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  1. Oh I didn’t think $20 a year was gonna hurt you financially, just think it’s funny they need more money right when this UT/OU to SEC comes out. I have it also so I can watch the games. Have a feel we will be on there a lot again this season.
  2. The differences in college sports is way worse than MLB. The SEC is reportedly gonna get 70 million while we get 7. That’s like the Dogers paying 670 million to the Rays 67. The have nots stand no chance at least in football now that payers can be legally paid. The last several years I’ve found myself caring less and less about sports. My life used to revolve around USF football and sports in general, but now it’s just not as much fun
  3. We have to pay to watch our team play while helping the ESPN pay the SEC 70 million dollars. Could you imagine how nice our facilities could be if we got even 25% of what the SEC teams get?!
  4. Gotta raise it $20 to pay for UT and OU to join the SEC.
  5. Hopefully we end up in a better place, or add some decent schools to the AAC. I don't think I can handle getting left behind 2 times.
  6. I’ll have to look into those events. Not trying to start things with people, just feel like USF sometimes overlooks their average fan in their pursuit of $$$. I may not be able to donate 10k plus a year, but I do what I can and bleed green and gold.
  7. What about the 95% of USF fans who can’t donate at that level.
  8. Sorry if my comment hit you wrong, but IMO only having a weekday luncheon eliminates a lot of people. Have 2 events in Tampa, one during the week and one on Saturday and most people would be able to attend at least one.
  9. I agree 100% with everything you said. I would love to go, but not going to use a vacation day for it. If it was on a weekend I’d go no doubt.
  10. I was always very respectful and on task at school because I knew what would happen if my dad got a phone call from the school.
  11. What a great accomplishment! Is this what winning feels like? Been so long since we have had something to be positive about.
  12. I hate how they always seem to have the Florida teams play in the hottest part of the day, then have northern teams play in the evening. Was looking forward to going to this game, but the older I get the less I want to sit in the heat.
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