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  1. BayIslandBull

    I would like to propose a "No UCF" movement

    Can we make an exception for today? http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24732546/demetreius-mayes-jr-ucf-knights-arrested-sexual-assault-charge
  2. BayIslandBull


    The roughing the kicker from a rusher sliding on his facemask and barely touching the kicker's foot. Good thing that it didn't matter since all of their kickoffs were out of the end zone anyways.
  3. BayIslandBull

    Girls of Threads

    Yes and no
  4. BayIslandBull


    I will enjoy this game a little more knowing that there is a bar full of UCF fans watching us win.
  5. BayIslandBull


    Ok, just for you then
  6. BayIslandBull


    We have a better chance at fighting and clawing for the P6 then getting an invite to the P5, at least until the TV GOR expirations in some of the P5 conferences.
  7. BayIslandBull


    And if we stay aggressive on defense (no prevent), then I hope he stays for a long time.
  8. BayIslandBull

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    Black as a color does not intrinsically absorb more heat (from any source) than other colors, it reflects less light which generates more heat. If it were that easy, we'd just paint **** black to generate energy.
  9. BayIslandBull

    Shirt/Allegiance Exchange

    Buy a ticket for a game (or 3 pack), get a discount and Bulls shirt for bringing a UF/FSU shirt to swap
  10. BayIslandBull

    Shirt/Allegiance Exchange

    I'm sure I have some old ones in the back of the closet.
  11. BayIslandBull

    Shirt/Allegiance Exchange

    I like it ( and want a new shirt)
  12. BayIslandBull

    Nico Sawtelle Revisited

    Sure These were just observations. He's the best man for the job in the coaches' view obviously.
  13. BayIslandBull

    Nico Sawtelle Revisited

    I focused on him quite a bit. Never saw him fight off a block. He seemed to content just to occupy one of their blockers or something. Also, just wasn't quite fast enough to make a play on any of their backs. When he was in good position, they were just too quick for him to tackle.