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  1. Just picked up my seats for the game. See you guys there...
  2. Wear a 'Make America Great Again' hat while you're in Austin... you'll be a favorite among the dregs living on the streets asking for handouts. On a different note, Texas Mark nailed it. There are two places to stay in San Antonio if you really want to make this an insane trip... the JW Marriott is everything and a ham sandwich. The La Cantera Resort and Spa also gets rave reviews as one of the top resorts across the country. Obviously, take the time to visit the Alamo. Read up on the Alamo before you arrive so you can fully understand why Texas is so God-damned awesome. The phrase "Come and Take It" means so much more to me now living three blocks from the Alamo. Anyways... everything is bigger in Texas (especially the San Antonio women - ask Charles Barkley). I blame the breakfast tacos... so **** good. Go Bulls! Beat UT!
  3. This is no different when he was playing here honestly - he dropped a lot of balls. I was surprised when he was drafted. Always want our former players to succeed, just was caught off guard seeing MVS getting time in the NFL. At least he had two years In the Show (most people dream about having that opportunity). He’ll be cut going into next season. Can’t see them keeping him after essentially benching him.
  4. Wonder how long it takes Harbaugh to realize he missed on this hire?
  5. That was a pretty good trip down memory lane. Ol' Slapperty and Rich Rod had quite a thing back before Jim thought he was playing a live version of Mike Tyson Punchout.
  6. Exactly. Imagine telling a paying client - “I’m sitting this one out”. Funny thing is - you give an NBA player the night off - they could still come back and shoot 5-for-17 the next night. This is why hockey is such a great sport - a couple teeth get knocked out in the first period - the guy is on the ice in the third period playing through the injury. Load management is garbage unless your team has already locked in a playoff spot. Imagine the 10 year old kids/factory workers in China telling their Nike upper echelon while making those $150+ Kaepernick shoes - “I need the night off.”
  7. "sighting"... when I saw 'siting' in the headline, I was wondering if someone buried him on a desert "site" or if he was "sitting" on the side of the road somewhere like the homeless homewrecker he is.
  8. Any link for first time buyers this decade for those of us out of state and unable to make any games for the foreseeable future (minus an occasional away game)? Thanks... my email is: michael.foamitnow@gmail.com You probably already have my number John. I’m out of room on the PM route on here.
  9. Yes... Steve is living the good life... and that young lady of his is definitely a head turner.
  10. Prefer U Stay Forever... especially if he’s good.
  11. Looks like he was a one class wonder at USF - or maybe he took online courses He played four years in Missouri from 1975 through 1979 and somehow graduated in 1979 from USF (WTF?). At the same time, he was an assistant coach at Desoto County high school in 1979. Biographical details Born September 30, 1954 (age 65) Arcadia, Florida Playing career 1975–1979 Missouri–Rolla Position(s) Offensive line
  12. His Dad went to Missouri... not sure where else I read that he is a USF alum... however he played football at Missouri.
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