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  1. We were never winning this game, nor are we going bowling(never were) but 3rd and 13, is it too much to hope to hold them to a FG?
  2. The over at 48 has me banking on that after our first offensive series.
  3. Going to switch to the hard stuff, maybe mix in some edibles. Looking like it’s going to be a long game.
  4. Hope y’all get swept personally but maybe I’m still a bit bitter from last week.
  5. Last week of triple digit weather and bars are still closed. Guess I’m watching this one in the living room. Can’t wait for FAU next Saturday when the high’s supposed to be 90; will finally get to break in my patio viewing area.
  6. Not sure of many things I could do to put 10’s of millions in the bank and regret it.
  7. Now that it’s official, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a 1 year “Prove It” deal next year at a reduced rate in hopes of cashing in in two years. I’m sure someone will pick him up for a year at around 5 mil to prove he can stay healthy and still produce.
  8. Tough, especially in his first contract year. Hope he heals up and gets a shot next year somewhere.
  9. Past the 15 yard line? My how expectations have fallen, used to be we just wanted a kicker who could get it in the end zone.
  10. At least here in Vegas that’s usually the case.
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