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  1. Nah, just winded from lack of practice. He'll be fine by bowl season.
  2. It's like a "Woodie" but infinitly smaller and surley nothing to croak about.
  3. Sorry to change the subject but, If the season doesn't happen. Can we hang a Conference Championship Banner or Co-Championship, since we would technicaly be undefeated and tide for the conference lead at the end of the season. Just wondering. I mean sure it's fantacy but, it worked for the Gnats east of us.
  4. Well I meant the invation. They've only been here to get a taste here and there.
  5. **** he got slow. There was a time he'd have out run that swab.
  6. There's a simple solution to your traffic worries. Drive on the roadway and leave the sidewalks, parking lots and peoples yards to the elderly. Problem solved.
  7. I just love all the rankings before the season even starts. Let alone everyone get some practices in. Just reminds me that everyone has an opinion. Opinions are like A-holes, some stink more than others.
  8. I won't believe this unless, Corey said it. Then it's real.
  9. I expect the QB who runs the fastest, can make his own holes and carry the most defenders will win.
  10. I expect Football to return June 1st, 2020. Lets get our horns sharpenned and our hooves shined.
  11. Yeah I've got a bad feeling about this game now.
  12. I didn't realize we were stacked at WR. Hope he catches on with someone we aren't playing.
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