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  1. Tick Tock Tuesday’s at The Greenery and Tia’s Power Hour we’re weekly staples. Copper Top was always a good time. I lived at Summit West for a couple years so that Applebees on 56th and Fowler was always good for 2 for 1s and then a stumble home. Used to also spend a lot of time in Carrolwood at Big O’s, Wild Wings(not BWW), Primetime and O’Briens.
  2. Looked to check last night. I always watch when I’m home or what not but I no longer schedule my Saturdays around Bulls football.
  3. Wonder if he ever used them when he got to La Tech. He probably had 30 of them saved up from his stint here.
  4. Better than when we used to save them for the second half…
  5. Allegiant Stadium… Oh sorry, you meant USF related. I hope them team fights, even though we are most likely to lose in a route I’d like to see the team fight til the end no matter the score. This year is coach Scott’s year 1 as far as I’m concerned(no way you can hold a COVID year that was also his first year at the helm of the program against him.
  6. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched more than a couple games a year the past few years. I’m not seeing that changing this season unfortunately.
  7. It’s loaded in there already. It’s reverse order of last years standings
  8. Our goalie needs to stop traveling so far from the goal. It’s going to bite us a lot more this season than it’s going to help.
  9. Sunday is infinitely better than Saturday haha! I just emailed you the keepers as well as his yahoo account info for BullsOnParade. He gave me cash yesterday so I just paid for him via PayPal as well.
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