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  1. Saw this on theCHIVE app today.
  2. How we can’t find one guy who can shoot a 3 is beyond me
  3. Officials have missed some pretty obvious calls.
  4. We can get close, but can’t hit wide open shots
  5. Why can’t we find players who can shoot and not turn the ball over on almost every possession?
  6. 20 minutes of basketball and 11 points. This team is just pure
  7. The Wednesday night 30 and over men’s league I play in has better shooters than both of these teams. 5/17 for USF and 6/22 for Tulsa.
  8. And when they do get a shot off...they can’t make it.
  9. Almost 12 minutes in and 7 points. This team cannot shoot
  10. I'm sure this means everyone who renews before Feb 7th.
  11. Man he has horrible technique and looks really out of shape to fight.
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