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  1. Thebullsfan

    New AD Search

    Charlie Strong? Nah.
  2. Thebullsfan

    Football: better year?

    Natty... Call me delusional because I am! Or am I?
  3. The only way we can grow our attendance is by beating huge name teams.
  4. Thebullsfan

    Spring Game Live Stream

    Well I would be shooting for a magazine but also videography is growing and that's where I'm headed torwads. Are the cellphones screwing up the photograhy business? Yes but they're not screwing with the vidography business yet and won't for a long time.
  5. Thebullsfan

    Spring Game Live Stream

    Yup... and it's still cold. Looks like I'll be back next season or I might be in the philly area working for a ministry and starting my business in photography and videography.
  6. Thebullsfan

    Spring Game Live Stream

    SPRING GAME TO BE STREAMED LIVE ON THE IDENTITY TAMPA BAY April 09, 2018 Saturday, April 14 game kicks off at 2 p.m. at Corbett StadiumWill be the first live sporting event broadcast on The Identity TAMPA, APRIL 9, 2018 – The USF Spring Game presented by USF Federal Credit Union will be broadcast live and on-demand on The Identity Tampa Bay, a new full-service digital network that will act as a sports and lifestyle hub for all things Tampa Bay. The USF Spring Game presented by USF Federal Credit Union will kick off Saturday at 2 p.m. at Corbett Stadium on the USF campus and will include a street fest, live music and family entertainment outside the stadium beginning at noon. Fans unable to attend the spring game will be able to watch the action live and on-demand on a number of different devices, including through the TheIdentityTB.com website, iOS and Android apps, and also on Roku and Apple TV. http://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/4/6/football-spring-game-to-be-streamed-live-on-identity-tampa-bay.aspx?path=football
  7. Thebullsfan

    Happy Easter

    He has risen indeed.
  8. Thebullsfan

    The REAL Florida T-Shirt

  9. Thebullsfan

    USF Future Scheduling Strategy

    I don't wanna feel queasy like McNeese
  10. Thebullsfan

    QB next year - who's your guy.

  11. Thebullsfan

    ucf National Champs

    we are not your friend's sir.
  12. Thebullsfan

    Q Invited to NFL Combine

    They doubted him being a college QB...
  13. Thebullsfan

    Mitch Wilcox

    Same. Also that conference Championship.
  14. Thebullsfan

    Texas vs. Mizzou

  15. Thebullsfan

    SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    That last touchdown still burns inside me. I hate that Orlando School.