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  1. NYCbull

    More Excuses

    Look I didn't expect to win a whole lot this year. I’m not disappointed in the team. I’m dissatisfied with the coaches inability to accept responsibility for the mess they created. Hearing this makes me want to fire everyone. At what point is it the coaches fault? If they can’t look at themselves first then they’re not leaders.
  2. NYCbull

    More Excuses

    Absolutely strong wanted lighter players.. I remember him saying that too. Boyle’s was heavier in Hs than he is now if his current weight is 211 smh
  3. I actually have .. I grew up in nyc ..
  4. Here we go.. they starting to come into our board .. like a cancer it must be cut out .. we need to win Black Friday
  5. Different reasons for their firing .. one is performance based the other ... well we all know
  6. And this is why I really dislike this guy and give him crap all the time . Extremely unprofessional
  7. Glad I got some of you triggered.. but I don’t want special treatment . If he doesn’t rank Usf so be it , but don’t be a hypocrite d bag .. never posted where adams or mvs came from and if he did he didn’t say at every article or podcast. It’s annoying I just want Usf news not him using his platform (newspaper twitter etc) to take shots, mention UF transfers repeatedly and back handed articles .. I’m sick and tired of him . Joey is way better and he’s just ok .. people need to call him out on his bs
  8. Or MVS being from NC st
  9. This is like the 3-4th article where he mentions Cronkite is a gators transfer. If he had been an original USF commit there wouldn’t be this many articles about him. Matt We get it he’s originally a UF commit we can’t win with out him . A UCF fan on Twitter says it’s USF should be ranked and matt quickly blows it off and disagrees .. I’m being petty and lord forgive me but I hope he’s fired one day. This guys is 100 percent biased against us in our own local Newspaper, sad.
  10. Ive been calling him out all all year because he voted FSU in the top 20 based on talent .. but yet still won’t vote Usf in.. he’s getting pretty annoyed with me thus far .. when I said how about you let teams whom win 7 games the previous year earn it first like you do Usf..
  11. NYCbull


    I still want C to win. I hope they go undefeated till they meet us every year. Then we snatch their souls annually. Right now it’s the best rivalry in FL and I know it irks the Big 3. It’s why I love it
  12. NYCbull

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Why? It’s utah smh .. new AD means he’s going to want his own coaches eventually and round and round we go ..
  13. NYCbull

    Craig Watts is back

    So much for that
  14. Looks like he’s made his decision .. hasn’t revealed what school it is yet though