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  1. Congrats! My wife and I also just celebrated a new arrival!
  2. Outlook desktop app is unbeatable. Outlook online vs. Gmail... About the same. IT folks have "challenged" me to use Outlook online because it uses less memory or something. They obviously receive less than 20 actionable emails per day and don't understand emails are discoverable and every one matters.
  3. Probably going to need to remember this in September/October.
  4. This one is my favorite. would love to see it on a helmet or a jersey.
  5. Now, we are truly United Start to Finish!
  6. I would like to say that's a good problem to have...
  7. Posted on here that I got some Jefferson's Ocean voyage 17 last year after a nice promotion. Just had the voyage 19, which has a "wheated" mash. Not sure I'm tasting the salty part, but the stuff is awesome.
  8. Keep USF. Tampa is a great TV market (I read on the internet) and a great destination.
  9. You've been away, right? Kade is Kerwin's son. Was on staff at USF.
  10. Kade Bell ended up at Tusculum. saw it on twitter before i stopped following.
  11. Digging this one back up... any word on when the schedule will be released? I'm not seeing the dates anywhere yet.
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