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  1. They better not do that Kean/Oladukon switch every series crap. Give McCloud the keys and see what he has.
  2. Make no mistake, I will never root for this team to lose. But to use a gambling term, I feel like we are drawing dead. I’m very confident that CCS is not the man for this job. He’s been given ample time and has not produced. I’m no longer hoping that he can get it done, but instead hoping that MK will end this era so we can turn the page. I just hope any wins this team can pull off in the meantime won’t cause MK to second guess what I assume he has already realized.
  3. I’ll give CCS this, he’s been consistent. The same glaring issues have been consistent since game 1 against San Jose State. What was it? 14-0 or 17-0 in the first quarter? This team hasn’t had a stretch of good football since. Heck, we struggled against Elon. Different OC’s, different QB’s, WRs, RBs, LBs, etc. The one constant has been Chuckles. I want to root for this team, but I cringe at the fact of him winning a game against Cincy or UCF at the end of this year buying him an extra year.
  4. 100%. He gets through the reads and has tremendous poise. There’s a different energy with him back there.
  5. I keep seeing in various places that the staff needs to hand over the keys to McCloud because he’s a better dual threat option. While I agree that McCloud is the best option available, I’m not sure that it’s simply because he’s a better dual threat option. In fact, I actually see this as the opposite. While not your prototypical, explosive dual threat QB, Blake has shown the ability to make plays with his legs outside of the pocket. The problem is, he has lacked the consistency to make plays with his arm. We’ve already covered his inability to read coverages and pocket presence. Meanwhile, McCloud has looked much more comfortable in the pocket (when given) and has shown the ability to progress through multiple reads. Again, small sample size, but he has also shown solid accuracy, ability to use touch, and shows more poise in general. I understand that we are working with a small sample size, but at the moment I would label BB as the “dual threat option”, with McCloud being the better pocket passer. This doesn’t mean McCloud doesn’t offer the ability to pick up yards with his legs, but he looks more comfortable in the pocket than BB ever has since he arrived on campus. If this staff chooses to go with BB as the starter, even in a split series type scenario, this will be yet another indictment of CCS personnel decisions.
  6. I really don’t like the punt there on 4th. That’s going to come back to haunt us.
  7. A QB that can see the field. Plus, OL has actually looked quite a bit better as well. Looks like Cecil may have been benched
  8. I noticed this as well. You just CANT do that. Ford, McDoom, Horne, Sails, there’s plenty of options
  9. Please tell me Bentlee Sanders wasn’t actually back there unbelievable
  10. Lol. He’s the 2nd QB. Evans isn’t even listed as a QB anymore. That was a wildcat formation all the way. Watch McCloud actually go through reads.
  11. Patrick Macon is an absolute stud. He will be playing on Sundays
  12. Guys....Charlie was trying to call a time out with the clock running down there....
  13. Little things like that make this even more evident. McDoom returned a good amount of punts at Michigan. Why is he not back there?
  14. Bentlee should never return punts again. Ever. He’s lost back there
  15. 3rd and long and rush 3 . Charlie thinks he’s playing against Oregon just because they run Shotgun
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