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  1. Nope, the combination of the green and yellow lens with the blue border (it could be any dark color actually) gives a golden appearance to all you see.
  2. I just want us to go 1-0 one week at a time. If we can do that, we'll have a great season.
  3. I'd rather have a tackler than a hitter. We've had plenty of hitters at USF, give me some tacklers.
  4. First MBB title since 1990. Let that sink in. Congratulations USF Bulls! Take the rest of the season off, you've earned it.
  5. The guy led two Billion Dollar Fund Raisers that actually met their marks. Hmm, what could USF do with 2 Billion Dollars. I wonder just what buildings could be built with that kind of money.
  6. Can we just form a new conference and try this thing they call negotiating again?
  7. Face it, our leadership sucks. The Big East and now yhe American, they both suffered from ****** leadership.
  8. It's a **** deal and the Presidents and Aresco should be ashamed.
  9. Not much to do but go up from here. We may still suck, I just think with more plays and better schemes we'd have done a lot better last year. Some freaking conditioning would have helped as well.
  10. Wisconcin could come out and look like crap. I hate that everyone thinks just because they're in the B1G that they will be great. It's just not so. Every team has turn over, scjeme changes and i juries to overcome. Just because a team has been good doesn't mean they will be again.
  11. Urm I think you need to relax. I never said they were better in any thing I wrote. What I said was that we have more speed throughout the team. Further more, How can we have attacked the entire field when constantly the midrange passes were either in the dirt, over the receivers head or simply not thrown. I am not drinking anything and I did watch the games. I'm not saying Bell is the entire answer himself, simply a piece of the puzzle. I think we may have all the pieces in place and that's all I'm saying. I could be dead wrong and admitted that. At least I'm not jumping up and down about stats. Hell we had that eye popping stats last year and look where that got us. I'm just recalling that we had poor coaching, poor conditioning and injuries. We also played a terrible schedule. I know I watched.
  12. Check out the plays of the GCO. Think about it, yes we had Jet-Sweeps and they were effective. What we didn't have was a Passing game that could constantly and accurately hit short, long and intermediate passing plays. We did not have the offensive personnel. We had some super stars, there is no question about that. We just didn't have an offense that continually attacked the entire field. We either ran a trick play or went long. We did not have designed plays to attack the field in a systematic way, we had Q. You are or were a coach, go back and read all our complaints about missed opportunities and offensive shortcomings. We have a chance to run an offense that can target the entire field because; 1, We have an Accurate passer. 2, We have speed in our specialty players 3, We have speed on our line. We have never had speed throughout the team before as we do now. Nor have we had a Passer who could throw every pass with a coach who is pro passing. I think this year could be special in many ways. I could also be completely wrong and off my rocker.
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