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  1. bullsbucsfan426

    FB survey

    No, he does not. He's independent but has closer ties with Florida Hospital. Guess it wasn't him.
  2. I'm hearing all the right things from Strong and Bell. Hoping we see a huge resurgence on the offensive end, there's just so much speed-and it's my hope the line matures from last year. I don't think we lost anyone on the OL, correct? Could be a huge key-with Cronkrite, Ford, Bell, plus McDoom, Horne, St. Felix, and even Wilcox there are all kinds of concepts and philosophies that can be used. Does anyone have a link to VSU's statistics? I didn't see anything on their home page.
  3. bullsbucsfan426

    FB survey

    I hope it went well-I wonder if my dad was the one that did it for you, that's his specialty. .
  4. More like "looking at you, Sterlin Gilbert". Lol. This guy has done it on a regular basis. I'm excited to see what he puts together for next year.
  5. bullsbucsfan426

    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    Cincy has always been a really bad match up for us. Their defense gives us fits.
  6. bullsbucsfan426

    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    How long is Cincy going to crowd the paint? No 3-second violations?
  7. We held them 21 points under their scoring average. We've been pretty good defensively all season, but 3 point shooting is a clear up and down situation. This game isn't in question with a minute to go with 70% free throw shooting. Don't like it but this is who we are right now. Uconn will use the exact same game plan on Wednesday, they have a really deep line up. Their back ups will be hacking all game.
  8. bullsbucsfan426

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    It's a great play. fantastic play. you gotta mix it up with dives, tosses, and clear the box with passes to the TE and bubble screens, it won't stand on its own, but as part of an offensive package, it's a great way to impose your will on teams and run out the clock when you're up 28 in the 4th quarter.
  9. Taggart only tossed kids if they did something egregious enough to attract media attention. With his fascination for recruiting DBs he couldn't afford to lose the trench talent he had.
  10. bullsbucsfan426

    MBB in Game Chat vs Alcorn State

    After last night's beating this puts a smile on my face. CBG has this team on the right track and they don't hold back anything. Only flaw I see is that Collins has been cold lately. Wonder what's going on with him.
  11. Fair enough but Terrence Horne was a guy CCS recruited and he actually played a role in the offensive game plan as well (caught a TD pass.) We won't take that away from Strong, he saw the talent, the talent came through.
  12. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this statement, but I think he's trying to sell CCS to the fan base. Saying "I believe" is completely noncommittal. It's hoping, it's praying that CCS actually has the will and desire to be here. He hedged it with the "we'd still have to do it for any coach" and "why wouldn't I build on it..." comments. No, nothing is instantaneous, but CCS hasn't gotten our team in position to win football games. With the exception of the GT game (I will give full credit to CCS there, he beat a team that finished with a winning record, and it was a positive, exciting, generally well-called game), even the first half the season felt like we were playing 2014 SMU 7 weeks in a row (and that was a BAD football team). We looked good, we had an undefeated record, but it was as thin as wrapping paper. We hoped that it was just the team learning and trying to get better, but it didn't show up in the win column the last six games. The only highlights after the UConn win were leading at the half against Cincy and Temple, and hey, if we win those games, then we have something to sell and not all is lost. But we didn't.
  13. bullsbucsfan426


    After Leavitt won his lawsuit and proved he was not at fault, I find it hard to agree-they got rid of the golden goose.
  14. bullsbucsfan426

    TV Tonight

    Yeah take that away from opponents and he'll be nigh unstoppable. Alcorn State and FDU won't be a problem, but I expect UConn to hack him all night long.
  15. bullsbucsfan426

    TV Tonight

    All that foul trouble allowed fiu to stay in the game. They couldn't compete with us without it. Kill the turnovers and foul problems and this team has a chance at the NIT. it's like a game of whack a mole. Fix one problem and another springs up. Props to the excellent defensive play, FIU shot 37% from the floor and 16% from the 3 point line.