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    Per his Instagram
  2. Gobulls90

    Does USF football exist?

    Don’t know. They live in the Clearwater area.
  3. Gobulls90

    Does USF football exist?

    Of course, it’s not lost on me that USF lacks notairty, even in the Tampa Bay Area. It is more comical to me than infuriating, but I found it odd that someone would give there money to an athletic department but not know it has a football team as well.
  4. Today I met an old married couple who were USF basketball donors years ago and had no idea we had a football program. They knew we renovated the sundome so it wasn’t like they were completely out of touch. This definitely tops the list of oblivious disrespectful comments about our football program throughout the years. Other notable mentions: Guy on the Chicago boat tour who asked me if we were the school that had that great story about the player with one hand. Co-worker who told me she was sorry about what happened to our quarterback on Black Friday. And the countless people I’ve met who think we play in the FCS. It was even worse this year because everyone and their mother knew we were 7-0 and then lost 5 straight. I hate small talk in general, but having to explain to a layman person the reasoning behind the downfall is completely pointless.
  5. Gobulls90

    USF player in Jail

    When are we going to bring Ford back to campus to do scared straight seminars on drivers license? Until that happens, I see this continuing.
  6. Gobulls90

    Senior Players

    Hoggins and Mayes
  7. Gobulls90

    Bye bye Sterlin!

  8. http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/13/charlie-strong-7-6-wont-work-for-usf-this-season/ From 3 months ago Did he want this record? Let the conspiracy theories begin...
  9. My friend downloads the new rosters every year. I finally did it last year. Q was a problem as you would expect.
  10. Gobulls90

    Unrealistic Expectations

    Just waiting on that elusive conference championship...
  11. Anybody know how late will call stays open after kickoff? Can’t reach anybody at the ticket office.
  12. He posted on the gram that this will be his first game back.
  13. Belly was a good movie considering it starred two rappers. One of my favorite parts is when DMX buys that car with a bag of cash...that’s how I envision buying my next car after winning the powerball.