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  1. Somebody is cutting loose on Friday night. Gotta love anyone who says they are the only one who really knows what’s going on, and you too can find out for only $9.95 per month!
  2. I agree (to an extent, of course). To be clear, I'm not saying they should not hire him as HC based on what I said, only that I think they will not hire him as HC based on what I said. You have to admit it would be a bold, risky move that could subject everyone involved to intense scrutiny. That's not USF's M.O. So... you want to take the bet?
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find an administration in this era that doesn't at least pretend to care about this.
  4. I understand the point re: G5 to G5 jumps but I think Kiffin is just too craven to turn down the job if it is offered. Seems like we all agree its probably a long shot anyway though.
  5. Anyone want to put money on Leavitt as HC? 2007 me would love it to happen but I would be shocked if it does. From a PR/social consciousness standpoint, it's so difficult to bring him back without getting skewered. The environment has gotten way more hostile toward his alleged actions than it was when he was fired. See the NHL starting to can coaches for stuff that happened years back as an example.
  6. Do you have any thoughts on this: I'm hearing Lane Kiffin is interested in the job. He's injected himself into all the searches, so why not USF? You also have Shaun King in the building & a darkhorse Houston OC Marquell Blackwell could come home. — Josh Newberg (@joshnewberg247) December 3, 2019 Josh is definitely one of the more reliable sources for USF info, though it's less frequent these days.
  7. I'm still not sure why you think the USF and FAU jobs are on the same level, but we'll just have to agree to disagree on that. Either way this is probably moot.
  8. Ipso facto, Kiffin would jump at the USF job if its the best offer he has.
  9. I look at it this way: those teams are in a similar position to USF in that they can't pull the five star candidates they'd like for the reasons you mention (and others). So they end up taking people with question marks (Petrino, Tuberville, Nutt, Freeze, Kiffin) and hope they work out. In the same way the Clemson assistants look to have turned down USF, many smart coaches (the ones without Kiffin's baggage) would rather hold out for a better situation if their resume warrants it.
  10. I could see him going the Houston Nutt route and jumping from one to the other to thoroughly torch the bridges, with a little drama and litigation sprinkled in.
  11. Of course he isn't turning down an SEC offer to come here, but nobody is saying that. (Especially for Kiffin.) But many promising careers have died on the field at Ole Miss and Arkansas and their ilk. Honestly I think it would be easier to rebuild USF and use that as a springboard to a tier-1 job than to win a NC with one of the middling SEC teams that come with their own built-in issues. Again, though, nobody is suggesting he would turn down those offers to come here. But I would bet a huge amount of money that if USF offered him and he felt like that was his best option, he'd be gone like Tuberville at a recruit dinner.
  12. You are operating under the false assumption that it will be the same level of difficulty for him to make the jump from FAU to an upper tier SEC school vs. from USF to an upper tier SEC school. I disagree with the premise. If he comes to USF and wins 10-11 games in back to back years, he will get a strong P5 offer (see Taggart, Willie). And while he can certainly parlay the FAU job into a great opportunity (e.g. Arkansas), he needs to show more to get into the upper echelon. Also this isn't just anybody, it's Lane Kiffin. Generic football coach would not be in this position to begin with because they aren't a borderline sociopath (or at least not as obvious about it).
  13. Re: Kiffin: Of course Torello is just a **** stirrer, so who knows. I can't believe people on this board are saying "why would Kiffin go to USF?" The guy is a desperate striver who has been injecting himself into every opening in the past two years to try to get back to the top. Despite how far we have fallen we are still much better positioned than FAU and any reasonable person can see that. I mean, come on. That said, its obvious he only cares about himself so he'd drop us like a hot potato if he was offered a P5 job.
  14. This is the only thing going on at the moment, so there is no reason to try to condense it down to one thread, which will only make it HARDER to find stuff.
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