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  1. Is CJS really talking a big game though? It’s not like he’s appearing on every media show saying we’re going to win a conference championship in year 1. Don’t confuse optimism with cockiness. There’s a stark contrast between the way Butch Jones operated and how CJS has handled himself throughout his career
  2. Do you think his conversation(s) with Fortin began and ended with a solid commitment in 8 days?
  3. Then you really don’t understand the dynamic of a coach/player relationship. Especially not given the circumstances at play here specifically
  4. If you don’t think CJS and Brice have at least discussed this on a surface level, I don’t know what to tell ya. Cade Fortin officially transferred in a mere 8 days after CJS was named HC. Cade entered the portal all the way back in August. He had multiple P5 offers. You think he was just waiting for that USF offer since August, and then one beautiful morning CJS calls? These players and coaches have relationships. They talk off the record, just like you and your co-workers. Don’t be so naive.
  5. Maybe not officially, but come on. With Trevor coming back, there was no way this kid was going to just sit behind him for his entire career
  6. Some of the people/sources speculating probably don't realize that we signed Fortin. If CJS thought we had a good chance of signing Brice, I hesitate to think he would've still signed Fortin with so much urgency.
  7. Unless we are running the triple option, then yeah, that's kind of a pre-req to being a good offense.
  8. If I had to guess, CJS is still leading the staff, with the S&C coach running point with the players.
  9. Interesting how you can classify an entire sporting fan base from your living room. That’s not ignorant at all.
  10. Stock car racing has technology that tells officials when a pit crew member steps on the pit box line, essentially meaning out of bounds. Meanwhile, we have refs spotting balls based on judgement, and grown men throwing a red hanky on the field if they disagree with a call. I love both sports, but come on now.
  11. Ironically, stock car racing is probably the least "low brow" sport in the US. How many engineers are involved in teaching the air raid offense? Or teaching how to box out? Don't worry, I'll wait.
  12. RB coach = recruiter. Interested to see what he can do on the trail.
  13. Arm strength isn’t typically something that just develops overnight. Especially not in your third year in a program. McCloud will be a solid back up for us, but I’ll be shocked if he ends up starting.
  14. Correct. Quite a few RPO’s, but also a zone focused running game. This is what I’m most excited about.
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