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  1. I see what Willie has done at FSU and wonder how much of his lousy start here was him and not Skip’s recruits. Remember, Taggart almost lost to Samford, with an m, at FSU.
  2. This weekly write ups along with live updates and highlights make it stand out.
  3. It was. I was with my future exwife, we exited a little early to beat traffic and get back to Sarasota.
  4. slick1ru2

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    They started a go fund me to pay off his buy out, lol. https://www.upi.com/amp/Sports_News/College-Football/2018/09/16/FSU-Seminoles-fans-set-up-GoFundMe-accounts-to-buy-out-Willie-Taggart/7721537126349/
  5. I saw Stevie Ray Vaughn at Curtis Hixon back in the day and the only guy standing in the entire audience is about 4 rows in front of me. Hes not only standing up, he’s standing in his chair. I finally get fed up and wad up my paper cup and throw and hit him mid back. He turns around and glares down at the guy behind him and he shrugs and says it wasn’t him. Then everyone says “Sit DOWN”. He does his tough guy glare at the crowd and then sits. Was that you?
  6. Now get out of Chi town like you stole it.
  7. slick1ru2

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Taggs buyout is $27 million, 85% Of remaining contract.
  8. slick1ru2

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Nebraska is losing to Troy.