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  1. I love this idea! C'mon what a good story. You only need the fella for that specific task. Love that he went from videographer to player. I love Jeff Scott for doing this!
  2. I just bought my tickets via phone for the FAU game, section 116. JJ - 117 already sold out. Tailgating isn't allowed.... But..... Anyone wanna meet up socially distantly at a Boca bar or restaurant in advance?
  3. I just bought my tickets via phone for the FAU game, section 116. Tailgating isn't allowed.... But..... Anyone wanna meet up at a Boca bar in advance?
  4. But don't forget, there is wide acknowledgement that the gap between our two football programs is analogous to the gap between the two schools academically. There is little room for debate on that. Just wish we could get back to where we should be.... Dominating UCiF like the wannabes they are.
  5. Absolutely. Mark Harlan was a pretty face out on a date with us, shook our hand with one hand while texting his next date with the other. CCS was a gigantic failure of a hire. I will admit I was initially supportive of that hire, but also then one of the quickest to call myself wrong in CCS' first year.
  6. Yes, we looked very undersized in comparison to ND. We have looked quite undersized since the Leavitt era, but it got far worse under CCS. There is definitely no way around the fact that we need bigger linemen in the future. We can't do anything about that outside of recruiting, except coach the players we have up as best we can. We have always had difficulty recruiting big linemen to USF, and I don't have any false hopes that we will weigh the same as Wisconsin's lines in the near future. But JPP and George Selvie and Austin Reiter weren't/aren't playing in the NFL because they are giant wall
  7. I think your bitterness with the loss and your dashed hopes for a rapid turnaround have you in the dumps, and I don't blame you one bit. My heart feels trampled on every time USF loses. But I honestly believe I saw steps in the right direction in many small ways. The type of steps we have been lacking in for years. Despite the bad loss, there was greatly improved discipline. There was grit and mettle despite overwhelming odds. There were signals for the right kind of character, instead of the opposite we have had through 2 sets of coaching staffs. It was there to see, if you were looking for i
  8. This year is going to be a tough one. It was always going to be a tough one. We will not win a ton of games. We will not look polished because its going to take a lot to get there. This is year one of a complete chop-down-and-rebuild operation. It will take time, but if you're watching, you'll see its being handled well and as good as any of us could have hoped for. Bear Bryant could have been hired to coach this team this year and we would still have had a very tough year, likely not winning more than 4-5 games. It. Is. Rebuilding. CCS absolutely tanked us into the basement, despite having be
  9. Wow. How quickly you forget Wisconsin last year. And McNeese St. At Pitt, in the rain, at the end of the Big East era. Taggart's first two years were nothing but dreadful. As was CCS' final year and a half. Believe me I could go on; I have bled as much as any USF fan with our teams. It doesn't take a microscope. Players sticking to assignments, when they used to fail at that constantly. Players actually tackling, even if ND players were generally much larger and more difficult to tackle than our average opponents, we weren't arm tackling, we weren't giving up before trying. That was a maj
  10. When we beat them in a few years, I will reference this post and remind you that win is due in part to Michael Kelly getting them onto the schedule, however possible. There will be future dividends. Be patient.
  11. I do not feel like writing a dissertation about why it made better sense for MK to make the hard choice (from a fan's perspective, especially with the benefit of hindsight for many who didn't see the severe flaws under Strong's early tempered success) to keep Strong a third year. But it was the right choice. All due respect, your sentiment is all bitterness in the setting of a tough loss. Your post was primarily an emotional reaction too.
  12. Take it easy, y'all. If you've been watching closely, you've already seen improvement in the VERY short time CJS and crew have had to affect change in our program. We are moving in the right direction overall. Yes, we are completely outmatched by this ND team, but it wasn't a fair fight to begin with and we all knew this going in. ND needs a nice box score for the playoff committee. In exchange we get them at home, and chances to beat them when CJS & crew have more time to lay foundation and create a new culture from the toxic ones left behind by Taggart and Strong. Give them time. Of cour
  13. Wrong, for so many reasons. Believe me, I was on the Fire Charlie team his first year, when CCS apologists all over this board thought he was great and I saw the poor foundation he was building and the lack of quality across the program which was obvious early to someone paying close enough attention. I would have liked CCS to be gone after year 2, but Michael Kelly made the right call for a LOT of reasons to give him a chance at reform and a third coaching year. Then, Michael Kelly avoids wasting money on a search firm and goes out and gets the brightest star we could have hoped for giv
  14. Those were the Leavitt years. We haven't been that team since Holtz's 2nd year. But for the first time since CJL, I believe that can happen again. Jeff Scott is the real deal. I don't think he will leave USF at a minimim until he wins a conference championship. Michael Kelly hit a grand slam with Jeff Scott. Better days are ahead for USF football!
  15. We are getting manhandled up front. Their guys must be 40lb heavier on average.
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