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  1. Virginia Tech has a poisonous culture right now from what I'm hearing..everybody seems to be transferring out. Good for him if he decides to go there but...I could see him potentially coming back to us in a few year.
  2. He's listed as a top 100 in the state. That is always a great get!
  3. Whose got it better than us.....nobody!
  4. There is plenty of baseball talent to go around in Florida...tons of kids playing at JUCO and D-2 in the State that would be starting on many other D-1 teams in other states but weren't sufficiently scouted.
  5. I'm pretty sure he was told to apply for other positions...not making the conference tourney is a big "no-no" when we should legitimately be in regionals every year.
  6. That's cool. If the Bulls can't ever win anything noteworthy, maybe one of our coaches can do so by proxy? Can we do UCF one better and claim a World Championship!? They only have a National Championship.
  7. I just don't think we can be competitive in the State of Florida in Baseball. There just isn't enough talent here to go around especially compared to the other teams in our conference hailing from Kansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio. Those are powerful baseball states! When has a college baseball team from Florida ever been any good. We got a conference title in baseball in 1995. We need to be content with that. ::post is utter sarcasm if you can't tell::
  8. Give the Baseball team some slack...they won our last major conference title back in the 90's.
  9. I didn't mean to disparage any of the other USF sports programs with this post. I am personally a big fan of USF softball, soccer, and volleyball. I have attended a good number of events in those sports. I just don't think those sports are going to affect the next round of realignment or move the needle on the future of the athletic department like the big 3 sports will.
  10. I honestly forgot about Navy...they are football only and Patriot league in Baseball/Basketball. They won the league in 2016 in Baseball.
  11. Hey guys, I did a little research because I was told that the last major sport (baseball, football, basketball) conference championship that USF won was in baseball in 1995. I was legitimately curious about how this stacked up against our other conference mates. I'm only listing the last conference championship for each school. Feel free to fact check me as I may have made an error. This is the last time each school won a conference title in a major sport: School Last Conf. champ. Sport 1. ECU 2018 Baseball 2. UCF
  12. Looking at the roster, I don't think this is a bowl team. I think we are beginning a rebuild that might take a few years. I really hope that I am wrong.
  13. Well, I think it just reiterates the fact that we have fallen behind the rest of our conference and are trending towards the back of the pack in the NCAA. SMU and Memphis should not be in our hemisphere recruiting wise. I can understand UCF being top dog this year as they are in a similar situation as us and have more recent success. We will have to see how transfers pan out I guess.
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