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  1. Coach T changed the offense. Mike White did not fit. Mike went somewhere his skill set was useful and it paid off.
  2. Bullrush33

    JK breaking news

    That is officially unhelpful this season. Thanks Joey.
  3. Maybe its much to do about nothing. Hey may not even beat Chirs or Brett and this conversation is probably over. He is 6'5 but he is also only 201 lbs which makes me think Clint Trickett. I would hope he would have the same skill set. We do not have a good track record with QB transfers. Maybe Barnhardt and thats it for the transfers. The rest were all hype.
  4. We finally have someone who can see over the Oline.
  5. Bullrush33

    Come on Willie....

    Why dont we go to the West Coast for a big name game? Say Oregon or USC.
  6. Bullrush33

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    Then they could do what other adults do and reply on why they disagree. Seems the like the down vote is a cop-out and cowardly.
  7. Bullrush33

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to remove the down vote?
  8. Bullrush33

    HB QF

    CFL here he comes.
  9. Whose foot gets broken first?
  10. Bullrush33

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    Lets see. Memphis will have a new QB. UCF lost weapons in Smith, Akins, and Mike Hughes as well as Griffin on defense. Houston seems to have the most returning piecies of that group however once D Eriq King had film tape people stopped them. He jus t caught us off guard. So I call this projection crap.
  11. Bullrush33

    NFL Draft

    Does Coach Taggart get his props now for finding all this talent?
  12. Believe it or not but the Rowdies do have some die hard fans in Tampa and St Pete. Some people just love soccer.
  13. Bullrush33

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    We have the Stampede but obviously they dont have the funds or access that TBT has.
  14. Bullrush33

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    Bobby has the Miami win so he is good with me.