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  1. This was actually the best thing that could’ve happened. CMU is in that middle tier where no one really cares if you win, but if it’s close, you lose votes. This is the opportunity to play a legitimate schedule and make noise nationally. Imagine a resume with wins @UF, Wisconsin, BYU, @GT, @UCF, @ Navy, Memphis & Cincy.
  2. I like the list. The teams I bolded scare me. Those teams are all underrated and don’t offer the splash that a W against UF, Miami, or even Boise offers. Wake is a better team than UF, but a win against them next year would do wonders for national perception
  3. Give me one of UF, FSU or Miami.
  4. IBulleve

    Impact Freshman

    Agreed on Harris. When I started digging into this, I wanted to see what the % of our top recruits were making impacts vs the less heralded guys. Seems like for the most part, the less heralded guys have had a higher hit rate for us over the past few years.
  5. Which Freshman have impressed you the most up to this point? Who do you expect to be apart of the core moving forward? For me it’s Boyles, Yates, Horne, St. Felix (RS) and Bell (RS).
  6. IBulleve

    USF Run Defense

    Have the Duke transfers played at all? I haven’t heard a peep about them
  7. IBulleve

    USF Run Defense

    Not ignoring the personnel issues, but a large part of run defense is effort and focus. Everyone being in the correct gap, getting off blocks and tackling with a purpose. When you are passive up front as we were in the first half, it doesn't matter what kind of talent you have, there will be struggles. We need to be aggressive from whistle to whistle to give ourselves a chance at being average against the run.
  8. 1) Has to be WR 2) His mobility and willingness to lower his head and fight for extra yardage 3) Lack of time in this offense 4) Whatever is cold and wet 5) 14
  9. IBulleve

    Run Defense

    GA Tech was the worst match up possible for us outside of a I Formation style SEC/Wisconsin team. We played the triple option in a dime formation essentially. We will be much better against a team like Illinois who isn’t going to fool us and will be more man on man blocking schemes. Once we are able to get the offense going and get a lead, our DBs will take the game over
  10. IBulleve

    Injury Updates

    That is flying. Makes the fact that Horne ran a 10.29 even crazier
  11. If you do move forward with the Visio, all that I ask if that you tie in Skip Holtz and the word “humidity” somewhere in there
  12. Thank you for saying in one post, what I was trying to say over about 10 lol
  13. Fair enough. Just to be clear, I’m certainly not under the impression that life in the G5 is roses and daisies. You probably have that presumption due to my stance, similar to me having the presumption of you being negative due to yours. Heres my final point. It is extremely hard to make the playoffs for any program. See Michigan, Texas, USC, UF, etc etc. You have to have a legitimate top 4-8 team in the country as a prerequisite. I’m not even arguing whether or not that we can field that type of talent. My point is that being from the G5, if you have that type of talent and you schedule the right opponents, you have a shot. Is it the same chance Auburn, Bama, Clemson, OSU, etc have? Heck no. We all know why. And to be honest, they probably deserve the nod due to recent track record. With that being said, I will always argue in favor of USF & Mickey Mouse U because it is possible, and anyone saying it’s impossible has watched too much ESPN and not thought for themselves. Of course, this debate has zero bearing on anything real, but I appreciate the conversation nonetheless. Have a great rest of your day
  14. The fact it hasn’t happened is because there hasnt been a team good enough with the schedule to boot. UCF had the team but not the schedule to warrant a playoff spot. Houston in 2016 I believe had the schedule, but they go and lose to Navy. Houston was ranked #6 after their win against OU with a game against the Lamar Jackson lead Cards (which they beat) later in the year. Saying all G5 teams are mathematically eliminated is “complete false” because Houston had a legitimate chance just 2 years ago. They blew it. Hopefully the rest of your day is filled with a little more optimism.