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  1. Georgia Tech is the only gimme on here. We should have won all 3 like you said but the ones who have already made yo their mind suggested we had no chance in the others. I specifically remember seeing someone say they don’t see a scenario where we beat Cincy, yet it took them them 59 minutes to get a lead against us. I’ve been on and off the Strong train so many times this season but our defense is the best it’s been in a really long time, and I’m terrified that’s all going to get wiped away.
  2. People want to rag on Strong for not having a QB named Flowers or Bridgewater, yet some quickly forget Taggart did literally the same exact thing, if not worse. Strong brought in a QB last year that was able to get us bowl eligible. Taggart was never even close to that with someone not named QF. And if you want to blame it on “Taggart not having anyone to work with,” go ahead and look at Mike White’s stats, our 2 year starter before Flowers, AFTER he left USF.
  3. I’m confused on to how you think USF should have one this game easily? Every single thing suggested that Cincy should have won going into this. But I’m glad you guys got your way.
  4. Lol so the fact that we’re not up by multiple scores against them is reason to be mad? I guess every team that’s contended for an upset should feel that way.
  5. Ok, but should I not be satisfied that with the season we’ve had we’re taking a top 20 team down to the wire? Keep in mind our original starting QB has been out most of this season.
  6. You guys want our team to be perfect, and I get it, but you have no idea how to give credit when improvement is shown and that’s a bit frustrating.
  7. Lol and yet the 17th ranked team in the nation hasn’t yet led in this game with 8 minutes remaining. Sounds reasonable.
  8. Yes, much like every person that has said it’s been Strong’s fault for every player that’s been suspended or has left the team.
  9. 49 yard gain from a perfect throw but we’re going to roll with the conspiracies, right? As well as his TD pass, right? I’m going to stand by my initial comments of saying this is a system the kids are getting used to, as well as a freshman QB who has been hurt this season.
  10. So is Barnett not banged up, too? Or Evans who is out under concussion protocol? No, it’s not easy to say your freshman QB is hurt, unless he actually is... so you’re saying we’re tanking intentionally then?
  11. And that’s why I said he’s proving otherwise. He’s also been hurt at parts of the season and that could have easily played a part in a freshman QB’s ability to get comfortable.
  12. I’d say we’re running a system that takes time to show progress. All of the “McCloud can’t throw” people are silent while he makes throws. Granted I didn’t think he was that great but now he’s proving otherwise. Our defense has consistently shown that they’re improving, under a defensive minded coach nonetheless. We’re playing good ball against a good team tonight, and let’s hope that continues.
  13. I’m assuming the coaches have nothing to due with us taking a lead against the 17th ranked team into halftime.
  14. Crisis avoided. If I were in that position I probably would have lost my mind
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