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  1. Like it or not but, even ESPN has been using UCF as the standard of a g5 reaching for p5 lately. So we beat them and we become the new standard. It is what it is. To be the man, you've got to beat the man.
  2. Nope. I got through after a few tries. I think one of their ads detected my blocker. After a few tries, I got through.
  3. Sain yo from the 33772 ya'll. oh wait, that's 727. My bad!
  4. I was just instructed to turn my ad blocker off if I wanted to continue reading. Just say "Noooooooo" to ads.
  5. I'm blocked. I get the first paragraph and then it asks me to subscribe to read the rest.
  6. Eh, not ready to give money to the Times yet. I'll have to take others words for this article. They have a lot to make up for befor I give them any coin.
  7. They were lower level conferences. Maybe travel partner or press.
  8. C. Austin Cox posted that BSU has been in touch with two conferences in the last 24hours about moving their Olympic sports there. Something is brewing.
  9. Seriously, how many times does it have to be explained. The NCAA rules state that a conference with more than 10 teams needs to be divided into even divisons and each team must play a round robin within their division. It does not exclude more than 2 divisions. So use 4 divisions of 4 teams to promote local rivalries and conserve travel costs. In this system, every team plays every team in the conference home and home every four years. This is exactly what the NFL is doing with just two conferences.
  10. I would like to see the AAC remove Tulsa for falling beneath the FCS minimums for fan support and under performing, (Football of course). The have the AAC add; West: BYU, BSU, SDSU and Fresno State or Nevada. Central: AFA (Houston, SMU and Navy are already members). South: (Memphis, Tulane, South Florida and UCF are already members). North: Liberty (Cincinnati, Temple and ECU are already members). Get ESPN to push for Full Autonomy for the AAC and a NY7 Bowl Tie in as well as promoting the AAC as P6. ESPN raising the conference pay via a new 9 year deal would also do wonders. Then once fully Autonomous, have the conference apply for (4) Even Divisions of (4) teams each playing a round robin within each Division and having the two highest ranked Division winners play for the conference championship. That's my wish list. (Yes I'm letting Liberty buy their way in the AAC).
  11. If the AAC disbanded [only need 8 members to agree], then there are no exit fees.
  12. The good news is, it will be built. The better news is, it will be supported by Mons Venus. The bad news is, it will be "Lavender and Pink".
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