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  1. I’ve never booed players, but in my younger days I booed coaches. Now I just vent and post how much they suck on here 😀
  2. I agree with your wife, it takes very little effort to acknowledge the fans. A simple wave or Go Bulls…something like that isn’t asking too much. Right now they should be happy anyone is showing up. IMO CJS has done a poor job getting people excited about the program. Some of it maybe due to Covid, but they aren’t out winning over fans or bringing in new fans. I used to love the Bulls Rallys before the season, but that seems to have come to an end.
  3. You have to have people in the stands for that to work. They try it, but it sounds pathetic.
  4. We used to have a group of 16 and all sat together. We are down to 7 now. Most games just aren’t a lot of fun anymore. I’ve thought about not renewing and going to a couple away games. I actually have more fun now at away games. At least I get a vacation out of it.
  5. We should have done this when we hired CJS. Hire someone who’s proven they can win and who has lead a team. Not a guy who was co offensive coordinator
  6. Obnoxious sums up every ucf fan I’ve ever met. I think they forgot they sucked for decades.
  7. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ve hit it. I don’t see CJS getting us back to respectability. Really hope I’m wrong
  8. You also aren’t competing with the Bucs, Rays and Lightning for local sports fans $$$. Casual fans would rather spend their money on them, they actually win games. You also weren’t in a better conference then that conference implodes and you get left behind. Went from playing schools people knew to playing in this dumpster fire. When the Big East stopped having football, most of our fans stopped caring.
  9. The kickoff time definitely didn’t help. 5 of our 7 tickets got used, but it’s too hot for my wife and 3 year old son. Night games are so much easier for us now. We hit the trifecta of suck for this game.
  10. Most USF and ucf fans are bandwagon fans. We don’t have the traditions, history or resources to be constantly good.
  11. If you have none of those it doesn’t matter either.
  12. Poor leaders blame their employees/players. As a teacher I’m really familiar with poor leadership
  13. Just like his father was. His lack of coaching experience is showing.
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