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  1. enough money to significantly increase our research endowment LOL
  2. For those who might remember, my post on Feb 8th that called EXACTLY what happened in regards to the Indoor Practice Facility- The same source confirmed to me that USF will NEVER have an on-campus Football Stadium. Why? State Subsidies is what he said State Subsidies, which are given based on how old your university is, is why USF won't ever have an on-campus stadium. We don't get nearly enough of State Subsidies to pay for the on campus stadium. Also, with the Super Bowl being hosted in Tampa just recently, the USF logic is "Why would we build our own stadium, when the Superbowl was just hosted in the same stadium USF plays at.... how many college football programs can say they play their home games, in the same place that just hosted the Superbowl?" He confirmed (just like he confirmed the time and location with the IPF) that it's absolutely never going to happen for USF.
  3. I don't want to sound "more important" than anyone. I have a VERY dear friend of mine, who I've known for 10+ years, who works inside of USF Athletics He has said, that part of Jeff Scott's demands to come here, was to have an indoor practice facility built He said that the estimated cost was about 20 million, and they have 90% of that money secured Shovels in the dirt, around or just after spring break. He said the location will be behind the athletics building (see attached) I don't want to give this person's name out, but I 1000000000000000000% would gamble my house on his word alone. This gentleman is not a BS'r by any stretch of the imagination The money is there, the location is there, the demands from the new head coach are there, he said shovels in the dirt, around March Spring Break
  4. No alcohol for me... just marijuana please I'll be bringing my oil pen and I don't expect much left in it when the game is over
  5. I'm calling Visa and filing a chargeback for the $5 I spent on ESPN+ I refuse to believe this is USF Football... I think those players are actually from Greco Middle School, up on Fowler Final score is going to be 48 to 10... I'm filing a chargeback, if they have any decency or any heart whatsoever, they'll understand
  6. I was at that game.. we genuinely handed them the win 5+ times.. .they finally said "fine... we will win the game if you insist.."
  7. Quickbooks Online would work perfect for you. Accounting Software is meant to basically track 4 things Cash In (income) Cash Out (expenses) Who owes you (income) Who you owe (expenses) Keep in mind, 99% of accounting software is meant for people who have no experience in accounting.
  8. We stayed until the end, a lot of people left. I brought my neighbor Tony and it was the first USF athletics game he's ever attended Most insane ending I've ever seen in person LOL Easily one of the most exciting USF games I've been to in quite some time. We absolutely lost our minds when that 3 pointer went in LOL SO much fun!!
  9. I don't see how you could look at him as a pouter or a quitter. He's got talent, he's trying to find an outlet to earn a living with his talent. Sitting on the bench, on a losing 0-4 team in any league isn't going to do him any favors in his athletics career. Him walking out, shows he has respect for himself and wants more for himself, and expects more from himself. Good on him, it took that team 2+ games to score one touchdown and he was the one who did it. I don't think that's fair to call him a pouter or a quitter, he wants more responsibility and that's honorable
  10. Went to the game... was fun... The generic sound effects of the players during the play is just... weird... sounds like a video game. I think I'd rather have silence or hear music. The crowd was chanting "We want Flowers!" most of the game. Seemed to piss off a few other people, saw a few other fans stand up and yell back The hissing and the arm motion is kinda weird... kinda fun too I guess. I dunno... was fun. Liked the music, liked the atmosphere, wasnt a bad way to spend a gorgeous afternoon. I'll go back. They only had the lower bowl open, none of the 200 level was open.
  11. UCF has not only exceeded us, but they've lapped us They've built their own OCS, they've built a following, and the last time we actually were better than them, George W Bush was in office They went from 0 wins... literally zero wins... to a culture, an on campus stadium, and we've been left stagnant and idling We did nothing with our successes in the late 2000's.. nothing With the exception of maybe a new athletic building, we are playing in the same rented stadium we've been playing in since 1999. They've lapped us... and until we get our own IPF and OCS, they'll continue with the lead
  12. USF Athletics hired a good friend of mine, Brian Specia as a Sales Manager. He was one of the group sales managers for the Lightning and Amalie Arena... he then went to Las Vegas on a contract to help get the Las Vegas Golden Knights ticket sales up. They picked him up for 2020. The guy is razor sharp, and is going to do some amazing promotions and campaigns with the athletic programs. I was super happy to hear he got the job. USF has always been a bit muted for advertising and promotions in the Bay area. His team is already implementing tons of new promotions and campaigns. Can't wait for 2020!!
  13. I don't see anything disrespectful They've beat us 5 out of the last 7 times Probably next year too, which will be 6 out of the last 8 times They've beat us 3 times in a row. I could care less what happened 12+ years ago. They've absolutely curb stomped us. He's got every right to say that. What are we going to do to stop them?
  14. https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/juco-east-los-angeles-college-sione-tuitupou-commits-to-usf-bulls-137877994/
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