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  1. Franks is definitely an upgrade to what we have now.
  2. I agree with Grothe...no on bringing Taggart back. Larry Scott or an OC with experience running an uptempo spread offense.
  3. I’m sure FSU wishes they didn’t have to pay slick Willie 17 million.
  4. It’s just insane. The universities have all the power over the coaches. If they all stopped with this guaranteed money crap what would the coaches do? They’d have to accept it or find a real job.
  5. Realistically USF wouldn’t hire him anyway. We just need someone who can create a high powered offense and bring excitement back. We don’t need another Holtz or Strong.
  6. Why don’t all universities have some sort of performance standards written into coaches contracts? Lots of schools paying millions on buyouts for people who sucked at their jobs.
  7. A fast and high scoring offense. A defense that doesn’t give up a ton of 3rd and longs every game. Finally who can recruit Florida and bring back some swagger to USF.
  8. We always go conservative and that really hasn’t worked. Maybe we need to change things up a little bit? Bring some attitude and swagger back to USF. Larry Scott is my number 1, but if not him we need someone who can run a high scoring and fun offense.
  9. Yep! I’d have to teach for 110 years before I’d ever make 5 million in lifetime earnings. He gets that much just to leave. The contracts every university give these coaches is sickening.
  10. But they all leave with a ton more $$$. Must be nice to get paid a ton of money to go home.
  11. He definitely wasn’t a coach who wanted to be around the fans. The next coach we get needs to engage the fans and students. We need someone to sell the program and sell an exciting brand of football.
  12. He seems like a nice guy, but you also have to produce wins as a head coach. He’s got a lot of money in the bank...don’t feel sorry for him.
  13. They should have had this planned out already. He has sucked for the past year and a half. They’ve had time.
  14. I agree with you. If the university doesn’t care about giving you a coaching staff that will develope your talents...then get out.
  15. Then he needs to just say that and get it over with. Him remaining silent and showing no emotion about this upsets me.
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