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  1. pascobull

    Happy Anniversary

    That was 2013 so the overreaction is a little understandable. Before that Halloween game USF had no offense all year and White steps in and throws for like 350 yards or whatever. It was like a cold glass of water in the desert of a terrible season. I'm glad he's doing well at Western.
  2. pascobull

    2017 ECU game

    Were at 584 East 14th st. There's 7 in our group. The old purple car wash is gone but the lot remains.
  3. pascobull

    Team entrance

    Is gate C the opposite side over by the visitor seat section ? If so that's really dumb.
  4. pascobull

    2017 season tickets

    What was our peak total for selling tickets? I remember in 2009 the count was around 28,000 which now doesn't seem so bad.... USF should've spent that 75k OCS study money on ticket sale advertising and promotions.
  5. pascobull

    Made the times

    The wife and I saw that picture this morning. awesome. I asked about the IPF. I like that Strong favors the idea but it didn't seem like we're close to getting one.
  6. pascobull

    San Jose State game

    We paid about 800.00 for 2 tickets. I don't remember the airline right now but I know we fly into Dallas first then on to San Jose. We're gonna be out there 5 days I think. and then we're going to Tulane in October so this 2017 season gonna be expensive for me.
  7. pascobull

    Charlie Strong

    Man...you're not lying...I havent done **** today
  8. pascobull

    See You At The Game

    Gates open at 7am...that means Baileys and coffee for me...we're doing a breakfast tailgate in lot 1...wife usually makes breakfast burritos then we drunk til noon...Bullpenners always welcome.
  9. pascobull

    Defense is near unwatchable right now

    Great win but what a sh!t show on defense. .Woodie Is no DC
  10. pascobull


    I feel like I have to assume the crash position and brace for impact everytime we need Temple to lose. I can't believe we're doing this again
  11. pascobull

    Away Sideline Looks Better (TV)

    It was definitely better. Nice Navy fan turnout. I park on north side and navy fans were out in force. nice to see...
  12. pascobull

    Any Pasco County Bulls

    You got my vote.
  13. pascobull

    Looking ahead to UConn

    UConn has good run defense. Not sure we get 200+ yards on the ground...Mack and D'Ernest will be tested. I'd like to see Trevon Sands get some carries. We really haven't had a good look at him yet.
  14. pascobull

    USF Now Controls Its Own Destiney

    on 3rd and 13...our defense cant stop ECU...i wonder if D.Johnson can play defense too. our destiny is in good hands every time hes on the field. i wish he played the whole **** game. offense, defense, special teams...junk yard dog!
  15. pascobull

    Would you trade CWT for CLM straight up?

    CLM looks aged beyond his 62 years. He looks defeated to me. So no but best of luck to him.