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  1. Overhaul the defensive identity. I’ve seen enough of the 3-3-5 base between Strong and Spencer. Tired of having 3 defensive tackles on the field who have zero pass rush ability. Find me someone who can develop our traditionally undersized (but quick) edge players/LB’s. We need a defensive system that allows those guys to shoot gaps and create negative plays
  2. I believe he was recovering from a concussion early in the year
  3. Fortin can spin it. Not giving CWJ a pass by any means, but it has to be difficult to put together a game plan with this offense. First and foremost, we (kinda) have 3 QB’s who all have different skill sets. Neither McCloud nor Johnson can stretch the field vertically, allowing defenses to bring extra guys down. Pair that with undersized RB’s behind a finesse (being nice) OL unit and you see the result. I’ve been preaching the start Fortin chorus all year, not only because I think he’s far and away the best QB on the roster, but if you watch his UNC film you’ll see he can t
  4. 1st down: run 2nd down: run 3rd down: incomplete pass on a broken play Charlie Weis Jr. is calling a horrific game
  5. Tulsa legitimately has one of the best run defenses in the country. And our game plan has been to run the ball. Confusing
  6. 1. Lose big 2. Lose small 3. Win small 4. Win big Pretty clear where we are at currently
  7. This offense is going no where until Fortin is back under center. Maybe it’s next week, maybe it’s next year. But McCloud & Johnson ain’t it Chief
  8. I mean, defensively we aren’t even close to be lined up correctly. Both LB’s were overloaded on the left side.
  9. There’s no probably about it. And it’s not particularly close
  10. You don’t run QB power with the only QB on the roster that can sling it. Horrible horrible
  11. Grier has got to figure this targeting stuff out. Don’t dip your head.
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