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  1. Shouldn't you be booing Feleipe Franks?
  2. And of course...socks and sandals
  3. Mine too....but actual value of $10-16
  4. gmanbull93

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    How much of a loser to you have to be to make over 2200 posts on another school's message board?
  5. gmanbull93

    7-0 defenders....where you at?

    I think the main source of the discontent has to do with the success of the school out in Oviedo. If they were average, you would not see the angst that you see. They have surpassed us by far and have been obnoxious in their way to that success. We might be down 64-12 by halftime.
  6. No cursing allowed here....That should appear as R******
  7. gmanbull93

    "No Access" to Club

    I am in 213 and my ticket with club access is usually checked at least 1 time a game...once the person at the door sees me once, they usually do not need to see my ticket again. I always wondered why the club access seating was not restricted like it is for the Bucs games and now I know...did not realize you could buy seats anywhere and mosey up to the club if you pay for the club access.
  8. gmanbull93

    Houston favored by TD+

    I think USF fans will get it up to double digits all by themselves. I just can't bet against us, but I sure was tempted to. Maybe there is some value the other way and take us on the money line.
  9. gmanbull93

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    And if we do beat Houston then I will be thrilled to be proven wrong about my opinion of us being ranked.
  10. gmanbull93

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    There are at least 25 teams better than us....probably 35 or 40. Baker realizes it...many USF football fans that realize that this 6-0 team could easily be 3-3 or 2-4. We are all fans and many of us support the team financially so we have a rooting interest. Nothing wrong with being realistic. Can anyone of the pollyannas feel confident against Houston, Cincy or Oviedo? As it stands now, we will get our butts kicked by all 3.
  11. Definitely the Rutgers game...last year at C. was the most disappointing...but I just kept saying the the other USF fans at that game....can't even be mad since we just witnessed one of the greatest college football games EVER. Houston at home last year was very upsetting also.