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  1. We look bigger and stronger on defense. Offense has opportunities early. All we want to see! It will come
  2. Guys were way better than last year and thats with no production yet.
  3. I’d like to come out and execute plays and create plays that confuse defenses. Plays that have guys running free. Plays that every offense seems to have against us past few years. So to me an offense that looks like we have a chance to compete every game. I don't expect much out of defense because we have been so bad lately so any improvement will be fantastic. Expect much better play out of secondary but can we get any pressure up front? Defense needs to play aggressive. Id rather suck applying pressure then 8 minute drives that lead to touchdowns.
  4. I think i have to agree with everyone on mcclain being our future. Kids looks legit and has all the tools. Explosive and a solid arm. Fortin has command of the offense and can win for us and will likely be the starter. Seems to have been the plan all along and not bringing him back in a wasted season but those two have me excited because we can have some success with these guys. again until our defense is all in one unit we have to see if we can stop anyone before we know we can take anything away from what we have been seeing.
  5. He did say it would look like a completely different team next year.
  6. We need some big bodies up frontttttt so lets recruit.... and you can win with a lack of talent. Happens every weekend. Glad we saw a better ganeplan today on offense. Mccloud is capable of good games. I dont want to see him starting next year but he can manage a game and if we got recruit well we will see the improvement we need into year 2. 4 wins next season is my guess. Also a much improved defense in year 2 despite seeing us start a bunch of young guys and bring in some big bodies on d line in the portal if we can
  7. We knew how good he was but honestly he couldn’t even reach his potential. I like battie and joiner as better players in long run. Good riddance and wish him luck. This is when it’s okay to get rid of the cancers and start fresh. We can’t get any worse honestly.
  8. Yea i dont even care about skill players at all right now. You can win with undersized skill players. Wvu did it for a long time but we are not running a complicated offense scheme and we dont fool anyone. If we are that team, then we need to recruit any and all lineman possible on either side of ball and start there.
  9. In my opinion we should be throwing it all around the field and if we get picked we get picked. Marsh came in and put two balls in the endzone. Good throws..we have to throw the ball around and create opportunies in passing game to get better. My frustration is lack of creativity and opportunity. I think we have enough time to throw and we don’t have the plan in place to do that. I dont see us creating confusion to any defense on our schemes
  10. I think you have to remember that this is what the board is for. Good and bad. I’m an athlete/alumni and I love my school and team and regardless of how bad I say we are or what we are doing. I don't miss a game. It’s okay to have a little humor in the misery...I don’t think everyone is being serious as you think. We all want to be what we used to but some arguments are valid and others made in jest. To have that many contributions to a thread in a 1-7 season is a good thing. We will get through this just like the 2020 year itself...there is no magic potion it is going to take hard work and dedication to right this ship. As i have said already. Scott has my faith...natural progression we should win 4-games next season. Year 3 we should win 6-7 and then year 4 we should be back to competing 8-10 plus wins in this conference. But we are still a dumpster fire right now and we should be trying every wrinkle we have. Houston ran trick plays. They did something vs us they don’t really do run the qb most of the game.
  11. Even the announcers can understand that the offense opened up with marsh in the game...we took two shots in end zone already..
  12. I honestly don't care who is out...every team puts back ups in and dominates us.
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