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  1. The dates for 2021 look interesting...Open the schedule on a Thursday Night in N.C. and the Friday night game in UT
  2. Does anyone know the Section for visiting supporters?
  3. I think it could potentially mean we lose a recruiting tactic of telling recruits that they can come here and play right away, will allow all of the big programs to be able to sell that vision more realistically (at least partially)
  4. Why Not us in Vegas? that's a fun bowl destination for all of us plus we get to press the mack and the flowers at the craps table.
  5. A possible potential concern for the event, for the womens event held on the same course, very few east coast team are doing well http://www.golfchannel.com/news/ryan-lavner/knight-helps-alabama-rally-make-ncaa-cut-now/
  6. Same principle here except we seem to be the only ones left out. Ecu or ucf to the sec http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/15492344/wish-college-football-expansion-realignment-looked-like
  7. Looks like Mr Harlan is trying to stem the inflow of emails from you guys Dear Bulls Family: Over the past few months and increasingly this past week, there has been much discussion both locally and nationally regarding possible conference expansion and other potential realignments and, if so, which schools might be under consideration. Conference leaders continue to evaluate their next moves based on their independent research and needs, and any decision will ultimately be up to the presidents of these institutions. My purpose today is to share some thoughts on our institution. Since my arrival more than two years ago, questions about conference realignment have been raised by those who love USF deeply. I have not wavered in my response to them: USF Athletics will continue to make sure that every day, all of our student-athletes, coaches and staff are working tirelessly to achieve excellence in all of our 19 programs. I am grateful for the continued support of our fans as we work together in this regard. In the past school year, Bulls teams have won multiple American Athletic Conference Championships, participated in multiple NCAA postseasons and, in 2015-2016, for the first time in school history, secured the highest ranking in the American in the Learfield Cup standings, which recognizes outstanding overall achievement in a department. Meanwhile, we have also celebrated academic wins, with our student athletes sustaining an overall average 3.0 GPA for multiple semesters while our graduation rate continues to steadily climb – now at 82 percent. Moreover, this year USF student-athletes and coaches participated in a record number of community service activities throughout the Tampa Bay region. Detailing these successes is important in the context of the national dialogue of conference expansion. We’ve worked toward our achievements in an increasingly competitive American Athletic Conference, which has proven its competitive position against our peer conferences. Like many of our peers, we are also an aspirational institution and closely monitor any opportunities that would benefit USF Athletics in the long term. Rest assured, we have been proactive in exploring any and all opportunities that would support this program’s singular focus on sustained excellence. Excellence is and always will be our No. 1 priority. We must win on the field and on the courts of all of our sports; we must attract higher attendance at our games; we must increase donor engagement; we must continue to enhance the fan experience; we must position our facilities for success; we must continue to rally community support for all our program. These responsibilities start with USF leadership and staff, but they are made possible by our spirited students, coaches, and Bulls fans. We cannot achieve excellence without you. Your role in our success is critical and deeply appreciated. While we always carefully monitor any potential changes to the collegiate athletics landscape, our commitment is to excellence – in competition, in the classroom and in our community. Thank you for your enthusiasm for our program and your support of our incredible student athletes. We are counting on your interest and involvement in all of our athletics activities to ensure we are best positioned for success now and for years to come. GO BULLS! Director of Athletics University of South Florida
  8. Extra caveat that I would like to see, the top four seeds play at home as the reward for being a top 4 team. Would be interesting seeing some Southern teams going up north to play in the snow for once
  9. Don't forget to add in the $30+ a day for parking at the hotel (might be able to find lots cheaper away from the hotel)
  10. lucky for us NIU just tool the lead over WMU so that is one tiebreaker (and tidy piece of the puzzle) that's holding up. ESPN2 atm Thinking that a WMU win gets toledo back into the picture a bit as NIU would be at 2 conf losses with WMU still playing Toledo to close the season. They are all in the same division
  11. I'm guessing that the OP is referring to the 128th ranked team on the list. When you view it, don't forget to vote that the ranking is too high
  12. Think that bullet sheds some light on the quality of the recruits that CWT has brought in. Gives some hope for a bright future
  13. Still at Van Diemens, for the Navy game I heard they had a solid crowd of 20-25. I'd think should be comparable for the ECU game.
  14. With Football season starting its time to start the FL swing to my golf season, with all the rain that Tampa has received over the summer I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/updates on which courses are currently in decent shape?
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