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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

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The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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  1. Are you aware that UA has 3 series of fit (Compression, Fitted, and Loose)in men’s tops? I find Loose fit to be pretty.much on size.
  2. The Sooner’s have been 17 & 2 (5 & 0 this year) since switching to those bizarre jerseys. Maybe the Bulls could switch to Jordan.
  3. Wrong, it’s impossible...UCONN plays at Rentzler Field which is in East Hartford not Storrs.
  4. Strong’s departure from USF will come the moment.. TBP’s check for $5,000,000 clears the bank.
  5. One of the worst was when honoring Jessica Dickson’s election to USF Athletic Hall of Fame During a MBB game, they incorrectly spelled her last name Dixon on the video board
  6. Is Julia a Cayman Island banker?
  7. So, somehow the Bulls are recruiting slow learners.
  8. If a student doesn’t live on campus, then they are a commuter...whether they get there by car, bus, motorcycle/scooter, train, bike/moped, skateboard, Segway, or walk.
  9. Delda...how dare you question the wisdom of a resident keyboard AD!
  10. “A good back makes his own holes. Anybody can run where the holes are.” Joe Don Looney
  11. What does the BB team lack that make it unlikely to even compete for the conference title? An OCA, IPF, or Strength & Conditioning Facility?
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