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  1. This weekend was great on the recruiting trail. I can't wait to see who Coach Scott can bring in, AFTER he has had a year building relationships with local players. I am not one to get too excited but the future does seem bright for football!
  2. Reminds me of when we dubbed a certain school out east, ucif.
  3. I hope my co-workers that are ucf fans/alumni don't see this tweet or I will never hear the end of it.
  4. Not questioning Coach Fernandez at all. I was just saying that ucf is just kicking our tails in every sport that matters these days. When is our last meaningful win over those guys? 2016 in football? It is beyond tiresome, especially when you have to work with ucf fans/alumni like I do.
  5. And now the women go down to ucf today. Like I said yesterday, this is not much of a rivalry these days. Hopefully Jeff Scott can begin to get this turned around.
  6. Our rivalry with ucf isn't much of a rivalry these days.
  7. Had Strong been retained, I would have said goodbye to my season tickets. With Jeff Scott on board, I eagerly renewed them. Scott may or may not be the guy to finally lead us to a conference title, but it is new and exciting right now around the USF program. I can't wait until the Spring game!
  8. He is secretly hoping that Jeff Scott fails so that he can whine and cry about bringing back those 8-5 seasons.
  9. I think it was NewEnglandBull who said it in another thread, but it is clear these Leavitt disciples are secretly rooting for Jeff Scott to fail, so they can say "I told you so" and start up another round of crying and whining about wanting mediocre Leavitt. If that is the case, I really wish they would just turn their allegiances south to Boca Raton. I honestly think they would be much happier and stress free cheering for the Owls.
  10. We don't need a program builder we need someone who can actually win the conference and Leavitt is not that guy. But if you long for Jimmy, I am sure there is still room on the FAU bandwagon, you should go check it out.
  11. Other than tanking in the middle of the season and finishing with four or five losses I am trying to figure out what he is far better than most head coaches at?
  12. Uh huh, and the fact that he is just not a very good head coach.
  13. And yet Leavitt can't even get hired as the head coach at FAU. I wonder why that is? #mediocrity
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