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  1. Proud to be a part of the largest student section in the Big East during my time on campus. Hell, we even camped out a night to get tickets to a game.
  2. I’ll be there and I’ll be bringing a bunch of normal percentage alcoholic beverages with me on the drive up, since Utah has lower % in the beer and liquor they sell. Just gotta make sure I pregame enough to make it through the entire game!
  3. Basketball is their only money sport, and to the people of Spokane they are basically a pro team, so these kids walk on water up there. It’s kind of the opposite of playing MBB at USF these days I’d imagine. Kids like to play in those environments and with Gonzaga owning their conference the past 3 decades on a pretty consistent basis, kids will keep wanting to go there. It’s the same with the Big East schools that split off from the rest of us for BB only.
  4. Haha I feel like I could but that just doesn’t seem right all things considered. I knew what I was doing when I traded those picks. Would feel kind of cheap if I kept them as 4th and 5th rounders.
  5. ECU making a little run but the Bulls should be ok from here. We have definitely been more of a second half team the last few games.
  6. Feels good to repeat as your champion. See ya’ll in my quest to threepeat next season. Good news for you guys, I don’t have the picks available to keep Kamara, Cook or Adams...
  7. When aren’t we in the UCONN region? Good thing we’re playing Tulsa, tonights win will look better than it should unless we pick it up in the second half.
  8. Since you lost that UCONN game the least they can do is give me a UNLV one. I mean, my UNLV season tickets are two rows behind the away team bench anyway so it just feels like the perfect fit Have you ever tried to get to Moscow? I think SDSU is an easier travel partner then U of I.
  9. I was 1 and 13 days later was no longer an only child. Oh the good ol’ days...
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