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  1. That’s a pretty easy answer. Not one. In fact, McClanahan regressed quite a bit last season.
  2. BuT He MaDe ThE ToUrNaMeNt LaSt YeAr. With literally none of his players, and lost in a round where FOR ONCE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO GAINESVILLE. I get that most of his players weren’t his this season, either, but with the amount of seniors and experience we lose next year, along with not knowing who all we’ve recruited to give us hope, this program looks bleak when in reality we shouldn’t be THIS bad. I’m honestly more fired up about this than football. At least with football we have a coach with experience as well as offensive hope. Baseball was my sport for 15 years and I’ve seen too much talent in come in and out of Florida to accept this.
  3. This precisely. Mohl has nobody in the bullpen warming up with the bases loaded and 1 out. Seems like vacation for him couldn’t come soon enough. I don’t care if we had a lot of injuries, being the only team in the conference to not make the tournament leaves me with a lot of disappointment. It was inexcusable. Those Florida beaches are nice this time of year.
  4. Pitching was stellar tonight. Hoping we can close the deal tomorrow.
  5. We have more money and ready in a better conference, we most certainly should have better access and look like a more attentive school to recruits than Stetson. I can also assure you our facilities are better. Yes, Mohl has to get his first gig somewhere, preferably at a smaller school I help build his resumé. Again, never said he should be fired, just don’t know if it’s the right fit yet. If it works out, wonderful but he still needs to prove he can win with his talent.
  6. I never said we have more access at all. Do you realize how much talent comes out of this state? How is it that Stetson is able to make a stronger run in post season play than we are? We surely would have more access to talent than them as well as a better facility. I also never said he wasn’t a strong fit at the time but it doesn’t seem like much was done into finding someone. It’s not like his resume was that impressive. It matters that we’re not in that tournament because we’re literally the only team, and it’s embarrassing when it’s at a facility that’s closer for us than any other school.
  7. And a lot of those other schools are doing better than us. Another one of those “what do we have to show for this” cases like football. We should be good every year because of the amount of talent we have access to. Last year had a ton of Kingston’s players. This year has a few but we’ve not done that great. I mean come on, the only team in the conference that may not make the tournament, when it’s in Clearwater for crying out loud? That’s embarrassing. I never once said he needs to go and I don’t believe anyone on here has either in this thread. I simply asked if he’d be looked at because he needs to be. I don’t think there’s much refuting the fact that it doesn’t seem much was done in looking deeply for a strong fit for the program. I hope I’m wrong and I hope next year is much better.
  8. True I don’t think there’s any need for the pitchfork type of mentality but even last year with how well we did ( I still feel like we should have either hosted a regional or won the Deland one) I remember Mohl making questionable decisions, like how long he would keep a pitcher in. I just don’t think it was a good hire. I think Harlan put VERY little effort into finding the right fit. Sometimes things just don’t work out.
  9. Even if we aren’t good we should at least be mediocre. We’re not. The tournament is in our own back yard and we’re the only team that doesn’t make it? This series isn’t over and I’m hoping we pull through but the fact that it’s even a possibility is not good.
  10. I had always questioned the hire, and I don’t mean that to just talk bad about him. He knew our played which is good, and it seems like he’s had some bad luck go his way this season, but baseball is the one sport we should be consistently good at being in Florida. The amount of talent in this state is mind blowing and for us to not even (possibly) be in the conference tournament is inexcusable. Someone mentioned on here that we had a good chance of winning this series or something like that. It doesn’t appear that way at all.
  11. Does the head coaching job get looked at if we don't make the conference tourney in our own back yard?
  12. Wow, now above .500. We've seen a little bit of life from this team the past few weeks. I was really impressed with the series win over Houston.
  13. Oh I know that for sure and it was blatantly obvious but this specific situation didn't really seem to fall all on the coaching staff.
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