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  1. +1 Not saying we would have been in a better conference, but would have at least been in the conversation.
  2. You must not have seen some of the blocks made by McCants!
  3. The NZ whisky collection, Dunedin Doublewood, is some great stuff! 18 years total aged. Picked it up in New Zealand, at a liquor store. Wish I could say I hit up the distillery, but couldn't. NZ is not known for whisky, but this... Better than any beer or wine I had hands down!
  4. ... Jameson's Black barrel is good stuff. Still whiskey, though. They age it is charred barrels in the closest thing they'll do to imitate bourbon. It's still there barley mixture and still Jameson otherwise.
  5. I've got some makers 46 too as well. It's all right, but I think I prefer just regular makers over it. Something they do with the charcoal. Makers is supposed to be a weeded bourbon, which gives it a sweeter taste. I really like the Jefferson's ocean voyage 19, full of flavor and is a weeded mash. Woodford is usually a good choice. I'm not a fan of rye bourbon myself.
  6. Bummer of a way to spend your birthday. At least you had a top-notch bourbon to grab. Happy belated birthday!
  7. I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. Ended up at a incredible bar that had all kinds of gin on one side and then just about every kind of whiskey (bourbon, whisky, Irish whiskey, Scotch, etc) on the other wall. got to talk into the guy and it turned out they did have a bottle of Jefferson's ocean. Voyage 6! Was able to get a taste. Wasn't bad, but so far I've definitely preferred voyage 19.
  8. Nice one with the citrus. I would probably go with something like a Guinness, or some other oatmeal or coffee stout. Had a great one a few weeks ago when I was in New Zealand.
  9. After this past season. I think there needs to be 2: 1) something bitter and light (empty) to represent how it went. 2) something rich and flavorful to represent our hopes for the future. Edit:. Both need high alcohol content.
  10. I'm gibbsak on untappd too. Edit: and extremely late to this party.
  11. Congrats! My wife and I also just celebrated a new arrival!
  12. Outlook desktop app is unbeatable. Outlook online vs. Gmail... About the same. IT folks have "challenged" me to use Outlook online because it uses less memory or something. They obviously receive less than 20 actionable emails per day and don't understand emails are discoverable and every one matters.
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