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  1. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Honestly, thought Tampa outplayed the Caps in Game 7, however I still thought the Caps outworked Tampa in the series and just happened to run into a hot net-minder in one of the games where the Caps left with a loss. It's now or never IMO for Ovie. I was looking at some clips of him from 2005 when I first watched him play in the NHL while living in Phoenix (I was at the game against the Coyotes where he scored the craziest goal ever IMO) and he's definitely lost that burst of speed that made him so special. However he still commands his edges like very few people (his first goal last night he was going backwards on his blades - straight beast mode). I was on my submarine in 1998 when the Caps last were in the Finals - difficult to watch a series when you're at sea. I finally get the opportunity to view a game live with my Caps in the Finals (flying to DC for one of the games). Hoping another Knights team will not have a legitimate claim to a title after this series concludes.
  2. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    ESPN pushes a liberal narrative. This alone tells me the Caps will win the series. Caps in seven.
  3. The Sheriff

    Lightning up 2-0 after 1st

    Tell me how you feel after Wednesday night. Caps in seven.
  4. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Caps in seven.
  5. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Russian Machine Seeking Revenge.
  6. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    See you folks in DC. Love, The Russian Machine
  7. The calm before the storm is something to behold. Looking forward to the Caps dropping the Bolts to a 2-0 hole.
  8. The Sheriff

    Big signing for WBB

    Whether it's true or not, rumors online said she didn't qualify at UNC. Either way, it's a nice pickup for us.
  9. The Sheriff

    HB QF

    Wish him well, just don't see him getting anything more than time on the practice squad. He's playing with the best of the best that played at the college level and even some of those players barely get a cup of coffee in the NFL. His chances are slim at sticking around once the practice squad gigs end. He'll still go down as one of the best players in USF history.
  10. The Sheriff

    Thank You to my Wife on Mother's Day

    The down vote wasn't from me. Happy my wife deals with my USF obsession as well... and my Nationals obsession... and my Capitals obsession. I used to be obsessed with the Cowboys, but then Colin Kaepernick happened. If Iverson was still playing, she'd be dealing with that obsession as well. Fortunately my wife's on Team America and supports President Trump. Happy Mother's Day!
  11. The Sheriff

    Big signing for WBB

    There's good high school basketball in Virginia. I'll be curious to see how Kestner pans out. She has good size for a shooting guard... and she's obviously filling the hoop on a regular basis.
  12. The Russian Machine Never Breaks. Caps (Red) 1 Lightning (Blue) 0... kinda reminds me of how the election went last year. #RockTheRed #UnleashTheFury
  13. Caps in seven. You heard it here first!
  14. Looking forward to my Capitals giving the Donald Trump treatment to the Lightning in their upcoming series. No one breaks the Russian. The Great 8 is coming to Tampa... you’re about to see how real hockey is played. None of that lick you on the face stuff that liberal Tampa transplants enjoy. Ovie will own you.
  15. Congrats... wonder what the degrees are in? Just curious.