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  1. How about a Chucky Atkins bobblehead for bball tickets.
  2. Unless Barnett can blow some doors off I see a lot of power I formation and HB Dives on our Horizon.
  3. beastiebull

    Deadrin Senat sighting.....

    Atlanta Falcons really looking poised to dominate the NFC South especially Tampa.
  4. beastiebull

    BJ Daniels

    Also for those saying JPP was a better athlete I would argue that being able to accurately throw a football long distances between freakishly athletic DBs while avoiding speeding rushers requires an exceptional level of athleticism, more so than say being able to do like a hundred backflips in a row...
  5. beastiebull

    BJ Daniels

    Yes I remember Q's first year as well. Again not sure of the point. He wasn't exactly the Q we came to know at that time either. Further, I am talking about entire careers. Also if I am understanding you correctly Skip Holtz, a guy who decimated our program and is now coaching in s bottom rung G5 conferences provided equal guidance/preparation and put his players in an as good or better position to be successful than Willie Taggart, the guy who resurrected our program and who has since moved on to one of the most storied programs in college football history. Also you feel the BE = the AAC. Did you happen to notice our SOS the last 2 years, (Q's best 2 seasons), particularly 2017?? You are talking apples and oranges to the level BJ faced. We'll just agree to disagree.
  6. beastiebull

    BJ Daniels

    You're remembering a BJ Daniels who played vs. better competition under a horrible coaching staff. These factors could make anybody's decision making "look" poor. Also not sure what your point is about their pro- day 40 times as I am comparing theim in college. If you recall BJ suffered a badly BROKEN ankle (not a sprain, an actual break) which ended his college career and hindered his pro day 40 time. The converse of my point is also true. Q would not have had near the career he had if he played in the Big East under Holtz. I'm a huge Q fan btw. He is one of my favorite actual people of all time. I just think BJ was a monster of an athlete, and probably the best one we've ever had at USF.
  7. beastiebull

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Which is akin to squeezing water from a stone.
  8. beastiebull

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    Just hope Senat makes the impact I expect that him to on a team that is very strong especially when it comes to crushing Tampa.
  9. beastiebull

    BJ Daniels

    Imagine BJ playing in the AAC under CWT's Gulf Coast Offense. He was essentially a stronger, faster, QF with a better arm and accuracy.
  10. UGA played for the NC last season and brought in the #1 QB recruit in the nation. Jake Fromm beat out a 5 star in Jacob Eason to get them there and has said to the new recruit to "bring it". THAT needs to be our QBs' mentalities.
  11. beastiebull

    USF dropped from D1 baseball poll

    2nd(??) largest Univ in the State of FLORIDA and can never field more than a mediocre baseball team **facepalms**
  12. beastiebull

    BJ Daniels still has it at QB

    Best all around athlete ever at USF
  13. beastiebull

    Mack Attack 2.0?

    If the QBs are ineffective we could have Andre Hall back there and it won't matter. Defenses will just load the box and make the QB beat them. This is what I fear.
  14. beastiebull

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    What did his coach like head butt him or slap his helmet or something? Do tell. We've seen it all.
  15. beastiebull

    Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    yea but every 10-12 years or so we get to the point that we are half way decent. Once CBG gets it completely turned back around in 3-4 years we will be just about due.