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  1. What???? I have seen this kid play with heart. Not saying he is great but the effort is their.
  2. Bullrush33

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Sterling does call one of these plays every six games or so. One half back screen to Bell and then we never saw it again.
  3. Bullrush33

    I was glad CCS was hired

    So let’s breakbdown GA Tech points. 2 TDs were kickoff returns 1 TD setup by interception Offense only really scored 4 TDs themselves with lots of stalls.
  4. This what made Flowers so good was his decision making ability. Grothe and Daniels threw as many interceptions as touchdowns
  5. Bullrush33

    Our QB is not a good QB

    I promise you he overthrew his receivers many times Mr Brett Keanes brother.
  6. Bullrush33

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    Not just that but many touchdowns were set up by the defense last year. Two glaring examples are Temple and Cincinnati last year where the offense struggled but the defense gave them short fields and still we kicked many field goals.
  7. Yes that’s how Gilbert got his job, Strongs last year at Texas.
  8. Bullrush33

    Why wait?

    Go for it all. Make Burke head coach so we can get a better draft pick.
  9. Do you remember the dreaded number 17? Where we couldn’t score more than 17 points? It’s coming. 6/11 games we have scored under 30 3/11 games we have scored 20 or under
  10. Bullrush33

    I was glad CCS was hired

    Had we won Gilbert probably would have been given a pass. So for that I am glad. Notice our scoring keeps on dwindling?
  11. Props to defense playing a tough game with no help from the offense
  12. Under thrown passes. No post routes. Nothing over the middle. One half back pass. Barnett is not that good. 50 half back dives.
  13. Why would you throw a bomb on the yard line. Gilbert better be gone