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  1. Every time you think CJL is done he pulls another rabbit out of his hat. These girls worked so hard to win that I believe it's changed the course of the program. They fought harder than many of the more experienced and talents we've had in the years since Courtney Williams and Alisia Jenkins left. This season and every painful loss to Cincy and UCF-and to UConn won't be forgotten. I think we will look back at this season as the year USF WBB went from being a really talented team that underachieved in the post season to one that starts making big runs to the next level.
  2. We have to beat stony brook and Utah Valley first. Stony brook will either struggle without their coach or be motivated to win this tournament as a testament to him. Utah Valley is one of the two best teams in the tournament (they are in the 90s).
  3. Jokes aside, they will take a very long time to pass our med school. Even as they've done well on athletic fronts, their academic growth has lagged far behind ours, and unlike in sports, they can't construct an erector set imaging lab and try and compare it to CAMLS.
  4. News reports are that a decision is expected next week. The search firm is asking for public applications now since there will be public interviews.
  5. Not only that but she actually interfaced with the AAU as part of her job per CV
  6. USF 54, Houston 40 at the end of the third quarter. Leverett gets her fourth foul at the end of the quarter. Houston has not scored in 5:22 and scored just six points in the quarter. 10 minutes to go, let's see how the team plays without Leverett. She's been limited by fouls but provided a lot of energy when in the game.
  7. USF on a 7-0 run over the last 2:18, 13-2 over the last 3:34. Houston hasn't scored in 2:35. Still a lot of time left but important run, particularly with Barnes on the bench.
  8. Then why was CBG given a six year deal? I know we are essentially ahead of schedule, but that tells me administration expected a long rebuild.
  9. Not to sound too crazy yet, but do we have a shot at the ncaa tournament? We would have to be third in conference at top 50 in NET to get a shot at an at large bid.
  10. Me too. I was at that time living in the wild of Virginia and having no idea what a university, let alone what USF, was.
  11. Phew! That was close. Huge win on the road. Beat ECU on Sunday and we're going to Orlando with 4th place in the conference on the line.
  12. Those two missed threes would have helped here. Tight game.
  13. USF's depth, persistence, and toughness is starting to push SMU out of this game. I expect they probably have one more run in them. Push through it and the game is ours.
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