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  1. That Memphis game was great for the first 4 minutes...
  2. I think they could since CJL been a DC for so long I think he's happy coaching defense and being close to his mom. Who knows.
  3. Taggart + Leavitt. I would forgive all if this happened. If Willie gets to come home then he can bring the Jim.
  4. this is why coaches in the AAC shouldn't make more than a million per year. We overpay them and get 0% loyalty. HC Salaries are getting out of control: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/10/22/college-football-surprising-numbers-coaches-salaries-report/4008486002/
  5. I'm planning on it. Wouldn't take much to talk me out of it. Last big road game I missed was Wisconsin in 2014 so who knows.
  6. I heard this agent, Jimmy Sexton is the guy who bids up all these ridiculous guaranteed money deals. I hate this guy. He's like Jerry McGuire on crack . https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/14239090/jimmy-sexton-college-football-power-broker-scenes
  7. You're right. It's me believing the rumor that his full salary is guaranteed. If that rumor turns out to be bs I'll be happy. I'd love to be wrong and so would everyone speaking to that rumor. I couldn't afford my wife if i worked for USF so no i'm not in the Administration.
  8. He's not Mr. Right, he's Mr. Right now cause we don't have money to fire him. As long as MK doesn't extend him I'm okay with him coming back next year. His pay is a sunk cost at this point.
  9. Student athletic fees are high because 95% of the alumni will never give another dime after graduation so this is a necessity. I fund a scholarship through the Alumni Association and i feel like that directly support athletics because i help pay those fees for a student in need. My company matches my donations so it's only a small amount per paycheck that goes directly to the USF foundation. We have such a large Alumni base and so many good students in need i just don't get the apathy from the our alumni.
  10. I don't believe in moral victories either. I'm not happy. But what I saw was encouraging. This team is not free falling the way the 2012/2018 teams did. Charlie will be back because we can't buy him out and I'm not happy about that either. Now if we get blown out next week I'll be unhappy and not encouraged again. Seems like every time I get encouraged it's followed by a SMU or Navy type game. Will we be encouraged or hopeless at season's end? That's the only thing left to watch for.
  11. The numbers are sobering. In 2017 we moved just above Memphis followed by a new current downward trend. Makes me think we'd be north of 55 mil in Revenue had we continued winning 10 football games a year. Honestly I'm optimistic about the future in that many of our fans today weren't around in 2012. This is our 7th year of the AAC, either we join a better conference or we become a winning team again and raise the profile of the conference. Right now we're actually weakening the profile of a conference many think were too good to be in. We need to win this thing with a slow growing fan base who weren't here in the good old days.
  12. Pitt, our brothers? that ended about as good as the Cain and Abel relationship. I hope they bottom feed in the ACC for all eternity.
  13. He doesn't seem to commit to run or even roll out of the pocket fast enough. It's like he's indecisive when he needs to react quickly. Also, he got bailed out a few times by playmakers stopping on routes to track the ball and high point catch it. Eddie Mcdoom had that big 40 yard play right after two horrible throws. He just hasn't looked good enough to keep Rygol on the sideline.
  14. The game was a pleasant surprise even with the painful ending. I expected that they would embarrass us like SMU did. McCloud is still not the answer but I'm impressed how the team has not quit. Around here we know the look of a team that's quit...this team is still fighting and it's nice to see.
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