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  1. Modern problems require modem solution.
  2. If true about LA fitness, why not lease time at ours?
  3. IPF fundraiser Idea... % of all pub subs sold on campus goes to IPF.
  4. I'd go for this. Like him or not, I think Collin Sherwin laid out a great plan on the bulluminati podcast. Something like: Recruit hard local, don't be afraid to use the portal to bring back those 3-4 stars who didn't get what they want from the money 5 conferences.
  5. He'd need to publicly apologize, get paid peanuts (due to buyout) and have a $5 mill per year remaining to payout if he goes elsewhere. Then, maybe. The trash talking was his style, but don't talk bad about where you were and expect to be able to come back.
  6. You'd have to go back a bit in the Twitter feed. They want to be brought on to help.
  7. With the USF Transfer QB that Sterlin and Charlie didn't know how to use.
  8. This. Someone else pointed out a few weeks ago...Kelly is active about all things USF on Twitter except not much for football lately. Dude's got class and I've not seen any reason to lose faith in him yet.
  9. I know. I'm struggling about whether I'd want him back.
  10. CS has won more bowl games at USF than WT.
  11. Think it's why he had a slight show of emotion after Temple? Tweet didn't say when he was told, did it?
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