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  1. Probably between 5k to 7k in the stands today. Bad team, crummy opponent, and and a noon kickoff, and this is the kind of attendance you will get.
  2. Probably not being that Tampa is a pro sports town with pro sports teams that are actually good.
  3. I was hoping he would be the guy, but he sucks and we will be starting over again in 2023.
  4. Jeff Scott sucks. He will be back next season but he is what he is.......a terrible head football coach
  5. So when will my narrative be crumbling? I can’t wait for that day to come 🙄
  6. Its because true progress is judged by wins and losses and we are waiting for progress in that category.
  7. I am right there with you, I also judge by wins and losses. No participation-trophy BS.
  8. Progress is only achieved by a win tomorrow. Everything else is just talk and excuses. Progress is beating a team perceived better than we are, and if Tulsa falls into that category, we should see progress tomorrow. I mean, didn't Jeff Scott himself say that the players learned enough was enough in the 2nd half of the UF game?
  9. Well what would the excuse be if we lose to a BAD Tulsa team, at home, with our players almost healthy, and two weeks to prepare? Maybe I expect too much, but it looks really bad for Scotty boy if we lose tomorrow. Especially for someone preaching progress and "enough is enough".
  10. I enjoy the board. I would rather not stay away from it for the next eighteen months.
  11. I can already see tomorrow being such a depressing, mausoleum like atmosphere at RayJay. Noon kickoff. Two crummy college football teams playing in a pro-sports stadium in front of maybe 10K fans. And here I will be, one of those fools, sitting in his seat, hoping to see some progress. Its all about progress right? 🤣
  12. I agree. The MWC is gearing up to be the best of the rest after the P5. The AAC is going to be even more of a joke.
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