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  1. Gobulls90

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    I’m aware. I was being facetious.
  2. Gobulls90

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    The majority of great USF qbs start as a freshman or a redshirt freshman...it’s Battle’s time now.
  3. Gobulls90

    Your take on this past football season

    I’ll remember it was the year I blocked my best friend’s(c. Alum) number from my phone for 3 months...
  4. Gobulls90

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    Or...how it’s supposed to taste.
  5. Gobulls90

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    The best Yuengling you could have is on tap in Pittsburgh. It’s so smooth you’d think you’re drinking a different beer.
  6. Gobulls90

    Q is Flexible

    I think his elusiveness is what made him seem so much faster in the college game. We knew he didn’t have Mack type speed, but I thought it would be a little better than the combine. I still look at Tyrod Taylor though and think maybe Q finds a fit with a team who would know how to use him, but I doubt it.
  7. Gobulls90


    So I’m buying a new home and I was looking for some cool usf football artwork to put in it and I stumbled upon this. I’m sure it’s been burned to ashes right now and 6 ft under ground, but I got a good laugh out of it.
  8. Gobulls90

    Q autograph helmets

    Q was signing a ton of usf helmets on his Instagram. Anybody know if those are being sold?
  9. Gobulls90

    Notice anything?

    Would it kill them to put a Magic logo instead of Celtics?
  10. I can’t understand all the back patting. I bet there is not a lot of you that are from Orlando and have to hear about this **** the rest of your life from friends and family.
  11. Gobulls90

    Mack Attack.

    Once Gore is eligible for Medicare next year he will.
  12. Gobulls90

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    You know who’s a grown man?
  13. Gobulls90

    Cracks are forming...

    I don’t know about cracks but UConn shot themselves in the foot a lot. Offsides on a punt on c.’s first drive that helped extend it. Fumbling around their own 20, kicking a field goal instead of going for it on 4th and goal. Going into halftime with all 3 timeouts. I didn’t even watch the 2nd half.
  14. Gobulls90

    Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    Saturday, that’s probably why.
  15. Gobulls90

    Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    Usf ticket office called me today and said they are refunding the tickets I bought saying that they oversold. They are talking with ucif this week to see if they can get more tickets. Anybody else have this issue?