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  1. gibbsak

    New USF Academic Logo

    Anyone noticed football has changed to a simpler iconic U, with the same color scheme as the academic? It's on Facebook as their profile pic.
  2. I didn't think the bull was all that bad. The color scheme and the font are what I found offensive. I'd almost rather have seen comic sans as the font.
  3. That's the point... P5, G5, doesnt matter... if G5 wins, it's because the other team is is bad (per ESPN). C. beat a good Auburn Team, but they discredited it the entire time.
  4. FIFY. USF Beat 2 "Power" teams so far this year. 6 of the last 5 too, right?
  5. gibbsak

    Total Chaos

    Cronk looked to be giving instructions to the line a lot Friday.
  6. Rankings are nice but winning the conference would be nicer. Love seeing we can stay calm and find a way to win, but hope we stop putting ourselves in those situations.
  7. Exactly. Dan Mullen had a story about how there was this little guy, born in the Philippines, who they didn't have to recruit very hard, because Danny Wuerffel had signed a football for him as a kid...he won their next Heisman Gameday experience, especially players, can do more for future recruiting than anything.
  8. gibbsak

    Bulls best 6-0 football team

    I love Jim Louk Check out @USFjimlouk’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/USFjimlouk/status/1050946181847769088?s=09
  9. gibbsak

    We just got dissed on espn...

    ...but you have heard of me.