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  1. This is by far my biggest concern. CWT recruited well during his two losing years. I'm not seeing that this time around and it's very concerning.
  2. Not Experience at that level. CCS never wanted to be here and it was obvious. Org would not be motivated to win an AAC crown and I would not expect him to. Never again I say. We might not survive what CCS did to this team.
  3. I'm all in on the IPF and Athletics buildings but 0 percent confident that OCS is a good idea. No way we build an OCS after that crowd yesterday. It looked like a spring game yesterday.
  4. I was surprised with the 4th and 12 fake field goal...I thought 4th and long he'd take the points there
  5. I have to assume he's FCS bound. I hope he does well at his next stop.
  6. This may be the first time I've heard a coach mention specific point spreads after losing games. Coach might've said a little too much in this article. I hope he wins Saturday but if he doesn't this article could be his "Nathan, weren't we just 7-0?!?" moment
  7. The victor in this game could easily win by 3 TDs and be either team...I wouldn't touch this.
  8. That was painful to re watch. So many missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. Glad it's a bye week. I need a week off after re seeing all that. It wasn't all bad. Those cheerleaders in the cowgirl boots were fun to watch for 4 quarters too bad they weren't in the game video more.
  9. Finebaum knows how to craft a soundbite...he knows if he just says the absense of Trevor Lawrence is the problem then noone will retweet...he has to say something unsual to appear insightful...unless CJS was gonna play QB for Clemson this year he would've made little difference as Co assistant OC.
  10. Glad you're okay @Ricky the Bull I take my blood pressure meds every day. Everyone here should check blood pressure regularly. Mine was high long before i had symtoms.
  11. I would've dropped a "me no likey" emoji on this comment but couldn't get past the irony
  12. +4 for the Alumni tent and game... too bad it's not a night game...looks like the low for Sat should be 67 degrees.
  13. C- At seasons end a 4-8 record will get a passing grade this year maybe 3-9 depending how the rest of the season goes. I keep hearing only 16 players in the defensive rotation so depth may be an issue. If Grier & Boyles & Mims stay healthy and coach finds a scheme where Daquan Evans doesn't get toasted on every long ball then 5 wins is in reach. Evans had a nice pick six last year. He needs to find a way to pick some of these long balls off because every opposing OC is gonna key on him until he makes somebody pay. Same thing with our safety Matt Hill on long crossing routes, he's gonna get tested early, he's got to come down with one of those.
  14. i bet that spread ticks down to -17 by mid week. I would take USF and the points here.
  15. "Winning culture" is such a nebulous phase. If that includes improving before winning then I have to agree with you. I wasn't happy with Saturday's results but this team does look better than this time last year.
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