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  1. I'm sure this means everyone who renews before Feb 7th.
  2. Man he has horrible technique and looks really out of shape to fight.
  3. Which makes her even more attractive if you ask me. I hate being around people who are constantly negative or bitchy.
  4. The Bucs used to have a huge waiting list, now they can't fill up the stadium. Once they have a few down years, things will change.
  5. And fans pay good $$$ to see the star players in action, not sitting on the bench. This generation of players seem soft and lazy.
  6. I think the wetlands there would make building challenging.
  7. I read about that on here. They could have really used them $
  8. I think it would be easier to tear down the existing clubhouse and build something new. It doesn’t have to be really fancy, just not look like it’s going to fall over. IMO if we build an OCS it won’t be on that property because of the wetlands. Trust me I want an ocs as much as most of you do.
  9. The course wasn’t in bad shape, but the clubhouse and cart storage facilities looked horrible. Most of the wood on both buildings was rotten and about falling off. Hopefully they do something because the facilities look like they’ve been neglected for years.
  10. Took advantage of the free rounds of golf offered to season ticket members. I took some of my neighbors with me and was embarrassed by the conditions. The clubhouse has been condemned and the cart storage facility looked like it was about to fall down. The pro shop is a large storage container and the bathrooms are in a trailer. How has USF allowed this to get so bad? The conditions of the course were decent, but not the best. You’d think USF would care more about this course. Definitely doesn’t look like a course a major university would have.
  11. I graduated in 2004 and probably wouldn’t get in now either.
  12. Yep...will probably end up costing him $$$ in the draft.
  13. Gregory has been doing a good job. We also have Yetna hurt, and I’m sure recruiting players to come to USF is challenging. It’s not like we are basketball powerhouse.
  14. We have some talented players, but you can’t expect 2 or 3 players to be 90% of your team. Our backups are not good enough.
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