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  1. bullcocky101

    NFL Draft

    Rookie mini camp is a looong shot. They might take 1 or 2 players from the group of close to 40.
  2. Our current QB's are reminiscent of Matt Floyd and Mike White. Let's bring in the Steven Bench of 2018! 😋
  3. bullcocky101

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    We are irrelevant. At best, we play for a consolation prize and people want to cheer for teams that can play for the whole enchilada. An undefeated season vs. a winless season doesn't really change much for us in the Tampa community because of our current irrelevant perception. Three thousand at a spring game against fifty thousand says a lot. The paper is going to go for the most readers and we are not it...it's sad but true.
  4. bullcocky101


    The only benefit I see is if it helps us get into the P5.
  5. bullcocky101

    Even UAB is getting a stadium...

    Based on what I see in local news sources, I think that it is more likely that Tampa builds FSU a second stadium in the area before they support USF getting one.
  6. bullcocky101

    Your take on this past football season

    Meh, we won the Birmingham bowl. Not really putting us on the map. That's the worst bowl game for the sec. The hallmark of a bad season for most top teams.
  7. bullcocky101

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    Are other team's beat writers covering USF? I'm not seeing much about USF on their beat writer's pages...plenty of Bulls in Tally. If enough of us demand it, think we can get him to cover us as well?
  8. bullcocky101

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    I'm fine with the fact that our beat writer is covering fsu instead of USF practice. I'm sure the FSU beat writer is doing a fine job covering USF for our Tally Bulls.
  9. Wow, glad the local guy thinks so highly of our conference. ..that beat 3 p6 teams in bowl games. ..
  10. I hate this year's team. ..disappointment express.
  11. bullcocky101

    Gilbert Deserves Coal in His Stocking Thread

    Despite our record, I hate this year's team.
  12. I'll be pissed if Gilbert gets on the plane back to tampa.
  13. We stink. This year's team was terrible. Wr's can't catch and qb can't throw. Rb's average at best.