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  1. My friend downloads the new rosters every year. I finally did it last year. Q was a problem as you would expect.
  2. Gobulls90

    Unrealistic Expectations

    Just waiting on that elusive conference championship...
  3. Anybody know how late will call stays open after kickoff? Can’t reach anybody at the ticket office.
  4. He posted on the gram that this will be his first game back.
  5. Belly was a good movie considering it starred two rappers. One of my favorite parts is when DMX buys that car with a bag of cash...that’s how I envision buying my next car after winning the powerball.
  6. Howard(Michigan) Davis(Alabama) Pollack(Georgia) Herbstreit (Ohio State)...G5 doesn’t have a voice up there, what do we expect?
  7. This conversation again? I feel like this has been debated several times before. My side is that I always want them to lose no matter what, but the argument can be made that we’ve never beaten them when they were good(I don’t really count winning CUSA in 2007 as “good”). When we’ve both been good, which was last year, they won. The feeling of knocking them off at their highest point is appealing.
  8. Gobulls90

    Hampton Island Appreciation Thread

    He bounced back from giving up that big play on the first drive and I think he got a little dinged up on his almost INT in the end zone and stayed in the game. It says a lot about him that he was covering their best WR when we have two senior corners.
  9. Gobulls90

    2018 FanFest

    Anybody know if it’s the same rules as last year about not being able to bring in items to have signed? I see something will be provided, but it doesn’t say you can’t bring in something.
  10. I’m aware. I was being facetious.
  11. The majority of great USF qbs start as a freshman or a redshirt freshman...it’s Battle’s time now.
  12. I’ll remember it was the year I blocked my best friend’s(c. Alum) number from my phone for 3 months...