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  1. The o-line will gain confidence as well as the offense improves...Not sure how much, but it will improve though
  2. I've said this before...up until last week everyone was hoping BB would play decent...after last week, the team has identified the qb of the future, the defense is pretty good (going into the season it was a big question mark), they have a bunch of really good players at the skill positions on offense...in my eyes, there seems to be a lot more positive then negative... as it stands..the o-line is the only issue...so yeah, take a deep breath and relax
  3. He needs to change his handle to Ray Of Sunshine lea
  4. What is the point of this post? One, it is your opinion...two why?
  5. Because live football is a lot different then practice...
  6. Ford was a freak of nature...too bad he just kept making bonehead decisions...
  7. There were people on here bashing QF while he was in the midst of shattering school records because he didn't have an NFL arm...two different animals
  8. It can be rough...there are probably some form of commitments from the staff to get you to the school and it is your last year...that is pretty challenging news to deal with...especially when you get on the podium to tell everyone you're going to win the national championship...
  9. I was contemplating finishing my sentence how much they improve remains to be seen...what seems good majority our fans forget every year that college football is never stagnant...could they get worse...doubt it...will they remain the same...doubt it...will the get better...yes, I think that will happen
  10. Keep in mind is was the very first start for the new qb and he did pretty well...he will only get better as the season progresses...imo I will probably get laughed at, the oline will improve as well...
  11. Are we sure that's correct...the game against Southern Utah was his 6th or 7th start of his Junior season in 01? Am I missing something here?
  12. His hs film is the real deal...I remember thinking his film lines up with the likes of Mack and Mike Ford from a breakaway speed standpoint
  13. Wearing that trashed in the sun would probably make me puke as well...
  14. He threw 10 TDs that entire season...and he wasn't a freshman...get outta here with that nonsense
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