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  1. He came from Texas with Chuck though. I’m not sure Gilbert has ever been in the same room as Tags. Gilbert will do ok at Cuse, pretty sure he was running what he was told to run here.
  2. “My name is Mike Ford and I like to smoke weed” is an exact quote from Mike during a class ice breaker in one of my classes in 07.
  3. I mean I hope all of our coaches do well. Is that not considered cheering for them?
  4. Skip went from CUSA to BCS, these coaches(not head coaches) being brought in are going from CUSA to CUSA part 2, I fail to see the comparison.
  5. I wonder what Ben Moffitt’s reaction to the hire was... Edit: Also, weird having our second “Yankee” on staff after Tino helped with the baseball team. Going to deal weird cheering for Pat, considering he was WVU’s QB every single year I was in college.
  6. So, you’re saying that in the history of the CFP every coordinator hired to a new school stayed through their playoff run aside from 1?
  7. Having stopped by the dispensary and bought myself an OZ of weed for Christmas on Monday, I would like to make my high prediction as well. This team wins 4 games next year.
  8. And this is why people are so disappointed during the season.
  9. Did we ever decide on a payout for this league? Not sure how it paid out last year. However, I’m a little more curious this season. Winner take all, 2nd gets money back and 80/20 are all fine by me. Good season y’all and good game Brad. CMC, Perriman and Tannehill has me verbosity all week.
  10. Yea, it’s an interesting setup and gets even mor so during the NBA Summer League. Hadn’t been to a game other than the Summer league at Thomas&Mack or Cox prior to Thursday. Was weird yesterday with the UNLV Men’s team playing at the same time as our game. Hope to have Any and all USF teams back out In the future. It was nice watching the ladies out here, my only gripe was the Thursday game started at 4.
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