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  1. And if covid was here before CS was fired, he probably never would have been for financial reasons.
  2. Was facemask to facemask. Did not let his head. Not targeting. These announcers are idiots.
  3. Yes, they are really bad. Didn't even catch that Noah Johnson was in the game until his 3rd play
  4. Classic Norvell tried his best to lose it. Just like everytime he played ucf, he took the fight out the players by going ultra conservative after halftime.
  5. Happy to see some real improvement today. We beat ourselves, and should have won by at least 2 TDs. 3 sloppy McCloud fumbles Questionable timing on QB substitutions Nothing against Joiner, but Ford is the best playmaker on the team. He needs to be the first RB playing every series. What the hell was that 2pt attempt play call? Good God...
  6. 3rd week in a row for our game to be available streaming only. The 2nd week in a row that our game is the only Saturday CFP game available streaming only. So at least no one is witnessing or beat downs...
  7. As much as we suck right now, we are light years ahead of the first year of CWT and that garbage pre-snap shifting, false start machine, horsefeathers offense he tried to run for 2 years.
  8. People really thought that these players with new coaches and about 4 weeks of practice could be competitive with a top 10 team? It's gonna take a little while.
  9. AAC should be expected to go 3-0. Let's not forgot how bad BYU was last year.
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