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  1. It's way too early to say, but I'm viewing this year like 2015. We have a lot of young talent who is still in development stage, there are good points on the team (and I would rate the defense as one of them), and while the schedule is tough there's a path forward. The OL problems are going to define the season unfortunately. One thing I liked last night is that when Bell realized he needed to settle his team down and get the ball moving, he went to the run and got the OL settled down a bit. They could afford to do that against the likes of SC State and it got the offense moving, which was important. I suspect that the offense is going to be watered down a bit further and I don't have an issue with that. I want McCloud to cook, but too many slow developing plays will get him killed in the pocket, so going with some quick shots will protect him and help keep the offense on schedule. Bell and Darveau need to select a starting 5 OL and stick with them all season long, chopping and changing will hold back chemistry and confidence building for the OL. I know people are terrified that UCF will destroy us. Who wouldn't be? They're looking like a play off team, they destroyed everyone on their schedule last year and now their QB situation is much better than it was last year and they're destroying everyone again. Temple is no slouch either, they have a strong defense and they are doing what they do every year, be the team everyone hates to play. But we have to remember that if the team develops, then we will be in a position to compete with UC, Temple, and UCF at the end of the season and that's all anyone can ask for. Our team was no better last year and we were leading UC and Temple at the half. This offense is all about chemistry. I don't know if we can beat SMU (they really are good this year), but two weeks to practice and get better will certainly help. I'm still ticked about GT, having that win would have been a huge confidence builder and gotten us one game closer to a bowl.
  2. 父さんはひどい。踞尾が楽しい。
  3. Thank you. If the team is having fun, then they will play better. Perhaps even bigger than that is that we had zero turnovers tonight.
  4. The fumbles are a record, but there were some ridiculous defensive performances in 2007. I think we had like 8 against WVU.
  5. The defense seems adept at getting them. I get that it's FCS but 6 turnovers is nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps this team's identity is a turnover forcing team that gives a developing offense opportunities to score on short fields. I hope that's the case.
  6. We've already see them play FBS defenses twice. Even had we gotten that TD last week against GT, 17 points is nothing to write home about. I'm wondering how good SMU's defense is. They've allowed 57 points in two games against decent G5 schools, but they're holding a bad Texas State team to just three points as we speak. If the offense can get its legs under it the next two weeks, we have a decent shot. I appreciate that Bell simplified it a bit to get McCloud going. That offense though will be trouble in two weeks.
  7. And knowing them, they'll go right back and hire yet another hot and up coming OC to keep building that program. Safe is death. We're down on the mat and the count is happening right now, USF's future as a football program literally rests on this year and it's in the hands of a guy who doesn't play to win.
  8. Not sure if that's an FSU writer, but if so, the butthurt is hilarious.
  9. Thinking here as the other CPA on this board- There's no guarantee that his contract isn't part of the temporarily restricted assets. Given the arms race in college football, I wouldn't be shocked if fundraising to endow or raise money for coaching positions is part of the deal. Seeing as they have to revise the accounting every year for a lower buyout, I could have seen them releasing temporarily restricted net assets every year to lower the liability.
  10. They were hovering around the low 100s previously. Whatever was done plus their own work massively benefited them. It really doesn't matter as I suspect we will catch them within a decade. They do have a more traditional (read: less low risk) student population. I personally don't buy that they're as good academically as Miami.
  11. He could go 6-7 and still get Andy Levined. Greg Ward made a huge leap under Tom Herman.
  12. I'm going to politely disagree. Had we made a better hire at coach, we likely would have had a much better finish to last season, which would have helped build the ticket base coming into this year and with another good year I think RJS would have started averaging high 30s attendance. Right now season tickets are paid for and it will likely take a really good coach to generate excitement around the program next year, someone on the level of Scott Frost or a Broyles award winner. I'll go regardless, but I get that most of our fan base has been burned far too many times to really trust the team.
  13. Insider information from a publisher on one of the USF recruiting sites who also covered another school that had a vacancy.
  14. I almost wonder if this would qualify for malfeasance on the part of Harlan. Are there any fully guaranteed coaching contracts in college football? This is insane. I'm not sure USF can afford the reputation damage of having Strong beyond this season-that UCF game in 17 has broken the entire landscape of football in Florida in a bad way for USF. I know for a fact he tried to leave this off season and no one was willing to take him. MK might have to find a way to force him out. He's got high character, I know that, but I would fully expect him to hold USF to agreed upon terms. Then again, he would have to drop all the way to FCS to even have a decent shot at a head coaching job. No one in the G5 will take him as a head coach and certainly not in the P5. While this is a smaller amount, Cincy bit the bullet, paid off Tubberville's $2.4M buyout, and now they're filling the stadium with ease and they're doing very well. A new head coach would certainly spike some excitement about the program especially if the players really are in shape, whether it's Bell or someone else.
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