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  1. gibbsak


    I don't keep a lot of higher priced bourbon around... Recently hit a huge milestone/promotion and my wife surprised me with this: I think it's **** good. Still learning about the finer points of bourbon, so I can't describe it well. But, it's smooth and delicious.
  2. gibbsak

    Favorite way...

    Add the yeti 10oz tumbler.... Keeps the ice as ice longer....I have a sphere ice mold (the death star)...does great in the yeti tumbler.
  3. AMEN! You're Job as a coach is to use the tools you have.
  4. That is a big risk. will be tough for them to find anything that can be proven.
  5. Just saw that. A test would be to see if they can get anyone to join them.
  6. I generally just go with: TBT;dr. No need to "shoot the messenger."
  7. If I remember correctly, Newberg was all over Strong to USF...if he's throwing it out there chances are good.
  8. I remember the same. Should be: Anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  9. Anytime, anywhere. Wasn't that the attitude Louisville had 15-20 years that helped lead to their rise?
  10. No moves after checkmate. USF for the win.
  11. Yes. Not even a question. Saw a plastic Flamingo in one of the band sections in this weekend's games...don't remember which. Looked silly there too.
  12. Saw many games where CCS was not wearing his signature mock turtleneck but a long sleeve fully buttoned up polo instead. Don't have the stats, but maybe that's the problem.
  13. I didn't think Publix could get any better. Then, I saw this.
  14. Cool news! Can we get and 8 with both Grothe and McCants?