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  1. Azmodi

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Now that's some funny stuff right there. 🤣
  2. Azmodi

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Many here are missing one point. It's not just JK. It's the Times and media outlets combined. They've all swallowed ESPN's garbage hook, line and sinker. They reiterate the same putrid garbage daily. It's the fans who need to hold them to a certain standard. I did my internship with the Times. It was the St. Petersburg Times back then. On sports Friday's you saw their alegences. I was the only one wearing USF gear back then and I got the old Big Least jears at every turn.
  3. Azmodi

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Just win and they'll shut up.
  4. The op said she averaged 10.7 rebounds per game. If that's not crashing the boards then I don't know what is.
  5. Yes another board crasher. Go Ladies.
  6. I feel Yeltna will be a beast. He just needs to be fed inside. We don't know yet because the Euro game isn't played that way. The Euros are more finess and do a little of every thing. Yeltna just needs to be taught to hold ground and use his size and strength more.
  7. Azmodi

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Hey!!!!! I happen to like Lay's baked potato chips.
  8. Azmodi

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    I like the name but, still would like to know the financials involved. Just curious as to the perceived worth attached to our Arena.
  9. But, they tend to minimize the field of play which translates to better viewing for those whom haven't yet graduated to a wide screen TV yet.
  10. Azmodi

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Dude, try traveling a bit and get some real local beers. Porto Royal - Honduras (Made with Formaldehyde). Alt Beer - Bavaria Germany (tastes a bit like bitter almond but, is good at room temperatures). Hefeweizen - Germany (Tastes like your nibbling on a yeast infection). Just to mention a couple. 😁
  11. I predict we win it all or implode.
  12. USF Bulls win Kennedy Cup ICSA Big Boat National Championship https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2016/11/06/usf-bulls-win-kennedy-cup-icsa-big-boat-national-championship/
  13. Don't we have a Natty for our Sailing team?
  14. 1) National Championship in Football. 2) National Championship in MBB, WBB or both. 3) National Championship in Baseball. 4) Be a member of a Power 4 Conference. 5) OCS. If #1, #4 and #5 were present, the Fans would be there in droves.