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  1. From the nursing home I was in. They had a patient has positive while I was there, they left a basilica on March 31, and they tested positive after leaving, but I’m 13 days out with no symptoms. I left the facility last Saturday so I have no symptoms so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for all the well wishes.
  2. and now physical rehabilitation in-patient. Gallbladder out. Anyone got game links?
  3. He interfered in the investigation. The grown-ups had the last say.
  4. Uh, this part of the thread is about what CWT needs to be successful. Not USF.
  5. What other nfl starting rb came from USF? He needs stellar talent to succeed.
  6. His offense requires a starting NFL quality RB to work.
  7. Just switched from Vue to FuboTV, which doesn’t have espn. Not missing this at all.
  8. Best concert I ever saw was in old Tampa Stadium, Pink Floyd, In the 80s and the weather was like this, cool and clear.
  9. Yeah I was thinking he probably has his yacht in Tampa Bay and he’s watching the game on the back of it.
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