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  1. OcalaBull2

    USF vs UF Continues

    I’m throughly looking forward to playing them again but I can’t stand the idea of having a bunch of those lizards at our place.
  2. OcalaBull2

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    Afternoon, oops.
  3. USF basketball has 2 wins in the NCAA tournament in the last 6 years, something UCF has 0 of. UCF’s basketball program isn’t in much better shape. (& yes I’m well aware of all the other wonderful things UCF has done that USF has not)
  4. OcalaBull2

    Final regular season polls.

    Please just no Gainesville I’m so tired of ending up there.
  5. OcalaBull2

    Craig Watts

    He went straight to the V (state)
  6. OcalaBull2

    Craig Watts

    Just signed with Valdosta State. Honestly thought he decided to stick it out.
  7. OcalaBull2

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    Going Thursday to Sunday. Cubs game on Friday night.
  8. OcalaBull2

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    Just booked my round trip to Chicago. $176 My first regular season away game outside of Florida.
  9. OcalaBull2

    Football: better year?

    I’ve come around more to us bringing in the 5 star. I like that it’s going to make the guys here work harder, and I also think that we have the potential to compete with everyone in this conference. It’s tough losing Q but that doesn’t mean we won’t be good.
  10. Imagine a world where Barnett wins a Heisman but Flowers doesn’t.
  11. OcalaBull2

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Exactly, we don’t have much of anything to show aside from making it to a regional. The last time we were a 1 seed in the conference tournament was in our C USA days.
  12. OcalaBull2

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    That’s nice, let’s win a regular season title or a tournament championship.
  13. OcalaBull2

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    And we still continue to give up an average of ten runs a game. En route to another meaningless season.
  14. OcalaBull2

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    Anything but stellar right now. I have no idea what’s going on, and our head coach being a former pitching coach makes it that much more confusing.
  15. OcalaBull2

    Bulls finish regular season at Cincinnati

    This is stupid. Too many runs allowed, too many runners left on base. We don’t know how to baseball on opening games in series.