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  1. 206BULL

    Money League?

    I'm in for a money league, it always makes it a little more interesting and since we are starting from scratch this year there isn't a better time to convert.
  2. 206BULL

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    If your original post was meant as sarcasm then why make the ******* thread? This board has a huge axe to grind against Joey and while he’s no GA I just don’t get it. So yea maybe I’m dense for sticking up for someone who gets a lot of unfair grief from this board for just doing his job. Maybe I should just start reading all posts on this board complaining about USF or the lack of perceived respect from the local market as sarcasm from here on out? On that note I’m done with this thread and out of respect for Brad this board for awhile. Like he mentioned there are no need for personal attacks here and while I may have perpetuated it originally; I am big enough to admit that the terms “you must be blind” and “dense” were not necessary in this thread. On that note enjoy your Sunday and have a great week, could give two fucks what you think about myself or Joey I’m just saying there is no need for this base to nitpick at every little thing someone does to provide for his family; especially when it’s more likely than not cause by his employers an not himself. And just an FYI as someone who’s only connection to USF happens to be that he lives in the Tampa area and works for a local paper; Joey doesn’t owe this fan base ****.
  3. 206BULL

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    When did Baker switch from UF? And the blind statement is in reference to why TBT would be covering Tags at FSU and not Holtz at La Tech. You can’t be dense enough to not see the difference in the TBT’s view point.
  4. 206BULL

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    It’s definitely a WT/larger local audience thing. He’s also just going to where he is told to do so by his editors. If you can’t see the difference between WT at FSU and SH at LA tech you’re blind. That said, I think Joey has probably earned himself a promotion (just or not) to the FSU beat this summer. Between his connections to Taggart's staff from his time here and much to the surprise of those on this board he is also one of the times too college beat writers. Call it a gut feeling...
  5. 206BULL

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    I’ll be honest I thought long and hard before including Bobby because of that Miami W, but he was 8-15 with 120 yards in that game and the rest of his statuesque career places him firmly in the blunders column IMO. No fault of his own as he should never have been a BCS starting QB.
  6. 206BULL

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    There a ton of great plays while I was in schools at USF (The joys of being a student from fall ‘05 through Winter ‘08). The one that always comes to mind first is the Moffitt Pick 6 against WVU. That Grothe to Hester TD at Auburn was a thing of beauty as well. All of Amarrii Jackson’s plays against Louisville in ‘05. The Lejiste hit at FSU in ‘09. K-Webb’s TD vs ND. Blunders: All snaps taken by Matt Floyd and or Bobby Eveld.
  7. 206BULL

    Welcome Joyesugly

    I originally read the username as "Joeysugly" lol welcome to the board.
  8. 206BULL

    Rodney Adams retired?

    Good for him, there is a lot more to life than playing this game. Wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.
  9. 206BULL

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    Considering the media only gets to see 10 minutes of practice I’m not worried. They aren’t announcing a starter until a week or two before the season starts no matter what because the staff controls the narrative. Wait til next Saturday to see the difference, don’t worry though Oladokun will win out.
  10. 206BULL

    ****! Rams release Kayvon Webster

    Haha it’s coming. Worst case we can franchise him next year but we have $90 mil in cap for ‘19 and $120 mil in ‘20. Honestly I think Suh and Talib will be the only players we acquired this year plus Donald/Gurley/Goff that aren’t in LA past this year(Suh) or next (Talib). Those Quinn and Tree trades free up over $20 mil each of the next 2 years, somehow with Goff being the last piece(will get the most out of Donald/Peters/Cooks/Gurley) it worked in our favor to keep a young core for a long time.
  11. 206BULL

    ****! Rams release Kayvon Webster

    Agreed it’s been a whirlwind of an off season that’s for sure. If we can get two solid LBs I’m ok with Ebakum starting on one edge. Might actually be a good fit to take a flier on Auggie later in the draft where he could focus on being a run stoping MLB and not worry so much about coverage. Finges crossed K Webb makes it back close to 100% and that this may finally be the year we get back to the Super Bowl.
  12. 206BULL

    ****! Rams release Kayvon Webster

    The injury hurt him and with all the moves the Rams made the last month this was strictly cap related. Rams held on to him long enough for a portion of his salary to guarantee($500,000) but they still save $4 million in cap space and the Rams will need it for a couple LBers(or 3) and they don’t pick til round 3 after the Cooks trade. With his injuries he may miss 80% of 2018 anyway and it being the last year of his contract this has been rumored for a while. Hope he focuses on getting back to healthy and would love to see him sign back up with the Rams. I even think I saw he was going to have a food truck at Rams games this year just earlier today 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. 206BULL


    Fair enough, I'll leave the lightning capital as Ft. Meyers and Tampa can be #2; at least from 2016. I will no longer refer to Tampa as the Lightning nor Strip Club(Portland) capitals even if I hear others refer to them as such from here on out...
  14. 206BULL


    We’ve needed an IPF for over a decade. It is still dumbfounding to me that a team in the lightning capital of the world doesn’t have one. We have I lead the nation in practices cancelled due to weather events.
  15. And that ties into the competition aspect that I mentioned.