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  1. OcalaBull2

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    Fair enough, but he’s not going to touch the “fire Gilbert” comments with a ten foot pole. Plus he hasn’t been here that long. I think he will.
  2. OcalaBull2

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    Interesting. It almost seems like you’re interviewing him for a job. I think he knows what he needs to do, and I’ve seen him engage in a manner that proves that he hears the fans. But, I do agree with you reaching out to be heard.
  3. Now I don’t even know if I can go next week. I’m contemplating not renewing tickets if he isn’t fired.
  4. I like the pitches we saw. A little bit different than the norm but yes, every team probably takes about 5 minutes to figure out a game plan against us.
  5. Yeah agreed. My only problem now with it is that our Oline has done a decent job of getting us to and past midfield this season and creating holes when we’re not past the 50 yard line, so I’m not really sure what happens after that.
  6. Announcer just said he talked to Sterlin Gilbert yesterday and Gilbert told him “we have to run the football.” Not even joking a little.
  7. Even better question...why not play McCloud and see how he does considering we don’t have to burn his redshirt at all?
  8. OcalaBull2

    Wilcox 2019 draft?

    Agreed. Wilcox has been a huge part of the offense this year and he’s been utilized quite well.
  9. OcalaBull2

    Wilcox 2019 draft?

    That thought scares me. He may need to work on his hands a bit, as many of our receivers seem to need.
  10. It hurts bad. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep scoring. I’m sure coaches have figured out ways to score with a bad offensive line. When we get past midfield we look clueless, so our offensive line isn’t bad enough to prevent us from getting there.
  11. OcalaBull2

    Blake Throwing at Today’s Practice

    May want to go back and watch some of those passes. I remember seeing something different.
  12. OcalaBull2

    What should AD MK do?

    Yes this all day. Well put. Next year we’re even more stacked we even more experience. I’ve taken this year for what it is but firing the head coach right now isn’t the best solution. Replacing coordinators can crucially help us.
  13. There was a scramble in overtime that somehow ended without a single call. There were multiple opportunities to call jump ball and the refs refused to. Glad we fought hard and pulled this one out. I love what Gregory is doing and think he’s the right guy for this job.