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  1. We were the model for upstarts ... now we need to stop being a cautionary tale. CJS has a lot of work ahead of him.
  2. For Taggart, USF was three jobs ago...seems like a short time ago for us. Mike Hampton is prob the only fifth year senior that was here when CWT was our coach...I really wanted to see CJL in person for this one...to see the look on his face when stuff goes bad for us...to see if he's smiling...i hope he's on TV a lot
  3. The team who doesn't run out of long snappers first will win.
  4. Magic Eight ball says, "Have a good day if you want to!" ... I guess nobody has it better than us.
  5. A cancelation would be a blessing for sure. Practice fundamentals for two weeks, tackling, pass coverage where you actually know where the ball is when it's in the air. maybe long snapper tryouts. Hell go to vero beach and do some remember the titans team bonding sh**. just don't do whatever happened before Saturday because that didn't work.
  6. When that point spread move down to 23.5 this morning that was just a trap. who took USF and the points probably didn't see the '19 Wisky game. I hoped for better but honestly i wouldn't bet a single dollar even if the spread moved to 40+. If Vegas wasn't taking bets on Clemson-Citadel then USF-ND should've been unbetable. that 26 spread was a total trap and somebody lost their butt today.
  7. I was excited we got on ESPNU last week. Playing on Hallmark channel in between romance movies would be a national TV win in my book.
  8. @NewEnglandBull kudos for the bookmarking that audio. I got though the first 4 minutes and gave up on boredom. I can't believe that went on for 40 minutes...painful
  9. I was at the Camping world bowl or whatever that was against Iowa State and I just don't understand why Ian Book is back this year. He looked NFL ready to me in person. I was right over the tunnel where they ran in at the end of the game and my son yelled "hey Kelly, why don't you play USF again!" because I told him too and know i regret it. This whole game might be my fault and im having buyers remorse.
  10. I kinda like the green helmets with white jerseys...it's been a while since we've seen that
  11. They couldn't spare a single Pumpkin for USF? Must be a shortage on mini pumpkins.
  12. At least watching this is better than NFL network who spends hours psycho analyzing Tom Brady interceptions...I'd rather watch this big time program on the rise...even looks they have a war flamingo looking thing
  13. They're stadium reminds me of my ball state road trip...isn't this the 2nd time were seeing Campell? Never heard of them now there on like Ohio state
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