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  1. Azmodi

    Florida College Game

    It's a win but, does it count???
  2. Azmodi

    Football event tonight

    Oooh! I thought it was some sort of tranmogrifier that could transform a Gator and make him a Bull.
  3. Azmodi

    Football event tonight

    Perhaps heavier players are better or easier to get through the portal because it's actually a hole in the scholastic fabric and when they walk across it, they fall through.
  4. Azmodi

    Florida College Game

    Do they not know that that's frowned upon.
  5. No Sir. Look at the dot just to the lower right of the Miami U. That's our Logo. Notice it's green color.
  6. Azmodi

    UCF President quits

    But, they have an OCS!
  7. Azmodi

    UCF President quits

    Sounds fiscaly familiar.
  8. Azmodi

    Football event tonight

    Perhaps the list was exclusive to those who've made pledges to build an OCS.
  9. I know but, I think he deserves a second chance. Someone will give it to him and they will be rewarded.
  10. Nothing says get out like severance pay. I wish Kansas or Kansas State would open up for him.
  11. But, but, they're National Champions!!!
  12. Azmodi

    Updated NET Ranking

    We are already in our exclusive negotiations period. It ends on 2 March 2019.
  13. Me thinks you forgot a game on 2/19/19.
  14. Urm do my eyes deceive me or did UCF go from 7-4 in conferense on Saturday to 7-3 on Sunday. Temple also wnt from 6-3 to 7-4.