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  1. That is truly shocking. I would expect that response from the sorority and fraternity crowds that are too busy trying to plow one another week in and week out to understand anything political - however the die hard USF fans that attend a game of this magnitude - I would expect them to be a little more knowledgeable as they are into sports in general.
  2. My biggest complaint was not running the football more often. Yes, the play calling on fourth down sucked, however our back was churning out yards every time he got the ball. Feed him the ball when he’s producing. Smazza and I were texting during the game and he was commenting how far off our DB’s were playing. They literally abused us on eight and nine yard routes yesterday.
  3. Best part about football in mid-October… it means there’s still football in late-October. Pick ourselves up and do it all over again.
  4. It’s better than a liberal hijacking the thread IMO. It could definitely be worse Mike… Let’s go Brandon!
  5. He was righting the ship for the Raiders. Some BS emails took him down... and heck, they were all true. Why should someone have to sugar coat the truth? Heck, Gruden sensed issues with Biden back in 2012. That's the type of guy you want as a head coach. He was clearly someone that could see things down the road. I personally hope Gruden runs with Trump in 2024.
  6. I have him stashed in a couple fantasy baseball leagues. Curious to see if he goes back to #2 status (or even further) when Glasnow gets back in 15 months... or if Patino and Baz reach their potential as the Rays seem to find a way to fix what other teams have broken. Shane looked great the other night. Great late movement on his fastball... the ability to go from 96 mph to 100 mph is not easy... he dialed it up a few times when necessary. Great poise. The problem IMO is facing a Jays, Red Sox and Yankees lineup for half of your starts each season will either make you go beast mode and become the next Sale or Severino or will keep you at a .500 record throughout your tenure with a mid-4 ERA in a very difficult AL East. I guess time will tell. As a USF fan, I want him to have success unless he's playing my hapless Nationals.
  7. I guess it was TCU now that I looked it up. Tough loss that evening. That one hurt.
  8. I thought we lost to Southern Miss actually prior to Loserville? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I just looked online at the rest of our schedule to determine if we could improve enough so as not to look like Temple when we play Cinci. Fortunately we have about a month to figure things out. Happy we don't have a game this week - too behind on work and need to catch up on a month's worth of emails and text messages. Going to be a long night in San Antonio tonight and an even longer day tomorrow.
  10. You figured it out… sometimes I underestimate the expertise of our fellow Bullspenners.
  11. I personally like her… there was an entire 39-minute video that I haven’t seen yet. Maybe she was attacked? I like the fact she wasn’t holding back though. Someone taught the young lady how to throw some blows. It would be a poor decision for the LNBA not to take her back.
  12. Best of luck Courtney... you were an All Star in the LNBA... now it's time to become an MMA champion.
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