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  1. Been doing that for years. The wife likes it better that way
  2. Ah, thanks. I've been on vacation, and thought it was at the end of July.
  3. MLS is holding a world cup style tournament from wild world of sports. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Absolutely, I applaud the young man for this. My point was that his prospective future employer will probably not, since it has a track record of ruining the careers of others who have used their own fame on (or off of) its platform.
  5. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't have a good record of supporting those who speak up.
  6. Hopefully he's not sore after being jerked around by the NFL. His career will climax by inserting himself into coaching!
  7. It was like $10/semester i think when I was a student. Not a bad deal for a ticket into all sporting events all semester.
  8. I read it earlier too, but I don't get where the athletic dept would have lost revenue in 3 months. Did the school refund athletic fees for the spring semester, or has enrollment decreased that much? I graduated in 2007/2009 and the college of engineering had a strong online course offering then. I can't imagine that other colleges haven't done so as well in a decade. I was still charged athletic fees for any online course I took if I remember correctly. Summer enrollment has always been low, so the drop off can't be that much with online options. With that said, I upped my donation this year. Others should be encouraged to as well if possible.
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