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  1. Whoever is playing long snapper shouldn’t ever see a single snap in a USF game again
  2. I’m all for giving Marsh a shot in the 2nd half. It’s clear McCloud isn’t a D1 capable QB. Give Marsh/Smith some opportunities and begin building for the future
  3. To be clear, having the players on the depth chart does not exclude them from being inactive/on the covid list. All of the OL (and Kegler) were on the original depth chart. I don’t expect Cecil, Harris, or Jennings for Sunday
  4. “Tony is going to go ahead and call this game on USA network. If he can go ahead and have a great game, he can get back in the game as a coach. Tony Dungy might go ahead and coach at Citadel” - Last weeks announcer probably
  5. Give me Johnson with a run heavy, RPO game plan. At least his athleticism would give us a dynamic that we can build on.
  6. Ironic because Charlie called the our punter will hand you a TD play -> see Stony Brook 2017 Nice to be on the other side of those for a change
  7. Ahh correct, it was Stony Brook. That blocked punt in the first quarter was incredible foreshadowing. With one month of practice, this team is more disciplined and sound than any of Charlie’s teams
  8. Charlie won his FCS game (in disappointing fashion) with a roster chalk full of talent. Do you remember scratching and clawing to beat Elon with the best QB in program history? I do.
  9. If you were expecting some type of offensive explosion, then you truly don’t realize the importance of spring practice for a team with a new system. Not to mention one whose QBs are splitting reps. What’s genuinely exciting is this team “executed” better and had fewer penalties than Charlie’s teams (2 years vs 1 month)
  10. Same - saying it hasn’t started yet on both platforms I tried
  11. If anyone knows this guy, it's CJS. I'll trust his judgement here.
  12. Is CJS really talking a big game though? It’s not like he’s appearing on every media show saying we’re going to win a conference championship in year 1. Don’t confuse optimism with cockiness. There’s a stark contrast between the way Butch Jones operated and how CJS has handled himself throughout his career
  13. Do you think his conversation(s) with Fortin began and ended with a solid commitment in 8 days?
  14. Then you really don’t understand the dynamic of a coach/player relationship. Especially not given the circumstances at play here specifically
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