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  1. Crazy, he was only a couple years older than me. Life’s too short... I remember that a couple years ago, even before the hurricane that cost us a year in TBP Keeper League, it sounded like he had other things going on. And this year, he dropped out completely, this makes me think it must have been health related. Gonna miss having Coach Dozer around. Can’t imagine not making it out of my 30’s, ****.
  2. Nothing like a tall glass of Woodford and copious amounts of weed at 9 am to help get me through a Bulls football game.
  3. If I wanted to cheer for a FCS school I wouldn’t have transferred to USF from EWU after my freshman year in 2006. Sure there were a lot of non sports reasons but being in the Big East was something to be proud of.
  4. We’re 4 games into a serious rebuild, relax a little. Sure, one could argue we should always be better than ECU but odds are they Have more talent than we do at the moment. Give the program a couple years, Scott may not be the answer but it’s too early to tell. Dropping to FCS isn’t the answer. Yesterdays game was painful to watch, I get it(only game this season I’ve watched all 4 quarters of, thanks to the weather finally being in the upper 80’s/low 90s to use my new patio setup) and I’m probably checking out for the season entirely after Tulsa, but as with most of Charlies tenure I’ll be bac
  5. Not that I’m against keeping only 5. But your idea of building a dynasty is intriguing. What if the league winner has to keep their entire roster, sure they keep a championship roster but they also miss out on replacing their filler players as well. If I would have had to keep my entire roster from last year I’d have had to keep guys like Boston Scott and Dion Lewis and other people who were only relevant due to injuries to handcuffs. I also would have missed out on promising rookies like CeeDee Lamb, Ruggs and Antonio Gibson, it’s kind of a gift and a curse thing. Edit: Is Mike B
  6. Auburn was my personal favorite but I’ve admittedly been to a small handful of road trips. Enjoy the blood samples, I’m driving anyway so I don’t have to board my dogs for the weekend. Closest USF football game to me since Reno when I lived in Twin Falls(and I missed it for a wedding on Priest Lake because my best friends don’t know when to get married). Looking forward to weekend in SLC, it’s been a couple years since I’ve been. Edit: I will also take orders for full alcohol content beverages so y’all aren’t stuck drinking that near beer **** they sell in stores in UT.
  7. We were never winning this game, nor are we going bowling(never were) but 3rd and 13, is it too much to hope to hold them to a FG?
  8. When you gettackled by your downfield blocker on a big run...
  9. The over at 48 has me banking on that after our first offensive series.
  10. Going to switch to the hard stuff, maybe mix in some edibles. Looking like it’s going to be a long game.
  11. Hope y’all get swept personally but maybe I’m still a bit bitter from last week.
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