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  1. They were using him to recruit. You'd think they'd keep him around until sighning day.
  2. The sun came out and let his little light shine.
  3. I think CJL as HC and CWT as OC would be the play to make if going retreads.
  4. Has anyone publicly stated they turned down the job? NO! I take yhe media for what they're worth, lies inuendo and pure speculation.
  5. True but, he wasn't the one calling the plays and putting his guys in optimal scoring position either.
  6. I'd take Elliot or Scott. Just no for Taggart from me.
  7. Thata's PR101. If you can't make a good hire, make a contraversial one. Now if you hire someone who's both good and contraversial, that's a PR bonanza.
  8. Urm I would take them but my daughter plays softball, so there's that.
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