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  1. Let's catch a game soon if you ever want to watch in misery with a fellow Bull.
  2. Stone Oak traffic is miserable now. Nice area for sure. They forgot to build more roads when they elected to throw 20,000 houses down in that area over the last two decades. I moved to the Dominion recently and have to deal with Stone Oak traffic every day on the drive back from my warehouse at 6 PM. I typically leave for the warehouse between 1:45 AM and 3:45 AM depending if I work in my home office for a few hours first - no traffic at those hours besides drunk drivers pre-COVID - and an easy 90 mph drive with the radar detector on.
  3. Screw the pay cut. He should tell them to pound sand. Why should he take a haircut in his pay when he's doing more work? Ridiculous.
  4. In some respect, if everything played out as such (and I'm friends with Brett McMurphy - he'll swear to his dying breath that Joel got ***** slapped by Leavitt), Leavitt should not be hired as a head coach. If even a little bit of it is false, he should be running a program. I spoke with some former players from that team years ago and they said Jim did hit Joel. However like me, they weren't fond of Jim at the time - so they could very well care more about Joel. Most players liked their teammates more than Jim during my playing days. They'd run through a wall for Jim, however he wasn't s
  5. Hey @Mizzou... long time no see. We'll still agree to disagree on the Leavitt fiasco with Joel Miller (RIP). However I would agree that Leavitt deserves another head coaching gig (as he's been held in the assistant coaching clink way to long for the coaching acumen he possesses). Hope things are going well for you and the family... and remember... vote Trump/Pence in 2020. On a good note from some of us stinging from the STD known as Notre Dame, "Mizzery" won't be having any company from USF fans this evening as the powers that be cancelled the FAU game. Missouri opening with Alabama spells fo
  6. Sounds like the powers that be don't want to play the game after getting minced up by Notre Dame. Last thing you want to do is get beat by a Sunbelt team lead by two coaches that used to be employed by our university. Just my two cents...
  7. What is the vision? Identify the long term vision... I'll implement a realistic strategy that will get us closer to that vision on an annual basis. If you don't leave a 10-mile radius, how do you get anything accomplished? It would be a dream come true to spend my waking moments promoting USF to the world. Honest to God truth. I would assume we have a team in place already pushing this agenda. We would evaluate their effectiveness and re-mobilize resources to raise awareness to a level that supports our long term vision. How can you judge anyone without keeping a scorecard
  8. Frisco... I moved to Texas with no experience and was offered a job over a beer in my present industry (I was literally moving to Tampa for a job in the appraisal industry). I have worked for two companies since 2011 in this industry (one literally had no work when I got there). Each company experienced substantial growth with me at the helm (the second company has a very strong owner as well - so I'm not fully responsible for all of our success - however he recognizes we're not where we are without me pushing the way I push). The second company where I'm presently employed has grown
  9. If USF would pay me $250K a year, I'll come in and turn the fundraising around. It's not a lot of money for someone that would work around the clock to turn things around (and that's not saying the current fundraising team isn't killing themselves - new ideas - new perspective - a walk-on's desire to grind each day). I would leave no stone unturned. I don't settle for losing - and would take it upon my shoulders to get things moving in the right direction. I presently work from 2 AM until 6 PM anyways in my current industry - it would be a matter of shifting priorities.
  10. CousinRicky... Not one for charity, however if you want to contribute to a private school education for my little daughters, I won't say no. It's literally $17K for kindergarten this year for one of them and the other little minion is three years away from her first day of school (when I'm sure it will be more). It's insanity. I pay $40K in taxes on our two properties (hope to move one of them soon). A chunk of that tax money goes to the floundering public schools in San Antonio. Amazes me how broken our education system is (better yet - when I read stuff from our daughter's teacher las
  11. As long as Coach Scott lets this loss burn in his soul until he retires, I’ll live with the damage. It doesn’t get worse from here. We struggled with an undersized Citadel. Notre Dame actually feeds their players. Remember Donald Trump ran four businesses into the ground prior to becoming the best President in our history. He didn’t let a few losses define him - neither should Coach Scott.
  12. Win and lose with a QB. We lack a QB. We also got railroaded by Strong last year. This team is in shambles. All the speed in the world - no line to help though.
  13. Johnny Ford makes people look stupid. Imagine if he actually got a decent amount of touches and had some blocking. Will our system prevent Ford from playing in the NFL?
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