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  1. bullsbucsfan426

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    Just go out and win. UNC is a dumpster fire this year, but end of day ECU trashed them and that's something to be respected. Two weeks to prepare does bother me. Sure, they've been worried about their family. But they got rested and they have confidence from their last game. I will point out what happened the last time CCS got upset at the team. They took the Tulane game and waxed them for three quarters. Hoping for a bit more of a complete effort here though.
  2. bullsbucsfan426

    Practice Facility updates??

    Maybe USF should create an athletics loyalty program with a credit card. It works so well with the airlines and hotels, it would do wonders here. The points could be used for game day suites access, redeemed for free tickets, one on one meet and greet experiences with USF coaches in off season, etc.
  3. bullsbucsfan426

    How do you assess this?

    Initially you'd think it's hard to assess this but after looking the game as a whole, it really isn't. 1. We have struggled to stop the run all season. We got progressively better as the game went on by keying on Epstein. At this point you assume we are who we are. I expected more from BJM and CCS. They turned around a veteran defense last year-maybe this defense needs more time to gel? It's hard to say. They just give up so much size. This is what worries me for when we play UCF, Houston (and to some extent) Cincinnatti. The Bearcats will be happy to pound it all day and they have the ability to succeed. 2. I think the team was overconfident after the way we won against GT last week. Penalties have always been a problem since Strong took over, and this week wasn't any different. The turnovers were just killers. The play calling wasn't great at times, but Barnett just seemed rattled a great deal of the time. There were a lot of open throws he missed. The defense is young and they will learn, but I wonder where things will go down the stretch. 3. Big 10 teams tend to be built very similarly-they're big on the lines, have enough speed to take advantage of you, and want to drive the ball downfield. It's like us facing Rutgers or UConn in the mid-2000s. They were just so big and power-based that they would run all day against USF, and this isn't the first time we've had a grossly undersized defense. I'd say "recruit better" but at some point you wonder how much we can get in terms of talent in the trenches. I was heartened to see the late plays by Barber and Pinckney, yet you have to think that if we score early and go into the second quarter with 14 points on the board, UI would have gotten away from the run. 4. The Tampa 2 defense Smith ran caused problems. Most spread offenses in college are used to scoring in bunches, on 3-4 play drives, and generally not facing a ton of opposition. That's how our team seemed to be operating for most of the day-and that helped the Illini get interceptions. I give them credit for hunkering down, realizing they needed to do some work, and eventually were patient enough to drive the ball down the field and score TDs. If they keep that driven mindset for the rest of the season, they will get much, much better. 5. It wasn't a good win, even though UI is a Big 10 team. They are no better than they were last season, they struggled to beat Kent State and Western Illinois. They gave us enough of a scare that they will be taken seriously now. That said, there are wins on their schedule. Rutgers looked awful today against Kansas...let that sink in. Purdue is still winless and looks like a winnable game. I don't fancy their chances against PSU or Wisconsin at all. If they want to go to a bowl game they will have to get much, much better. Maybe Nebraska will end up sucking and then they only need one more win against the rest of their schedule.
  4. bullsbucsfan426

    Blake Barnett

    It certainly feels like it. I've noticed him staring down receivers at times. UI just wasn't good enough to take advantage of it. The Illini were getting a lot of early pressure and unfortunately it took him three quarters to settle down. The penalties didn't help.
  5. bullsbucsfan426

    Illinois game TV

    I'm watching it on Fox Sports Go. I was surprised they didn't ask for a cable login.
  6. All those years of challenge recruiting on the line are costing us. Insane we can't come up with some good DTs.
  7. And against a P5 opponent like that. Barnett was fantastic but King earned the award this week.
  8. bullsbucsfan426

    Barnett: Real Deal

    Jordan McCloud apparently showed some good things in camp and he has two years to develop behind Barnett. We should be fine.
  9. 1. The first time I ever went to a home game, it was oddly enough against Elon in 2007. Watching Selvie destroy them was entertaining. 2. A 3 TD lead and defensive domination. No early flop-ups. 3. Green/gold 4. 30k, 20k in bad weather 5. I'm not tailgating tomorrow. I have a tax client flying in to see me and our appointment is at 2:15. Pray we get done by 4:30 please.
  10. I've gotten twitter thank yous in the past, but it was awesome to get this in the mail today. Michael Kelly knows how to reach people. https://twitter.com/ZainNensey/status/1031603228402704389
  11. bullsbucsfan426

    New unis

    They ripped us off. They copied a high school design. Seriously?
  12. Not sure who is in the right here, and I guess we'll see. But if the suspension reports end up being true, can we flip the credentials from JK to Nathan Bond? JK would have gotten the story wrong then-which means it would be nice to see him get replaced.
  13. bullsbucsfan426

    Above and Beyond Iniatitive

    But is your level over 9000?
  14. bullsbucsfan426

    Monday Morning - Bulls in the Pros

    It's Amsterdam, New York. If it had been the Netherlands I would have made a joke that the Netherlands cricket team was planning to pick him up for their Tri-Series vs. Scotland and Ireland. They need the batting firepower.