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  1. Hahahah Macon isn’t an nfl guy. Maybe in 1980. He’s too slow and is getting replaced by underclassmen in sub packages here. The NFL isn’t interested in Macon
  2. Impressed with Rygol. There’s no reason he can’t fight for the back up role moving forward
  3. Your infatuation with KB without knowing the whole story is hilarious. First and foremost, he left his job as an OC of a CFL team to be closer to his family as Kade was getting older. While the CFL certainly isn’t the NFL, he was the OC of a professional organization in 2001, and left to be a HS coach in Ocala to be closer to his family. After 4 years, he jumped at the opportunity to become the HC of JU because his family is close to that area, and it gave him an opportunity to get back in the college ranks. He stuck around longer than originally planned, as he saw the opportunity to coach his son out of high school. From 2011-2015 he was coaching Kade, his son. While he was receiving offers during that time, he made it known he wasn’t leaving JU until his son graduated. After he split from JU, he went to Valdosta State and won a national title in 3 years. As a head coach. After making quick work (as a HC) at the D2 level, he’s now at the FBS level. Your 20 year story line doesn’t add up. Within 3 years of saying deuces to JU because Kade was done playing, he won a national title as a HC and was hired to the FBS level. It didn’t take him 20 years, it took him 3. Your personal vendetta against him is hilarious and sad at the same time. You don’t even have the football IQ to determine why his scheme won’t work at this level, or what route/blocking concepts work at a D2 level, but not in the AAC. Do yourself a favor and go watch Seth Varnadore’s video breakdowns. Count how many times we were out schemed on that side of the ball. You may have to crosscheck your Football for Dummies book for some glossary terms, but I think it will be very enlightening.
  4. This. QF would’ve been playing DB inside this shiny new IPF under CCS’s supervision
  5. No thanks. Idk what happened to Taggart, but he’s not the same guy that he was in Tampa. He looks like a scared puppy on the sidelines in Tallahassee
  6. Look, I have no problem with using the portal to fill holes. I like most, if not all of the players that we brought in this offseason. The problem here is that even with all of this, we are a bad football team. These are short term (1-2 year) fixes, that take up a scholly from a potential 3-4 year contributor. That will come back to bite you down the road. Even with the short term bandaid, we are a garbage team. The scariest part is you’re telling me that our HC, who is supposed to be a very good recruiter, is going to need to bring in at least 10 guys to fill out this roster in year 4?!? Year 4?? That’s almost 50% of our starting lineup. We already know the guy isn’t a good motivator. We know for certain he’s not even an average in game manager. And now you’re telling me that he hasn’t been able to recruit/develop enough so he needs to go get 50% of his starting lineup from other programs? Yeah, give him the $5 mill and tell him to GTFO
  7. I get your point, but the part about no one telling the story about blue chips is false. How many times have we heard that Trevor Lawerence was a phenom coming out of HS? Same with Justin Fields this year. Heck, look how long the blue chip status has hung around Blake Barnett. The blue chip narrative is spoken everywhere. Even the whole “UF transfer Jordan Cronkrite” thing that we laugh about, the only reason they are saying that is they want to get across the point that this guy was a bigger recruit than you might think.
  8. You know you’re a bad football team when we are discussing fundamentals. (Narrator voice) Can our walk on QB throw a football? Can our “D1” WRs catch a football? Will our OL finally get in the way of someone? Tune in this Saturday for the next episode of Walking Dead ft. Charlie Strong
  9. McCloud was here last year as a RS. He actually traveled with the team on multiple occasions as the emergency QB. 7overlord has a track record of providing accurate info. I’d hold off on using HS stats to try and argue what your eyes (and sources) are telling you.
  10. I still think benching Mazzi in favor of Jaymon Thomas against Houston is worse. Still to this day, I can’t comprehend how someone could be so bad as to bench your top boundary corner for a FS that hasn’t played a snap outside in his career. In the middle of a game. Because he’s a few inches taller. This is dumb as well, but that move takes the cake
  11. I’m sure there will still be buyout of sorts. Maybe it’s not a resignation, but a mutual parting of ways. Point being, I don’t see MK being the guy that wants to fire a guy and make a huge ordeal about it. He seems to be very sensitive to how things are worded and the overall perception of the program. Could even save us a couple of bucks in the long run
  12. MK is well versed in PR & Communications. Look how he handled the Sterlin Gilbert deal. I firmly believe he has come to the conclusion that CCS isn’t going to get it done, and has already begun weighing his options for next year. I fully expect this to go down as a resignation of sorts, rather than CCS getting flat out fired.
  13. There’s a 0% chance he will be here next year. You think his buyout will cripple us? Imagine what back to back 4-8/5-7 seasons will do in terms of ticket sales, recruiting, donations, etc. CCS is gone, it’s just a matter of when.
  14. It’s been obvious since San Jose State. If he’s not gone by noon, then we are just looking for a PR/communications play at this point
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