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  1. I would take Archie Miller or Richard Pitino! Gregory is a dead man walking.
  2. Matt Floyd once was a spring and fall camp hero. I won’t be counting my chickens yet.
  3. Maybe Gregory gets one more year due to Covid but I am done. Whatever he is doing isn’t working. The players don’t mesh well. Shooting and turnovers are abysmal.
  4. Who brought the eye-talians? Case closed! 😂
  5. We have athletes that can dunk but we lack complete players that can shoot and make good decisions. I thought Gregory maybe had a plan and then he went best player available. Our offense has no identity and defense has gotten worse.
  6. Marsh could surprise but this is a two horse race between Cade and Jarred and loser leaves after spring
  7. First of all men’s basketball is only profitable sport. So student fees mostly pay for sports. Merry Christmas and try getting out. The virus has 99.4% survival rate. Be brave and wear your mask if it comforts you.
  8. All sings point to Mamudi going to V Tech and will probably be back to USF in 2 years
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