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  1. Two finalists from Rutgers Brunswick? Seems odd.
  2. Didn’t we have a better record than both of them? That’s garbage.
  3. For those that follow other conference games, ECU just tossed a perfect game against Maryland. Yikes. The same pitcher was also one pitch away from a no hitter against Ole Miss last week.
  4. I think we have the offensive talent to put up big numbers under Bell's system. I have no clue at all how to feel about defense. Progress is what I want to see, if that means 7 wins against a better schedule than last year or more. Last year we saw regression with little to no adjustments.
  5. Durr's screens are something that have stuck out to me this season. He gets really lazy with them and I'm surprised he hasn't been called on it more but I think it'll be an aspect that should be easy to fix in the offseason.
  6. 20 wins is not out of the realm of possibilities for this season by any means. That's INSANE!!!!! Even with a soft non conference schedule I would have never guessed this. So proud of this team and excited for the future.
  7. Believe it or not he actually has quite a few big wins under his belt as a head coach even though he hasn't done that here yet. He's been here two seasons. If he doesn't do well this year then we by all means should probably look elsewhere, but patience.
  8. Our beat writer wrote literally nothing about baseball this weekend and retweeted one thing the last I checked. Sorry, you brought me there lol. Really curious to see how this season plays out. I had no idea of the extent of injured arms. Hopefully the bats stay hot.
  9. Exactly. We land 1 four star and this would be a completely different conversation. It’s all about on field production, see Johnny Ford for reference. This guy easily has 4 start talent.
  10. We didn't have crappy recruiting, though. We just didn't sign anyone on the main national signing day which is ok. Just because we're not in the top 3 doesn't mean we didn't get guys that can contribute. To answer your question, yes I'm excited. I think this program will have a better core than last year, and I truly think that Gilbert being gone is going to have a big impact.
  11. Back to back walk off wins. Impressive. Pitching was atrocious this weekend but our bats are good. Hoping head coach can play a bigger role in developing the young pitchers since it used to be his forte.
  12. This is inexcusable. This entire game had no calls and it’s only fitting that it ends on one.
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