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  1. Y'all have not taste. That helmet is awesome and I'd would want that front & center in my house.
  2. Critical cases are now down to 5% actually. 3 weeks ago it was around 18%.
  3. @Brad may I share the most wonderful news of the new podcast out on the block?
  4. Turn on your local fox channel to see BJ Daniels play for the dragons. He's starting the 2nd half.
  5. We need Yetna... This team is still very young and are the cusp of pulling these wins off.
  6. Now this is interesting... Should make for some good talks about back in the day.
  7. Use the stickers... Gives players extra motivation.
  8. We're going to lose him... No doubt about that.
  9. So I might be a FAU fan by proxy cause of CJL...
  10. Green & Gold... didn't know they owned the rights to gold everything. Window lickers man...
  11. I had confirmation before they announced it but then only 10 mins latter they announced it.
  12. Well that was quick. Beware we are fatalist here. Welcome aboard! UCF SUCKS!
  13. Believe me or not. You're not a member of USF Media.
  14. I'll eventually get an answer on what happened. It's 100% true that Jim Leavitt was contacted by USF though.
  15. Just checked... Don't have any of those hoodies except for USF gear.
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