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  1. I don't know anything about Gregg Marshall but remember Craig Marshall? ...that guy was a baller
  2. yea and before that i saw three different times 3rd and 6 where on the first they have that perfect call to Brinkman and he dropped it and then the next two times we had 3rd and 6 they tried to force it to him in double coverage. That young OC we have makes Sterlin Gilbert look like Chip Kelly.
  3. 3rd down play calling and 3rd down execution...it's as bad as we think and then some.
  4. He **** the bed on Paxton Lynch...that kid wanted to be here. Memphis football owes gratitude to Skip whether they know it or not. Memphis was a joke before that kid. We know the impact that one good QB can make.
  5. I have no problem paying tax so all kids can have school. My kids are 25 and no grand kids yet...The thing i have a major problem with is the large number of ex-principals who make six figure salaries that have jobs at the school district headquarters that don't do squat...Like many things in life the benefit goes to the people running things...
  6. I've grown to think "bend don't break" is synonymous with "play scared so the loss is moral victory". In the modern era of QB and defenseless player safety, defensive players and coaches need to do whatever it takes to suffocate the ability of the opponent to move the football. Good defense finds ways to frustrate the opponent. Letting your opponent have some success and hope they falter on their own defies anything competitive . "Bend don't brake" becomes "give them an inch and they take a foot". It just doesn't work anymore maybe it never did.
  7. If we ever play UB on the road remind me not to buy an end zone seat in that awful stadium...with the track around the field the end zone seating looks like it's 50 yards from the field...awful
  8. We had 7 scoring drives. I bet we haven't done that in a few years. Having a decent kicker makes a world of difference for a team that struggles to move the ball inside the 30s when the field gets short. I'm happy for him.
  9. why does Joey still tweet to the tbtimes_bulls twitter account? shouldn't they delete that account or give it to that new guy (Purks I think). Maybe i don't know enough about how twitter works.
  10. The one sack i remember was a LB blitz by #5...I don't remember our DEs getting a single sack this year...haven't heard there names all year. #23 was pretty good against Citadel but i think he's interior line
  11. that's actually not a bad idea...a lot of kids get MBA degrees after majoring in something non business. I'm good with that too.
  12. Nah. I'm just one of the little people that are the engine behind capitalism and corporations. I like what i do but it's all about money as a business major. We need those artsy people in the world Frisco. I don't want USF to become one big business and Tech school...seems too one dimensional for me.
  13. I was very happy with the secondary. they were aggressive for once. no question they did some good things there during the bye week.
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