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  1. bullsbucsfan426

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    I wouldn't assume anything. The good news is that a lot of the young guys will get a full off season of S&C. Besides, you never know-we might actually have a good hire at OC and OL in the offseason. Strong doesn't seem too pleased with his current duo.
  2. Fantastic. Let's connect over PM. Would love to know more about your areas of focus.
  3. I learned to let it go quickly after the bad years. USF athletics doesn't have an impact on how my business does, how my executive MBA goes, and how I manage my personal relationships. Do I want them to win and will I donate? Yes, of course, because if I don't no one will. But I have learned to accept that it is a game-I support them because they are USF, not because they win or lose.
  4. With a man of conviction like Wallace loh, how can you not want to send your kids there?
  5. bullsbucsfan426

    Fcwt Offense vs CSG

    I have never seen an OL disappear like FSU's has.
  6. bullsbucsfan426

    Games of Interest 10-25

    It's a decent win. Hope they win out.
  7. bullsbucsfan426

    I smell way too much fear on this board.

    Is Houston beatable? Sure they are. Its just going to be very difficult if we play the way we've played the last 5 games. Ed Oliver is one player and the only guy on his defense worth anything, yet because of him the rest of the defense can make plays sometimes. The Georgia tech game proves we are capable of winning games in the second half. I just would like to see that kind of focus all game long.
  8. bullsbucsfan426

    USF at Houston - Tale of the Tape

    BB despite his height and general competence has a problem with staring receivers down. Using a one-read system instead of having him try to go through progressions could make the offense more effective.
  9. bullsbucsfan426

    Trying to keep things in perspective

    Fortunately, next week we play a team coming off a Navy cut blocking day. I wonder if that will change our fortunes.
  10. bullsbucsfan426

    Change in USF’s Offensive Line Tonight

    Ed Oliver pushes everyone around. You would need an Rimington finalist to have a chance at slowing him down one on one.
  11. bullsbucsfan426

    USF at Houston - Tale of the Tape

    Here's the thing. There are some offensive concepts we've used in past games that will work against Houston and quite frankly should be employed the entire game. 1. The six man front. The biggest key is protection, and while we don't have much of a choice, triple-teaming Oliver will leave three blockers for 2-3 more DL and you can keep Cronkrite in against the edge rush. 2. The short passes we saw against UConn yesterday. Houston's DC, Mark O'Donofrio, has a tendency to back his secondary up off the line, which exposes them to short passing routes like what we saw yesterday. I get it, Houston is very athletic, but so are we and if Houston's defense isn't in a position to make plays, our own athleticism will make them pay. I want them to drive the ball down the field next week. 7, 8, 9, 10 play drives are okay as long as you get to the end zone. We got some guys in space yesterday and while I know Gilbert is stubborn to say the least, he has finally found something that works. 3. Leave Blake Barnett free to take off. He's at his best when he can run outside and pick up some yards. Defensively, well-we know that Houston's offense is a monster. Every team has struggled against them this year and it's really no surprise. I suspect we're going to have to pick what we want them to do and if I had to pick, I would load the box and force them to throw. Yeah, I get it, King and their passing attack is lethal, but we are way more solid in the secondary than in the front seven. It's going to be hard to dictate to their offense what we want them to do, but it's critically vital. I would trust Wilkins, Roberts, and Hoggins more to come up with plays than our suspect front 7. Having Sawtelle back will help. I'm also hearing Brandon Boyce has finally cleared his way to play and he's physically mature and per the coaches, there was some kind of academic issue that prevented him from playing-and apparently he's been good in practice. I feel as if Kegler is playing out of position-having Boyce next to him will most definitely help and bring a fresh spark to the defense.
  12. bullsbucsfan426

    USF Coaches

    It's not Goodrich leaving is it? That's been spilling out on twitter this morning.
  13. bullsbucsfan426

    Charlie's tenure here....

    In fairness to CCS this is an exceptionally young team and this is Charlie's MO-he has never blown teams out, just won. I remember everyone on this board complaining back in 2012 when Louisville just kept winning, heck B.J. Daniels rallied back the team in the 4th quarter-only for USF to lose at the end. We complained that we lost those games, while CCS"s teams just won. They kept winning-all the way to beating on Florida in the Sugar Bowl in a 10-2 season. The team is not good enough yet to win the conference. That said, if Boyce coming back this week or next to help plug the hole in the middle of the line, I think we will see the team get much better defensively as he will likely command a double team. The OL will eventually turn the corner. While Houston and UCF are truly dangerous teams I'd argue Cincy and Temple are toss ups-Cincy has faced a similarly weak record, and if our run defense improves they will struggle mightily, and Temple has been up and down all year. Both are cold weather games, though, and that could cause problems. Whether we beat UCF and Houston depends on how well our offensive line plays. I understand Mayes has been injured which is why they shifted him over to TE, but they should look for ways to incorporate that six man front going forward anyway. Ed Oliver will command a triple team and given how much teams like to load the box against us, Salomon, McCants, and Wilcox could see single coverage. I think it's beyond a shadow of a doubt that we won't throw to the RB.
  14. In fairness Georgia tech and Illinois aren't much better.
  15. bullsbucsfan426

    This team is not good

    Might as well do that the rest of the season because Ed Oliver will need four men blocking him.