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  1. beastiebull

    Quinton’s best run thus far? (Off Topic)

    I'll try to explain it again since you still here foaming at the mouth: Q is an exemplary human being and Mixon is on video tape knocking a female out cold. Call me crazy for wanting Q to do better. Never said he deserved it. Never said Mixon didn't. My use of the term "ain't that the way of the world" clearly states that I understand the reality of the situation. You choose to take that as white knighting or whatever, that I like pornstars, that I'm a communist, and the latest is that I'm "weak intellectually". You really reaching, and insulting, which is why I thought you were having a bad day. I'm not naive enough to think my explanation will calm you down so go ahead and have at it some more if it helps you get through whatever you're going through.
  2. beastiebull

    Quinton’s best run thus far? (Off Topic)

    Lol there's no need for me to defend what I said (which is not even close to what you insinuate) to someone who has made assumptions about me in regards to porn and politics over the course of 2 posts. Sound like you're having a bad day. Hope it gets better.
  3. beastiebull

    Quinton’s best run thus far? (Off Topic)

    Which was kind of my point. I never see anyone, especially the major networks, even mention what this dude did, which was cowardly and despicable.
  4. beastiebull

    Quinton’s best run thus far? (Off Topic)

    Since we're making assumptions I'm guessing you're the kind of guy who thinks its OK to hit women? Never stated Q should be guaranteed a spot just as I never stated Mixon didn't deserve one. I did state "ain't that the way of the world" which is a phrase commonly used to describe things that are not right, but that are reality nonetheless.
  5. ain't it just the way of the world that a dude like Mixon can make a squad no problem while a guy like Q has to struggle smdh.
  6. beastiebull

    Blake Barnett

    He's a good G5 QB. I've seen some say he's a 1st round draft pick which he is not.
  7. beastiebull

    The thrill is gone....

    I will never understand how the NCAA IS allowed to get away with this absolutely unfair system which will slowly destroy programs like USF. USF football has my interest at the moment however I can see myself not caring about college football at all in the very near future.
  8. So when is the BTN gonna start the game? 3:38 still not on.
  9. beastiebull

    Illinois game TV

    Never mind no ATL watch parties. There is an Illinois alumni watch party at a bar not far from me. I'm crashing it.
  10. beastiebull

    Illinois game TV

    Sorry if this was mentioned earlier in the thread but is there an Atl watch party?
  11. beastiebull

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Agree w/this. We have to win the games that matter when it matters to even begin to get the recognition.