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  1. The Sheriff

    USF player in Jail

    I could only imagine what having an OCS would do for our university and the football program in general. Here's hoping the next student run village springs up around an OCS (and my daughters are still too young to camp out there). By the way, thanks for the kind words... lots of great relationships started there (and some fun one nighters as well).
  2. Skip was the captain of the ship. In this case, Charlie Strong is the captain, yet everyone pinned the woes of USF football on Gilbert even though our defense was awful (and that's being nice). We finished 104th in the nation in yards allowed/game. Our defense was ranked 101st in the nation overall (the year before we were 14th overall). Strong is the defensive guru and Brian Jean-Mary received minimal flack all season (especially compared to Gilbert), yet this is a tremendous drop. Why are we keeping the DC? That is not a Gilbert issue... Strong was the person that discussed slowing the offense down. Gilbert has always produced top notch offenses (even in a bad year, our offense dropped from 6th in the nation last year to 32nd this season). Could Strong's wishes to slow the offense down have thrown off Gilbert's weekly game planning? Who knows... but I guess we'll know soon enough - especially if the school is on the hook for a buyout of Strong's contract similar to Texas.
  3. Why are you taking it down? Just curious... doesn't the captain lead the ship? The ship has been sinking. Did Charlie personally call you and show you something that is going to change the direction of our team's performance? Just curious why the change of heart? If Sterlin Gilbert starts crushing it at McNeese and we're still sucking, there's going to be a lot of USF fans feeling very stupid in a year or two. If Gilbert is fired from McNeese within three seasons, I'll be the one feeling stupid (McNeese isn't afraid to can a coach with a winning record).
  4. The Sheriff

    USF player in Jail

    Once again, you missed the entire point of my statement. I'll take Reading Comprehension 101 for $5,000, Alex. Your entire point about the police officers picking him up and taking him to see a magistrate has nothing to do with him going directly to jail (as you're totally opposed to anything related to accountability at this point). You've basically been lobbying for a high priced Uber ride in a patrol car on the tax payers dime for said player so he can be taken straight to the magistrate. Maybe while they're at it, they can help him get dressed at his house, take him out to Chick-Fil-A for a bite to eat, etc. Do I need to simplify it any clearer for you? Can't wait to read your next "derp" worthy retort...
  5. The Sheriff

    USF player in Jail

    Maybe they should make him breakfast and help him get dressed each morning while they're at it. @TRUTH D. Antagonist Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension skills before dropping "derp" exclamations on a fellow poster. My sentence was in regard to the "babysitting role" you were insinuating the cops should play by taking him directly to the magistrate vice sending him to jail. My statement "Maybe they should make him breakfast and help him get dressed each morning" was a follow up on your asinine statement about the role of a police officer when an individual lacks the responsibility to appear for a ticket. God forbid someone should be held accountable to the laws of our country (especially when given multiple opportunities to make things right).
  6. The Sheriff

    USF player in Jail

    When I was 18, I was in the military. I can imagine seeing the look on the commanding officer's face if I missed movement. But sir, I'm only 18. I didn't realize I had to be at the pier in time.
  7. The Sheriff

    USF player in Jail

    Maybe they should make him breakfast and help him get dressed each morning while they're at it. He won't be the first person to go to jail and he won't be the last person. It hurts a little more because he's a USF football player. However at some point, we have to take responsibility for our actions (or in-action) - say forgetting about a parking ticket and throwing it in your glove box. Yes, it sucks... but that is part of adulting (some people do it better than others).
  8. The Sheriff

    USF player in Jail

    God forbid someone should be held accountable for their poor choices in life.
  9. The Sheriff

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Funny everyone blames Gilbert. Prior to going under Strong's helm, Gilbert's offenses were consistently among the best in the nation (minus one season where he was a co-OC and his team finished 41st in the nation under a backup QB). Furthermore, the high school coaches in Texas are extremely talented. He was considered among the best. Everyone got their wish and Gilbert is gone... I don't believe Gilbert is the problem though. I guess we'll find out if our offense looks similar next season - kinda points the finger back at Strong. Best wishes Sterlin at McNeese State. I hope you resurrect your offense (and your image) and land your dream job as a HC in Texas. Looking forward to seeing what King can do if given the opportunity. If not King, who?
  10. Have to agree with you on this one. Jim is out there... but most football players are a card or two short of a full deck. Crazy coaches go hand in hand with football players.
  11. Jim Leavitt's first hire as an assistant coach... Kevin Patrick. People deserve second chances. Still find it funny people deny he hit Joel in the face. Football is an emotional game and Leavitt is about as emotional as one gets from moment to moment. If I'm attempting to hit max weight on a lift, I want Leavitt spotting me as I know he'll set me off, allowing me to get through that brick wall. If I'm attempting to run a marathon, probably not the guy I want as a running partner. I'll be out of gas by mile four with him beside me. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  12. I just did... sorry about the late reply. Got sidetracked with my little girls on Saturday.
  13. Actually it was a calculated move on my part to help a fellow USF alum out. He went all in and purchased 595 tickets to the game figuring those tickets would move like other tickets this season that UCF fans paid a mint for. For once, he was wrong. He reached out to me on Thursday and like any good friend, I told him I would do my part to get the conversation going. I went through multiple social mediums to get the conversation started about the lack of a sellout (Twitter, The Bullspen, etc.). Did my good friend take a beating on the tickets? No doubt. However he mitigated some of the losses from his venture. People talk... and I have no doubt a few extra tickets sold because of this banter. On a different note, I was literally working on a reply Saturday afternoon just after 3 PM CST while sitting in Chick-fil-A with my two daughters. My newly turned four year old tackled a kid that looked all of two on the inside playground and I ended up putting my phone away so I could discipline her. Never got a chance to get back on the Bullspen until this morning (it's just before 3 AM CST when I started typing this - about to start my workday).
  14. It's a home game, you're undefeated, it's on national television and it's the Championship of the conference. A win places you in a NY6 bowl. A loss... you're potentially heading to Birmingham. You're telling me USF would have issues placing 55K or more fans in Raymond James? Just don't see it being an issue - look where we were with attendance when we were taking care of ranked opponents in 2007 and 2008. Stop giving their base excuses. Some tickets have dropped to $6 and many can be had for under $10. It's amazing to see how they're basically giving these tickets away... what a sad fan base.