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  1. UA’s list of colleges are years ahead of Adidas IMO. Notre Dame alone is a sweet coup for any major brand. How many Catholics live in America? Notre Dame is their go to sports school if mom and dad have no school affiliation.
  2. Smart move on Charlie’s part. He figures it’s smarter to suspend Ford indefinitely allowing Ford to redshirt this season since we’re already in a deep hole. Essentially, he’s duplicating what Dana did in Houston thinking about the bigger picture next season. Charlie is smarter than we give him credit for.
  3. Did we end up losing? I pretended the power went out at halftime, dressed my one year old daughter up in some Bulls gear, and then we drowned our sorrows in Bud Light together.
  4. I've read every response on here and I believe you're the only one that gets it. Houston is four games into the season and Holgerson already sees the overall big picture of starting 1-3 when you're a non-P5 school. Not only can he coach, he can also sell kids on the bigger picture. King ISN'T getting drafted this year. He's played for three different coaches already in his four years. Why NOT get one more year under Holgerson so he can get more acclimated to the system. If Houston turns out to be as good as advertised under Holgerson, Houston is contending next season and is stacked with seniors. King has the opportunity to showcase his talents with the entire world watching next season when Houston gets the G5 entry into a New Years bowl game against a top P5 program. Talk about a player buying into the system.
  5. It's SMU... this is a game we SHOULD win every year.
  6. It won't be close. We're finally facing a QB that can hit open receivers. I'd be surprised if we're within 14-points of SMU this weekend. Reality sucks.
  7. He’s known as T. Brad Pickens in this part of the country.
  8. You’ve answered the question for yourself. There’s two issues, but one issue is taboo in today’s PC society to discuss because we’ve become soft as parents. 1. The head coaching in Florida is sub-par. The talent is there, however coaching the talent is the issue. Why? Read on... 2. Anyone want to place a percentage on how much of the three, four and five star talent in Florida come from single parent households? When many of these players in the state struggle to command the English language in its simplest form (listen to them speak or write), why would you expect them to become “yes-men” when they finally have an authority figure giving them direction at the college level? I can only imagine the time and money it takes the Alabama’s of the world to get these 5* individuals to pass college level classes. When the G5 schools are taking the best of the rest, it’s no wonder they’re struggling. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen someone as electric as Johnny Ford land on our campus - however there’s a 50/50 chance he’s a suspension issue waiting to happen because discipline wasn’t a focus when these kids were growing up coming through the ranks. Hoping Ford turns the corner, however we’ve seen this story play out too many times previously not in our favor.
  9. The initial two dropped passes all but killed Barnett’s confidence. The passes were spot on - they should not be dropped at this level. The fake injury on 4th and 1 in the first quarter is an omen to bad coaching. Wisconsin was about to inexplicably punt with the best RB in the nation needing one yard. One of the players realized they were a man short on the punt return team and Strong told him to go down with a cramp. Low and behold, Wiscy’s HC cleared his mind and realized what a bumbling decision he had just made and corrected his thought process. Billy Atterbury got beat badly on the blindside hit where Barnett had the ball jarred loose while in his throwing motion. Not Barnett’s fault. Down two TD’s due to poor execution. Simple as that.
  10. How are things working out for the used car salesman at FSU?
  11. I don’t agree with you there. Facilities might be an issue to those players that are raised in this soft, entitled, need everything now culture, however I still remember working under the Sun Dome in the dungeon and my teammates not giving two sheets about what the facilities resembled. Maybe we’re recruiting the wrong players if this is what they need to represent USF. We have blue collar roots. Maybe it’s time to rediscover those roots.
  12. Have to agree with you. I was expecting a better written article from Jamie. That article was essentially the rambling I get from my 4-year old daughter. I do understand his frustration though.
  13. Kinda cool seeing yourself in the video in uniform... oh the good ole' days.
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