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  1. Hoping to start hearing about Leacock or someone else to reload the middle.
  2. I don't quite get why fans are arguing that USF should not recruit well. What's the goal with that? Or are there just a handful of miserable posters on this board that need to be downers no matter what the topic is? Some of you need to go get a girlfriend/boyfriend or a hobby at least.
  3. I heard that same kind of arrogance in Tallahassee in 2009.
  4. As long as they can build us up to curb stomp UF on the football field in a few years, then whatever ...
  5. You win then I guess. You may go away now big shot ...
  6. Wasn't bad. Vinik is giving out lots of great free vouchers. Just got some on my Papa John's
  7. This team can do some great things this year, but won't be winning any close games without hitting free throws
  8. Hmm, not sure how you took it that he would be able to steal from CCS just because he played here ... But I do think he will purposely lose when we play Houston...
  9. Was it this guy? He was just one of the many pigs after the game this year. I have never seen people act the way they did. A lot we throwing trash all over the parking lot. videocompress-023-VID_20181123_194618.mp4
  10. Houston: Sources tell FootballScoop Dana is moving forward with Marquel Blackwell as co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks and Doug Belk will have the co-defensive coordinator title. More to come soon enough…stay tuned.
  11. Well said! Maybe ... Hmm ... Er ... Huh ... Come again?
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