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  1. Welcome! Hope we can have some wonderful sports talk this summer.
  2. Welcome! What can we know about Gabriella's world?
  3. Am I the only one who recognized it was satire from the start? Come on people, you might not like them but are we seriously going to argue over a blog that is essentially a volunteer effort to cover USF athletics? At least they're doing it. If you don't like it everyone here is more than welcome to start their own blog.
  4. this could actually be a prime borrowing time. Interest rates are low, lack of construction demand will make building cheaper.
  5. They have to make that push first. Team is getting hot at the right time, with that important win over Temple last weekend. I still malign the fool refs for that terrible call in Orlando, we could easly be within 1 game of .500 tonight if not for that.
  6. Was he ever actually convicted? Or was it a case of overcommitment?
  7. Where are you in Pasco County? I was running a CPA firm in Zephyrhills for a couple of years before I decided to make a change.
  8. It's kind of insane that UCF has been able to catch up so quickly in WBB. That makes zero sense. CJF is a quality coach, but he's been hampered by having to play UConn every year. I feel fairly confident he would have won at least a few conference titles by now otherwise, and that would have accelerated his recruiting. That said, he needs to go back to recruiting the Southeast. I don't have a problem with the European players, but they just don't have the physicality and toughness of players like Grace and Williams. He's overcommited to Europe.
  9. GT and Cincy were both games we were in a position to win at the end. Win those and we go bowling. That said I don't think Strong would have kept his job regardless. He was Tony Levine'g the team.
  10. The CBI is supposed to be a launching board tournament. I don't think we would go again. It made perfect sense, and had Yetna been uninjured we likely would have made the leap to the NCAA as so many close losses would have been wins.
  11. I suspect he's been coaching quite hard lately. This is a darn good win. The way the team is playing gives me a lot of hope. Losing Yetna sucks a ton, but I wouldn't count this team out of the post season yet-particularly if they make a run in the conference tournament.
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