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  1. We averaged 37.5 points a game for the rest of the season including that game. We scored 51 points at halftime against cincy. Yeah I’d say it was moving a little bit.
  2. I agreed with Timmy being ahead of him at this point but it was Q’s sophomore year in 2015 when he got the offense rolling against Syracuse not his junior year.
  3. I can’t stand all the distracting things we try to do to make people forget they’re at a usf game. Ex: bongo cam and having the crowd stop watching the game, download a football game app and ask them to play it(while at the game) to win some stupid prize. It’s embarrassing how we dumb down the entertainment to our fan base and have to constantly tell them to get loud, but I guess that’s where we’re at. I would much rather just have throwback highlights every timeout. I mean we are celebrating our 25th season right?
  4. It is actually on espn plus. ESPN owns the ACCN now and has for several years. I used espn plus to watch games on it last year as long as you have a live tv provider. Hulu live tv also has it.
  5. McCloud still hasn’t learned when to tuck it and run. It’s like he’s afraid to leave the pocket. My fear is that CJS will start McCloud this week and we’ll get off to a bad start with him taking sacks/turnovers. Johnson will come in and do well, but it will be too late.
  6. I can’t upload the photos b/c the size is too big, Lloyd put it on his instagram. One’s a new black jersey and a new lime green one.
  7. Ok Jfalse, you might of missed my point that a lot of C. alumni care less about academics vs athletics.
  8. Was hoping this was a recruiting violation so I could forward it to my C. friend to talk ****. He won’t care about this in the slightest.
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