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  1. I would definitely support this idea, especially if it's someone who came from a tough background. Our players can finally get paid for the work they put in. It will be a boon to them and to us too. Who would you want to support for the BullsPen Player?
  2. Sounds good - I can wait. Man I got buried with meetings today. I'll take 1.
  3. If we would actually go out and win the conference we will go to the playoffs. The American is not getting any weaker. USF was about 15% better than its record last year, not closing out wins against temple, Memphis, and ucf hurt. Our strong schedule the next few years will help a lot. A 1-2 loss team could still win the conference and get ranked in the top 4 potentially. I think this will finalize conference expansion for sure. BYU's major sticking point other than the religion issue was equality with Utah. With a clear path to the playoffs they can join the American with an expectation that they will go to the playoffs with a conference championship. Notre dame will probably join the ACC or Big ten for similar reasons. The big losers in this are the wake forests, West Virginias, and Vanderbilt type of schools that were basically academic boosters to their conferences. They can no longer use the p5 tag to take recruits from Memphis or ECU. Even Florida, Miami, and FSU will get hit in recruiting eventually once we start going to the playoffs ahead of those schools. Beating Miami or Florida at least once over the next few years would topple the apple cart. Big USF GOAL-MUST WIN a conference title before UCF wins another one. This will help reset the Oregon-Oregon state perception our rivalry currently has and boost our recruiting
  4. Texas is about to beat Arizona State to go to the region final undefeated. Fairfield will have to win three in a row to go to the next round. Assuming we win tomorrow, the next round will likely be in Austin.
  5. Huge possession here. Get the score, force them to foul the rest of the way.
  6. Need to close this game out. Fouls and turnovers are not helping. This is where you have to force them to foul you, not get fouled yourself. Aaaaaaaand that's the lead gone because we couldn't push the lead on the offensive end. ELENA! Now get a stop!!!
  7. Need to stop turning the ball over. 8 isn't that many-but in a close game like this that's a killer.
  8. I hate hearing that they're quiet. I wish they would be loud and proud from 3 point range. Can't stand that word in basketball. I want the shoots going into the basket loudly. Banging it in with Leverett and Mununga has worked tonight, need to go there more.
  9. WSU on a run to open the second half. Need to get this together, not a single shot made from the field.
  10. Oh wow that was a fast half. Over in 50 minutes. I thought there was more time left. USF 38, WSU 29.
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