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  1. I'm glad he got to do something he loved. Stuff like this puts everything into perspective. We need to spend more time being kind to others and enjoying life...you never know what can happen.
  2. Rex Havoc

    4th Quarter Statistic

    Think you meant to say 60 minute games. We sleep through the first 45, then play awesome the last 15.
  3. I think the lack of leadership is an issue for this team. In years past you knew who the leaders were, this year I don’t see any.
  4. The whole system is rigged, so there is no way in hell a g5 team make the playoffs.
  5. What a choke job by Memphis. Ucif is the luckiest team I’ve ever seen
  6. They are the luckiest team also. Should have been a turnover when Milton fumbled
  7. Way to f it up Memphis.
  8. Guess I missed that one
  9. The ucif commercial is hilarious. That girl makes it sound like it’s hard to get accepted there.
  10. Boom! Love it!!! Memphis making me money today
  11. Can we borrow the Memphis oline for when we play the tinmen?
  12. Memphis needs a td here
  13. Probably not if we run up the middle for 1 yard on every first down.
  14. Memphis giving us the game plan on how to beat the tinmen. Long drives are going to wear out their defense.