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  1. Thebullsfan

    Football event tonight

    I was going to but I had some other stuff to take care. Wish it was on earlier notice.
  2. Thus why I said 2.0 because it's improved logically. Right now it's theoretical until we see the first game. #beatUW
  3. Hopefully, they don't start men of (insert college) thread.
  4. Thebullsfan

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    JK just said Kerwin to USF is almost a done deal.
  5. Thebullsfan

    UCF starts go fund to investigate SEC .....

    If I was an employer I wouldn't touch them. Whiny people don't increase efficiency in the workplace
  6. I thought we were a more of a sailing school!
  7. Thebullsfan

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Chances they sell publix subs our OCS one day?
  8. Thebullsfan

    UCF Admiration Society

    Don't we need a parade first?
  9. Thebullsfan

    UCF Admiration Society

    USF beat Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech beat Mizzou. Mizzou beat UF. UF beat LSU and LSU beat UCF the “National Champs” therefor by the UCF rule, USF is the new National Champs!
  10. Thebullsfan

    UCF Admiration Society

    I'm enjoying this... They need to be humbled.