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  1. Good news? A Jim Leavitt coached team never finished higher than 3rd place in Conference USA or the Big East. But hey, we pulled upsets every now and again. Maybe someday there will be a trophy for that.
  2. He turns 63 on Wednesday. So if he were to come back, we can probably expect about six or seven regular seasons of 7-5 or 8-4, never finishing higher than third in the conference. Some years we would win the Military Bowl, while others we would lose the Birmingham Bowl. But I guess compared to what we just endured with Charlie Weak, that is a huge step up for this program. Bring on the mediocrity!!
  3. But those big shot alumni are correct, he was unable to get us to the next level. I have never seen so much hero worship for a coach that WON NOTHING while he was leading a team. We don't need someone to get our program off the ground and off the cinder blocks, we need someone who can WIN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!
  4. Unfortunately for USF, the one exception to the reality is a mediocre head coach who has never won anything and has never even shown that he is capable of leading a team to the promised land. Is that the kind of future you want for USF?
  5. Exactly. I am a Raiders fan, I was one of the few fans who did not want Jon Gruden back, and as I type this the Raiders are down 38-3 to the Chiefs after getting hammered 34-3 to the hapless Jets last week. You can't go home again, retreads are not the answer!!
  6. You are living in a fantasy land, a utopia that will never exist while USF is G5. I know it sucks, but it is the landscape USF is in at the moment. We need championship seasons, and if it takes a coach staying here only two or three years to deliver us conference championships, than so be it. If it is working for ucf than it can work for us.
  7. bring in someone new and fresh. Florida is a great place to coach, overflowing with speed and ace recruits. If ucf can bring in back to back young coordinators to bring them conference championships so can USF. I have faith that Michael Kelly will bring in the man. Retread Leavitt is just good for 8-5 seasons and trips to the Military bowl.
  8. It all depends on how you measure success. If you measure success by conference championships, then he was a failure. If you measure success, by good but not great seasons, head-scratching losses, mid-season swoons, and mid-level bowl games, then he was a rousing success. I have said it a thousand times, but one day a coach is going to come in here and win conference championships and New Years Day Bowl games and make everyone forget about Jim Leavitt. USF has yet to ever employ a great coach. Hopefully Michael Kelly brings that guy in with this coaching search.
  9. Wishful thinking on your part. Leavitt has proven in no way, shape, or form that he has the head coaching chops to lead USF to a conference championship.
  10. Its because he is a coordinator at best and not a head coach. He has been successful as a coordinator. Gee, I wonder why no one has ever hired him for a head coaching gig since he left?
  11. Great, he built the program and he will always be remembered for that. But he is a mediocre head coach and is a coordinator at best. He only SEEMS like this legendary Lombardi/Bear Bryant type figure because of the garbage of Holtz and Strong to compare it to. If 8-5 seasons are your measuring stick of success, then great, he is the guy for you. But if you want conference championships, and New Years Day Bowl games, then its time to bring in someone who can help fill our dust-collecting trophy case.
  12. Leavitt=No Conference Championships. No Conference Championships= Same old song and dance. There is a reason that Leavitt has not been hired as a head coach in the last ten years; Its because he is not very good.
  13. If you like 8-5 seasons and no conference championships, then by all means, bring back Leavitt. The goal this time around should be to aim higher. I would rather have 10 and 11 win seasons and conference championships for a two-to-three season coach then a retread that will keep us in perpetual mediocrity.
  14. I have seen the Jim Leavitt show and once is enough. It doesn't end in conference championships. SAY NO TO LEAVITT!!!!
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