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  1. UCF had a new coach this year...that worked out GREAT!
  2. bullcocky101

    Sooo next season...

    What I saw from this year is that we are a long term rebuilding project. The only position that I am excited for is RB. Outside of that, we need: an entirely new O-line, an entirely new D-line, TE depth, New WR (besides St. Felix), a new QB (unless Barnett develops), entirely new LB's (and some depth), and new safeties (or a heck of a lot of development). I think CB and RB are the only positions that I'm ok with right now. That is not a good position to be in if we want to succeed next year.
  3. bullcocky101

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I would drive down for a game against Miami. Definitely not traveling for a game against LALA or UAB...I don't even know if I'd watch that one on TV.
  4. bullcocky101

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I think Boca against UAB is our best possible matchup. Cure bowl against LALA in Mouse town is more likely.
  5. Publix subs are more exciting than USF football.
  6. bullcocky101

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Over or under 1k USF fans at whatever bowl we get chosen for?
  7. The offense is easy to gameplan for...very predictable.
  8. bullcocky101

    It IS this bad...

    I have watched every Bulls game since 2006...I'm thinking about not watching this one. Seeing our stadium filled with Knights fans, celebrating a decisive victory to seal a second undefeated season over our inept team in a once again disappointing season...I'm a big time fan, but there is only so much masochism I can take. I've already been present for two visiting teams storming our field to celebrate conference championships...
  9. bullcocky101

    What did Strong say?

    Win a conference championship. That has been our goal for 20+ years. No conference champ in a major sport since 1995 isn't going to get fans enthused.
  10. bullcocky101

    You wanted a bowl season?...

    I'm expecting the Boca Bowl...probably against North Texas or Ark. State would be my guess.
  11. UCF is going to host College Gameday this week. I can't wait for them to one day come to USF! How big would that be for our program and recruiting!?
  12. We are screwed. Saturday is going to be another beat down.
  13. bullcocky101

    state of the bulls

    We keep saying that, but the knights are eating our lunch...
  14. bullcocky101

    state of the bulls

    How many blocked extra points are we going to have in one season...? Seriously. #1 is legit.
  15. Johnson and Boyles are both very capable...I don't understand this?