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  1. Good, he needs to be in this position because I’m almost certain the pandemic saved his job.
  2. I think we'll have better QB play so as a whole I really do think we're a better team this year. Defense may have regressed with the loss of some key players and our schedule doesn't seem as easy. It's really hard to predict this team other than saying I don't think a bowl game is very likely, but I'll be really annoyed if we lose to FAU even though they're the better team on paper.
  3. Facebook is where I get all of my medical advice from.
  4. Like I’ve said before, I’m going with Noah Johnson. True dual threat that would fit a system with a weaker OLine
  5. I’m going to say Noah Johnson will be QB1 and we will be very will positioned to win this game.
  6. No apology necessary at all, I get the same way about the things I believe in. Cheers to hoping we see some Bulls football in two weeks.
  7. I’m not debating that there was a knife in the car. I respect your take on these matters but I was essentially saying be careful what you post because some of that can be refuted. Not that you need a moderator by any means, though. Eiether way, Go Bulls
  8. There are either factually incorrect or unproven statements in what you just said, and it's very easy to google that and figure it out. You being mad solves nothing.
  9. Now do the person who had a literal assault rifle in their hands walking around that police felt zero threat from all while making it to a completely different state without a single cop blinking their eye.
  10. All of it. Bring it all back. There’s absolutely no way it would be a bust.
  11. It’s also bringing fans something else to talk about. There’s very little bad that can come out of this other than the traditional “it doesn’t need to be a fashion show, let’s just play” fans. I get it, some people perform the plain look but this and playing have no comparison. The players clearly love them, the recruits will undoubtedly as well, and a large portion of a fan base does too.
  12. Should be a dark green or slime helmet by my God these are beautiful
  13. Came here to post this but at the same time, he shouldn’t be rewarded for his last game being a loss/regular season sweep to famu lol.
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