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  1. It’s always smart for running backs to leave early. They take such a beating and why risk a career ending injury.
  2. Rex Havoc

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Was hoping it would be King, but will give Burke a shot. If we run the same offense next year things will get really ugly.
  3. This only makes sense to the teams that know they have zero chance of expansion. USF, Houston, Cincinnati, UConn, Temple and ucif would be idiots to sign this.
  4. Rex Havoc

    Roll call

    Renewed our tickets yesterday, so 2 of us will be attending the game.
  5. Rex Havoc

    Renewed season tickets

    Did they email the survey to you this week?
  6. Rex Havoc

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I just renewed mine today, so thank you Nick for letting us know how the tickets will be distributed.
  7. Rex Havoc

    GTech and Navy

    I will also be going to Navy and GT. My wife and I went to the last USF vs Navy game in Annapolis. I would definitely recommend going to Navy if you get the chance. We loved touring the Naval Academy and seeing all the traditions they have. Their fans by far were the nicest I've met at any road game.
  8. Rex Havoc

    Kelly sticks with Strong

    I have a feeling QF called his own plays more than we will ever know, especially towards the end of the season. What were they going to do to him?
  9. Rex Havoc

    Roll call

    Thanks, didn’t see those.
  10. Rex Havoc

    Roll call

    Depends on how cheap I can find tickets. Not paying $45 a ticket
  11. Rex Havoc

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Blah a bowl game at our own stadium sucks! I look forward to traveling to the bowl games. Playing Marshall at home is horrible
  12. Rex Havoc

    Kelly sticks with Strong

    And that was the complete opposite of what we did all year long
  13. USF athletics makes horrible decisions and wastes so much money. Hopefully our new university president and ad will make wiser decisions. If we want to be taken seriously we need to be serious about athletics.
  14. This is who we need as our head coach. In one decade as a college coach, Spavital has worked a litany of future pro quarterbacks. As a graduate assistant, Spavital tutored Case Keenum at Houston and Brandon Weeden at Oklahoma State, then served as Geno Smith’s position coach at West Virginia. From there, Spavital worked with Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M, Davis Webb at California, and for the past two seasons has helped Will Grier throw for 7,354 yards and 71 touchdowns the past two seasons at West Virginia.