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  1. This is the most pathetic non conference schedule I have ever seen
  2. Bullrush33

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    The question is can Blake handle the half back dive? Seriously though, he could not hack it in two places and all of sudden coming here is is going to play like a 5 star. I just dont see it.
  3. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/23866176/which-schools-produce-most-draft-talent Lookie Lookie who made the Top 5 Ultimate draft score for Non-Power 5 schools Top 5 Ultimate Draft scores, Non-Power 5 *Member of Big East (BCS) through 2012-13 UConn* 1032.4 South Florida* 458.9 Akron 394.7 Creighton 358.9 Georgetown 284.6
  4. Bullrush33

    Tyre with pre-Adidas Adidas

    Looks like the old ugly green the Holtznewera
  5. Right now we have no low post scoring unless Yetna turns into a beast
  6. Bullrush33

    ESPN Losing Viewers

    Like u said a la carte means we will pay more for less.
  7. Bullrush33

    USF vs UF Continues

    Taggart Brought us back from Skippys hell. He is alright in my book. Would take him back if FSU does not work out.
  8. Bullrush33

    Scheduling Philosophy

    We are phasing out FCS teams
  9. Bullrush33

    AAC Tournament

    dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Bullrush33

    AAC Tournament

    This pitcher is killing us
  11. Bullrush33

    AAC Tournament

    Does Houston get another game if they lose or is it elimination
  12. Bullrush33

    USF Football Head Coaches (past & present)

    Game day coach: Toss up between Taggs and Leavitt. Strong okay. Skippy no freaking way Recruiter: Taggart and too soon to tell about Strong. Leavitt okay. Skippy no freaking way. Program Builder: Again I think Leavitt, Taggs, and Strong are all good at this. Skippy no freaking way. Is there another question for program destroyer then Skippy wins.
  13. Bullrush33

    AAC Tournament

    I could see saving the pitchers psyche also getting other ptichers with more familiarity with our batters. We should start changing our players
  14. Bullrush33

    AAC Tournament

    Who is pitching now?
  15. Bullrush33

    USF vs UF Continues

    We get to play them 3 times. I will take it. We need to beat good teams at their house. Respect is earned not given. We use to get one game only with no returns. Penn St Alabama Arkansas Auburn Notre Dame to name a few