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  1. Well, I think it just reiterates the fact that we have fallen behind the rest of our conference and are trending towards the back of the pack in the NCAA. SMU and Memphis should not be in our hemisphere recruiting wise. I can understand UCF being top dog this year as they are in a similar situation as us and have more recent success. We will have to see how transfers pan out I guess.
  2. We finished 74th nationally according to 247 this year behind: FAU, North Texas, SMU, Toledo, Marshall and Kansas...what have they done? We are a major university in Florida competing with the back of the NCAA pack for talent it seems.
  3. The recruiting of CCS has been a disappointment so far. No reason that we shouldn't have a top class in the conference year in and year out.
  4. The cupboards are bare of talent at this point...Taggart left us with nothing. ::sarcasm::
  5. bullcocky101

    The USF Gators????

    I might be in the minority, but my disdain for the Gators is only out shined by C.
  6. Has anybody counted up how many scholarships we have a available right now? It seems to me that we lost a small recruiting class worth of players this off season.
  7. bullcocky101

    Why Bell Will Create Offense Excitement

    Great hire! This offensive philosophy looks to be just what the doctor ordered to get some excitement back in to this team/fans.
  8. bullcocky101

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    So the only way that we can get anything done is if the Gators start supporting us...geez
  9. bullcocky101


    The sad thing is, at the beginning of the year I thought that our fanbase was returning. Attendance was looking up. Now...they gone!
  10. bullcocky101


    Unexciting and horrible team, meaningless bowl against bad opponent in terrible weather,...yeah, our fans aren't showing up for that.
  11. bullcocky101

    2019 Football Signees

    Coming into this class I thought we needed 2-3 big DT's. So far we have 0. I wonder if they are going to continue playing DE's at DT...230 lb guys on the interior does not seem like a good way to defend the run but correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. bullcocky101

    2019 Football Signees

    I'm a Lake Region alum...Eagle Lake is the Temple Terrace of Winter Haven. lol
  13. UCF had a new coach this year...that worked out GREAT!
  14. bullcocky101

    Sooo next season...

    What I saw from this year is that we are a long term rebuilding project. The only position that I am excited for is RB. Outside of that, we need: an entirely new O-line, an entirely new D-line, TE depth, New WR (besides St. Felix), a new QB (unless Barnett develops), entirely new LB's (and some depth), and new safeties (or a heck of a lot of development). I think CB and RB are the only positions that I'm ok with right now. That is not a good position to be in if we want to succeed next year.
  15. bullcocky101

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I would drive down for a game against Miami. Definitely not traveling for a game against LALA or UAB...I don't even know if I'd watch that one on TV.