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  1. The RF'er needs to make that play 99.9% of the time. We were very fortunate the 1B hung on to the ball.
  2. Be happy that toxic, liberal mess of a fan base in Austin isn't coming to Tampa. We can't build a wall fast enough around Austin. It's California East and they're slowly ruining the great state of Texas.
  3. LMU hasn’t been the same since Hank Gathers died. I used to stay up late at night as a kid to watch them play when a Tubbs coached OU and LMU would go after each other. You knew the winning team would have to score 135 points at a minimum in those games. Those were the days when I enjoyed college basketball most. They fired up a shot every seven seconds. It was pretty awesome for those of us big on scoring.
  4. Paschal? Sheesh... I wish I had gone full Happy Gilmore on ol’ Bob Barker now that I look at the situation almost 20 years later. I was softer in those days.
  5. The last line of your post is what college was truly about for me and many others. Getting through the academic aspect of it was part of the daily grind to meet the end goal (having a degree so I could get hired).
  6. He's hanging drywall when he's not boxing. Seems pretty real to me (I'm in the construction industry). I have 20+ guys working for me between the two warehouses I oversee making $50K (the helpers) to $100K (lead installers) a year installing spray foam insulation on a daily basis (which goes hand in hand with drywall). It's blue collar work, but it pays more than most teachers with a four-year degree that aren't teaching at a university level. Is it honest, back breaking work? Yes. Do they get three months off a year? No. Having worked in both professions (worked at a charter school in AZ), I'd rather hang sheet rock or install insulation than teach today's kids once you consider the parents you have to deal with (unless I'm a professor at the college level like yourself - totally different IMO). Not knocking you NewEnglandBull, however listening to any of Mike Ford's interviews while he was in college pretty much indicated he was in college to play football - nothing else. How he even got into USF or Colorado blows my mind (but IMO colleges are overpriced and take anyone and everyone as long as they can get a student loan). I run across guys like Mike Ford everyday in the field. They aren't intelligent enough to get through school, however they make great tradesman when they apply themselves because they tend to have a solid work ethic. Great for Mike getting a KO. Would love to see him make it in boxing, get a payday, and then invest it wisely to ease his future financially. Not sure if that is in the cards, but will always hope for the best for fellow Bulls.
  7. Ford's only loss was by TKO. The guy he's fighting DID NOT get knocked out by the guy who beat Ford - he lost by unanimous decision. Ford could potentially lose this fight.
  8. Disagree with this statement. There is no ducking conditioning. We should have given the ball more to Mike Ford.
  9. Nathan may do a decent job breaking down game film, however he'll never understand the insight that one appreciates from playing the actual college game in Florida. The biggest advantage USF had coming into the Wisconsin game was a daytime Saturday start. Wisconsin has us on size, depth and talent (some of you might say coaching as well). However the August Tampa heat and humidity is the great equalizer. Having played a college season in Tampa and a college season in Ohio, there's a tremendous difference in conditioning one can prepare for as a player that comes with the areas where you're training for the season (in both instances, I was in peak condition physically). Playing in the Tampa heat and humidity in August will suck every last bit of life out of you as the afternoon wears on. I remember spending the night with IV's in me after the second day of two-a-days at USF in August because I lost so much weight (22 lbs in two days) and couldn't come close to replenishing the fluids or food necessary to perform at practice by day three (or get cleared to practice by the training staff). I had already gone through winter conditioning, Spring ball and summer conditioning at USF. There was nothing slowing me down... except that Tampa August heat and humidity. The Tampa August heat is absolute misery when you're in full pads going 100% play after play. I was 6'1" and 195 lbs at the time going into two-a-days (we had already completed freshman camp for three days) - my body fat was almost non-existent. It didn't matter. Now take a 6'5" - 6'7" lineman weighing between 325 lbs and 350 lbs. It's the first game of the year. You're over-amped to play this game as an 18-24 year old. Those first couple of series, you're throwing everything you got into it, pushing past the conditions of the environment. You're on an absolute high... however the Florida heat and humidity are progressively getting worse as the afternoon drag on. Two hours later, players are dropping like flies. The best thing we had going for us was a Saturday daytime start. Saying #TrustTheProcesses is absolutely foolish. I don't care if the students doing the Greek Life thing show up (people will come - it's Wisconsin). This game would be on TV on a Saturday afternoon - we're playing Wisconsin, not McNeese State (oh wait, that game was on TV as well). The biggest advantage we had coming into this game is now being marginalized. No other way to say it. You give us a daytime start, I'm saying our chances of winning this game are over 50/50. Moving it to a nighttime start... 75/25 in favor of Wisconsin. Depth matters... we don't have it. Taking the biggest inherent advantage we had coming into the game away... that hurts.
  10. If Kit had only been pulled from the game halfway through the 3rd period when we were already up by 30 points... woulda, coulda, shoulda. Ugh...
  11. Funny you say “sarcasm”. When I ran into an assistant coach a couple weeks back at the coaching convention, he said the cupboard was left bare with Taggart’s departure. Interesting how fans view things and how coaches view things differently. There were some real nice “players/starters” after Tags left, but maybe the USF coach was insinuating the team as a whole lacked talent.
  12. That's a cool story... met Ted Cruz once. No Go Bulls... wouldn't even commit to supporting Trump as the Republican candidate. I was devastated at the time when he wouldn't answer that question (although he took a photo with me). Either way, kudos to Paul Ryan. Go Bulls!
  13. I could use a solid guy for holds in my 30-team fantasy league. Here's looking at you Jimmy...
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