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  1. I’ll take a couple of them. Will 100% use them for decorations, I’ll let you know the exact number this evening but thinking 2 or 3.
  2. Haha, yea it should be. More worried about sun and heat damage but I can build a a cover over the side yard that I’ve started putting brick pavers down on. Coffee table isn’t too custom haha. I’m the Operations Coordinator for a tinting company, so I literally need to pay my graphics guy to cut it out of some dusted crystal and pay one of my installer a couple bucks to install it, it’ll run me like $50 haha. The expensive part comes when I commission a muralist to come paint some sports logos among other things on my back fence (100’ long).
  3. Kind of did the same to my covered patio in May. Not really USF themed other than USF corn hole boards and I’m going to have my graphics guy create a printed iconic U On the center curtain behind my sectional(curtains are there to block the glare on the TV I mounted out there) and make me a frosted logo To put on my glass coffee table out there. Might get some USF themed lights, but I have a bunch of extra growlers from the breweries down the street(not refilling during COVID) so I might turn a few of them into patio lights. I have jerseys and photos hanging in the living room so I’m probably not going to hang any outside. That pool table someone else posted looks bad ass, I may just have to figure out a place for it out there. I’m ready to spend countless hours out there watching sports.
  4. You are missing my point. Yes all teams had a long layoff; no all teams aren’t going to be scrambling to learn a new playbook in less than a month if the season is played. You’ve seen how long learning a new playbook takes first hand through our coaching changes. Now subtract 2-3 months of hands on learning. Our lack of a spring practice is different than Cincy, UCiF, Houston, etc. Edit: For context I was out on Skip after year one(that includes the Clemson Win) and Strong 3 games into his second year(and we still won a few That season after I bailed on him) and road Willies bus into being labeled as a Blind Eternal Taggart Optimist(BTW did that one guy ever walk from Lithia to the stadium like he said he would?). I’m not sure how Jeff Scott is going to play out but he’s going to need a couple years to implement his system and get his guys in and losing that much hands on coaching where you can correct technique, see the guys live and tweak your system is going to put us in a huge hole this season.
  5. Let’s just say I grew up on the Kemp , GP, Detlef, Hersey Hawkins, Big Smooth Sonics in the 90’s (206 being Seattle’s area code and all). Shawn Kemp’s beer gut was building before the lockout and He was notorious for dropping hundreds a night on food and drinks at the Keg down the street from my elementary school. Not an apples to apples comparison. Our kids are going to be out there thinking about what to do vs reacting to what is happening in front of them for at least the first few games. Playbooks take a long time to learn, when there is face to face instruction and implementation. Coach Scott can be a whiz at teaching online, but without repetition our players it won’t translate. Not sure how much Competitive football you played growing up but muscle memory and beating players to their spot are pretty important; and losing a split second to think about what you are doing vs reacting can be the difference between a TD and a 5 Yard loss.
  6. How many other teams have new coaches? Of those teams, how many in conference have as depleted a roster as ours? Spring was more important to us than most due to thecoaching change.
  7. Considering we lost an entire spring in which a new offense was to be implemented, I’d say it sounds right.
  8. Too bad Brooks had to drop out because his caddy tested COVID positive. Would have been interesting if they got paired together.
  9. Next weekend. Also didn’t he get drafted by the Mavs or did they trade for him on draft night? I honestly don’t remember much other than him being taken late 1st round.
  10. I’ll be honest your post just made me realize paper straws are a thing. I don’t think I’ve seen them here in Vegas; although I can’t tell you the last time I used a straw so I may have missed them. How many sips until the straw melts?
  11. ****, sports were canceled on my birthday this year; after I spent all winter turning my patio into an outdoor man cave to watch sports on.
  12. Don't think I'll be heading to the book to place that bet any time soon.
  13. Depending on how this all plays out Texas may only have 50% roster capacity at the beginning of the season too.
  14. Speaking of Skippy, my UNLV season tickets(honestly just bought them because they were a cheap way to see the new stadium) are row two behind the visitors bench and Skip’s in town the week before we play BCC. I may have to bring my first sign to a sporting event that day, if they’re letting fans in the stadium that is. At the very least I will probably heckle him a bit...
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