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  1. BayIslandBull

    free throws

    This team can do some great things this year, but won't be winning any close games without hitting free throws
  2. BayIslandBull

    Houston, we have a mole ...

    Hmm, not sure how you took it that he would be able to steal from CCS just because he played here ... But I do think he will purposely lose when we play Houston...
  3. BayIslandBull

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Was it this guy? He was just one of the many pigs after the game this year. I have never seen people act the way they did. A lot we throwing trash all over the parking lot. videocompress-023-VID_20181123_194618.mp4
  4. Houston: Sources tell FootballScoop Dana is moving forward with Marquel Blackwell as co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks and Doug Belk will have the co-defensive coordinator title. More to come soon enough…stay tuned.
  5. BayIslandBull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Well said! Maybe ... Hmm ... Er ... Huh ... Come again?
  6. BayIslandBull

    Assistant Coaches Leaving is All Done

    I had great seats for the bowl game, and almost the entire defensive front 7 looked gassed by the 2nd play of Marshall's first drive. Hands on hips and huffing & puffing. I knew it was going to be a long night.
  7. S&C is THE biggest issue with the team. We will not be good until the S&C is top tier again. The biggest problem is that, even now, it's probably a two year process to get back even if it's fixed. This is CCS's biggest failure. Hopefully Michael Kelly reads that article.
  8. BayIslandBull

    USF Athletics: Revenues / Expenses

    Hopefully the next University President understands the marketing value of a successful football program.
  9. The way he setup Tyre's TD pass from the wildcat with the play before it was a thing of beauty. I also feel it was CCS who decided to start CO.
  10. This thread needs a *Fennelly Warning*
  11. He needs to clean up? It's all his doing!
  12. BayIslandBull


    Injuries occur, being tired increases the chances. FSU proved this back in the day when they pioneered GPS workout trackers.
  13. BayIslandBull


    Tom Allen did ok. Raymond Woodie was a disaster
  14. BayIslandBull


    The program has no excitement. That comes from a coach that takes knees with over a minute left in the half with 3 timeouts, and concedes the game(s) by punting midway through the 4th quarter. That comes from a coach who didn't even evaluate (by his own words CSG) his players strengths before completely changing the offense. That comes from a S&C program that doesn't hold players accountable for skipping workouts, and letting them get fatter and out of shape during the season. The defense was gassed the entire bowl game. Literally, from the 2nd play of the game. That comes from a recruiting rankings in the 60's. The program is being dismantled ... again.