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  1. Azmodi


    Did you say EXECUTION??? Y'all bout to see ma "OH NO" face.
  2. Please stop with the rooting for UCF to go to the Playoffs BS. Let me tell you here and now, it will never happen. In the system as it is set up now, there is absolutely no way a non-Money Conference school gets in. The playoffs are owned and operated by ESPN. that should tell you everything you need to know right there. I hate when people talk as if their is a chance for any team outside of the Money5 to get into a Money game. It's just not going to happen. I know I kid around sometimes about making the playoffs but, I know it would not be allowed. Even when Houston was making it's impressive beat down on Oklahoma, the ESPN insiders where wringing their hands while planning the demise of the Cougars. All just to say oh but, they gave it a great shot and came oh so close. better luck next year guys.
  3. Excellent. Expanding the Herd one musician at a time.
  4. So they did fix it. I thought it looked off.
  5. I have to ask the obvious here. Why does it show 5.8 wins when we're already at 6 wins. That's comical. Shouldn't The Tulsa line have been adjusted to 6.0?
  6. This team needs to win at least 10 games. The team needs to go to another Bowl. I'm sorry but, the Gasparilla Bowl won't cut it.
  7. Azmodi

    Total Chaos

    Some call it "Instructions", some call it "pleading" and some call it "whining". Here's a segment of Cronk speaking with the O-Line; "Holy crap guys, just block somebody. Pleeeeaaaassssseeeeeee!!!!!!!" "I'm not saying you guys suck but, you guys are letting everyone through. That last series, I got up and their was a shoe print from the Tulsa Towel boy on my ass. Just freaking block someone, a Ref, a cameraman, I don't care. Just block!!!!!"
  8. I would have added "University of South Florida". But, that's me.
  9. He penetrates when behind and scores often.
  10. Have these odds makers learned nothing from this team. We'll win by 2, 3 at the most.
  11. UC jumped us and four teams jumped UCF while they stayed the same. Talk about a rigged poll. LOL
  12. Can you hand me the dictionary please. I'm under my desk.
  13. But this doesn't match the agenda. How can the 6th best conference have more top ranked teams then the 5th best conference. That goes against the theme sung by the pundits. I'm reaching for my "Tin-Foil Hat". I just know something is terribly wrong here. {Shudders}