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  1. No moves after checkmate. USF for the win.
  2. Yes. Not even a question. Saw a plastic Flamingo in one of the band sections in this weekend's games...don't remember which. Looked silly there too.
  3. Saw many games where CCS was not wearing his signature mock turtleneck but a long sleeve fully buttoned up polo instead. Don't have the stats, but maybe that's the problem.
  4. I didn't think Publix could get any better. Then, I saw this.
  5. Cool news! Can we get and 8 with both Grothe and McCants?
  6. gibbsak

    If I'm Kelly

    @Brad, this could be a fun game, is possible.
  7. gibbsak

    The day after...

    Seems to be stirring up plenty of clicks for TBT.
  8. gibbsak

    Charlie gave up

    Is he that clueless?
  9. gibbsak

    Charlie gave up

    That's what is more infuriating. He's mailed it in. I hope there are changes announced before Monday.
  10. Someone made the comment about mailing it in... I think they're right.