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  1. Ok Jfalse, you might of missed my point that a lot of C. alumni care less about academics vs athletics.
  2. Was hoping this was a recruiting violation so I could forward it to my C. friend to talk ****. He won’t care about this in the slightest.
  3. I think he’s thinking of Marshall.
  4. I see. I just think if it was coach related he would have de committed shortly after strong left or shortly after the assistances left.
  5. I understand the coaching change part of it. I guess my point is I have more respect for kids who are more private about their commitment, especially with everything that could happen until signing day. I mean in all honesty the only people who need to know you are committed is the school and that’s just a phone call. I guess I don’t really blame the kids specially. The real person to blame is Lebron. Having an hour special on ESPN about what team you’ll sign with ****** up an entire generation of kids who think having a big hoopla around their choices is important to everyone. Out of those 3 Q and Mack committed before signing day. DJ was the only one who did the day of so I’m not sure what you mean.
  6. I don’t remember Q, DJ or Mack tweeting out there percentage of commitment every week. They didn’t need the attention I guess.
  7. Disney, everyone’s favorite dystopian overlord.
  8. Charlie’s lack of recruiting the most important position on the team has come back to haunt him. 2017 recruiting class NO QB signed, which is insane considering it was Q’s senior year and kean and Oladokun were still unproven. Plus you don’t even know how the qbs on the roster would adapt to your offense and you don’t even try to start finding a guy you want. Barnett transfers in the next year and we sign 2 QBs in 2018. When you sign two qbs in one class you are bound to have one transfer out once they lose the job or hope that they change positions. 2019 recruiting class you get 1 QB that you immediately change to another position only to bring him back later when you’re desperate. If you are a new coach coming in you have to make that position a priority to be successful. Taggart brought in mike white in his first class and Q in his second and they both ended up being great players in the long run. I hate how Charlie put all his chips on Barnett to pan out.
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