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  1. I think you're seeing a head coach that's taking responsibility at the end of the day.
  2. Step 1.5:. Have patience. Strong did not have a winner's competitive mindset. Scott has already changed the mentality... team was not giving up in thee ND loss, which was the #1 positive take away for me. Edit: ND highlighted how low Strong brought the team. Can't change it overnight, but looks like Scott is building in the right direction.
  3. I'm sure, deep down, Tags regrets at least one, maybe two letters.
  4. This. Johnson was throwing some heaters. A little off on accuracy, but was not in long enough to get a Grove.
  5. Also noticed this:. Strong was all about "gonna make Tampa a USF Town," but did nothing help his cause. Scott constantly talking about how special this place is and looking to have an impact.
  6. HIPAA could prevent them saying it was COVID. School systems are having a nightmare in dealing with that and being able to give out info. USF have continually stressed they are doing everything they can to do this safely. It may be that one of them had "contact" (less than 6ft w/o a mask) with someone who had symptoms and so, in an abundance of caution they sit those guys out.
  7. Couldn't happen to a better pair.
  8. Years ago, someone on this board mentioned that they never bet on USF because they are too emotionally invested in the outcome, don't need to have financial ties as well. I took that to heart. The only time I've bet on USF has been to spite UCF.
  9. Missed the beginning. Anyone else comment on how ugly this uniform is with that helmet yet?
  10. +1 Not saying we would have been in a better conference, but would have at least been in the conversation.
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