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  1. WWMJD

    Get Well Soon MM

    Really hate to see that, for him and for their team. Hope he heals fast.
  2. Oladokun has no ability to go through his progressions. He’s just staring at one spot and then throwing the ball to that spot several seconds later. Yikes.
  3. Rutgers '07, I don't know how anything else could come close.
  4. WWMJD

    New logo

  5. Wow. Charlie's been a big part of this board for a long time. RIP fellow Bull.
  6. WWMJD

    Girl Scout cookies

    You wrong bro
  7. It's going to be Barnett. Hope it works out.
  8. WWMJD

    Another Position Change

    Seems like an odd switch.
  9. Two catastrophic hires that were 100% in his wheelhouse, and the team is currently still in the basement under the third. I'm not saying they won't turn it around, or that this is a bad renewal, but I think it's insane to act like his basketball moves have been solid. You can want the guy renewed and still be honest about that...
  10. Dukes moved back to WR for yesterday's practice per Tom Zebold
  11. That, or that Dukes just isn't able to catch the ball. Kind of a bummer--he seemed like he could really be an impact player at WR, and we've had too few of those over our history.
  12. Practice started back yesterday. Anything new?