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  1. He was the biggest victim of Sterlin Gilbert's Offensive system. Johnson was so talented catching the ball he reminded me a little of Marshall Faulk's style, he was so versatile. All those 1 yard dives up the middle his senior year cost him. That kid had 5th round talent or better. I'm glad he made it.
  2. I don't think we've seen a November victory since 2017 when we beat Tulsa at home. Anything more than a 4 win season is hard to imagine. CJS has a lot to prove. I think he needs another year of OJT.
  3. This is the best move for McCloud. He looked really good in his last game so he'll have some options. I hope he finds success.
  4. If college payed players directly I assume they would be staff employees at that point that just work for the school. Being a student should be optional once it's an actual job which makes me think the 4 year eligibility thing would go out the window. I think college football would collapse if that happens.
  5. He had a decent game at Memphis I think and then not much else after. Did he get the covid before the houston game? I would've like to see him get more playing time this year.
  6. I'm not a paywall expert but i would guess they see the same IP address making a read request.
  7. In his last outing (Houston I think) he was something like 0-10 on 3rd down before the game was out of reach. He Hasn't had 2 good games in a row so he's hardly a lock for the job. But he played very well yesterday, he proved he is capable. Now he needs to show consistency.
  8. I don't know anything about Gregg Marshall but remember Craig Marshall? ...that guy was a baller
  9. yea and before that i saw three different times 3rd and 6 where on the first they have that perfect call to Brinkman and he dropped it and then the next two times we had 3rd and 6 they tried to force it to him in double coverage. That young OC we have makes Sterlin Gilbert look like Chip Kelly.
  10. 3rd down play calling and 3rd down execution...it's as bad as we think and then some.
  11. He **** the bed on Paxton Lynch...that kid wanted to be here. Memphis football owes gratitude to Skip whether they know it or not. Memphis was a joke before that kid. We know the impact that one good QB can make.
  12. I've grown to think "bend don't break" is synonymous with "play scared so the loss is moral victory". In the modern era of QB and defenseless player safety, defensive players and coaches need to do whatever it takes to suffocate the ability of the opponent to move the football. Good defense finds ways to frustrate the opponent. Letting your opponent have some success and hope they falter on their own defies anything competitive . "Bend don't brake" becomes "give them an inch and they take a foot". It just doesn't work anymore maybe it never did.
  13. If we ever play UB on the road remind me not to buy an end zone seat in that awful stadium...with the track around the field the end zone seating looks like it's 50 yards from the field...awful
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