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  1. I hope we win. I don't think we will but, I hope we will.
  2. Whelp, if they go the political route during the season, I just may have to tuen it off. I for one can't stomach any more propaganda.
  3. Ah shucks! I'm not seeing any of the ads. I must be doing something wrong.
  4. Win or lose, we're " Bowl Eligible" baby!!! Woot!!!
  5. Hmm, despite my aversion to crowds. It appears I may actually be able to take in a couple games this year. It will be as close to being alone in my livingroom as it will ever get.
  6. The W.H.O PCR Test Coronavirus Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA (Chromosome https://youtu.be/zFH6IyRplH0 Just watch this.
  7. I know I'll be attacked for this but, we all have the COVID Strain. It's in our DNA. Just check out the CDC's resent updates on their site. Also Doctors found that this Covid19 and our last Infuenza strain are one and the same. Austrailian doctors put it out on FaceBook and got slammed by Mark Zuckenberg. lol
  8. Of course theres seperation. They're social distancing for goodness sake. Duh!!!
  9. Congratulations. Your new "Title" is one you'll hear until you are blue in the face, "DAD! DAD, DAD, Daaaaaaad!"
  10. I'm of the opinion that we will go 6-6 with a bowl victory. True we are installing a new Offensive scheme (One that actually fits with the type of players we have). True we have a new defensive crew of coaches but, the scheme is similar to what we've run in the past. We actually have QB's this year, (A serious pluss for us). So our improvement will have many variables. The great news is, so will the rest of our leagues teams. All of them have numerous changes to inclue peopls sitting out. We will be just fine.
  11. The fact that the incident was contribed to begin with, make the issue of it happening to anyone else a non factor. Amy-I-Right? PUC?
  12. I like watching accidents too. I just don't care to be in them. All and all, not a bad idea.
  13. Perhaps that could be a new and renewable revenue source. Cow pies are used as heating fuel in India. The real issue would be storage until you have enough for a shipment. I'll leave that last detail to administration.
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