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  1. This is what I see. So what I saw was percentage points. FANS' CHOICE: Who is the 2018 D1 NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR? (Poll Closed) MIA DAVIDSON, MISSISSIPPI STATE 38.68% (1,434 votes) GEORGINA CORRICK, SOUTH FLORIDA 30.91% (1,146 votes) ALISSA DALTON, LOUISIANA 23.52% (872 votes) PEYTON ANGULO, UTAH VALLEY 1.86% (69 votes) JOCELYN ALO, OKLAHOMA 1.7% (63 votes) SYDNEY SHERRILL, FLORIDA STATE 1.24% (46 votes) MEGHAN BEAUBIEN, MICHIGAN 0.62% (23 votes) AALIYAH JORDAN, UCLA 0.51% (19 votes) Other: 0.51% (19 votes) PATRICIA AWALD, KENNESAW STATE 0.32% (12 votes) KATE POLUCHA, DEPAUL 0.11% (4 votes) Total Votes: 3,707
  2. Voted but, Mia from Miss St is up by 7k votes.
  3. Azmodi

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    You just need a HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Azmodi

    HB QF

    Any spot available. Just get your shot and make the most of it. Go QF!!!!!
  5. Actually, I don't hate JK. I don't particularly like the way he writes or the subject matter he tends to highlight. I do however, wish him the best and hope he can get a job reporting on his beloved Troy Trojans.
  6. You missed the point. JK writes a story that Barnett is coming to USF then doubles back later with a new angle throwing doubt on the subject. Why report one then the other. Why not do a follow up story saying that there may be more going on for his USF readers. Oh wait, nvm. He has no USF readers. My Bad!!!
  7. Wait a minute. Wasn't it JK who stated on twitter that Barnett was coming to USF. Jk wonders why he gets flack. Well, this kind of stuff is part of the reason why.
  8. Azmodi

    We’re hosting

    I'm not sure, you may be on to something.
  9. I heard he can kick a mile. 😁
  10. Azmodi

    Bulls vs Gators Tonight

  11. CAN HE KICK FIELD GOALS???? If so, Bring him in and sign him!!!!!!
  12. When it became a Felony and not just a Misdemeanor.
  13. I'm sure the prices would drop some. As for the selection, Chicken Fajitas, Pulled Pork, anything but, Beef. It's bad Karma!!!!!!
  14. Azmodi

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Ah, just when it was getting good too.