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  1. 17.5 sounds about right. NC State wins on September 2nd, easily. My preliminary prediction is NC State 41 USF 17
  2. Didn’t you claim we were going to beat Notre Dame last season? And Wisconsin the season before that?
  3. I have us at a 10 percent chance to beat NC State and a zero percent chance to beat UF
  4. I notice that Wesley Willis Drummond has disappeared. Why am I not surprised?😂😂
  5. I seriously only follow football both college and the NFL. I have been a Raiders fan since birth, through three cities and highs and lows. I became a USF fan because that is where I attended college and received both my bachelors and masters degrees. The early 2000's started me turning away slowly from the Raiders towards USF football more and more, but the past three our four years I have been slowly getting back more into Raiders football, and now when I check my sports news every day, I check Raiders news first and USF football news second. As I have said 100 times, at least in the NFL all 32 teams have a shot at the Super Bowl and there is a salary cap. If USF football gets left behind again, I am gone for good.
  6. Wesley Willis Drummond and his source in athletics said nothing about the SEC.
  7. Wait wait wait, what about Wesley Willis Drummond talking to his "friend in athletics?"
  8. I have the same worst nightmare as you . As a matter of fact I am done with college football if ucf gets into the P5 and we don’t. I will be an all-NFL guy should that dreadful day ever come
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