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  1. How depressing. I admire those of you who still have the wherewithal to follow this program so fairishly.
  2. His opponent is clearly taking L's for cash. Basically took a knee.
  3. He'll either be good or bad but either way he won't last more than 3 years.
  4. ucf for all that they did over the course of 2 seasons has been completely forgotten about illustrating the irrelevance of anything and everything AAC.
  5. The beginning of the end of the corrupt hypocritical NCAA. Are we supposed to now believe they are now somehow "fair" when they themselves have relegated half of their member institutions to a lower tier where it is impossible to compete for a championship?
  6. This league is paying their players on average $50k to violently collide with other very fast, very strong, and very large opponents. Not worth the risk to current or future health.
  7. It was I who predicted we'd make the dance the 3rd year into CBG's coaching tenure before he ever even coached a game here. #lookitup #expertanalysis
  8. If CCS is as good of a coach as Corey lea thinks he is then he should be able to improve upon and overcome all of the things he listed as usf's deficiencies. After all, other coaches have, right? We're still waiting Corey. Hope he proves you right.
  9. I live in ATL. I Guarantee you nobody who lives in ATL who didn't go to USF knows anything about USF. They literally almost all think USF and c are the same school.
  10. This we should not be hiring 3 yards and a cloud of dust coaches. We do not have the size nor the talent nor will we ever.
  11. If Mccloud pulls this out this game should go down with BJ's win at FSU as the beginning of a new era.
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