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  1. Huge possession here. Get the score, force them to foul the rest of the way.
  2. Need to close this game out. Fouls and turnovers are not helping. This is where you have to force them to foul you, not get fouled yourself. Aaaaaaaand that's the lead gone because we couldn't push the lead on the offensive end. ELENA! Now get a stop!!!
  3. Need to stop turning the ball over. 8 isn't that many-but in a close game like this that's a killer.
  4. I hate hearing that they're quiet. I wish they would be loud and proud from 3 point range. Can't stand that word in basketball. I want the shoots going into the basket loudly. Banging it in with Leverett and Mununga has worked tonight, need to go there more.
  5. WSU on a run to open the second half. Need to get this together, not a single shot made from the field.
  6. Oh wow that was a fast half. Over in 50 minutes. I thought there was more time left. USF 38, WSU 29.
  7. Shae Leverett in foul trouble. Need to hold serve now and push the lead if possible. Big concern-WSU is getting a lot of fouls. We have a deeper rotation but doesn't help if they're hitting 90% from the line.
  8. First quarter ended 15-13 in WSU's favor, now USF has gone on a 14-4 run to open the second quarter. Lead would be bigger if Mununga had landed a couple of layups in the 1st qarter. Would be nice to get them in foul trouble quickly. WSU uses a limited rotation so they wouldn't be able to bring in a lot of depth.
  9. UCF still leads 21-15. That loss to UCF in WBB still mattered for the War on I4, with that we're tied. Asking a lot from the rest of the non-revenue sports, but beating UCF in the only women's soccer game of the season helps a lot.
  10. there was premium content from a certain well-connected basketball coverage guy on TOS about this with explicit details of what was said and what was done about it. I have read it, I believe it, but I think board rules don't allow me to post details here. All I'm saying is that it's very likely you are correct-and it's possible it's for cause. In today's hyper-race-sensitive environment not doing enough to address ongoing problems with a coach making racist remarks, and to the point that 7 players have abandoned the program? CBG is gone. It's bizarre though. CBG rescued the program from
  11. Washington State isn't a 9 seed. They finished 7th in their conference and got blown out in the 2nd round of the conference championship. I'm sure they'll bring everything they can, but NET on its own would place them as an 11 or possibly even a 12 seed, at best a 10 seed. RPI wouldn't see them in the tournament at all (ranked 96 in the RPI). USF will rampage against them assuming the team is ready to go physically. A 12-11 team doesn't belong in the tourney in the first place. As far as NC State-they are the weakest #1 seed in the field, with a NET of 7. that's not to say that the
  12. I suppose if we were going to get shafted with an 8 seed, at least we get shafted with a relatively weaker first weekend. while it's not a perfect indicator, Washington State is 45 in the net, meaning they're par for a 9 seed, while NC State is 7th in the NET, thus far the weakest 1 seed. We played Baylor fairly close early in the season and it looks like the women had something to prove against UCF, so it looks like their competitive edge is restored. We just can't afford the team to go cold. A week's break will probably benefit given the fatigue of late.
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