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  1. Came here to post this but at the same time, he shouldn’t be rewarded for his last game being a loss/regular season sweep to famu lol.
  2. Same. From here out I’m a dragons fan with BJ at starting QB
  3. Yeah, I’m just trying to be positive from here out. I really don’t think this season is going to end well, but I’ll enjoy whatever bright spots we see along the way. I think tonight was more about how good Florida looks rather than how bad we do. Florida has a legitimate possibility of winning it all.
  4. Left the game after the 4th because I had to meet with my family, but we’ll be lucky to score more than 1 run this entire weekend. We don’t look good at all, and UF’s bats are hard to compete against. It truly had the feel of a community college vs a d1 school.
  5. It shouldn’t be this easy to get tickets to our games lol
  6. They’re yours. Message me your email for Ticketmaster so I can transfer them
  7. To Saturday’s game if anyone wants them. No charge.
  8. But everything I’ve been saying is mainly with this and last year combined. I’m not talking about year one. I’ve been speaking in hypotheticals with how poorly this season has started. We made a regional his first year with a lot of Kingston’s talent. I mentioned in one of my posts that almost all of what I’ve said could play out to be irrelevant by season’s end. Multiple years of not making the tournament meaning last year and this year if that’s what happens.
  9. At the expense of not making an 8 out of 9 team conference tournament in our own back yard? Nah I’m not good with that. Did those other teams not have to deal with adversity as well?
  10. I don’t think firing a coach after not making a regional two out of three years is a good reason. But not making your conference tourney two of those years is. For the reasons I mentioned before we should not be a bottom feeder in the aac. If you can’t string up enough talent in the state of Florida alone you’ve got problems ahead of you. Those other schools have found success because they’ve recruited well and they’ve used the talent they have well. If I recall correctly game management was also an issue last season, which has nothing to do with Florida talent and everything to do with coaching capability. Not winning with talent availability is only one aspect of why things haven’t worked out so far. If we show progress then most of what I’m saying is irrelevant. My biggest fear is that we haven’t shown much progress yet but instead regression.
  11. My overall point is that we aren't trending in the right direction with baseball and that's largely due to poor recruiting and coaching. Northeastern may not be better than us overall in history, but they came to Florida and handed it to us. We've done nothing to impress this season yet at all.
  12. We aren't getting those players, you're right, but that still doesn't matter. We've been competitive in the past with the same access to players yet for some reason that's now different. So, Stanford and JU aren't considered g5 or p5, are also a step above Juco, yet they're able to do pretty well and somehow have managed to look better than us over recent years. How is UCF able to sweep Auburn yet we can't manage to win one game against an unranked team from up north? There should be no "we knew the offense would be bad." That comes down to poor recruiting.
  13. Baseball is a completely different animal and you hit the nail on the head when you say a school is not small or suck because others haven't heard of them. I think that statement alone, though, speaks to the fact that the performance we've seen by USF so far is bad. Football is a breeding ground in Florida, but I personally feel it's even more amplified with baseball. This is the one sport I can speak for when I say that there's tons and tons of untapped talent in the state, and being a D1 school in Tampa there's really no reason we shouldn't be consistently decent at the very worst. Last year we had injuries so if any excuse is made that's somewhat legitimate. But this year? I don't care if we're young, we should still be able to take at least one game from a school who experiences a true winter. Firing Mohl mid season won't do much good, but I think it's pretty obvious that the staff will be looked at by the end of the year if we continue to see this trend.
  14. Final: 5-1 Famu. Our offense has been less than ideal to start the season.
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