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  1. If we play this year we may not play 8 games total. Fall is too far off to make plans for these days.
  2. Sure there will be; two months ago. Look where that has gotten us.
  3. My dispensary now delivers my weed to me. And to top off the good news just as I was running short from my last purchase, they started giving deals on their bulk products again. Just wish the weed would have got here before the pizza....
  4. Assuming we have a season, it will be an abbreviated one. 4.5 seems generous, I wish the sport book apps were still open out here... I’d load up on the under.
  5. Maybe I’m just pessimistic (sports being cancelled on your birthday will do that to a guy) but this is feeling like a lost season, especially for those spring sports that haven’t started or are just getting under way. I can see basketball and hockey jumping right into the playoffs with current seeding over the summer potentially, but where are we playing the world series when the baseball season starts in August?
  6. Since the only reason I qualify is because I haven’t filed last years taxes(Yay for the filling deadline being pushed to July too); I plan on taking that money and buying a bunch of supplies for my neighbors who lost their casino jobs 2 weeks ago. After the initial shock We’re starting to get busy with people looking to buy security film. My office assistant had his hours cut and my installers are making a little less, while busy enough to survive we’re still slower than normal for this time of year at the moment, but thankfully my salary has yet to be effected. So while as a Centrist I’m not 100% on board with these payments I’ll at least put mine that I don’t need to good use.
  7. One of my employees posed this same question last week. He was really sick in January and I was the first week of the month(no one in Vegas has tested positive yet and it was a joke that I had it) and he wonders if we both didn’t have it. We were both pretty out of it for a week.
  8. Haha I was fairly certain you were joking, hence the tennis facility jab. I want to say Lake Las Vegas area? I’m 10 minutes away from them. Can barely tell I’m in Vegas, until I have to head into the office(a mile from the new stadium) and 2 miles from the south end of the Strip).
  9. So, just because Trumps wife wont let him within 3 feet of her Your wife is following suit? If Malania told her to build a tennis facility would she do it?
  10. AAF got DJ in the league and XFL got Nichols another shot so they didn’t die in vain(Coronavirus bought the XFL one more season).
  11. Kind of hoping for a shutdown, a paid 2 week vacation hiking with my dogs sounds like a dream. Sounds like a good quarantine to me..
  12. Yea, this feels like a 2 month thing China’s basketball league is getting ready to start again after a 10 week hiatus.
  13. Attendance is just the start. After the NBA’s decision last night it’s only a matter of time before all sports leagues (professional and amateur) shut down until this thing is over.
  14. Hoping for a good game. I’d hate to get too day drunk while working from home on my birthday...
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