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  1. Brad created TBP instead of Facebook...he made the correct choice. All other social media is total crap. #TBPBRAD
  2. I agree. This team has a lot to prove after last year. The whole offense has a lot to prove.
  3. This means we are the new UConn of the AAC. Thanks to CCS.
  4. We can't talk about terrible FCS teams without thinking of this 60 minute nail biter....I miss Marlon Mack
  5. Mike is probably a great driver. It takes skill to ride a moped on the sidewalk.
  6. I was @UF and @GT but it has been some of the recent noon games at home like the last FSU and GT home games where I felt ill by the 3rd quarter. I'm very afraid of getting heat stroke now. I've been in Florida since '88 and now that I'm 45 years old now and have high blood pressure I just can't take the heat anymore. I promised my wife we can leave at half time of any noon home game.
  7. I bet some players will opt not to play because of the risk. I would assume many walk on players will sit out a year. Football is very dangerous even without a virus so I respect any player who opts out. But if they choose to play and let me in the stadium I'll be there. I'm just not going to Austin...im not ready to sit with 100k people.
  8. I think he'll do well at Montana. I'm happy for him if he lands there.
  9. Was it Chris Cosh? If so I stand corrected and agree.
  10. I remember Spring 2012 like yesterday when Skip was bragging on the self discipline of our seniors in the off season conditioning...and then they got completely out hustled at the end of almost every game that year especially the last two minutes.
  11. That Memphis game was great for the first 4 minutes...
  12. I think they could since CJL been a DC for so long I think he's happy coaching defense and being close to his mom. Who knows.
  13. Taggart + Leavitt. I would forgive all if this happened. If Willie gets to come home then he can bring the Jim.
  14. this is why coaches in the AAC shouldn't make more than a million per year. We overpay them and get 0% loyalty. HC Salaries are getting out of control: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/10/22/college-football-surprising-numbers-coaches-salaries-report/4008486002/
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