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  1. Is no one going to talk about how this is in the wrong thread?
  2. Had to look it up: Florida A&M, 2005. Sophomore transfer from USM. Was in the HOT band.
  3. Thanks for all the replies! Looking forward to my first home game since graduating.
  4. I think the travel board was retired a while back. Anyway, we're coming to the UF game and are looking for good RV spots is Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, or surrounding area. Any good recommendations? 45 ft class A w/ 50 A hook-up.
  5. So awesome. Hope he does well back at USF.
  6. Since we're still on King, and taking it with a grain of salt... Whoever that o lineman was he could do the splits went on a podcast a while back and commented on how King changed from the taggart era to the strong area. Maybe he just needs some time away.
  7. Good riddance. Hopefully Currall and co. Do a better job with his replacement.
  8. Don't know if anyone follows Chris Trollello, but he provides pretty good coverage, and generally professional but, he definitely has enough of a pulse on the fan bases to troll both USF and Central fans. It's nice to see him trolling both sides.
  9. 1) better than a "blackout" against a school whose colors are black... 2) you must not have seen: All terrible. usa_today_9774034.webp 617799832.jpg.webp
  10. I highly dislike just about all the kooky unis. But slime green is about 100,000 times better than storm trooper white. These were no where near the worst.
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