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  1. gmanbull93

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    JK spent all day at the Trop instead of USF...so there is that.
  2. I think we can go with the plan that he will be squeaky clean....two guys that he looks up to are Joe Gibbs and Tim Duncan....not bad people to try to emulate.
  3. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    Looks to be a great hire, local ties, has been on the big stage, a LRS guy...should be an exciting next few years to be a BULL
  4. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    lol...I was just telling my girlfriend yesterday how he told Death Row and a group of us behind them to go F themselves....proud day for me.
  5. gmanbull93

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Disagree...facts matter...as does actual attendance. He harps on it just like many of us do....because the lack of student and community support frustrates us like crazy. If it doesn't then you just don't care.
  6. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    Or I could continue to do the right thing, support the school and sit where my ticket instructs to sit.
  7. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    We are in 213...and they are checked most of the time entering the club....but anyone can sit in 213, 214 etc without any checks
  8. gmanbull93

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    That is not nothin’....thanks Genshaft’s and Savage’s
  9. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    The ticket price/donation will always be a tough pill to swallow for USF...for those of us in the West Club we are paying over $80 a ticket and any schmoe can get a $10 ticket and sit in one of the many empty seats. They may or may not sneak their way into the club, but it does irk me a bit that there is nobody checking tickets in the 200 level
  10. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    ****...I just did that yesterday. So yes, I accept the USF AD job. Thank you for asking
  11. gmanbull93

    New AD Search

    I have to hold out hope thinking that Higgins said he is not pursuing the job...does not mean that the job won't pursue him.
  12. gmanbull93

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Put me on Team Higgins...we need qualified individual that has a passion for USF and unfortunately that is a short list. Hopefully he wants the gig. Don’t want to see us hire another “guy” that is looking for his next job as soon as he gets his office set up here like Harlan did. Fundraising is critical and #55 would sure help in that arena....but there is so much more to the job than that and DB just does not have that administrative backgrond. Lee Roy did.
  13. gmanbull93

    AAC Tournament

    I think even if Montes gets that ball, the run scores anyway...FML
  14. gmanbull93

    AAC Tournament

    On a higher note...that Hali chick doing the interview/sideline work is a piece
  15. gmanbull93

    AAC Tournament

    Nobody can USF like USF...sigh, f-bombs...sigh