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  1. bullnupe

    Signing Day

    Would any of the 3 QBs play another position
  2. bullnupe

    Attendance Avg for 2017

    What was ucf avg attendance before USF came to town
  3. bullnupe

    $1 million dollar gift to football center

    Taggart breaking bread with USF
  4. bullnupe

    Why all the Schiano hate?

    Thought it was because he knew about the Penn state kids getting raped in the showers.
  5. Have a few foster kids that live next door would love those tickets
  6. bullnupe

    Transfer targets?

    Would love show of the OL or DL guys or a Middle LB would be on the wish list. Im happy with our current and future speed guys though.
  7. This is a good game. MVS should not get back on the field everyone competes harder than him
  8. bullnupe

    2 UCF Tickets for Sale

    Do you still have these
  9. Wow and tickets are 90 bucks on stubhub. I was still hoping to get 2 on Friday
  10. bullnupe

    AAC Championship Game TIme

    Yes need this to be at Ray jay
  11. We will never be considered Power6 as long as Tulane wears these helmets
  12. bullnupe

    Week 8 Games of Interest

    Im sorry guys I tried I can't cheer for these guys. GO NAVY
  13. bullnupe

    This Game Has Me Worried

    Never saw someone say I wish our game was not on tv