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  1. First time I read the names I thought it said Steve Carell.
  2. They are the 8th best team in the sec..so I don’t see them making it. If they do it’s based off of name, not really their season.
  3. Top teams and players get the calls...happens in every sport. I loved seeing the hustle and heart from our team.
  4. They aren’t used to a team playing them with tough defense. I didn’t see any plays that were dirty. The majority of their fans are clueless
  5. If we could make some 3 pointers we’d be ahead. These announcers are kissing UConn’s ass
  6. Too bad we had so many injuries this year or we could have beaten UConn. Oh well hopefully we can kick their ass in football. Just think how good their wbb team is, but they are still stuck in the aac.
  7. This is a great opportunity for the team. The Rays should play USF every spring training.
  8. Geno can’t run an offense with the best players in the sport?
  9. Just like everyone else, I didn’t get an email. I’m
  10. I totally agree with this, sports for them is a time to relax and enjoy some entertainment. The older I get the more I realize it's just a game and shouldn't impact my life like it used to. When I was younger I let a loss ruin my weekend...which was immature. Obviously I want us to win, but now it's more about the memories I get to have with my family.
  11. One of my favorite road trips. Loved the history and traditions. Their fans were also some of the nicest I’ve met.
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