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  1. Yeah I mean I really like Dollison and Jimmy Horn. McClain looks good as well. Mangham was a good get in the portal. But some of his in-game stuff is pop Warner level. There’s 5+ Bay Area high school coaches who wouldn’t have made that mistake
  2. Yeah, CJS ain’t it boys. Like some of the young guys from the recruiting class, but he sucks as a HC
  3. Hoping they got the TO wrong and temple was the one that called it. Going for it here or calling aTO for the FG are both bad moves
  4. Bad clock management again. Don’t call the timeout there. Let the clock run down to 2-3 seconds (or make temple call a timeout) and kick the FG
  5. If anyone is a real estate agent, Glen Spencer is a good lead. House should be up for sale soon
  6. Mangham fired up there that they weren’t able to get on the ball and run a play. Ridiculous that we have to call a timeout to get a play called
  7. Like I said. The lack of physicality and tackling on this team is egregious
  8. I think that was the only play BYU could run and NOT score. Anything up the middle and they walk in
  9. If you don’t like what you see watching the ball, don’t watch the DL. I’ve seen better HS units in the Bay Area, and I’m not even exaggerating
  10. It’s kinda funny how getting a first down is almost like scoring a TD. We’re praying so hard we can get 10 yards
  11. I don’t know if CJS is the main issue here, but I do know this is one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen Don the USF colors
  12. We’ve ran the that play twice in the red zone. Having the QB roll away from his throwing arm is just....questionable at best
  13. Not sure I understand the philosophy on continuously wasting your most explosive receiving weapons on fake jet sweeps (Latrel + Dollison)
  14. 45-0 and we run a jet sweep....for a loss of 4. This is the definition of being too cute
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