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  1. Thebullsfan

    "No Access" to Club

    You're right next to me. I'm 239.
  2. Thebullsfan


    Didn't know that... I was in New York.
  3. Thebullsfan

    New Tradition

    It was a CWT thing... I'll never do that swag surf thing.
  4. Thebullsfan

    This might get you mad.

    Apparently, they did it to multiple former players. I don't think we will receive an answer on this though.
  5. Thebullsfan

    Return of the 🐐s

    I believe I saw Lindsey Lamar there.
  6. Thebullsfan


    Yup... the only issue is that I need to strategically plan when to go to the concession stand.
  7. Thebullsfan


    Stay longer then.
  8. So we had an announced of 42k. Attendance has been slowly rising this year and it keeps going up each game... It's nice to see!
  9. Okay. You're standards and mine are 2 different things. Also I have been to numerous games too and I have seen them. Then again I actually look for them and I counted about 9 of them today.
  10. Okay bud. Well they have been doing this for years so oh well.
  11. There's multiple fans doing this for years now... Do you go to the games?
  12. Thebullsfan

    New Tradition

    Some of them were but student are probably not aware of that song.
  13. I'm gonna make a War Flamingo background just to piss you people off. I'm gonna enjoy the following down vote.