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  1. I met Jim Leavitt numerous times. I ate with him in the Fontana dining area numerous times in 1996 and 1997, when the football players were based out of Fontana. Leavitt was truly an amazing person. He literally built something out of nothing We didn't have anything for a football team. The team had mowed grass outside of the Field 2 Softball field to practice at, a trailer for the coaches and program. In my opinion, Leavitt was THE CORNERSTONE of USF Football, and they ****-canned him for what? He was USF Football from inside and out, he built the program out of dirt and air. And we fired him We will never get that back, we will never get the energy or passion back for USF football that we had with him. Easily the dumbest thing we could have done for the program was fire him. Unreal
  2. Easily one of my favorite college football coaches.. his speeches are legendary This video, and everything he says, can easily be applied to this season USF Football had "Well don't you remember? We're 10-2 USF and we're just a little too good to play Houston"
  3. When you add an extra horn to Unikitty to create Bull-A-Kitty... at your daughters disapproval Go Bulls! See ya'll Saturday!
  4. Look, UCF certainly deserves the credit of beating Auburn... But let's be real - Auburn had to play Clemson, Miss State, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama before they played UCF The wear and tear on a team, after playing Clemson, Miss State, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama is extensive. The injuries alone, the damage to the players, the wear and tear on the team and the student athletes... something has to be said about that UCF beat an Auburn team, that was already beaten to a pulp from their season. Yes they beat them, but if UCF played Clemson, Miss State, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, and Alabama rolling into the Auburn game, there wouldn't be much left Also, keep in mind that many of Auburn's players are going into the NFL. They aren't going to risk their professional athletic careers, playing a college with a cupcake schedule compared to theirs Who remember's last year vs FSU? Imagine playing teams at that caliber, all year round. USF would be a bloody pulp at the end the season, and so would UCF I'm just trying to make a point, that Auburn had to play the best teams in the country before rolling into that final game, UCF did not. UCF was good, but with Auburn's schedule, they wouldn't have batted .500, and neither would we.
  5. I genuinely don't think McCants gets enough credit for how much of an amazing player he is He's just heart, all heart. He always stays in the plays, he blocks, he does anything and everything he can to help. You want heart? You want effort? You want someone who genuinely cares and gives his all? That's McCants
  6. I got to USF in the summer of 1996 The one big thing, was that there was NO USF merchandise anywhere other than that tiny bookstore back near the post office. Who remember's that? As a matter of fact, at orientation, they told us in 1995 that they were going to be starting the USF football team in 1997 I miss how "open" the football team was back then, they lived in Fontana, many of the original football players used to play intramural sports! Sean Hay was on my softball team, so was Jason Butler, and many others played intramural softball too. And omfg could those guys mash a softball! Jason Butler was one of the hardest hitting As the team got more and more serious, you wouldn't see the players as much. Curfews, they were really isolated.
  7. After watching the UCF game, and how Frost handled it afterwards with his players, you can't help but gained a certain amount of respect for him Many coaches don't even finish the season, and they bail on their players before the season even ends Watching him congratulate and thank each one of his players on and off the field, and watching his emotion and his dedication until the very end, was certainly worthy of respect +1 for Scott Frost I think it showed a HUGE amount of class on his behalf for his student athletes and the UCF program
  8. I just wanted to post something positive here I love Taggart. I can't thank him enough for pulling USF football out of the gutter in the post-Holtz era, I'm not mad at him for moving on to Oregon, and I hope he gets hired at FSU and makes a fortune He truly busted his ass here, he truly took a career risk attempting to fix this dumpster fire of a program, he completely turned us around and I can't thank him enough for it As someone who watched him beat us (USF) as a quarterback for WKU back in 1998 (I was at that game), I just wanted to say that I'm proud of him, that I'm thankful for how hard he worked to give us some positive momentum going in the right direction, that I hope he gets paid big time and hired at FSU Thank you Taggart for what you did here at USF! GET PAID BRUTHA!!!!
  9. Jimbo Fisher is out at FSU Taggart is taking his place Jimbo wanted an indoor facility like UF is building and Clemson built, his request was denied This is coming from an inside source, connected at Clemson
  10. ive been supporting the program for 20 years, was at the first game got no problem waiting another 20
  11. McCants is one of my all time USF favorite players. He makes the list with players like Gramatica, Ben Moffit, Mitchell, Charlie Jackson McCants is a bad ass mo fugger, he’s been an amazing player to watch all season
  12. A game is lost because of a series of mistakes, not simply because his was the last one 100 mistakes and misjudgments were made in that game, his just happened to be the last one his fumble was 1/100th of the reason the team lost. Add up all the mistakes on offense, defense and special teams, then add the last second fumble... thats how much responsibility he has to bear He’s a great athlete and and a great student, but a complete fool would hang the loss solely on him 1/100th of the total blame for the loss
  13. And I'm not bashing your actions at all. I don't think STUDENTS of either team deserve to be berated rudely by anyone. Let's not forget - these are STUDENTS first, athletes second. They are going to college to get an education FIRST, being an athlete is secondary. College football players are UNIVERSITY STUDENTS But I'm certainly not bashing you for not taking out your phone. Just more of a learning lesson going forward for everyone. If someone is being a jerk, or crossing the line, take that phone out and record it! Then upload it to Youtube when you get home. Be hopita-bull!
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