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  1. Azmodi

    Justin Burke to call plays

    My true fear is that Gilbert was just a symptom and not the true cause of our woes. I hope CCS can sit down and take a long look at this team. We need to replace out Strength Coach (As stated by others), also to reduce the injuries. Our OC is being replaced already. Take a hard look at our Defensive scheme. Perhaps we don't have to change the scheme but, we shouldn't be playing 5 to 10 yards deep every down. Teams will just hit 4 and 8 yard passes all game long on us as some did this year. I'd further emphasize tackling practice in every practice. This team needs to learn how to tackle and FFS please work on the timing so as to stop all the unnecessary penalties. That's my wish list for the team.
  2. I do no hate CCS. You have some issues with reading comprehension. I like CCS as a person (As much as I know of him), I'm not overly fond of his flip flop on the players and tossing them under the bus (which I believe he did). I hope he can right the ship on offense and stop all the silly penalties on both sides of the ball. I also think he will be good for USF if he can get things strait. I am not however convinced he's a good X's and O's Coach. Honestly, he doesn't need to be great at X's and O's as long and his OC and DC are. He just needs to be a great Manager.
  3. My BEEF is, I was making a comment about the class as a whole. It was an off the cuff comment about the fact that our HC flip flopped on the type of players he wanted and the strength of the class as well as previously recalled assurances that CCS would recruit better. Then people started complaining about my posting, you included. My only error was that the comments previously made weren't as positive and matter of fact as I had thought they were. I do apologize for my error there.
  4. Please read this topic. Can Coach Strong get us 4-star and 5-star players? While the comments about CCS recruiting 4 and 5 star players are far more passive then I recalled, {Perhaps read some more wild stuff on Bevo}, there were suggesting that he would be bringing in higher rated and stronger recruiting classes. My comments are in that thread as well. You can see I was just hoping for the best. My point is that some did think that CCS would be bringing in at least a couple 4 star players per class while perhaps not the 5 star players. The fact remains it was discussed even if it was less "mater of Fact" then I had thought.
  5. I love how every one is jumping up and down about a large recruiting class. I'll wait and see how they pan out. Also, many of you stated CCS would bring in a higher calibur of player and stated they'd be 4 and 5 stars, not my words. Now here you are minimalizing the differences between ratings. They were your words not mine but, when I remind people, I'm some sort of bad guy. Please try to stick to one side of the fence or the other.
  6. It's funny how the guys named in this thread as being standouts are undersized. Hmm. I alao don't see any 4 or 5 stars among our recruits. I recall people predicting CCS to bring in said 4 and 5 star players. I'm still waiting.
  7. Azmodi

    USF player in Jail

    It was a Red Herring. He couldn't show because his license was revoked. They were waiting for him to get behind the wheel. It was all a set up by Sterling Gilbert supporters.
  8. Azmodi


    I'd say that depends on the style of play and how they manage the league.
  9. Azmodi

    Marshall’s Defense

    Just as long as they don't punt come Monday morning.
  10. Azmodi


    Most of these stadium rental agreements have out clauses. USF has one with Raymond James. I'm sure that the new XFL franchise does as well. Thus if this new XFL franchise were to allied it's self with USF towards building a nice 45k seat stadium to which they would share expenses, I'm sure that could be made viable to both parties. Not to mention they could both gain extra revenue when the facilities are leased out for special events such as concerts and the like.
  11. Azmodi

    Marshall’s Defense

    I say let the Towel Girl call them If nothing else, it can be viewed as being progressive.
  12. Azmodi

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Doesn't say how much they're paying him. Up the price. I want an all out Air Raid Offense for the Bulls, with RB's catching passes out of the backfield and all.
  13. Azmodi

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Put that 400K to good use. Hire Yost from Utah State.
  14. I'm affiliated with Publix now. I'm in the know.