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  1. IBulleve

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Best believe it. Even better, they pull a guard (RG) allowing the defender to shoot the gap and give it no chance. If they zone block it (still dumb) at least you have the chance of LBs overpursuing and leaving a cut back.
  2. IBulleve

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Here is a play later in the game. There are two safeties deep with 7 in the box. We have 4 WRs split out, leaving us with 5 OL to block 7 guys. I’ll let you guess what happened. This is simple math. Look at the WR in the slot on the bottom of the screen. Completely uncovered. They did a “check with me” and didn’t check to a quick bubble. Heck, most offenses have it built it where this is just a simple HOT read. Catch and throw it to him now. This is simple stuff in 2018. We are still running a 1990s offense from shotgun
  3. He had an nfl QB in Jimmy G and Dino Babers as a HC. He was the muppet
  4. We are only like 2-3 more losses away from ridding ourselves of this staff.
  5. IBulleve

    23 passes for 82 yards

    There are ways to slow down the pass rush to give yourself a chance -> HB slip Screens, WR Bubbles, HB Draws There are also quick 3 step drops patterns that aren’t hitches -> empty set HB choice, levels, crossers We don’t utilize any of these. Not a single 1. Sure, the OL is poor but we aren’t doing them any favors. We have ourselves our very own Tommy Tuberville
  6. I remember when scoring 30 was a bad game. Boy do I miss that
  7. Watching this Cincinnati team transfer over the last 2 years has to make you wonder - is Charlie Strong Tommy Tuberville esque?
  8. Their back up actually looks like a pretty dang good runner at the very least
  9. Gilbert and others on the staff proved their incompetence over a full season last year. The fact that they were employed in their current roles prior to today is plenty of reason to question CCS ability to assemble a staff. Prior to being a USF student, I was a Miami hurricane die hard. I witnessed the Randy Shannon era. This is all too similar. UCF has Randy in his correct role, we do not
  10. They sure look a lot better with a AAC coach than they did with Strong
  11. Well he’s kept them for almost 2 full seasons....he is that dumb
  12. Yeah I was completely joking. Give me a young coordinator
  13. Cincy hired Ohio States DC SMU hired clemsons OC C. -> OC at Oregon & Missouri Temple -> DC at UF
  14. Jake Spavital is absolutely a realistic option. Neal Brown and Scott are a reach. There are plenty of guys out there.