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  1. The Sheriff

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    Nathan may do a decent job breaking down game film, however he'll never understand the insight that one appreciates from playing the actual college game in Florida. The biggest advantage USF had coming into the Wisconsin game was a daytime Saturday start. Wisconsin has us on size, depth and talent (some of you might say coaching as well). However the August Tampa heat and humidity is the great equalizer. Having played a college season in Tampa and a college season in Ohio, there's a tremendous difference in conditioning one can prepare for as a player that comes with the areas where you're training for the season (in both instances, I was in peak condition physically). Playing in the Tampa heat and humidity in August will suck every last bit of life out of you as the afternoon wears on. I remember spending the night with IV's in me after the second day of two-a-days at USF in August because I lost so much weight (22 lbs in two days) and couldn't come close to replenishing the fluids or food necessary to perform at practice by day three (or get cleared to practice by the training staff). I had already gone through winter conditioning, Spring ball and summer conditioning at USF. There was nothing slowing me down... except that Tampa August heat and humidity. The Tampa August heat is absolute misery when you're in full pads going 100% play after play. I was 6'1" and 195 lbs at the time going into two-a-days (we had already completed freshman camp for three days) - my body fat was almost non-existent. It didn't matter. Now take a 6'5" - 6'7" lineman weighing between 325 lbs and 350 lbs. It's the first game of the year. You're over-amped to play this game as an 18-24 year old. Those first couple of series, you're throwing everything you got into it, pushing past the conditions of the environment. You're on an absolute high... however the Florida heat and humidity are progressively getting worse as the afternoon drag on. Two hours later, players are dropping like flies. The best thing we had going for us was a Saturday daytime start. Saying #TrustTheProcesses is absolutely foolish. I don't care if the students doing the Greek Life thing show up (people will come - it's Wisconsin). This game would be on TV on a Saturday afternoon - we're playing Wisconsin, not McNeese State (oh wait, that game was on TV as well). The biggest advantage we had coming into this game is now being marginalized. No other way to say it. You give us a daytime start, I'm saying our chances of winning this game are over 50/50. Moving it to a nighttime start... 75/25 in favor of Wisconsin. Depth matters... we don't have it. Taking the biggest inherent advantage we had coming into the game away... that hurts.
  2. The Sheriff

    Poor Jose

    If Kit had only been pulled from the game halfway through the 3rd period when we were already up by 30 points... woulda, coulda, shoulda. Ugh...
  3. Funny you say “sarcasm”. When I ran into an assistant coach a couple weeks back at the coaching convention, he said the cupboard was left bare with Taggart’s departure. Interesting how fans view things and how coaches view things differently. There were some real nice “players/starters” after Tags left, but maybe the USF coach was insinuating the team as a whole lacked talent.
  4. The Sheriff

    "Go Bulls" from the Right

    That's a cool story... met Ted Cruz once. No Go Bulls... wouldn't even commit to supporting Trump as the Republican candidate. I was devastated at the time when he wouldn't answer that question (although he took a photo with me). Either way, kudos to Paul Ryan. Go Bulls!
  5. I could use a solid guy for holds in my 30-team fantasy league. Here's looking at you Jimmy...
  6. Just viewed his LinkIn page... reading his spot on timeline for ALS based on his personal post on the site is pretty disheartening. Here's hoping that his family will hold themselves together through these difficult times. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennethgriffin/
  7. The Sheriff

    OT: fCWT at it again

    Funny how people get upset about that image. I wish I owned shares in a tampon company... seems like we have a lot more bleeding ******* in our society than we did a decade ago. I still find it amusing how people place JFK and MLK images/photos up in their houses to look at each day (like these individuals should be the standard bearer for ethics/morality). Both were serial cheaters on their spouses. I love me some Donald Trump, but I don't have pictures of him in my house (another adulterer). To each their own I suppose.
  8. The Sheriff

    Houston, we have a mole ...

    Great news for Marquel. Time for my boy to get paid.
  9. Ran into a USF coach at the American Football Coaches Conference in San Antonio where I live (was waiting to have dinner with Marquel). We had a good talk about how the season unfolded, how the cupboard wasn’t as stacked as we fans thought Taggart left us and how the fans rode Gilbert until the end. I mentioned Strong being on the hot seat (why sugar coat things). Wasn’t lost on him. He said the OC spot is down to two people. I’m assuming a decision is imminent. Interesting seeing thousands of coaches down here. Tough profession for sure.
  10. And this is the problem with our society today (and I get it - my thinking and mentality was part of the problem). I relate it to my living situation when I was in my early 30's. Years ago when I was single, I had two nice rides (a Boxster and a Z4), yet if I met some broad in a bar and wanted to show her my Bulls, I was bringing her back to a duplex that I rented from some schmuck with one of my college roommates (five years after graduating from USF). It was all about instant gratifications... gotta have the nice rides. Now, married with two kids, I'd be willing to say I have one of the nicest views in all of San Antonio sitting twenty seven floors above the Riverwalk, however I'm also sporting two mini-vans and the days of owning BMW's and Porsche's are sidelined for at least the next two decades. IPF's are for recruits that are looking for glitz and glamour. **** that. I remember working out underneath the Sun Dome when I played here. When you're killing yourself in the gym next to your teammate, you're not thinking about how nice the facility is that you're training in - you're thinking about surviving the workout (and you also have the underdog mentality because you appreciate what you have). Yes, we experienced some weather delays from time to time, but not enough creating a detriment to the program. If anything, as physical as practices were, having walk-thru's in the rec center allowed our bodies to heal when we had those weather delays. Build the OCS first. There's nothing better than sitting outside on my front deck and watching the sunset in the evening... From. My. Home. Not some friend's house. Not a bar. My. Home. Home is where the heart is. Build the on campus stadium. Let the guys deal with mini-vans for now (if the LRS facility is considered a mini-van - sign me up please). We have nice on-campus facilities - we need a stadium on campus.
  11. We should be ranked at 11-2. We have two tough losses by a combined six points. I'm not sure why the writers are overlooking our program. We manhandled UConn and the officials last night. The game wasn't even close. We're a top 20 team and will be dancing by the end of the season. Best. USF. Team. Ever. (well, in a year or two).
  12. Feels like the Twilight Zone...
  13. The Sheriff

    Holgorsen To Houston

    **** UCF. I hope LSU ***** them sideways and hangs 100 on them.
  14. The Sheriff

    The elephant in the room

    We agree with each other a lot Bull94, I'm just not going to change my stance when it comes to weed. My gut says we''ll be paying for the medical and psychosis implications years down the road with today's youth (although this is a sideways argument considering I like to drink beer). Merry Christmas.
  15. The Sheriff

    Merry Christmas Eve

    Don't tell that to Jesus...