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  1. 206BULL

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Wait, I thought he was the best QB in USF history and we'd be lucky if he stayed a second year?
  2. 206BULL

    What should AD MK do?

    1. Fire everybody 2. Bring back CJL. With Judy retiring all prior administration ties are gone. 3. Run the table two years in a row to win the NC.
  3. Why would the losses upset me? I always so this as a team who lost a lot of Sr leadership who at BEST would lose a few games. The beauty if being a realist, you can watch the games for what they are.
  4. Do we hire him back after the ST takeaway?
  5. Now if only it could have come out for Xbox One or PS4, not buying a PS3 again just for one game...
  6. Naw, if you wait til after Christmas you get stuck with Skip Holtz...
  7. Just like I wasn't on the fire Tags bandwagon in year 2 I'll avoid that bandwagon in Strings 2nd year. Ya'll really need to temper your expectations, the games are a lot less gut punchy when you aren't expecting a team that just lost the highest producing QB in history to gi undefeated. Edit: the fact that I was "meh" about the Strong hire and still dont want him fired, yet those that lauded the hire do is hilarious to me. Keep doing you TBP.
  8. I just assumed the second sentence in.
  9. This team was always a 9 or 10 win regular season team. No need to see it for anything other than that. People will always have over-inflated expectations when it comes to their teams but we do need to get better at or reactions when a spade becomes a spade. There should be no reason to call for a coach of a 7-1 teams head.
  10. 206BULL

    Please Get Rid of Strong

    Lol is this thread that everyone with unrealistic expectations are going to vent? I'll grab my popcorn
  11. As a Red Sox fan, this 3rd down **** must be what other teams feel like when the Sox get down to 2 outs this post season.
  12. Oh look a huge gain on 3rd and long... imagine my surprise.
  13. Charlie Strong was mentored by Eric Taylor while in Texas.