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  1. That core would be dangerous. Really hoping Horne is able recover quickly and be up to speed come August edit - I believe Bell was one of the 11 to be dismissed. Regardless, still plenty of production/talent returning with Cronk + Ford
  2. IBulleve

    Transferring players

    Remember when we all thought we were in a good place with BK & CO? Things can change quick. Can never have too many QBs at any level
  3. Don’t hurt yourself stretching that far, Joey.
  4. IBulleve


    Cronk is a 4.65 guy at 200lbs. Those guys are a dime a dozen. He’s closer to DJ’s skill set than MM
  5. IBulleve

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    Agreed. He checked out long before he was dismissed
  6. Really just depends on the situation. If there is a position coach that has been around through multiple tenures (e.g. King) he will likely get the benefit of the doubt. Relationship with the players and HC can also factor in.
  7. Coaches are naturally going to try and bring in their buddies due to the networking involved in the space. This situation is a bit unique as Kerwin has been a HC at his last 2 stops and brought some assistants with him during the transition. A typical coordinator promotion might include a GA or single position coach coming along, but with him as a HC, he has an entire staff underneath him. The fact that some of his asstants moved from JU to Valdosta with him indicates they might be along for the ride. By all accounts, he’s loyal to his guys (especially Kade) and I imagine he’s fighting tooth and nail for them to be included on his staff.
  8. If they give Kade Bell the QB coach over Shaun King....that would be the ultimate smack in the face
  9. IBulleve

    MBB in Game Chat vs Alcorn State

    Crazy what happens when you have a good coach.
  10. IBulleve

    Transferring players

    He’s a corner playing safety. Blame this on CcS
  11. IBulleve

    Transferring players

    He’s a corner playing safety. Blame CCS
  12. IBulleve

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    He’s already here. His name is Chuck STrOnG.
  13. IBulleve

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    I understand why Kelly wants to be patient with Charlie from a PR standpoint, but ****.....it’s hard to even get excited about next season with him at the helm. Same issues since San Jose state 2017