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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. The Sheriff

    Coach Strong's Future at USF

    Take Strong's comments with a grain of salt... Strong's agent will be doing what all agents do when their player is in prime demand (assuming we continue to put up a respectable W-L record). I'm a Bryce Harper guy... but unless he signs a contract like Alexander Ovechkin did with the Capitals years ago, not a chance in hell I'm buying his jersey this season. On that note, go Bulls! Go Caps! Go Nationals (choke, choke...).
  2. The Sheriff

    Welcome LifeLongTampan

    The irony in the screen name LifeLongTampon. I don't get on here as much due to work, but I got a great laugh out of this one!
  3. The Sheriff

    Emphasis on South Florida over USF

    Charlie isn't coming back next season when that UT cheddar stops padding his pockets, so why make a big deal over these comments? Funny he diminishes 20 years of USF football due to some lady in Atlanta confusing USF with UCF after UCF had a perfect season and was more relevant considering they played their bowl game in Atlanta.
  4. I'd actually jump on these if they carried them in a men's 12. Ugh... still looking. Thanks for the assist.
  5. The Sheriff

    Ohio State Transfers

    I'm waiting for people on here to call for the death of Brett McMurphy for catching another head coach in a web of lies...
  6. Appreciate everyone throwing those links out. Those are the same ones I found - just not looking for USF sandals - they remind me of something you'd see a bunch of gay soccer players wearing with socks (truly my first thought when I see them). The good ole' USF flip flops in the picture I found were my go to choice of footwear and I used to buy a couple pairs at a time. I guess they just don't make them anymore. I don't like those brown leather flip flops with the USF metal logo on it. When I'm wearing my USF gear around Texas, I want to rep our University from head to toe in green and gold. The brown ones look like some tree hugging Birkenstocks. Was hoping someone might have a site... oh well. A sad day in my life...
  7. I've been looking for over a year now since my last pair had to be retired to the trash can. There's nothing available in this simple style... https://www.fansedge.com/south-florida-bulls-unisex-black-green-basic-flip-flop/p-347466
  8. Yeah... maybe Harlan should have had stoned out rappers hanging out at donor functions to show more loyalty to USF. I work for a company that is family owned. I treat the company like it's my own even though I don't own it. I have no doubt Harlan has that same type of work ethic... you don't move that far in the business world without excelling at your position. The man left for a job in a P5 conference, however he helped us land a three game series with UF with a substantial buyout. I'll take it. He also landed Charlie Strong's predecessor once Strong leaves this season (we'd be foolish not to make Gilbert the HC after Strong leaves - you naysayers will see what people in Texas have been saying about Gilbert for years).
  9. The Sheriff

    A very proud Dad moment

    Great parenting Dave! Go Bulls!
  10. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Honestly, thought Tampa outplayed the Caps in Game 7, however I still thought the Caps outworked Tampa in the series and just happened to run into a hot net-minder in one of the games where the Caps left with a loss. It's now or never IMO for Ovie. I was looking at some clips of him from 2005 when I first watched him play in the NHL while living in Phoenix (I was at the game against the Coyotes where he scored the craziest goal ever IMO) and he's definitely lost that burst of speed that made him so special. However he still commands his edges like very few people (his first goal last night he was going backwards on his blades - straight beast mode). I was on my submarine in 1998 when the Caps last were in the Finals - difficult to watch a series when you're at sea. I finally get the opportunity to view a game live with my Caps in the Finals (flying to DC for one of the games). Hoping another Knights team will not have a legitimate claim to a title after this series concludes.
  11. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    ESPN pushes a liberal narrative. This alone tells me the Caps will win the series. Caps in seven.
  12. The Sheriff

    Lightning up 2-0 after 1st

    Tell me how you feel after Wednesday night. Caps in seven.
  13. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Caps in seven.
  14. The Sheriff

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Russian Machine Seeking Revenge.