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  1. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/jordan-mccloud/Dp1hFyY1EeS00gAmVebEWg/football/stats.htm how hard was it for him to do a simple fact check?
  2. I like this thread. It’s nice after reading a lot of pages of dissatisfaction and panic.
  3. Oh that’s the card we want to play? No, there wasn’t nearly as much of a change that we had going from Taggart and Weist to Strong and Gilbert. And since that’s the card we’re playing we UCF won one less game with bowl included than they did the previous season, which is the exact same thing that happened to us when we had a new coach. Milton was their common denominator much like Flowers was ours, except no, their offense wasn’t nearly as tampered with as ours was with Gilbert. You’re as tired of the excuses as I am of people saying fire Strong when we haven’t even played a conference game this season.
  4. UCF is coming off of back to back undefeated regular seasons and haven’t gone through the changes we have this past season. Also, who cares about them? We’re a different team with different players. If I’m not mistaken, we run a completely new offense than we did last year. Are we not expected to have growing pains?
  5. This. Exactly. It’s funny, there were fire Strong posts by October of last season. That’s pathetic when he’s not even a year and a half into his USF career and it’s obvious that a lot of people were ready for him to go from the start. I get the frustration, but patience is something this fan base lacks. 6-6 with a FRESHMAN QB and growth shown from him is absolutely a positive. McCloud stays, and so does that staff, and you’re looking at a very similar situation as USF 2015 with the following year being a very high ceiling. Let’s not forget that McCloud is learning an entire new system than last year and was able to put up 5 touchdowns in his first collegiate start as a 19 year old. Just because 6-6 is a record that’s worse than last year doesn’t mean the season is worse.
  6. So we make a bowl game with a Freshman quarterback and our athletic department still needs a "coming to Jesus" moment? I don't see it that way at all. Strong was able to bring in McCloud who had p5 offers, and now he's putting him behind the wheel. The kid has a successful first start so if we do end up making a bowl game with him, where in the world would firing the coach get us? I get that last year wasn't great, and the year before Flowers was handcuffed and we didn't win a conference championship, but it's not like the path to that was easy. We shouldn't be in a rebuilding year but the reality is that very few saw Barnett struggling THIS badly, and the changes were made before our first conference game (with an FCS team and a bye week to prepare with now on top of that). I still think we need to see how the season plays out.
  7. If we make a bowl game I’m good with him staying especially with a freshman QB. Too may people jump on the “fire fire!” train too quickly. He made the changes that everyone wanted, let’s see how it plays out.
  8. He was about a row or two in front of me as well. He was an absolute mess. No idea who is is though, but I’ve seen him at a few games.
  9. Let’s keep in mind that SC State is probably better than UConn was last year and UConn went toe to toe with us. I just hope a lot of you realize that this kid as a freshman, and if we don’t win 9, 10, or 11 games this year that’s OK. I’m sure we’ll see growth, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of excitement going into Black Friday.
  10. Correct. Also, Joey saying the team doesn’t know means Joey doesn’t know because the coaches haven’t told him.
  11. Oh I can see it now. He’ll have a decent game and get faux confidence, and we’ll have to play this carousel mess again. Or the O line will play great against an inferior opponent and boom! “Problem solved.” I’m prepping myself for all of that because it seems more like reality than not.
  12. This is garbage. It’s week 3, we have no idea who the QB is going to be, and we’re averaging 5 points a game. I’ve been relatively calm until today but all I can hope for is that our team actually knows who the QB is and we didn’t play toss up all week. From what I’ve heard, it will be Barnett. Some say they’ve heard it’s McCloud. At this point, just get me a **** W.
  13. I’m 28 and prefer the ones we use this season. I couldn’t stand the gold chrome ones. I was a huge fan of the oversized matte helmets we had during the Taggart era but those seem to just be collecting dust.
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