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  1. Success is always precipitated by a culture shift. Taggart put a culture of winning in the locker room and being active in the local community, and Strong took the winning culture away. As long as CJS brings that back, we will win lots and lots of games.
  2. It would certainly kill the MWC. But I actually don't like the idea of dropping Tulane. Tulane is the geographical axis that makes the AAC turn, and if we ever decide to have a neutral-site conference championship, you can do a lot worse than NOLA. I don't think it would happen for a while, the model of giving the top ranked AAC team an extra home game has provided excellent optics and incentives to the American, but having Tulane in the American is a good thing. Tulsa is the one that doesn't make sense. If the American is going to expand, and Boise is okay with an equal revenue share, then I would add them along with the Air Force Academy and Colorado State. That gets you to 14. The only other schools I think would fit from an AAC perspective are UNLV (which is a big city school and could serve as a western version of Tulane), and BYU (which isn't coming because they will never agree to be second-string to Utah).
  3. Need to close this game out. Not surprised that Memphis made a run, Rideau will need to facilitate more as it's obvious they've got him dead to rights. Dawson and Collins will be the ones who can win this.
  4. I heard once apparently some USF fans went and flyered for USF on the UF campus.
  5. The team probably wins some of these close games with Yetna, but to be honest last season was indicative of CBG's overall career-first year rebuild, much better than expected year 2, then middling performance for 2-3 years. If we get to .500 this year it will be good. I'm just feeling the loss of Yetna may be too much to overcome.
  6. I think all of us are weary enough to know that everyone wins the press conference. Well, CCS didn't win the press conference with his "slow down the offense" comment, but most gave him a mulligan. Today CJS goes to work keeping the recruiting class together, getting his staff in place, and putting the ingredients together to get USF winning again, starting from the early signing day all the way through kick-off in Austin next year. Based on his two day record, I think we all believe CJS will get it done. He's coached very succesful players at Clemson, he did a good job turning them into one of the country's elite offenses with great players like DeShaun Watson and Sammy Watkins, but it is still a very long way to go. If CJS gets us to 6-6 in his first year (and there is no guarantee of this), that's a sign of a really good coach. We were close sometimes under CCS (the games vs. GT and UC this year come to mind), but not often enough. This is where we have to trust the process and understand that this will take time. Strong really screwed us up right when we were back on the cusp of rebuilding our reputation in Tampa. He could coach here five years and not seen 40k green and gold shifts in the stands, because people's trust in USF football has been broken a second time.
  7. Thanks! Please buy tickets and donate! I suspect there will be some building required, but enjoy the ride with us!
  8. I think we need to organize a prayer meeting in the name of Jesus for our team every time they face UCF then. I will pray for them.
  9. While the fitness and injury issues in USF football have been well documented, I find it increasingly disturbing that our other to significant sports (men and women's basketball) are also suffering injuries. Yetna could have been chalked up to a freak accident and I can live with that. But WBB has now lost Bethy Mununga and Eliza Pinzan to injuries. I haven't really looked into the non-revenue sports, but I wouldn't be surprised if injuries happened there too. Why is this happening? At some point this becomes more than a coincidence-why are so many teams losing players to injury?
  10. It takes two to tango. USF is tight lipped, the information is coming from the other end.
  11. I have been reading the "behind the paywall" stuff over at Rivals and all in all it is actually pretty good content, not necessarily elite booster level content but significantly more than the average fan would get. I don't know if board donors here get to hear anything similar if they've donated enough. All I'll say is that MK is working his way down the list, the hire may come out of left field, and at least 3 of the top candidates that have been mentioned have already said no. It's mostly 247 and the TBT working the CWT angle. At this point I want to see Leavitt if he's open for it just because of the shot in the arm the program would get for a year or two. The Big East fan base would show up just because of him, at least until they realize what a rebuild we have in store.
  12. Agreed. I read back in 2013 that while the team was utterly lacking in talent, an opposing coach described them as difficult to beat simply because they battled their hearts out every single game. Had they been in proper conditioning that year and had good coaching, the 2013 team would have at least gone bowling.
  13. Won't say where i heard it but Spurrier did reach out to USF with that exact idea in mind.
  14. And some insightful commentary in between. I'll go on record and say that I'm good with any hire as long as there's a reasonable basis for it, but that's normal. We have to have a high quality guy coaching the team.
  15. Perhaps my verbiage was wrong, but I was stating that. I have seen the same tweets you have.
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