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  1. I still can't believe Bobby played good enough to beat Miami...he made a few good throws...but yeah the defense made a ton if big plays that day...
  2. Hell, in the 30 for 30 doc Ron Myers used playing in Cowboy Stadium as a recruiting tool...I'll take the IPF and a pro stadium...
  3. I think a few posters understand this...Ray Jay will be torn down and a shiny new stadium will be built...because of this, I find it highly unlikely we build an OCS...by the way...it will be a shiny new professional venue...so terrible, I know...
  4. Propaganda from our friends at Oviedo CC seems to be working...
  5. Especially if the Rays leave...it will already be an eyesore...trust me the Bucs will use that as leverage...
  6. For the NFL we do...all the ownership has to do is threaten to leave...NFL has far bigger pull as opposed to MLB at least in this region...watch...a new stadium will be built...
  7. Let me clear the white noise...We will have the best IPF in the state and play in a state of the art venue...seems like a good deal to me...
  8. Or the "we tied the amount of spring practices last year with one...we break that tomorrow."
  9. I have noticed they have kept the political takes out of the main TDS site for the most part...I think Nate has a snickers moment every now and then and can't help himself...
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