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  1. Ive been calling him out all all year because he voted FSU in the top 20 based on talent .. but yet still won’t vote Usf in.. he’s getting pretty annoyed with me thus far .. when I said how about you let teams whom win 7 games the previous year earn it first like you do Usf..
  2. NYCbull


    I still want C to win. I hope they go undefeated till they meet us every year. Then we snatch their souls annually. Right now it’s the best rivalry in FL and I know it irks the Big 3. It’s why I love it
  3. NYCbull

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Why? It’s utah smh .. new AD means he’s going to want his own coaches eventually and round and round we go ..
  4. NYCbull

    Craig Watts is back

    So much for that
  5. Looks like he’s made his decision .. hasn’t revealed what school it is yet though
  6. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/04/17/concussions-force-usf-lineman-grant-polk-to-give-up-football/
  7. This guy won’t stop
  8. Devontres Duke taking a crack at safety per Joey knight .. interesting we can potentially have the tallest safety’s in college football with him and jaymon Thomas
  9. “USF will receive $300,000 for the trip to Raleigh, and will pay N.C. State the same amount for the return visit. If either team cancels, the buyout is $500,000 if done 36 months or more before the scheduled date of the game. It increases to $1 million if a team cancels more than 18 months but less than 36 months before the contest. If one school cancels within 18 months before a game's scheduled date, the buyout goes to $1.995 million.”
  10. Nice .. we need more matchups like this.. I know we’re now full for the next 3-4 years now I think.
  11. NYCbull

    Craig Watts

    I believe this next season would be his redshirt sophomore year
  12. NYCbull

    Craig Watts

    Another schollie? Idk what happend but the one thing I have trust with CCS and BJM cause they made our defense look better than it was. So wether he wanted to play for some one else or he couldn’t crack the starting line up. I wish craig the best. Wish the local guys would pan out though