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  1. I think we will win more than one game, but when I look at the talent on this team, and the new coaching staff, new schemes, new QB, and NO SPRING PRACTICE, would I be surprised if we go 1-11? Absolutely not.
  2. Yes UConn is gone so we are down to eleven teams and no more east and west divisions.
  3. Yes depleted. You have ZERO credibility when it comes to making predictions for this team. You and CaliBull.
  4. I think the Nevada game will be more telling. Even a very bad USF team should be able to handle BCC.
  5. It would not surprise me if we finished 11th. The talent on this team is really bad, especially the OL.
  6. We will have to see how it all plays out. I just hope we can get a conference championship out of him before he bolts.
  7. I think if he went 10-2 with this team of mainly Charlie's guys, he would be considered a miracle worker and someone would grab him next offseason. If Michael Kelly leaves, even more so, because one of the reasons that Dabo convinced Scott that this job was for him was the fact that he would get to work with Kelly. Don't forget that Scott has a pretty low buyout. Once he gets us turned around he is on borrowed time with us.
  8. IMO a good and a fair write-up. It is going to be very difficult to get to six wins with the very tough schedule we have. I feel that not having a spring season is really going to negatively affect this team. I am still feeling that this is a 4-8 or a 5-7 season upcoming. The good thing is, we won't have to worry about the P5 stealing Jeff Scott after this upcoming season as a losing year in 2020 won't put him on anyone's radar. The bad thing is, we will have to worry about the P5 coming calling after this team turns it around in 2021, especially if we can get an upset win at home over UF and Michael Kelly is gone.
  9. I got my USF Bulls mask ready to go, and I will wear one at Raymond James for the home games if needed. It doesn't bother me in the least, I can't believe there are people in an uproar over this.
  10. I am sure there is still plenty of room on the Boca bandwagon for the Leavitt lackeys.
  11. It is what it is at this point. I am ready to see what Coach Scott can do.
  12. This team is bad. Charlie left it a smoldering wreck. No way in hell we are a top 25 G5 team at the moment.
  13. BCC is a terrible FCS team, so I figured a terrible FBS team can beat a terrible FCS team, but what do I know?
  14. He knows he has his work cut out for him. IMO Strong left this team worse than Holtz did.
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