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  1. I'll look out for that next time a pour some. Like I said, I'm still learning the finer points.
  2. I don't keep a lot of higher priced bourbon around... Recently hit a huge milestone/promotion and my wife surprised me with this: I think it's **** good. Still learning about the finer points of bourbon, so I can't describe it well. But, it's smooth and delicious.
  3. Add the yeti 10oz tumbler.... Keeps the ice as ice longer....I have a sphere ice mold (the death star)...does great in the yeti tumbler.
  4. That is a big risk. will be tough for them to find anything that can be proven.
  5. Just saw that. A test would be to see if they can get anyone to join them.
  6. I generally just go with: TBT;dr. No need to "shoot the messenger."
  7. If I remember correctly, Newberg was all over Strong to USF...if he's throwing it out there chances are good.
  8. I remember the same. Should be: Anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  9. Anytime, anywhere. Wasn't that the attitude Louisville had 15-20 years that helped lead to their rise?
  10. Yes. Not even a question. Saw a plastic Flamingo in one of the band sections in this weekend's games...don't remember which. Looked silly there too.
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