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  1. Like my wife she keeps asking me can we watch something else.
  2. after a long day or tailgating my phone is always dead before game time.
  3. dude I didn't go to GT even though I had a Scholarship offer out of high school because this girl told me that their gym looked like a barn.
  4. come on man cheese puffs are litle delicious gifts from Netflix gods. large bag and I watched a season of GOT
  5. They are consistent. The one in Atlanta will be horrible also
  6. if not allowed move to where it needs to be. Just wanted to share with group https://specials.restaurant.com/Deals/georgia-tech-yellow-jackets-2019-2020?prti=5090&et_cid=27629060&et_rid=981278626&link=307809761
  7. Ill have 8 at the game maybe a few more if we beat Wisconsin
  8. Phoenix is over 100 daily i would love some 90s right about now
  9. I still remember that Statue of Liberty play for the 2 point conversion. I knew no one on that Boise team but was almost in tears it was such a great game.
  10. hey brad I donated did it come through on paypal. jay wil was the name. btw. the camby is a great hotel
  11. Anyone know details about a watch party in atlanta tonight?
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