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  1. I’m fine with 2-1 if we win them all
  2. Bell was a taggart recruit
  3. 3-4 more seconds? What do you think this is? 7 Mississippi? If you get 3-4 seconds total that should be plenty to get rid of the ball
  4. Props to whoever made this ... hope we can come out with the W tomorrow regardless
  5. NYCbull

    It IS this bad...

    That has to be a typo .. has to be !!!
  6. He absolutely didn’t know what to do with Flowers and the stats prove it.. he had a Ferrari and used it like dodge caravan. Our offense was wayyy better his jr year
  7. Exactly and that is what he had coming in. All he had to do is keep the ball rolling while getting his guys in place for his system. The stubbornness and now listening his interviews make me want him fired. I was originally for him with a retooling of staff but listening to this lately makes me want to cut the cord.
  8. NYCbull

    Need Tickets for Friday

    I have 2 available in section 111 row H
  9. Idk about impact players the redshirt freshman year but they will def help depth and I may be wrong but Waller is a Guard now
  10. NYCbull

    More Excuses

    Look I didn't expect to win a whole lot this year. I’m not disappointed in the team. I’m dissatisfied with the coaches inability to accept responsibility for the mess they created. Hearing this makes me want to fire everyone. At what point is it the coaches fault? If they can’t look at themselves first then they’re not leaders.
  11. NYCbull

    More Excuses

    Absolutely strong wanted lighter players.. I remember him saying that too. Boyle’s was heavier in Hs than he is now if his current weight is 211 smh
  12. I actually have .. I grew up in nyc ..
  13. Here we go.. they starting to come into our board .. like a cancer it must be cut out .. we need to win Black Friday
  14. Different reasons for their firing .. one is performance based the other ... well we all know
  15. And this is why I really dislike this guy and give him crap all the time . Extremely unprofessional