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  1. Rex Havoc

    Football event tonight

    Just like everyone else, I didn’t get an email. I’m
  2. I was in 6th grade
  3. Rex Havoc

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    I totally agree with this, sports for them is a time to relax and enjoy some entertainment. The older I get the more I realize it's just a game and shouldn't impact my life like it used to. When I was younger I let a loss ruin my weekend...which was immature. Obviously I want us to win, but now it's more about the memories I get to have with my family.
  4. Rex Havoc

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    One of my favorite road trips. Loved the history and traditions. Their fans were also some of the nicest I’ve met.
  5. If espn says it there’s a 75% chance it’s wrong