, even ECU looked good again Gardner Webb but blown out by everyone else. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. SMU will be a litmus test. We still couldn't run the ball even against an FCS opponent. We got problems.
  5. Because Strong is dead inside. Skippy use to say we competed hard. Charlie says we just weren’t ready. If u don’t do anything different don’t expect a different result.
  6. According to the 7-0 ers from last year we are not allowed to analyze and just enjoy the winning streak. If it smells like the it is no matter how you want to describe it.
  7. And joiner was a wr and now number one Rb. And Waller was DT to Oline back to DT. These coaches are switching the players all the time. Evans can go back to QB
  8. Blake is a different player. He can barely escape. With this o line and long developing plays you need to be able to escape
  9. To me Evans should be #2. Barnett does not work in this offense
  10. He had one good game but previous stats were not good for any UCF qb
  11. Meant Win playing SMU. Thanks for the correction. Could have been an expensive road trip for not.
  12. SMU is a must win. Win at SMU I believe we go bowling. Lose and we definitely don’t.
  13. Too slow for this offense. Joiner and Ford should be rbs going forward
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