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  1. It's getting harder and harder to differentiate satire from legit commentary on this board, but assuming we've moved past the general unease about him staying on through Clemson's season, I for one am impressed that he had a national championship game on Monday and was back in Tampa networking and fundraising for USF on Tuesday.
  2. You’re right, maybe too strong. I just know that it was the first thing that popped in my mind when the same thing happened (on the other end) to us a couple years ago. I’ll admit totally knee jerk gut reaction though.
  3. I get it... you have to look out for yourself. I don't hold any grudges on that front, but by the same token I think it's also fair to call it out as chicken **** when you see a guy that bolts after committing to coach somewhere just a couple weeks earlier.
  4. Bolting after 2 weeks seems like bad form. I recall Autry Denson did the same thing to us several years back, seemed like a ****** thing to do.
  5. Because I'm not the one vaguely alluding to having inside info while not actually divulging anything...
  6. Seems like the cat's out of the bag at this point, no need to be cryptic...
  7. Good luck to the outgoing staff, especially SK. Good dudes, and I do hope Bell gets another good shot somewhere. But like others have said, the old guard hasn’t been getting it done. Scott deserves the right to pick his staff. Fingers crossed!
  8. This is true, but vocal support from a major program can go a long way. Louisville basically got USF into the Big East (back when that still meant something).
  9. Hey, I know a great defensive coach that has a history in Tampa and built a program from nothing... *ducks*
  10. Torello reporting that Scott may retain Kerwin Bell as OC/QB coach.
  11. There's nothing to support the theory that MK picked his guy and was only then rebuffed by the BOT. For all we know he gave him a courtesy interview but knew he couldn't get the deal done. Kelly is a pretty savvy guy, and has USF experience. I agree with others that have already said that it is very unlikely he took a deal to the board that would be rejected. That's just not how these things work. People vet the temperature before they make that type of formal pitch. In any event, I think all the speculation was fun, and hopefully renewed some fans' interest. I was starting to talk myself into a Leavitt reunion, but anyone who continues to harp on this if Scott is hired is doing the program a huge disservice and I hope they rethink it.
  12. The reporting last night suggested that Scott would bring several Clemson coaches with him (giving them a promotion obviously), as well as his dad (a USF alum).
  13. It’s easy now, but Clemson wasn’t that great till the current regime stepped in and turned things around. He’s had a big part in that. And it fits with Kelly saying he wants someone who can help build culture.
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