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  1. I choose win. CCS won't be here much longer win or lose because I don't think he wants to be here. We need a young, humble, and hungry coach and we won't have sustainable success until we have that. Replacing good next guy up coaches every 2-3 years is our best option until we find another 40 year old Leavitt. That's just our reality.
  2. He got pulled after the first series last year in our Bowl Game. I really wanted to see him play that full game.
  3. I'm hoping to see at least 5000 Wisky fans on the other side of the field. they only bought 1500 tickets through USF which concerns me. The Illini had at least 2-3k fans two years ago...I would think Badger fans would turn out for this.
  4. Steve Wallace was another guy with the gazoo helmet. He played for the 49ers.
  5. I would be happy with this...especially the salary. It makes no sense to pay a guy 2.5 mil in this league and finish in 8th place...that cannot happen.
  6. I hope CCS wins one more so somebody hires him away. I want him gone.
  7. A win this week would be as shocking as the 2013 win over UC was. I went back and looked at the stats for a laugh. Bobby Eveld threw for 122 yards with 0 TDs and our rushing attack of Michael Pierre and Marcus Shaw combined for 88 yards rushing and we won the game. The universe was not a Tommy Tuberville fan that day. I miss that guy.
  8. Our red zone efficiency is terrible this year per the eye test (i don't know the stats). And we've had so many drives that end on 4th and 1 it feels like.
  9. Am I the only one who thought we was going to miss that kick. I was at Rutgers in 2011 and watched our kicker miss basically from the same distance so i thought sh** here we go again. So many moments of this season have given me bad flashbacks.
  10. If we need TFLs on 1st and 2nd downs and force King to throw on 3rd and long. To me that's by far #1
  11. Blitz 10 guys and drop one guy into coverage...Don't let the ball pass the line of scrimmage...In fact, we should just do that the whole game.
  12. I'm sure they'll replay that moment several times during the game next week for us to see again.
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