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  1. Hey, at least we can beat a FCS team...let's see if we can make the game interesting next week at BYU...
  2. I want to see multiple explosive plays...our running game as a whole I want to see have a big game...I would like to see Timmy get the bulk of the snaps as well
  3. The team is executing at a much higher level then last year.. it will begin to show on the field once we move into conference play
  4. I respect this viewpoint...I am in the camp of getting him experience now...
  5. What is maddening about this is that we can all see McClain should be the starter moving forward...and the staff hasn't publicly made this decision...could it be the commitment Scott made to Cade to get him to Tampa?
  6. I was pleased...McClain showed he should start moving forward...
  7. Exactly what I was thinking...they are someone else's problem now...let those lunatics bother someone else...
  8. "Man law" doesn't register for UCF fans...to quote the movie "As Good as It Gets." With regards to a UCF fan...I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability...
  9. This unit overall just isn't talented...there is no further explanation...they will continue to kill this team...
  10. This has been said before in prior post...Timmy is far ahead of Q at this point in his career...so there's that
  11. I was feeling the same way yesterday...this looked a lot like the Wisconsin game...I expected to keep it within 10, hell keeping it to the spread of 18 would have been a heck of a lot better
  12. I want to see the dline not look like they are ice skating...
  13. I was concerned with the LB'er unit as well...we've built a bit of depth though...I think all other units have improved immensely...
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