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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. FazaUSF

    Illinois game 2018

    Just saw this; if your other offer falls through, will be happy to help a fellow Bull as well.
  2. FazaUSF

    Illinois game 2018

    Excellent. I am renting an F150 and bringing a USF tent, flags on a flagpole, and beerpong table. Let's do this!
  3. FazaUSF

    USF tailgate tents?

    While I appreciate all the links being posted, you may notice that many of them are the Rivalry brand, which are the ones that fall apart. Also, you'll notice the links featuring the Logo brand tents nearly all say "Out of Stock". The links which do not specify that are all ones which I have literally ordered from and had refunds issued due to the Logo tents being on back order (the company itself is no longer producing USF tents among its array of collegiate products). It is surprising they do not take down the links to order them. I do appreciate the interest and will contact Logo to ask about a minimum bulk order for us!
  4. FazaUSF

    USF tailgate tents?

    Refresh.... I have had a Logo brand tent (the 'pinwheel') for 12 years and it is still kickin strong. The Rivalry tents have all busted up within 3-4 yrs... I spoke to company reps at Logo and they dont plan to make tents for USF again any time soon. Theirs are clearly much better constructed than the Rivalry versions, which you can see when you put them side to side. Any current interest in a bulk order?
  5. FazaUSF

    New unis

    Interesting! Super glad to hear this!
  6. Nice thanks! At one point last year I had both SlingTV and Hulu Live to get all the channels needed to watch USF games. If Vue will do it all in one, I'm all in. I have Xfinity and a Roku. I save nearly $100/month by avoiding traditional cable.
  7. FazaUSF

    New unis

    Will always buy inane amounts of USF gear no matter what unis we have, though I am definitely glad to hear this year we got stock unis due to timing and can look forward to custom designs in the future. I absolutely loved everything about UA except the "SoFlo" stuff. Hopefully Adidas will put some effort into making some great gear. One thing I wondered: didn't UA market arm holes that were skin tight, so opponents would have a harder time grabbing our jerseys to make tackles? I wonder whether players felt like that worked, and whether we can possibly see more jersey-pull tackles this year.
  8. FazaUSF

    Illinois game 2018

    Ah, thanks for the link! Does kinda look like another iteration of the typical event model which university officials put on for away games. With all due respect to them, a very large proportion of the young alumni and their preferences are ignored/overlooked by these cookie-cutter pregame events, which is why several of us from the board (along with Craig from Bulls Outfitter) have banded together over the years to put on fan-sponsored bowl game and away game tailgates. That event is inside (how do you call it a tailgate?). It is a tad costly for bootstrapping young alumni already scaping together to make a trip. They tend to be aimed at older alumni and feature no classic tailgate games. Again, all due respect, but the event is not aimed at the 20s-to-early-40s fans who make up an important next generation needed to keep growing the USF fanbase and active alumni base. I am interested to know if anyone going to this game would join for a beerpong/flip cup/cornhole style tailgate which would be outside, feature cans of beer, and actually involve the tailgate of a truck (if I can find a non-astronomically priced rental). I am bringing a tent, a speaker, and beer on ice but could use some pong opponents Go Bulls!
  9. FazaUSF

    Illinois game 2018

    Is anyone interested in planning a tailgate? I am bringing a USF tent. Haven't heard if there's an 'official' event, but just as in years past, I would be more interested in flip cup and actual tailgating. Post here or PM me.
  10. FazaUSF

    The Poor vs The Rich

    BCS Privilege will destroy us!
  11. A role model student athlete, and a great example of a process which is something that alumni and fan support for USF and Athletics can assist with in the background significantly.
  12. The renewal option was made available at 10am as advertised. I renewed my 6. Out of curiosity (the answer may not yet be known), will there be an option to request jersey size?
  13. Somehow the way this conversation turned reminds me of reading a Dilbert comic strip.