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  1. I may be old, but my on the field memories haven't changed all that much. I would definitely disagree with you about him being an endlessly positive guy. The guy is more borderline sadistic than endlessly positive. He is a great motivator - however things have changed in 20-years and I wonder if the same Leavitt I loathed daily as a non-millennial player would be able to deal with current millennial players and their Instagram personalities? Wonder what DeAndrew Rubin would say about Coach Leavitt some 20-years later?
  2. Come on now... we’re a preeminent institution. We recruit true student-athletes, hence why our football team looks similar to Vanderbilt and Northwestern on the field. My bad... we’re failing in the classroom as well based on the notes our players post on their Twitter accounts. Maybe if our players spent more time with their headS in the playbook and less time on social media figuring out the latest handshake fad, we wouldn’t be 4-8.
  3. Queue the USF SJW poster from Seattle that got all upset about the dancing gorillas meme during the USF-UCF game day thread. Wonder how he’ll spin this picture into a white guilt thread?
  4. On a good note prior to passing out at halftime, I was able to get some USF gear on the cheap yesterday. Man... Charlie has really run this program into the ground.
  5. I now know who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hey Jstew... please ask your wife for your balls back. When you immediately assume race when seeing that meme, makes me wonder what you really think of black people? If you can’t call out incompetence just because most of the staff “are people of color”, you’ve become the worst type of an enabler.
  6. McCheeseburger is pretty terrible. Maybe we should recruit a QB at QB - not an athlete wanting to be a QB.
  7. The QB play is atrocious. If I give you rotten eggs, it doesn’t matter how you prepare them - the end result is still going to be the same. Give Kerwin Bell some time, however bounce Strong out of here like yesterday.
  8. That team had a schedule set up for them to run it all. I've never felt like we could have a perfect season until that season we lost to Houston and UCF. So yes, I'll say it. We under performed. We lost to a backup QB in Houston and then fumbled away our chances at a BCS bowl by losing to UCF.
  9. However if we beat Baylor, we'll be ranked in the top 10 next week (assuming we don't take any L's this week). We would need to catch all of the calls and really have one of those games.
  10. We'll be lucky to stay within 30-points even with Baylor's injuries.
  11. My two cents. Charlie inherited a ranked team (11-2 the year before), under performed in year one, and failed to build on the momentum of Willie Taggart. That 2017 team was the strongest team we've had in our history with respect to our schedule. Strong is now knee deep in his own **** due to poor recruiting, some bad luck and his own lack of tolerance with the guys that were already in the program. Scott Frost inherited a terrible 4-8 team that lost six of their last seven and beat no one of stature in 2017. He then lost his first six games while dealing with a bunch of malcontents in 2018. The scraped out a couple of wins to close out the year, however they are far from a finished product. If these two coaches are on an escalator, Frost is slowly going up while Strong is coming down.
  12. What is McCloud thinking? When you need 10, you don’t throw an out route or a hitch at five yards. **** me to tears.
  13. This is what Mike Kelly needs to understand. @MKellyUSF - these are die hard fans willing to walk away - also the next generation of USF donors to the program (once medical school is paid off). USF athletics needs to grow the fan base, however when your most rabid fans are considering other avenues to spend their income, that's not a formula for success. Please move the money from the indoor practice facility to the termination of Charlie Strong's contract. At least FSU has some hope knowing they removed the cancer from their program. When will we start the chemo therapy?
  14. I know watching our offense presently is like watching a train wreck, however I haven't given up on the thought that Kerwin Bell can correct this hot pile of garbage if given the keys to the car. Will Mike Kelly or anyone else agree with me? Highly unlikely. However his track record time after time proves he can turn things around and has won at every level. Here is an article from when he was not renewed at Jacksonville University. Typically you're not renewed because you are a dead man walking and the administration lacks the balls to fire you even though you're incompetent on your best days and an albatross on your worst (see Charlie Strong presently). In this case, Bell was not renewed because he "wanted more for the program". For the most part, the guy won... and won consistently. I believe he had one down season - but we all very well know that can correspond with QB turnover as a football program is only as good as the QB at the helm. Anyways, throwing my two cents out there. If I had a second choice - I'd take Jeff Monkin from West Point. He's the type of coach that gets everything out of his players (and he beat UF while coaching at Georgia Southern). That's a victory that would make a coach a legend at USF. West Point is down presently, but they would still steamroll our program this year (which kills me to say it). What is Mike Kelly waiting for? Give Bell the keys and let him right this ship. It's pretty bad presently and apathy is setting in quickly - literally fell asleep in the second quarter last night. https://www.jacksonville.com/sports/college/jacksonville-dolphins/2015-12-03/story/kerwin-bell-out-jacksonville-university
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