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  1. I don't see anything disrespectful They've beat us 5 out of the last 7 times Probably next year too, which will be 6 out of the last 8 times They've beat us 3 times in a row. I could care less what happened 12+ years ago. They've absolutely curb stomped us. He's got every right to say that. What are we going to do to stop them?
  2. https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/juco-east-los-angeles-college-sione-tuitupou-commits-to-usf-bulls-137877994/
  3. Never seen a USF coach interviewed at a lightning game... very cool!
  4. The man is from Clemson.. the people who won the College Football Championship in OUR home field stadium two years ago I can assure you, he's being mentored by his former bosses, including Dabo Swinney. He's not leaving on bad terms whatsoever They WANT him to succeed here, the folks at Clemson WANT him to be successful here. Clemson won the College Football Championship in 2016 and 2018... and attended it in 2015 For the past 10 years, they've had an .800+ season win percentage... pretty astonishing number for the ACC What are we worried about? You can't put all the responsibility on a man to fix us, without letting him have his own program. His own assistants, his own recruits, etc He's been here.... a week? Not even? Let's get through April, let's get into June... then we can see what we are dealing with. If he took any notes whatsoever while at Clemson, I think we'll do just fine
  5. How we all hope it goes down- Everyone at USF Football - "Hi Coach Scott... welcome... so here at USF Football, we like to..." Jeff Scott - "shhhhh..... don't talk...."
  6. The guy is from Clemson... one of the top, absolute ELITE, absolute peak National Championship teams going back nearly 10 years The road to the College Football National Championship, goes through Clemson. Look at this tradition... we don't have anything that holds a candle to this
  7. Anyone at the last home game would 100% agree with this
  8. I have a gut feeling that pic was taken at Sand Key Beach in Clearwater, or Sunset Beach in St Pete....
  9. That’s a Tampa bay sunset... I can almost point where it is at!!
  10. the best part of this... is you can actually get it from the only Publix located on a college campus... at USF! LOL
  11. Why we wouldn't put Larry Scott, over Taggart blows my mind. Larry Scott as more experience in the USF Football program than the last 3 coaches combined. 4 years as an OG Player, 7 years as part of the coaching staff. Larry Scott has been part of the USF Football Program for a combined 11 years! 11 YEARS! Larry Scott was on the field at our first ever USF Football game as a player, was a part of the coaching staff for 7 years when we peaked in 2007. Remember when we were ranked #2 in the country? Larry Scott was part of our coaching staff when that happened! He went 4-1 as UM's Interim Head Coach (University of Miami Hurricanes), 4-2 if you count the bowl game. The players loved him, the recruits loved him, the media loved him, the guy has got passion and he's an OG USF Football Alumni. Taggart BAILED on us! Then he bailed on Oregon! Look, I like Taggart. I watched him on the field in 1998 when he whooped our ass as a QB. Our reputation is in the toilet as a program. We've had 4 coaches in 10 years. Larry Scott has been on UF's Coaching Staff for 2 years, and the Gators are BY FAR the best program in Florida. Take Taggart back? After he left us, left Oregon, and pooped the bed at FSU? Seriously? Mark my words...Larry Scott is going to get hired as a head coach eventually, and he's going to be VERY good. So why not here? We've given 3 post-Leavitt coaches a shot at running our team, 2 were terrible and 1 quit on us.
  12. This doesn't sound like a Head Coach? You don't think this guy is good for us?
  13. Let's also not forget.. he went 4-1 as UM's Interim Head Coach 4-2 if you count the bowl game Larry Scott RAN the Miami Hurricanes for half a season!
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