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  1. Great news, thanks! When I upgraded this afternoon nothing was mentioned about 109 having club access so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification!
  2. I don't get excited about Spring practice or fall camp anymore. We can save these sound bites from Coach Scott and compare them to next year's spring practice sound clips and they will be the same. I am tired of the talk, show me, don't tell me.
  3. I just upgraded my season tickets to section 109. Is Section 109 included in club seats or is that only for the 200 level seats?
  4. This is brybull? I haven't been on the board in a few months so I am still getting caught up. Now these ridiculous posts make sense.
  5. You are a complete tool. Everyone on this board has given their fair share and then some to the athletic program.
  6. So real fans have to have faith? Fans that are realistic about the situation are not real fans. Whatever dude.
  7. I am thinking 3-9 or 4-8. The upperclassmen will still be Charlie's guys and the schedule is brutal.
  8. Same here for both USF football and the Las Vegas Raiders. Show me, don't tell me.
  9. How do you know he made a fantastic hire? Evidence please.
  10. My sympathies if you are a Jaguars fan. This reminds me of when Chuck Bresnahan went from the DC of the Raiders to DC of USF. I could not escape the guy.
  11. This is not as bad as the Charlie Strong hire (at least Malzhan didn't run Auburn into the ground as Charlie Strong did Texas), but it is not a homerun hire. It will be interesting to see what happens. I wonder who bolts for the P5 first, Malzahn or Jeff Scott?
  12. That 2022 home schedule is brutal. I can already hear the crickets chirping at RayJay.
  13. LMAO, how many people on this board have "insider information" from inside the athletics department? I must be the only one who doesn't. I will believe the IPF is getting built when I see it getting built and not before.
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