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  1. WWMJD

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Two catastrophic hires that were 100% in his wheelhouse, and the team is currently still in the basement under the third. I'm not saying they won't turn it around, or that this is a bad renewal, but I think it's insane to act like his basketball moves have been solid. You can want the guy renewed and still be honest about that...
  2. WWMJD

    Position change for ...

    Dukes moved back to WR for yesterday's practice per Tom Zebold
  3. WWMJD

    Position change for ...

    That, or that Dukes just isn't able to catch the ball. Kind of a bummer--he seemed like he could really be an impact player at WR, and we've had too few of those over our history.
  4. WWMJD

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    Practice started back yesterday. Anything new?
  5. WWMJD

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    Our starting left tackle last season was a converted defensive lineman. If that isn't persuasive evidence that this can work, I don't know what is.
  6. WWMJD

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    I think that's a bit of an oversimplification. These two position swaps are probably the easier to make out of any potential move. Plus both these guys actually seem pretty well suited to their new position. We've had guys before move to the other side of the ball and really excel.
  7. That hire is worrisome for us. UCF making good moves.
  8. Yeah, all he had to do was use last year's offense! Not like the personnel has changed at all...
  9. WWMJD

    Linebacker depth finally hurt us

    Cherry has shown absolutely nothing despite being given the opportunity at multiple places. Not even worth discussing.
  10. WWMJD

    Linebacker depth finally hurt us

    Why would you consider moving Reaves? His performance on the line has been the biggest surprise of the season.
  11. WWMJD

    Who is the wizard man?

    Could not agree more with this sentiment. I’m glad people are enjoying themselves at the games. People need to lighten up.
  12. WWMJD

    Gilbert still doesn't get it

    I do agree that DJ and Tice could be used more effectively in the passing game. I think the TEs’ unreliability is a totally reasonable explanation for their lack of use though.
  13. WWMJD

    Gilbert still doesn't get it

    What quote are you reading?! We won by 30 points, and he's still pissed that every play wasn't executed to his standards. You can say plenty of things about the staff thus far, but I haven't seen anything to suggest that they are okay with any part of the team being mediocre.