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  1. This board is awfully quiet these days. Here’s his senior highlight film: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9802347/5fb9334dd2250e0600dfe625 This kid can play. Hope we hold on to him.
  2. He was recruiting for college, not the NFL. As we know, USF has shown a persistent inability to recruit talent for an NFL style system. Thus, while this is an interesting data point, it doesn't change my view on him as a recruiter. Edit: and for the record, Wilcox was overrated, just like every TE we've ever had... people (including me) are desperate for a real stud TE at USF. We've had glimmers but never fulfilled promise.
  3. Awesome news. No more excuses (except the project that shall not be named)!
  4. You don't need to read the Spring reports, they say the same thing every year. Here, I'll recap: A bunch of players set new weight room records! We are getting stronger! Offense thrown and run for a bunch of TDs in practice! We are getting better! Defense got a bunch of turnovers in spring game prep! We are a turnover machine! If everything keeps going well, this will be the best year yet! Etc.
  5. Interesting. I thought it was just a timing thing but this makes sense I guess. Surprised we could get these two as non scholarship transfers.
  6. I think Peek and Sackett are scholarship transfers from what I read. The latter two are PWOs (as they are freshmen).
  7. On board. "Two transfers already in place are place-kicker Jared Sackett (Arkansas) and Stanford defensive tackle Bo Peek (Stanford), a Plant High alumnus. Fortin joined Oregon running back Darrian Felix as transfers signed in December." https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2020/02/05/usfs-jeff-scott-declares-open-competition-at-qb-and-every-other-position/
  8. Looking good. Gotta keep pushing. Will be curious to see if things continue to progress now that Judy is enjoying her well-deserved retirement.
  9. If that occurs the whole board needs to be jettisoned into the sun
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