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  1. Impressive. She won my heart at USF alumnus. Everything else is icing on the cake.
  2. Simply put... we must hang out (full disclosure: I'd rather see the UT women in spandex).
  3. Two seats already in the front row of the end zone. If fans are allowed in the stadium, I'm there.
  4. What a waste of money. Next time someone in Tampa cries about Trump visiting Mar Lago, I'm going to post this article as a counter argument. If I want to see art, I'll drive to an art museum and pay the admission fee.
  5. Still bitter about the fumble against UCF. Not sure that will ever get out of my system.
  6. The wins will come this season and we'll be in the NCAA tournament unless we lose Corrick to an injury. It's obvious Corrick will have to be on the mound against ranked opponents OOC. We're a top 25 team - however we're definitely not a top 12 team presently by any means - we'll continue to get pounded by the top eight teams in the nations - we'll keep things close against the next four - and we'll split games with teams ranked from #13 to #25. We'll probably settle in around 20-22 in the rankings when the season shakes itself out. Dolby will be able to handle a lot of the AAC competition to allow Corrick a breather from time to time. Ponn (freshman) will essentially be used in mop up for blow outs (whether we're on the good side or bad side of the game). Ken (when he returns from coaching the Olympic team) will need to get another ace in the next two years as Corrick is only a junior and Ponn is not a long term solution on the hill if we want to be competitive. Dolby will be a good #2 for the next three years. We should have three more wins (the first two games should have been managed better on the hill and the cancelled game would have been a W). The loss to Michigan could have gone either way. Just my two cents.
  7. Has something to do with the illegal population in the US presently.
  8. Last two miscues are in Q. Man was wide open across the middle on fourth down. It would have gone for six had Q made the right read.
  9. Bro... use the incognito window. Problem solved.
  10. Are they going Davinci on you or is your doc actually getting his/her hands dirty table side?
  11. My wife’s college roommate and best friend is one of the top urologists in the military (she’s active duty - West Point for undergrad - Duke for urology). We hang out pretty much every day if you want to pick her brain - she’ll be over for the Super Bowl tonight. Here’s my cell number - 210-906-0537. Text me if you would like to speak with her. Super nice. Loves her some **** and balls!
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