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  1. 206BULL

    Cigar City finds its way to desert

    ****, I'm staying closer to Glendale this weekend. Would have dropped by to grab a couple after the game Saturday but that's a little too far out of the way.
  2. 206BULL


    I want to say the Vikings will be our first test but I'm not sure. I wonder how many people make the drive up from SD in their Rams gear for that "Battle of LA" this team sure is fun to watch! Edit: Not sure if the Vikings are our first test because we're that loaded.
  3. 206BULL


    It usually pays off. I typically dont bet the Rams though, I may need to start
  4. 206BULL


    After last week this one should drop a little. Sitting on it until I head out of town Friday after work to see what kind of movement there is.
  5. 206BULL

    Blake Barnett

    Pumping this much hype into Barnett is only going to lead to disappointment. You're expectations after 3 games against ****** teams can very well prove true or very well prove not. This is like arguing why USF is going to go undefeated, then when it doesn't happen you'll ***** and moan. Just enjoy the ride, Barnett has A LOT to improve before sniffing an NFL practice squad let alone the 4th round of the draft.
  6. 206BULL

    Blake Barnett

    Yea, trying to throw the ball through the reciever on slants isn't going to work much longer. Even on some of the deep passes he overthrew open receivers. I didnt see it as the camera angle wasn't there but on one of the FG drives the announcer mentioned Clearvoux wide open in the endzone when Blake forced it to the other side of the field. Technically, this is what his 3rd game at the college level(not countin his handful of plays in one game at Bama) so hopefully he can work on these things.
  7. Anyone else feel like this season has a "Friday Night Lights" feel? Not sure coach Taylor's teams ever won without some sort of come back...
  8. *More whiskey sounds good. 6 seconds left come on D one more play. Just line up on the **** goal line for all I care.
  9. At least the D has stepped up on this side of the field and prevented Illinois from finishing drives much of the game...
  10. Salomon for 6! We may escape with this game but Barnett needs a big bounce back next week. Terrible touch on his passes, telegraphing and over throwing a lot of open deepthrows today. We deserved to lose this one, just need one more stop from the D.
  11. Francois is not a good fit. He needs to put Blackmon in. Edit: Broken foot coming soon?
  12. 1) Strongest Bulls unit, RB or WR? WR2) What do you like most about Blake Barnett? That he's undefeated. 3) What concerns you most about Blake Barnett? Still very much unproven. He can just as easily flame out as he can become successful. 4) Favorite tailgate beverage? Beer or a whiskey diet.5) What is your guess on the greatest number of members to sign up at TBP in one day? Probably right around 100 back in 07.