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  1. Mike Kelly also walked around the tailgates just before the team bus arrived. It was cool of him to just walk around and say hello to as many fans as he could. For the record, Harlan did it too when he was first hired.
  2. In the TBT Twitter interview he slips that "he" (being CCS) will be making the decision.
  3. You may have just cracked the code for all the years of late season collapses ...
  4. We're still waiting for the team to come out ...
  5. Meh, CDB pizza kinda sucked. Greenery was way better. Pitcher & Pie Thursdays for $10 ...
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/CoachStrong_USF/status/1166822617577340931
  7. We had no DEs, and they ran Dalvin Cook off-tackle all game. We might be in the best shape at DE since the Selvie/JPP days. Not to mention the worst DC in the history of the program.
  8. Miami had 8 yards in the 3rd quarter. I'd say all of em ...
  9. I asked him if he was drawing up any surprises for Wisconsin. He grinned and said, "Gonna try to score some points."
  10. As he schedules 2 G5 and 1 FCS every year. What a douche
  11. Such an incredible game. The only time I've ever rushed the field afterwards.
  12. Time for a new model. Pick the top 8 AAC and top 8 MWC schools. A new 16 team AAC. Play regular seasons as segragated East and West divisions of 8 teams each, eliminate cross divisional regular season play, and the winners of each division play for the conference championship. It would have the best of G5 without the travel expenses, and tv markets from coast to coast.
  13. "Veit said using the athletic logo was “a smart move” because it will be seen on television, newspapers and various advertising elements which will expose USF nationally and allow the brand to resonate for years into the future."
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