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  1. ESPN has us staying home for bowl season and playing wither UAB or Mid. Tenn. State. Both of those teams are playing well this year. UAB would provide the bigger challenge, but Mid. Tenn. State would probably provide more buzz for fan base. If we don't at least make it to the conference championship game I think we end up playign at Ray J for bowl season. Thoughts? Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida Dec. 20, 8 p.m. (ESPN) Bonagura: UAB vs. USF Sherman: USF vs. Middle Tennessee
  2. They are P5 and therefore automatically better than us.
  3. bullcocky101

    Games to Watch Week 6

    They have been spectacular this year. Big game against James Madison this week.
  4. bullcocky101

    USF and Bowls

    An 11-1season will put us against a 6-6 team from the ACC or SEC in a bowl. That team could very well be Taggart's Noles. Just sayin'.
  5. An OCS and an IPF will both happen. I don't think we can count on alumni support alone to get us there. The students will need to chip in, and I think the debate should be what is the best way to do that.
  6. bullcocky101

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    They don't play football...
  7. bullcocky101

    GT Attendance?

    Georgia Tech's attendance looked pretty sparse for their home opener against Alcorn. Do they travel well?
  8. bullcocky101

    GT Attendance?

    I will be there with 2 more! I expect 30 -35k. It should be a good showing.
  9. bullcocky101

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    I love that the trash talk is back! That means we are relevant again! Lol
  10. You have it all wrong. Bulls M.O. will be to win against Georgia tech, beat Illinois, get ranked, and lose to ECU at home. We have to build up the excitement for the let down to be at peak effectiveness! =P
  11. bullcocky101

    Week Two Rankings

    UCF kept getting jumped by three loss teams in the polls last year and they just kept winning. lol They have a glass ceiling for G5 teams i'm seeing. They don't really want them cracking top 15 and they only allow 1 or two to be ranked at any given time. Anything more makes the P5 mafia uncomfortable.
  12. bullcocky101

    Week Two Rankings

    It's a good time to be 0-1 for some teams lol. How is it possible to be ranked without a win...I don't understand.
  13. That Tulane defense is garbage...it's too bad we don't get a Tulane v. UCONN game this year. that might actually be fun to watch!
  14. I'm expecting 18 - 22 thousand. that is how many fans show up to see the Bulls. We have about 10-15 thousand that show up to see the team we are playing. Georgia Tech should be a decently attended game.
  15. bullcocky101

    Seaon ticket sales USF v. UCF

    I agree, attendance took a huge downturn after the best of the Big East left. I think a smaller OCS would help until we are in a better conference situation.