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  1. gibbsak

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    If I remember, GA would always call out the "actual" attendance also. The difference being we had better attendance and GA flooded us content. GA spoiled us, and JK is some combo of not as good/not as interested/ held back by editors. Doesn't help that he's not a cheerleader.
  2. gibbsak

    Gear grab Wednesday

    Will they have any mock turtle necks?
  3. gibbsak

    Our Shirt 2018

    Never liked "Our Shirts." Don't feel like they help with that "brand issue" we have.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=570482923307661&id=199923307030293
  5. gibbsak

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    So, not only are we good enough for our coaches to be taken, they want to take our ADs too? But, we don't belong?
  6. gibbsak

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    I think it's more than a feeling...
  7. gibbsak

    Tampa International Airport

    Was talking to a UCF fan at work... his comment was "University of Sentral Florida?"
  8. Flew in and out of Tampa today. On the way out, stopped in the Tampa Bay sports store pre security. They had a decent amount of USF gear. a selection of shirts, hats, and even found a keychain. Compared to what I've only heard in the past, I'd say it's an improvement. Also, sat down for dinner at the bar of the Columbia in terminal E. Dude looks me straight in the face and asks: "USF, is that Central Florida?"
  9. gibbsak

    New Kickoff Rule

    "...in the name of player safety..." NCAA being proactive. I get it.
  10. How many tuned in on TheIdentity?
  11. gibbsak

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Click bait?
  12. gibbsak

    Spring Game April 14th

    Do that all the time. Pronunciation key (and professionalism) is how they never tripped over Tagovailoa in championship.
  13. gibbsak

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    I prefer to ignore TBT, especially JK. I agree it sucks the hometown paper won't cover the hometown team as best as they could (or have.) But, as someone not in Tampa anymore, I have to follow those outlets that do cover The Bulls, and TBT is not it.