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  1. Please go on about how much I'm ill in formed when you have states re-evaluating death certificates from last September through January this year and re-issuing new death certigicates with current dates. Please tell me about the rising covid death rates. Well news flash, covid is a cure all. Check current stats on cancer, heart disease, strokes, auto accidents. All those have drasticly dtopped death rates. I should be happy but, I'm not. You see, when my wife dies, they'll claim it as another covid case. Who cares that shes been living with cancer for 10 years, amiright!!! Kiss my ass.
  2. Global pandemic my ass. This "Pandemic", has the mortality rate of the common flu. I'm tired of the fear police and their "Social Medea" campain to destroy peoples lives. How many people have lost their business, homes and all for fear of death from a bug that won't harm anyone with a good dose of vitamins "C" and "D". Call it wat you want but don't follow in ignorance. Find other sources of information. You will feel releaved as you drop that mask and go for a walk in the sun.
  3. Tulsa 42 - 24 Ford Dollison 400 We have issues and they get exploited.
  4. Thank you. I don't know if I should be happy for winning or sad because we lost. 2020 sucks.
  5. Wait a minute. You just gave me an idea. Ok, just hear me out on this. "The Goalie", he throws [passes] out the ball right! Maybe, just maybe he could be our answer at Quarterback. Just think about it for a second. It's worth a try, am I right???
  6. ****! Three games into the season and I'm over it already. Bring on Basketball Season. Freakin next year again, blah, blah, blah. USF just hates it's Athletics fans.
  7. Don't forget Momma, she can tackle and I'm sure she has elligibility left.
  8. Sorry but, I have too. When where we in the ACC?
  9. Ah "Perspective". If by having "Perspective", you mean coming to grips with constantly sucking. Then you are on to something here. If nothing else, we have stability in that area. We are the classic underachievers. I have excepted this one fact. USF Football will continue to suck until it doesn't and I may not be alive to witness the change.
  10. I'm a little confused by OP's title sooo, I'll go with; "The Fans". (As they leave in droves prior to the end of the game.)
  11. Whouldn't our time and money be better spent, testing our players for athletic ability?
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