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  1. Marsh could surprise but this is a two horse race between Cade and Jarred and loser leaves after spring
  2. First of all men’s basketball is only profitable sport. So student fees mostly pay for sports. Merry Christmas and try getting out. The virus has 99.4% survival rate. Be brave and wear your mask if it comforts you.
  3. All sings point to Mamudi going to V Tech and will probably be back to USF in 2 years
  4. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  5. I cant tell if you are pulling my chain or not with that positive statement about CJS.
  6. About time! It’s one thing to love the program but all I heard was negativity with no solution.
  7. Mccloud is still not the answer. He was making one read and throwing. The UCF defense was only slightly better than ours. I hope Coach Scott does not get hyped on Mccloud with one game. Mccloud is who he is, nothing is going to change that. If is the starter next year with no one waiting in the wings we are doomed. I suspect we will see some QBs leaving because that musical chair was ridiculous.
  8. Mccloud is still not good. Played a lousy defense and had two weeks to prepare. He still has one read throws. It is not good enough for this level.
  9. Hurts not having true pg. Murphy only one playing team ball.
  10. He had a few gems but also a lot of duds when it came to recruiting. Also his in game management was terrible. Look at how many close losses he had. He coached timid and the players played timid. No killer instinct.
  11. Oh I am not defending him. Just airing my frustrations especially with Coach Scott’s inability to recognize a competent QB and love affair with the McCloud family doomed us.
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