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  1. He's been successful at every stop and coached 6 games at this stop...get outta here
  2. Yes, he played terribly...after he came off the field cringing I hope they would take him out...let's hope he or Blake is healed next week...if we lead with the run I'm confident either of them can do enough from a passing standpoint to win
  3. Agree...I was down after the McCloud pick and thought the game was over...defense came through all day...it shows the coach hasn't lost the team as some thought...can't wait till next week! Huge challenge
  4. I thought that...Pat is the worst qb USF may have had though...imo this kid isn't close to that...until I see him injury free and get a few more games under his belt I cant tell how good he can be...
  5. Better then Pat...with a banged up hand...and a rs freshman...
  6. Now you made me go and remind myself how bad he was...I pulled his stat lines...I'm not even going to post it...
  7. The offense stopped once Pat spelled Matt in that bowl game...don't go there...he was hot garbage...this kid is way better then Pat...his hand is dinged up as well...
  8. He is, but it is a pretty **** good one two punch...
  9. I think this is obvious answer.. this team needs to establish the run first then pass...
  10. This team last year folds after being down early...I thought the game was over after the McCloud pick...this team is building character
  11. I am really pleased with Sands from last year to this year...huge improvement
  12. Cecil is lined up against a whale this week...that is what Bell's reference is...it is his super bowl
  13. Cronk is faster and has break away speed compared to Sands...imo it needs to be the same rotation as last week moving forward...
  14. They are going to add tougher competition...what they do is play the victim, make excuses and try to be a bad ass when playing weaker competition...that's their MO
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