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  1. I watched the game while working this morning. It honestly felt similar to watching a USF game. Great pitching - no hitting. I will say the catch in the 7th inning where we robbed Japan of a 2-run HR was as good as it gets. Spectacular play… sucks though we are leaving with the silver medal. I know Cat and Monica will always have that empty spot on their trophy mantle where a gold medal would have been nice. I did find it amusing reading one of my wife’s text threads among her softball teammates from West Point about playing against Cat Ostermann. They were shocked she’s still in the game.
  2. Jose was one of my favorite baseball players (Fantasy baseball is my side gig). Horrible that the Miami drug scene did him in. He was a generational type talent that went the Doc Gooden route. Terrible ending for him...
  3. Great hire for Western Carolina. Wish USF would have gone down this road with Kerwin. Hopefully our current HC rights the mess Strong left him.
  4. Even if she isn't a great player, she'll be easy on the eyes from a fan perspective.
  5. Watched the highlight reel. Definitely a set shooter and not much else - yet. Wonder if she can create her own shot off the dribble? If not, better competition will minimize her presence by keeping a hand in her face. It's amazing how different the men's and women's game can be. Hoping she pans out - she's long for sure.
  6. I would agree it didn't work out for him. I find it pretty frustrating society is going down this road and it's only a one-way street. If a black coach said "stop hanging on the rim like a monkey" to a player and the student athlete was white, would his contract be renewed? "Woke" society will continue to ruin careers unapologetically.
  7. Did he call a black player a monkey or reference his act as being like a monkey. There is a difference. Why can’t anyone step back and consider that fact?
  8. What a bunch of BS. Nothing he said was offensive. I can’t say whether he was a good coach, however tarnishing someone’s career for speaking the truth sounds like something the BLM supporting athletic department at USF would stand behind. Do monkeys not swing from things 24/7? So if someone is swinging from a rim, can you not make a reference to a monkey? But, but, but… you might offend a black person. So f’en stupid. White people can hang from the rim as well. It’s a saying. Nothing more - nothing less. “Run from the police” is offensive? Well, don’t get arrested if you don’t want that brought up in your presence. “Jailhouse braids…” maybe he should have called them b*tch braids instead. This is getting to be out of control. If I were to move back into my old neighborhood and were to run in multiple games on the greens, I would be willing to say the infamous “N” word gets dropped 100 times that evening (by non-white people). This double standard in America will continue to further harm our great nation.
  9. Thanks for the enjoyable ride gentlemen. Last night’s game made for an enjoyable night on the couch with the wife until I fell asleep in the 8th inning. Was so pissed at myself for missing the top of the ninth. Until next season… Go Bulls…
  10. I said something to my wife last night that our guys need to recognize voluntary workouts in college are NOT really voluntary.
  11. It’s a 1 AM EST, I’m on vacation… and now starting my work day so I can enjoy what’s left of my vacation when my family wakes up. Following these posts to see how the game played out. Oh well… doesn’t look like this will end well for us. On a better note, I had two good shots playing golf today - out of 18 holes - not two good holes - two good shots. I drank more beers than I had good golf shots. My once a year reality on the golf course.
  12. What a great day for those young fellows. Hard to believe this is our first time to a Super Regional.
  13. I’m in Cape Cod presently with the in-laws for two weeks. Celebrating their 46th anniversary today. Won’t be able to make the trek to Austin next weekend unfortunately. Ugh🤦‍♂️
  14. According to United States Army regulations, “The full-color US flag cloth replica is worn so that the star field faces forward, or to the flag’s own right.” The flag must always be positioned to look like it is flying forward, so it’s really all about perspective.
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