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  1. Have we not had commemorative tickets for every single bowl game? I wish this had been made known in advance, seriously. I would have kept the real ones from game day. Have never missed a bowl game nor a commemorative ticket.
  2. FazaUSF

    USF Bull Statue?

  3. What good is playing them if we can't beat em? I miss the days when USF was a giant-killer. When the team could be counted on to get up for any game and had a legit chance to beat anyone on the field, accolades be damned. Leavitt put incalculable hours into watching tape and the team fed off his attitude. Now, I look at future schedules and get excited for a second, only to have that excitenent give way to wondering whether we should realistically be playing teams with a $30 million annual advantage and whose coaching staffs routinely outmaneuver the ones on our sidelines. I wish there was a light at the end of the new tunnel.
  4. I hear George O'Leary wants to get back into coaching.... Just Keep Choppin' Wood!
  5. At least "wizard hands" has an endearing story behind it. War flamingo is the gonhorrsyphiherpetic hemorrhoid that some just seem to love scratching and spreading around here
  6. FazaUSF

    Renewed season tickets

    I renewed the first day we could. I also bought 4 more bowl game tickets than are spoken for just yet to support the school. However, my renewal is because my support for USF is undying, and definitely not borne out of appreciation for the fact that we have been surpassed head and shoulders in athletic notoriety by UCiF, not an endorsement of the fugly new "academic" logo abomination, and not predicated on the belief that our leadership has yet figured out how best to position us for conference realignment to keep us from an eternity in the desolate, dank, stank, undesirable conference affiliation we currently put up with. I will reserve withholding financial support from the university unless they are truly screwing the goat, and good moves are still being made. Our fan support is important to catalyze our alma mater's success.
  7. CCS' answers honestly do not inspire confidence, though I can understand it can get tiring dealing with the press and answering tough questions to which he may not yet himself have the answers.
  8. FazaUSF

    Some Good USF Football News

    LMAO I literally thought something very similar.
  9. You called me out for giving a negative outlook on how the current coaching staff has been handling player development and playcalling. You not just implied, but overtly stated, that I must not know a thing about the subject because I am not a professional college football coach. Eat your crow, boss. I don't love being right about my Bulls, but it's only going to get worse from here. I expressed that as a fan and stakeholder, I may express sentiment all I want on a fan message board - that's why it exists. You attempted to completely undercut my opinion, as though the right to commentary demands a license as a professional, employed coach, and you discounted my opinion via a straw man argument. Fallacy of relevance, my friend. Enjoy the crow.
  10. Who had the more honest assessment of where we are right now?
  11. Bausfkid - where you at on this now? mjadams - tell me again how I was wrong?
  12. Good thing we are already bowl eligible. Doesn't look like we will win ANY more games this year. Poor coaching in all three phases of the game is obvious to even the most casual fans. I can no longer support a positive outlook on this staff.