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  1. Do you guys remember when Kerwin Bell called a pass play up the middle to Wilcox the first play of the Spring Game? What a tease.
  2. Buffalo chicken tender sub with ranch on their new soft flatbread. Best way to go.
  3. Yes he absolutely does. We have no idea how good or bad of a head coach he will be, but getting kids interested is the first step.
  4. Yes, very sad. & it has I completely agree. I’m thrilled with the hire they made and think we’re in great hands.
  5. I feel bad for some of you stuck in the Jim Leavitt days. It’s never going to happen. He got USF on the map and literally built the program but they’re not bringing back a coach who was fired for hitting a kid. Not saying it actually happened, but not saying it didn’t. I’m very thankful for what he did, by my goodness, move on.
  6. I disagree. The recruits sure won’t mind the rings that he shows them.
  7. You find fault in just about everything USF does. Just let things play out for once instead of complaining through the entire process. I’m sorry we didn’t hire Leavitt Or Taggart for you but no, it’s not terribly uncommon for a coach to stay until their season is fully done from their previous job. When CJS was hired he brought his family down and had them in USF gear and showed nothing but appreciation and enthusiasm. He’s picked up transfers already, with more on the way, which is exactly what he should be doing. He then went back to Clemson and focused on that job for his last two games. Big deal. Him doing that is not going to hurt this program in any way down the road.
  8. That’s why it’s clear to me. Plenty of schools would have wanted him and he knows the right people to have proper guidance.
  9. The fact that Mike Kelly was able to make a huge hire in a very short amount of time without wasting money on a search firm.
  10. I’d much rather have a younger staff like we’re seeing. I’m sure we’ll see turnover because of this but it’s clear that the university now has the right people in place to make the right hires.
  11. He never said these texts weren’t all from the same person...
  12. Absolutely not, but at the same time this isn’t a position we’ll have to worry about for at least a year. I highly doubt any transfers we see In the next few months at USF will be prior USF commits
  13. I can see him not accepting transfers from prior commits that went elsewhere. I can see him accepting transfers from guys who didn’t originally commit to us, and I’m 100% ok with that. I don’t like how the Rodemaker thing played out.
  14. I mean, all some do on this board is look back.
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