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  1. Absolutely, you could tell something was wrong in that first game in 2017 against SJSU
  2. If we could play UConn and teams in the MEAC every week we might just make a bowl game.
  3. There is an obsession with CJL because he represents the “good ol days” of USF football. The fact that mediocrity in conference , the occasional big win, and no trophies represents the golden age of the program tells you a lot about it.
  4. For example, according to Johnny Ward, when Strong addressed the team during Bowl week leading up to the game against South Carolina, he told the team how happy he was to be coach at "The University of South Carolina".
  5. Some former players are on Twitter today really bringing to light how at first Strong thought he was too good for USF when he got hired. I don’t know how to repost tweets but look up Steven Bench and Johnny Ward on Trevon Griffin
  6. I would donate my tickets to underprivileged kids like I did a few times during the Skip years and during Willie's 2-10 year, but now the tickets are on those cards, and I am not sure if it can be done anymore. Oh the dilemma.
  7. I am already not looking forward to the game against BYU. I don't want to go, but I feel like I have to go because I have already paid for my season tickets. I know that if I make the trip up from Bradenton for the BYU game, I am going to see boring, uninspired, listless football from USF. But, I don't want my money to go to waste. Its a dilemma lol.
  8. Who is to say that it can't happen?? Why use the age of the program as an excuse?? When you expect mediocrity, you get mediocrity!!
  9. No, but I am sure you are about to enlighten me.
  10. And that is why the Leavitt era seems like the good ol days, because of the three coaches who have come after him. One day, a truly great coach is going to come in here and blow the doors off the place and make everyone forget about Jim Leavitt.
  11. He certainly was mediocre. We won NOTHING when he was here. Sure we had the occasional big win here and there, but we always choked in the middle of the season. I would trade those wins over Auburn and FSU for a conference championship any day of the week. And a fan's standards are never too high for a football program! Greatness should be the expectation, nothing less.
  12. Greatness should be the goal of every football team, no matter the age of the program. If you want to settle for mediocrity, then by all means, lets bring Leavitt back.
  13. I do miss all of the conference championships we won when Leavitt was here.........Oh wait.
  14. Leavitt only SEEMS great because he is the best of the four coaches we have ever employed. But in reality, USF has yet to ever employ a truly great football coach.
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