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  1. Don't know if you guys were aware but Valdosta State's red zone conversion percentage was 91% going into the championship game this past season. Haven't looked up the stats yet but pretty sure that puts ours to shame. I'd also like to point out that we still haven't scored a red zone passing touchdown since the Illinois game.
  2. Part of my thinks Gilbert had total control of the offense as well, but he just didn't know what he was doing. The numbers he put up didn't turn into important wins or touchdowns especially in the 2nd half of the season. I feel much better about Bell being in total control.
  3. “The game where you’re trying to get your best athletes the ball in space.” That’s the only thing I need to hear. Music to my ears.
  4. Was wondering if this was a link to a TBTimes article but then realized they don’t have it in them to write a piece of this quality anymore, even with the glaring typo that Trinity Catholic is in Jacksonville. It’s in Ocala.
  5. OcalaBull2

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    Or they set him up to be the OC at UF
  6. OcalaBull2


    Gilbert’s way of adjusting was legit just to play a different back. Bell has to be licking his chops knowing he’s about to be in charge of D1 Florida speed.
  7. OcalaBull2


    I guess but it’s a lot more crowded in the NFL
  8. I still see him staying, but declaring for the draft after half of a good season against teams that really aren’t that great is a head scratcher. He wasn’t even close to putting up the best numbers in the conference outside of a record breaking game against the powerhouse known as UMass. Major respect for the kid but curious to see what plays out
  9. OcalaBull2

    Temple’s New FB Coach

    Underwhelming is probably the best to describe it. Temple made more of a lateral move it seems rather than a big hire. Not really sure who was available or who had interest but this doesn't seem like a threatening hire to other teams in the conference.
  10. Not necessarily. He may have a completely different philosophy there after he was almost completely ran out of town by most of the USF fan base. He’s also not working with the same level of talent.
  11. Ah yes, the same ones who had very little faith in Q when he started.
  12. Heck yes. I’ve always loved following USF baseball it’s so nice to see this.
  13. I wasn’t even conceived yet.
  14. OcalaBull2

    Our Defense was Offensive....

    Our defense was atrocious but they're the one unit that I've seen improve at one point under this staff. I've seen offense on a downward trend since day 1 of the CCS tenure.