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  1. So our best QB is a wide receiver and our best pass catcher is a running back that could fit in my golf bag...Bulls Fever! Catch it!
  2. 2 thoughts... 1. We somehow may cover 2. I would like to hit the Cincy punter with a 7 iron. Go Bulls!
  3. Has anyone seen if there are pods of 3? I have 3 season tix and need 3 seats...not 2 or 4? My time is 9am on Thursday
  4. Anyone headed up to Capogna’s Saturday night?
  5. Not with your money...I will take that 21 and hope I lose miserably
  6. Mine have been going to the Promotions folder for gmail. I was missing them also
  7. Will be interesting..after having tickets for 20 years, I will be damned if my only available seats are in the upper deck. Guess I will find out 9/10. At least this will keep out a more dangerous virus than The Rona...UCF fans
  8. Very sad to hear of this...I have been to Capogna's a few times but never had the good fortune to meet him. All the best to his family. They are in my prayers.
  9. Good to see this. This alumnus will be there and bringing 2 friends.
  10. Much of the lack of development of Kean and CO falls on CCS and SG. The expectation should have been that Q would get us out to a huge lead in most of our games in 2017 and then Kean/CO would play a quarter or half in a lot of games last year...getting used to the speed and being exposed to some quality defenses. We know that due to stubbornness that Q was not allowed to cook until it was too late and we needed him in there for just about every minute of every game. Personally, I would like to see the Octavious Battle era start against Wisconsin....lets see what this kid can do against a
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