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  1. They were sold by Bulls Outfitter I am planning to submit an NCAA application in order to actually reorder these in bulk and sell them at or close to cost to USF fans. I communicated with the company which produced them and they'll make a bulk order again but require an NCAA license, hence my quest. Hopefully by season I'll have something for ya!
  2. Personally I am immensely appreciative of his attitude. That's the way it should be, and the way it hasn't been for too long.
  3. Your boundless optimism is admirable. I do love your heavy green and gold glasses. My realism is a bit of a downer, but did accurately predict this year's W-L record exactly.
  4. It will be 2-3 years before we can beat UCF. Not even Scott Frost would turn this team around in year 1.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, Franks lost the job to Trask last year, but then Trask injured his foot in practice and missed the year due to foot surgery. Franks remained the starter to start this season due to having been the starter last season, but his head was already being called for by most Gator fans. He sorta lucked out that he was injured, otherwise he probably would have been yanked.
  6. Just saying I'd rather not bring in a QB with serious issues that couldn't be fixed in a multiyear stint at a major program with resources and attention for a single year here. Much prefer putting the time and resources into training someone with potential for multiyear success who doesn't also already have a ton of red flags. Its not like our roster is championship-ready with the sole piece lacking a QB, which would be the time you might consider that (though Felipe would not be that QB for me).
  7. Yeah. A number 1 overall pick. How has his team done since he has been drafted? What's his TD-to-INT ratio? How much has it improved since his college years? What is his team's record again??? Please, friend, bring some juice with your suggestions....
  8. His problem is all between the ears. See: Jameis Winston. Ain't gonna be fixed easily, if at all.
  9. Felipe? As in Franks? Just ask a Florida fan about him. NO THANKS
  10. Taggart owes us. He threw the game when we played WKU while he was at USF. Better toss US the bone this time
  11. First order of business in recent tradition: run it up the middle on 1st down. HB dive!!
  12. My friend, your caps lock was stuck at the 'on' position, and its harder to read that. Unless you intended to SHOUT, in which case ROCK ON BROTHER.
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