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  1. their recruiting is about the same as ours, but they develop their players 100 times better than we do. Their QB's RB's and WR's are worlds better than ours. Randall St. Felix couldn't be a third string WR on their team.
  2. I am still confident that Jeff Scott is the right man for the job, and on the bright side this lopsided loss pretty much assures he is not a one-season-and-bolt-for the P5 coach. We will get a second year out of him. If we upset UF at home next season, then time to worry.
  3. I think an IPF will happen within the next couple of years. I am 44, and I don't think an OCS will happen in my lifetime.
  4. whatever they are doing, it works. Watching Dillon Gabriel, he is so far ahead of the QB's we have right now that it is depressing.
  5. been watching alot of the ucf/Tech game after I switched it over from the USF game. I would not be surprised if they go undefeated again. Really, I think only Cincinnati has a shot to beat them, and right now I give the edge to ucf in that game since they will be playing Cincinnati at home. ucf still won't get into the playoffs playing only a nine-game schedule and their only P5 opponent being Georgia Tech, but I think they definitely have a great shot of being in yet another New Years Six bowl.
  6. As much as I hate ucf, it is quite depressing how much better than us they are at the game of football. Hopefully over time Jeff Scott can begin to close the gap between our two schools.
  7. ucf has also lucked out at the QB position recruiting Milton and Gabriel back to back out of Hawaii.
  8. I had Notre Dame scoring 51 points against us in the predictions. They are better than I thought.
  9. Doubtful. Even under Charlie Weak we kicked their ass last season.
  10. yeah we are ****** because the last piece of **** coach we had recruited ****** ass FCS players. Any coach would be losing right now
  11. It may get a bit better next season, but it probably won't be until Scott's first batch of recruits are juniors that we start to see some major progress.
  12. I couldn't care less how long you have been here, go jump on the FAU bandwagon right now, and you can get in on the ground floor of the Taggart/Leavitt regime.
  13. This guy wants USF to lose so he can crow about how great he thinks Leavitt is. He can turn in his green and gold for Owl gear as far as I am concerned.
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