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  1. Have the renovations not been started at the Selmon Center? It was supposed to start after spring practice
  2. If the day ever comes when they make it to the P5 and we don’t, that is the day I quit watching and following college football.
  3. I know how you feel. I will be happy if we keep it competitive and don’t embarrass ourselves
  4. The first two games will likely be beatdowns and game four could be a beat down since it is on the road. It will be interesting to see how Jeff Scott manages the team should they lose their first 3 of 4.
  5. Believe me, I hope you are right, but I still have this opener down as a loss. UF is a loss the next week, and the first win of the season will be against FAMU on the 18th. Then a very tough trip out to Provo after that. The schedule this season is brutal.
  6. I am expecting a loss for USF in this game, but I am hoping we at least look competent. Progress for me will be measured on competence and execution of the game plan.
  7. Agreed. I work with Gator fans who are planning to be in attendance, and the Tampa Gator booster clubs and Bradenton/Sarasota Gator clubs are already making plans to be in attendance. We are going to feel as if we are in Gainesville on September 11th.
  8. In all seriousness, I am expecting great attendance for UF, decent attendance for FAMU, and then back to our 20k hardcores beginning October 16th when Tulsa comes to town.
  9. Are you kidding? UNLV would mean road trips to Vegas. Bring on the Runnin Rebels!!
  10. So back to 15k for conference home games? YES!!! They will, because if they didn't that would mean limited capacity for Bucs home games, and that ain't going to happen.
  11. Some of them are. But until perception of the AAC itself changes, USF will have trouble drawing in a pro-sports town.
  12. I know quite a few people that fit that description. The perception in my circle is that AAC football is minor league college football and my friends won't be bothered to attend a game in person for minor league college football.
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