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  1. Yes, there will be beer sales. Brews are back!
  2. I will be there, as always. Would love as many Bulls fans for companions as possible. But if there are only a few... more beer for me!
  3. I was happy with a lot of coaching calls that last game, but there were a few head scratchers. That 2 point conversion attempt was about the worst playcall since VooDoo5, and there's no defense for it. Weis Jr has a lot of talent and some creativity, but he is also young... here's to hoping he gets his teeth cut fully before a real season is on the line. The defensive coordinator really has been making progress with the land of misfit toys on defense. We have a long ways to go, but just tackling alone has made huge strides. Special teams under Prado also made VERY noticeable strides last game.
  4. Yes, I was born in 83, FriscoBull was spot on. We are both Xennials. I identify with GenX a bit more than Millenials, but elements of both. Yes, I remain connected to current students through multiple student organizations and a few alumni groups with current students in them (I know, sounds like an oxymoron, but they aren't). Yes, I have brought up the BullsPen to many of them. The responses I usually get range from "I didn't think you were that old" or "they seem like a bunch of crusty old dudes pissed about life" or "nobody on there has anything good to say" or "wow those people have
  5. You and others who post similarly egregiously negative, poorly (or not) researched sentiments are frankly responsible for this Board's reputation among younger fans as a toxic place which nobody wants to visit. I used to love this Board and still donate, but an awful lot of fans come here, see the idiotic hyperbole such as that you've canvassed the Board with this weekend, and never return, with an overwhelmingly negative impression of who posts here. Yeah, it's a free country and opinions are welcome here. But the voracity with which your unnecessarily voluminous inundation of our shared spac
  6. Ugh, same thing applies as did the past few weeks. Yes, I expected a win today. Yes, I am disappointed. But former CCS really left us with less in the cupboard than CSH did. Declaring the death of the program is pathetic, hyperbolic, and barely worth acknowledgement. GTFO with your toxicity. We suck. Chop down rebuilds are always hard years and processes. It will take time, and we don't need your poor fansmanship dragging the rest of us down after tough losses.
  7. Dude. I'm gonna say it bc everyone else is thinking it. Shut up and gtfo of this board. If you can't keep your mouth shut to the detriment of everyone else's IQ points, then sit on your finger and lean back on your thumb.
  8. I recommend brybull1970 is moved down to "non-member" with no privileges to post on thebullspen.com.
  9. Boy it must be difficult to work in the same organization you do. If "stats" are all that matters, you probably work as a bean counter of some sort. CPA perhaps? Nah, those do counting, but can get creative with tax write-offs, and you have difficulty with anything intangible. Nope, you're a tangibles-only guy. I'm starting to wonder whether you are a parking meter maid. No offense to parking meter maids, or to you. Just seems to fit the personality characteristic.
  10. I know this thread was created tongue-in-cheek, but its support among a few of us is just wrong. Hopefully any legitimate support for it remains an unfortunately loudly vocal, extreme minority within our fanbase.
  11. If you are scrutinizing the areas which need improvement for a freshman, you are right. He definitely needs work. Just saying, I believe he has the building blocks to be coached up and play very well in the next several years. A Matt Grothe he is not, but USF fans are used to having little to no depth behind starting QBs, and I was just pointing out it's nice to see there may be a future starter on the roster.
  12. His leadership and catalysm of cultural change in the program is huge. If you've never studied leadership, perhaps that has been lost on you. I encourage you to buy some books about leadership. From Stephen Covey to John Maxwell, you'll be able to compare the traits of a leader to football coaches. Jeff Scott has those intangibles. The ones Strong very sorely lacked. We lost to two ranked opponents in a chop down rebuild year in which the staff is new and we had nearly no practices, and there has already been significant improvement for the first time in over two years. Seriously. Check your e
  13. Very mixed bag at QB. After watching them all play, I can't fault the coaching staff for having difficulty choosing one. Varying talents mixed with varying drawbacks. Hard to see an obvious #1. BUT, I am very happy to see Marsh play. He looked more mature than I would expect a freshman, and his raw talents and decision-making shows he gives us a reason to be hopeful for the future at the QB position.
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