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  1. He had a bad night on the football field, it sucks... he’s a student athlete and life goes on Although the outcome wasn’t what we all wanted, he certainly tried his best and he’s got balls of steel to step up and try Much love and respect for him
  2. he won a national championship with Nebraska as the starting QB... he beat Peyton Manning (who played for Tennessee at the time) in the Orange Bowl 42-17 Jesus if there is anyone to pin your hopes on rebuilding your program, it's him. It would be like us hiring Grothe, or even Quinton Flowers How do you say no to someone like that? Is there anyone who wants it more, than a quarterback who played for that school and won a championship with him as the QB? Yea yea yea we all know he coached UCF and handed our team it's ass... but besides that, I say pay the man. He earned it on the field as the QB, and I think he'll do alright as the coach in time.
  3. This program has been a yo-yo for the past decade... we gotta hit some sort of firm ground, to build up from there. If we are consistently a 6-5 team... ok if we are a .600 win percentage team... ok let's start with that We're on our 4th coach in 10 years... Leavitt left in 2009, Holtz in 2012, Taggart in 2016... now we have Strong 4 head coaches in 10 years... new coach every 2 or 3 years? This sucks... trust me I know this sucks... but with the overwhelming amount of turbulence this program has had in the past decade, I'm just at the point where I say this- We hired Strong... he's here now... we've got to just roll with Strong, win or lose, and pray some level of consistency can be established for the next couple years until we can find someone new and better. Even if it's a painful and agonizing, let's just try consistency for a little bit.. even if it's consistently average.
  4. 22 years and we haven't won a conference championship in anything Kinda setting the bar a little high, huh? Winning season + bowl game is our target until he's done with his contract
  5. We can't afford to buy him out and we can't afford a new coach... Unfortunately, right now... we need to just be happy with .500 and maybe a bowl game if we are lucky Let him finish up his contract, and with the money we save, try to find a better coach in the future after his contract is up. We can't afford any more instability in this program... we are in shambles and we made our bed with Strong, time to lie in it until it's over.
  6. Win Lose or Draw... these are so to be fellow Alumni of an amazing University, that we all attended I still go to games, because I was there in 1996 when we didn't have a football team.
  7. I tell ya interviews like that break my heart.... We gotta remember, this are students... USF students... USF Student Athletes who don't make **** risking their bodies out there on the field... and it's sad when it's a venture like this I certainly appreciate all the student athletes, the sacrifices they make on and off the field. And I definitely keep my fingers crossed that they escape this healthy and move on to bigger and better ventures.
  8. I sat in the stands at Georgia Tech and watched him go into the half, losing, with two timeouts Charlie is notorious for going into the half with the offense on the field, while losing, with leftover timeouts and not taking them when we need them when time is running out I've seen him do this more times than I can count Here is the typical scenario * We get the ball with 90 seconds left on the clock before the half is over * we are on our 30 yard line * we don't get the ball back after the half * we have two timeouts * we are losing by more than a touchdown We run our typical "option read" up the middle, we don't gain any yards... we do it again... and go into the half with our timeouts It's awful... I've seen this happen so many times. I don't buy his excuses, I saw him do this firsthand at GT before going into the half
  9. my dad watched it on ESPN from Texas.... Time to embrace what and who we are everyone... We are a .500 team and anything above that is an above average season The soul of this program left with Leavitt... the highlight reels of big-named teams that we beat on the jumbotron are from a decade (or longer) ago... We are a .500 team in a nobody conference. As someone who's been behind this team since 1996 when they were putting it together, as someone who still has their program from the first ever game, and has a football used in the first ever game, this is a .500 program, and our best hopes is just hoping to be bowl eligible at the end of the season
  10. I still think this had something to do with it...
  11. I was at that game, I was in Tallahassee and saw this FSU vs UM game from the stands It was awful... truly awful... Being a long time USF fan, I've seen what it looks like when players truly just give up And that's what I saw from the stands Players just truly gave up. blew my mind. I'm not a huge FSU fan, I went because my girlfriend went there. Thats the first FSU home game I've ever seen in my life and it just broke my heart. You see this historic campus, this historic stadium, truly one of the most amazing traditions in college football (Chief Osceola and Renegade), and players who were just completely unprepared for an average UM team 9 sacks? Their QB was just getting blown apart every other down, numerous penalties... I saw several 2nd and 25+ yards.. it was horrific Odell Haggins has been with this team for 20 years, they need to give this man a chance. Stop searching for a rescue coach, and just give the reigns the man who's been there this entire time Considering they gave Taggart a season and a half, you'd have to be clinically insane to take that job
  12. Both... the costs to the university, in regards to letting 1 extra person sit in a classroom is seriously marginal. Does it cost anymore for a Teaching Assistant to teach 31 people instead of 30? Does it cost the university more money for a professor, to teach 201 students instead of 200? In a college with 40,000 students like USF, having 1,000 college athletes in the system is marginal at best. Give them the degree, and pay them based on profit sharing. "They get a free education, plus many of them go pro" - we all know most degrees are worthless out in the marketplace, and the overwhelming majority of the athletes never go "pro". How many USF football players have gone pro? Maybe 2 dozen in 20 years? 60-80 student athletes per year, and maybe 1 per year go pro? Thats hardly anything to bet your life and your health on Hand them a free degree and pay them.
  13. They should 100% pay college athletes A "college degree" is a joke. 99% of the "college degrees" athletes get are a joke, 99% of the degrees that people get from USF are a joke. I have three of them, I know more than anyone College athletes are ADULTS, they are over 18, they are participating in a "product", the "product" makes huge amounts of money, and they 100% should be paid. Look at the list of the degrees USF offers... maybe a dozen of them, actually map to anything going on in the real world. And most college athletes, aren't exactly taking Engineering classes, or Accounting classes, or in the college of Medicine. They have to "short cut" their college education to make time for the athletics Read this list of nonsense- https://usfweb.usf.edu/academics/undergraduate-majors.aspx Interdisciplinary Social Sciences? General Studies? Marketing (my degree btw)? Pay them... pay them what's fair and pay them for what they bring to the university as a product. "They get a free edgur-curtion" is just nonsense
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