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  1. bullsbucsfan426

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    Not sure who is in the right here, and I guess we'll see. But if the suspension reports end up being true, can we flip the credentials from JK to Nathan Bond? JK would have gotten the story wrong then-which means it would be nice to see him get replaced.
  2. bullsbucsfan426

    Above and Beyond Iniatitive

    But is your level over 9000?
  3. bullsbucsfan426

    Monday Morning - Bulls in the Pros

    It's Amsterdam, New York. If it had been the Netherlands I would have made a joke that the Netherlands cricket team was planning to pick him up for their Tri-Series vs. Scotland and Ireland. They need the batting firepower.
  4. bullsbucsfan426

    Welcome Lurking

    Don't just lurk around now, my friend: post!
  5. bullsbucsfan426

    You just got hired...

    This is more an observation I have based on what I've seen when trying to get people to buy tickets. I personally believe USF deserves support because they are my alma mater, because they are doing yeoman's work in helping students from underprivileged backgrounds get a chance to move ahead in life, and because if I don't support them with donations and season ticket purchases, then my credibility is damaged when trying to get any one else to support the team, whether they're 0-12 or 13-0. I sat through the abyss in 2012, 2013, and 2014 and honestly while I won't call it a religious or spiritual experience, pushing myself through that made the joys in 2015-2017 truly enjoyable, and prepared me to know how to handle defeat. Walking out of Raymond James in 2014 to loud UCF chants was a frankly painful experience-and watching us embarrass Temple, Cincy, and UCF the next year felt like my patience had been worth it. Yet there seem to be many from my graduating class (and before and after classes) who don't share the same views. When the Big 12 was knocking on the door of the AAC to potentially raid us, I remember talking to my next door neighbor. I urged and urged him to buy season tickets to show his support for the program-and all he could talk about was how getting into the Big 12 would take us to another level. He didn't want to invest in the program to make it worthy of a spot in the Big 12-he wanted USF to be in the big 12 before it was worthy of his attention. I have had others who have made similar comments when I suggest just going to a game, let alone buying season tickets. I will give full credit to one of my fellow alumni, who shares seats with me-last year he drove from work in ORLANDO to attend weeknight games. That is a mark of true dedication. He is actually running for State Representative this year, and once his campaign kicks off next week I will be happy to share more information about him, but the man bleeds green and gold and this is the type of alumni we need to reach out to. It is my belief, that given this apathy among alumni, that USF needs to cast a wider net. Most of the small towns around Tampa LOVE football. They go and watch it regularly. But who are they watching? The Bucs? The Gators, Seminoles, Canes, or Knights? Why?! We are not making our case to these potential fans. I get that USF has limited resources, yet we do have one resource that we leave untapped-alumni like me, who take our time, buy tickets, donate, try to persuade our friends to attend games on our dime. Does USF Athletics have an alumni ambassador program? Does USF Athletics make its presence known at community events all around the Tampa Bay area? USF has a very large alumni base-that doesn't hear from them when it comes to USF athletics. Reaching out is the first step. If we reach out to 100 people, maybe we get 10 people agreeing to come to a USF athletics event (note that this doesn't have to be a game, could be as little as a mixer event with food and drinks and CCS and one or two other coaches). There's over 300,000 alumni-even one percent of them is 3000 ticket buyers-and even at the lowest price that's an extra 300k a year in ticket revenue. And all of this could be helped by an ambassador program of committed USF alumni.
  6. bullsbucsfan426

    You just got hired...

    Except those students are your future season ticket holders and you want them invested. I bought tickets the first year after I finished. I suspect most of the 2006-2010 generation aren't coming because they remember the heights and the upsets. They're waiting for that to happen again. They can't fathom the downgrade in conferences and seem to believe USF hasn't earned their support. The current generation can be built a little more organically.
  7. bullsbucsfan426

    You just got hired...

    Hold more promotional events around Tampa and the surrounding districts (Zephyrhills, Plant City, Lakeland, Bradenton/Sarasota, as well as Tampa). The media is not going to tell our story so it's up to USF to get the story out there. Get us in front of people and sell, sell, sell, always have ticket reps present. Need to also devote more resources to Bulls club and develop an alumni athletics ambassador network. It's beyond me why we aren't tapping into guys like Grothe and Lindsey Lamar who grew up in this area and don't get featured with the program.
  8. Yes, yes we would, just as the Marshall Center fee eventually went away. I paid that fee. I saw it on my tuition statements for a few years-then not long after it got built, by the time I graduated, it had stopped. If this fee is per semester, you're talking at the low end $6M per year, to possibly as much as $14M-$15M per year (could be over $20M if USF charges for summer semester too). That's not chump change, and assuming we build the $200M stadium that Harlan put out in his proposals, the interest cost (just estimating at 4% per year), would be $8M. You better have some extra funding in place. USF is struggling to raise funds here. The CITF could pay out $15M when the time comes, but it can only be used once (can't be used for debt service, just for initial construction). USF needs to find $50M in donations, then you add the $15M in CITF money, then perhaps the other $135M can be debt serviced. Here is why it's possible it won't go through-the only way that fee is getting approved is through a ballot measure in the student body elections. The soonest SG can do that is the midterm elections in the fall, and it STILL has to pass. Even if you only have 5-8k students voting, it's going to take a lot work-and for whatever reason, USF hasn't gotten enough Greek buyin on football if they're still doing rush in the fall on home game-days.
  9. bullsbucsfan426

    New economy on the horizon

    But will there be a TBP credit card with a 50,000 point bonus we can spend on a road trip game?
  10. bullsbucsfan426

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    I would have preferred someone else over Yuengling, but not sure who we could have gone with. The Gonzmart Dome? Outback dome (probably not because that group has no cash)? At least it isn't the GEO group like what happened with FAU-they still haven't found a new sponsor. I guess it's the best that could be considered under the circumstances.
  11. Buffalo has been pushing and shoving all games. Ladies are starting to push harder back but going to need them to power up.
  12. Unbelievable. Their 3 shooting has gone hot.
  13. It was roughly even while Rader was in there. Buffalo plays very physical, Tamara took that fine, Shae seems to have some issues with it.
  14. Unbelievable. After Henshaw went down buffalo went on a 24-15 run. Ladies need to wake up.
  15. 29-23 at 5:19 left in the second quarter. Henshaw is down.