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  1. Chaie Strong if you're reading this, show me proof that you have any defensive chops left whatsoever. Because I'm starting to wonder whether all that stuff I read about you in your time at UF was either a bunch of fluff or simply to someone else's credit...
  2. Oh, I remember when we had defense. Back when you could wait for the sound of a huge hit... Not only a completed tackle, but a spine-rattler. I remember when a "big stop" was not only something we've heard our defense could accomplish once in a great while, but when it could be hoped for and often electrifyingly attained during important times in big games. I remember when the other team scoring one way or another wasn't a given, and hundreds of yards weren't given up per quarter or half, but at most per entire game. I miss those days.
  3. I'm with you. I'll buy a spot in the Student Health Center lot. Let's turn that puppy GREEN
  4. I know, I was there, I've never missed a USF bowl game. We were good, not world beaters. We were better than now, if that helps to clarify....
  5. We were good in 2008. We have not been good outside of 2 Taggart years in a decade.
  6. Ugh. I think we will be starting the season 0-2. Oh don't worry I'll be there and I'll be upset as always when it happens. But just like I called the 2nd half collapse last year, I don't see us progressing enough to take true advantage of an awesome SOS. CCS in my eyes has failed USF miserably until he proves that wrong. We still have the same DC and HC, for anyone who is caught up in a KB lovefest...
  7. So when you take your gear down you walk it all back to the car before going in to the game... Which I will have difficulty accomplishing based on historic levels of away game tailgate intoxication
  8. If we walk to the lawn, does that mean we get to put up tailgate tents there? I reserved a Sommers lot til we figure out the final destination
  9. The link is live but I can't find either of the lots you mentioned. Also, I clicked the filter "Tailgating Permitted" and the list was short... 3 parking garages and "Sommers lot" which isn't ose but could possibly work. What do you think?
  10. Better serious question. What is he smokin' and where can I get some?!
  11. Yes the crate-busting video was awesome. Marketing failed miserably to capitalize on later success to up their game, and efforts in the gameday hype environment have not matched prior successes. In addition, the announcer remains restrained and uninspired, for the better part of the past decade if not longer. "War flamingo" is the quintessential representation of the fan base's languishing in the aforementioned middling mediocrity we have become used to. Bore them to death and they will grow bizarre obsessions, and no amount of necrotic equine masochism will catalyze idealogical advancement.
  12. I don't remember us having much of an issue tackling in the mature Leavitt/Wally Burnham era. That was always one of Leavitt's mantras. For a while we were becoming the new DB U. But, its been a while since we had a decent DC. Not optimistic there will be a sudden 180 degree change, though hopeful for improvement - the only way is up from last year...
  13. I am coming, bringing a USF tailgate tent and blow up Rockys, stopping at every bar and liquor store on the way up, and planning to tailgate like tailgating was meant to be. I'd love to host as many Bulls fans as would like to stop by. If you've nailed down the right spot, I'd love to blast this out for all the folks driving or at least interested in an actual tailgate. The link doesn't seem to be active yet though I know you wrote that next week is their intended time frame. IC Lawn sounds better than a parking garage. What say y'all?
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