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  1. Smu went from dumpster fire to top legit...navy is going to dismantle us
  2. I don’t even look forward to Our game coming anymore. You cannot make a rational case that mccloud would start at any other team in our conference. I have given up caring about it right now because im over the frustration of thinking we can be better and magically play like the usf i know. Re watching grothe, q, and mack dominate. I won’t blame jeff scott until he gets his people and has time. So jeff you have this season 1-9 (we will lose to navy) and next season (4-8) to point us in right direction. Year 3 we have to see a huge improvement. 6-6 is not an acceptable season. We need to be 8-4
  3. I guess my only reply would be if you cannot complete 74% of 5 or less yard passes then we would be in big trouble. A wide open 5 yard pass led to 80 yards of that 300. He gives up in the pocket far too easily and doesn’t give any receiver an opportunity to get open. If he is under pressure there is no chance of completing a pass. I don’t disagree that the coaches probably think he is our best option but that is also the curse. He is terrible and is our best option.
  4. I think the worst part about all of this is we see bad teams all over the place. Bad teams like ecu come in and play us. They are a bad team. Lost to ga state...why are their players able to execute an offense so well. We can still suck but have signs of life. We cannot complete a pass over 10 yards?!?!?! Even horrible teams can win a 50/50 ball and have some success. The lack of any resemble of an offense is scary. How many quick passes do we think are acceptable before saying something is wrong. There are no excuses for not being able to roll out some creativity. I’d rather lose in style.
  5. He could have been the man here. He could have done this forever. I felt the connection. He made USF feel like what we all had expected. We had hope. The kids LOVED him and he would have gotten better talent year in and year out and we would eventually have gotten a new conference and he could have been a long time coach here. I understand the move and wish him well but we lost a great person for the university today.
  6. These posts kill me. Noone who cares about USF will say he isn't important or was a bad coach. He literally took us as far as he could. There was no more rising under CJL. He was an 8-4 coach year in and year out. He was not a great recruiter and was good defensively. He was not a good in game coach. Terrible adjustments. No offensive game plan at all. He is a great Defensive coordinator and I'm thrilled he did well for himself but he is not going to turn around any program or make them great as a head coach. Just let it go.
  7. I really hope we do win out. I mean Regardless if we win conference or not or if we make the championship game. 10-2 would be huge for this school and recruiting. 10-2 with a terrible defense is amazing. It proves offense wins games as well. Then we build off of this. We want to get there sure...but let's get 10 wins which we have never done. This is a great season. Let's ride it out and hope Temple loses but all in all we can still achieve 10 wins and finish year ranked.
  8. I posted not to long ago about this very thing. Teams are not going to allow us to beat them on those big pass plays as much anymore. They are going to the bend but don't break mentality because it works. We have been slower through the first half's of the last two games. We eventually break out because our runners are so dynamic. We will have to be flawless against good defenses because they will look to keep us in front at all times.
  9. Avg 8 yards a play we sure seemed behind the chains alot more than we should have
  10. Anyone notice that ECU defense for the most part sat back and didn't let us beat them deep. They allowed us to eat up yards and let us shoot ourselves in foot. It was a little frustrating thinking we could have scored 60...but they did a good job. We had to work a little harder to score.
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