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  1. Sands was running with a purpose .. really liked how he played this game
  2. I don't think our talent level is that bad that we can't beat UConn but its our coaching that our players have to overcome too. So many of us thought we should beat UConn we weren't that confident because HC coach sucks. Today gave me a glimmer of hope... KEYWORD GLIMMER.. that maybe just maybe we won't be a a complete disaster this season. Alas I know I have only set myself up for failure next week lol
  3. That’s the only thing keeping me from a meltdown lol.. I believe in mike kelly
  4. why are people complaining who we got these turnovers from? we legit hadn't won a game in our last 8-9 tries .. ill take any win at this point smh some people
  5. I was just looking at this a few hrs ago.. so what would the cost of letting him go be?
  6. The key is to not letting them run wild .. I rather sell out to stop the run and let their QB try to throw it on our secondary all day than to let Taylor run for 300+ yards which is what I think they’ll try to do.. i hope KJ gets cleared and leave him and Hampton on and island bs their WRs and we sell out to stop the run every time. If they beat us thru the air so be it. I can live with that.. if they beat us through the ground and pound then I’d be very upset. Fact is they have 4 new starters on OL and a new QB.. what they did last year vs penn st and Michigan is irrelevant. Letting them run also keep our Offense off the field and a shoot out benefits us .. so BJM if your reading this .. sell out to Stop the run!!!!!
  7. Any Bullspen tailgates out there this game?
  8. 3 star LB from West Palm just committed
  9. Besides money.. this conference is already pretty close to the big 12 footballwise. One could argue that we are doing very well for what we have to work with. Adding a good program or 3 especially if while simultaneously hurting the MWC would really boost us as a whole.
  10. Army.. having army vs Navy be a conference game every year would be a no brainer.. arguably the best rivalry in college football
  11. I dropped some feedback and can’t wait till they call me. I got a whole schpew ready for this one
  12. don’t forget our new OC .. I’m sure matt baker must be salivating for the season to start to start mentioning all our UF connections.. I can see it now ... ”there goes UF transfer Jordan Cronkite with the 43 yard rushing touchdown. What a great call by former gator and current OC Kerwin Bell who was hired by former gator DC and current HC Charlie Strong “
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