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  1. You've been away, right? Kade is Kerwin's son. Was on staff at USF.
  2. Kade Bell ended up at Tusculum. saw it on twitter before i stopped following.
  3. Digging this one back up... any word on when the schedule will be released? I'm not seeing the dates anywhere yet.
  4. Don't forget all the times we shut him down after that.
  5. Thought ESPN has all the CFP. You can see 100% bias towards all of their high dollar property. Great example is comparing our games called by ESPN vs CBS sports earlier this year. ESPN announcers talked more about CFP and random junk. Completely disinterested in the actual game they were calling. Granted we were terrible, but they were still unprofessional Clowns. CBS announcers were into the game, unbiased about the teams, and seemed we'll informed. Absolute Professionals.
  6. Not sure. They are not the largest, to my knowledge. Far as I know, divisions all about # of sports and scholarship offering. No clue what they have. Have hired 4 UWF EE grads. About to have a 5th. Good engineering program.
  7. Great game to watch too. I have...6? Credits from U-dub from summer classes while at home.
  8. I agree. Was interesting to hear that side though. If you use Google podcasts, there is an option to "trim silence." Really speeds up the pods, so you'd have only lost about 45-50 minutes It's great how much content is out there for USF, but you do have to sift through it all.
  9. Hindsight being 20/20, I had reservations when I saw socks with sandals at the airport. I think a lot of us brushed Texas off due to the rumored donor situation. Everything seems to be the exact opposite with CJS, which is great.
  10. Did you listen to the pod? Like him or not, he made a good point about the o-line being built for speed and not being the big power o-line. Edit: the sterlin offense needed a power line, which is one reason he failed. That's said, best to take this all with a grain of salt.
  11. Pretty new pod, I think. Larkin "spilled some tea" as he said. Interesting on the atmosphere change. Definitely lost the swagger.
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