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  1. I predicted a 4-win season this summer. Every game so far has gone as I expected. 4 wins would be progress, even if not fast enough for all on this board.
  2. Those were fun times. Already a small club to have gone to that game! Shoot, that game is the reason I have a passport. Glad we're fellow Iron Bull freshmen! At some point we should get a BullsPen avatar for Iron Bulls
  3. That's awesome! I just moved from that area. Have a friend who taught there for a long time, wondered if you knew him - J Mellinger? I think he was faculty for student government and stuff like that so may not have crossed paths as much with coaches
  4. Nah he said $15k over 10 yearsper seat. 1500/seat would be 3000/yr for 2 seats. I agree, may be too steep for many. Perhaps 1k/yr for 10 yrs. 5k seats at 10k/seat is 50 million. Enough for a lead gift but I presume most lead gifts depend on donors pitching in after that, and the fan base would be tapped at that point.
  5. However, what if 5k seats sold at a contract of $1500/year for 10 years... Would be 75 million. May be enough for a lead gift? We'd call it USF Donors' Stadium since we'd all be paying for it
  6. I love that idea. Trouble is, it assumes 45k sellout and people will pay for RayJay seats AND future OCS seats until it is built. I could see maybe 5k people doing that, its an extra 1500/year/seat. I would do it but it would be hard for everyone to reach for that
  7. I'll also say I HATE "money down" that's the dumbest **** that every school does, its as endearing as high-waisted mom jeans. I really miss when our announcer used to act like he cared, and said stuff like "First Dooooooowwwwwwwwnnnnnn BULLS!!"
  8. YES, thank you. Beef Studs started in cell biology lab by yours truly and my buddy Ryan Capahi because we were refused membership with the "Green N Gold Guys." So we started our own group which has not missed a home game in 19 years. We had over 300 active painters in the heyday. I'm just thankful any still find it within themselves to show up and paint in our worst years. Beef Studs have gone strong every game for 19 years, the GNGGs fell off the map in down years. I hope to be a wrinkly old codger someday still watching the Beef Studs keepin it crazy in the student section
  9. I do love me some Brookladdie! It's right up there with Lafroyge
  10. Yes indeed! I do love off-the-beaten-path predictions, but that one would indeed have been left field in the next field over
  11. You're really going to listen to CJS? Softie Yes this year will still be rough. I predicted 3-4 wins. Curious to see how NCSU stacks up against Clemson today. Watching FL hang with Bama was interesting, close game there.
  12. Nah, I'm not starry eyed. I still have concerns about him, the biggest one being whether he and his assistants will get better at the X's and O's. One if the things that helped Leavitt to win was he put in huge amounts of time into watching film and devising game plans against what he analyzed in opposing teams (most of the time). He occasionally did get bested by the other side, not just the athletes on the field. Playcalling can be a very complicated chess match. I don't love what I've seen so far of that, but I also realize we don't yet have the best players we can get on the field and we aren't yet getting the best of what we can out of them. I'm not sophisticated enough in my understanding of the game to know whether the playcalling has failed the players on the field, or it's the other way around. I also realize most of the staff is young and learning and gaining experience. Keep in mind it is CJS' first head coaching job - there will be growing pains. Leavitt had years against lesser competition to work out all those kinks a new head coach has to learn. So no, not starry eyed. Just explaining that the right building blocks are there for something great. It remains to be seen whether that potential is ultimately realized, but it is far too soon to EXPECT that it should be by now.
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