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  1. Give me a break. Totally related to the topic. Typical liberal censorship...
  2. Not saying King won't make a great OC... however I don't think we pull the plug on Gilbert when he has a first year QB leading a team to a 6-0 record while the offense is ranked 21st in the nation in YDS/G. Last year, we average 26 yards per game more with a fourth year starting QB and possibly the best player in USF's history under center. We averaged three points more a game with Flowers at the helm presently. The results seem pretty consistent IMO... just my two cents.
  3. Hahaha... I thought you meant Do Not Resuscitate for Collin and his tweets.
  4. The Sheriff

    Gilbert has to go

    My thought on the two point conversion. If he doesn't call the timeout, we score on the play that was originally called. Tyre McCants was lined up on the left side of the field with a receiver next to him and the entire offense was spread thinning out the defense. They were going to throw it to McCants behind the line and force Tulsa to bring him down with one of the two DB's on that side of the field. Barnett hustled back to the line - however Strong and company called the timeout vice allowing Barnett to execute the play with play clock approaching zero. Sucks... because it was the correct play call in my opinion. The subsequent play that got called... no clue... however it was a different alignment from the pre-timeout play. Just my take...
  5. I don't want my boy dead... however we definitely have different opinions. He is one hell've poker player though... something I've never picked up for one reason or another.
  6. Not sure if anyone pays attention to commercials anymore, but former USF wide receiver Cory Porter (one of the OG's) made his US acting debut last night in a non-porn related scene (don't even ask - C-Po is legendary). Cory Porter was the lead role in the Taltz commercial as the male father figure. I figured I'd point him out to you all in case you don't remember seeing it during our dominating performance last night. Pretty cool seeing our ranked Bulls on ESPN and then seeing one of your former brothers in the trenches on a commercial during a break in the action. USF has arrived!
  7. Time for Fox News to show up on campus to help scrub away any remnants of the fake news ideology that could infiltrate our fine Journalism majors. I'd be curious to sit through a Journalism class today in college...
  8. I was a sports writer in 1993 for the Manassas Journal Messenger prior to joining the military. A stringer then (what I initially started as before getting the Sports Writer byline) was paid $25/story. Most nights, I would write two articles... some nights it would be three articles. I have no doubt the money is better today. I would assume a stringer is making $200 to write the article once you take into consideration how much time is involved. Paying someone $200 is a lot cheaper than flying someone to Tulsa and back. At least someone is covering the game I suppose.
  9. Drink a six pack of Pepsi every day. I guess I'll be paying the price sooner than later. Not a coffee fan. Don't care for water. Really can't drink beer while working... so Pepsi it is.
  10. Exactly... I can see Fogo across from my pad every day. I would never go there to eat a salad. ECU rhymes with gay is what I think when I see someone going to a steak restaurant and only ordering a salad.
  11. I down voted this portion of it. Let's look at Houston two seasons ago. 1. At the time, they were ranked #15 in the nation. They beat #3 Oklahoma by 10 points to open the season. 2. They were 5-0 going into the Navy game with a solid win over #3 Oklahoma. At the time of the Navy game, Houston was ranked #6 in the nation. Say they win that game vice losing in the end and then don't drop any other games going into the Louisville game (week 11). 3. The 'Ville was #5 in the nation when Houston trounced them by 26 points. The 'Ville's only loss going into the Houston game was to #5 Clemson by six points. I don't see how you would keep Houston out of the playoffs if they win out. They would have been ranked higher than Louisville who had one loss and was #5 when they played Houston. The 'Ville beat #2 FSU earlier that season by 43 points. It wasn't like Louisville was overrated. Houston had the table set for them - they just didn't deliver on their end. Hence the belief we schedule the best schools possible and make a run for the playoff. Stranger things have happened.