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  1. WIll be at the game and the alumni tailgate
  2. When McCants drags that UCiF player 15 yards
  3. You suck ESPNU. Really? You change the game before they cut the nets down. You suck! Go Bulls!!!!’ Love the fight in this team!
  4. Thank you to all the seniors. I can stop my heart meds now that the season and this game is over. Great season can’t wait for next year. It’s a long off season.
  5. If Frost was still at UCF he probably would have stuck to his commitment. No complaints here. Happy holidays and welcome to the bulls family.
  6. Does anyone know how many of these signees will be early enrollees too? It is my understanding that Brian Norris and at least one other (Stacy Kirby?) will enroll in January which will open additional spots in the 2018 class? Are there others?
  7. I used to travel up to Gainesville and go to Gator games during growl. USFs started practicing the year after I graduated. Now I fly the USF flag proudly in front of my home (it is replaced with the Stars and Stripes during the summer).
  8. Regardless I will never root for him at his new place of employment.
  9. Maybe not more money but willing to spend more money. We will see when his contract is made public. Oregon offered up $4 million/year for 5 years. Let’s see what he gets from this job.
  10. Nice to see the P5 programs getting a taste of their own medicine by having their head coaches stolen by other P5 programs rather than them just stealing ours. There is a clear hierarchy even amongst the big P5 programs. Money talks
  11. ESPN would never allow a USF team to play a down FSU team with the good chance USF would win. That would be good for USF which would be no good for FSU, ESPN, or the NCAA.
  12. I like Tags and what he did to turn around our program. I am happy to root for him as the coach of Oregon but will never bring myself to root for FSU in any capacity. I will say that seeing both Tags and CJL on the sidelines of FSU would be an interesting sight.
  13. I’ll be there for 3 more. For everyone flying in, BWI is usually cheapest and is a hub for SWA. It is also the closest airport to the academy. Here’s hoping for the military against the ACC.
  14. I agree with much of what you say. You state that CSS came in to a stacked team led by Q. We all recognize this was the perfect storm situation for any coach to inherit. Perhaps Texas let him go a year early and the team will loose many seniors next season but Tags did leave the team stocked with depth and Strong is continuing to recruit well including couple of QBs for what should be a very open and fluid QB competition for next years starter. Is a P5 team going to take a chance for $5 million/year on a coach fired from Texas after 3 years for failure to thrive and potentially goes undefeated with a team that based on SoS and the past years record and returning starters was expected to go undefeated even with a coach not names Charlie Strong. I do agree that fans need to get behind and it has been an issue since the end of the the CJL especially the end of the BE. CSS is used to 90k fans in the stands the last time I checked 90k >>>>> 28k. Again, we do not know what we have in qb behind Q but the coaches do and I hope we start to see more in not so close games. What I am getting at is, is leaving USF for a P5 team that just fired their coach for not meeting expectations a better gig that hanging where he is for a little longer. He will not be leaving for the money as CWT did (I know it is not all about the $). We will have to wait and see what’s happens.
  15. I understand CCS may one day leave for a P5 program (Gators) but why would he leave now? He is making 5 million dollars a year this year and next and has a stacked team and depth. He doesn’t need the money. Why would he leave so quickly to go to a team with such high expectations that they fire their coaches every 3 years? I would think his time in Texas left a pretty bad taste in his mouth and would not be in such a rush to rebuild a team from the bottom up. If he is offered another job it will most likely be because their current coach could not meet expectations and was fired. I am hoping for at least 3 years with CCS and would love more. It is hard to justify paying multiple coaches at the same time not to coach (insert name of almost any P5 coach with a huge buyout that is not OK State). We have been there and done that and it sucks. CCS may one day leave for a bigger gig but it will not be for just any P5 school.
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