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  1. Always happy to see any of these kids get a scholarship and make the choice that they feel is best for them. But why why why do kids insist on picking up a hat, shirt, etc. and then toss it on the floor? I get it, they're kids. Just seems like HS coaches would advise not to do that silliness.
  2. LSU looks crazy good but I'll be pulling for Clemson Clemson 38 LSU 35
  3. Saw this in a tweet yesterday but couldn't find today: KC: Austin Reiter TEN: Nigel Harris GB: MVS SF: Kofi Amichia Bulls represented well!
  4. HAHA! Thanks and this is just a professional stop. I tend to not get involved in the DC toxicity.
  5. There's a real possibility too that Milton attempts to make a come back and because of what he's done for that program, they give him a shot. I simply can't see him coming back and being the same player. Juggling between him and the freshman there could cause some hiccups next year for c.. This also doesn't need to be said as I'm sure most will agree. I don't think Strong is a bad dude but man I don't care who the next coach is--I want them to have some fire, not only for every opponent, but especially for that school to the east. You win the presser if you come in and the expectation is to beat them every year. Have that fire and hatred.
  6. HAHA fair enough. I guess I was just excited to put on my first post. I've witnessed people get picked apart on here so wanted to make sure I was clear in my thoughts.
  7. ^this is the stuff I'm talking about right here lol. What does this even mean? Sorry for signing up for a fansite and injecting my opinion. I'll go sit in the back until I'm a better/more worthy fan than you
  8. The "grumpy old men" comment was a joke so hopefully no one gets offended by that. What I meant by that, is you come on here sometimes and it's just heaps of negativity toward anything and everything. Hurts my head to read sometimes. I'm well aware this hire could potentially not work out. All I'm saying is, we can collectively get behind Michael Kelly's first major hire. He has yet to give us all a reason to not trust that he knows what he's doing. Every hire is a question mark before it's not. So the best we can do is help give this new HC, honestly whoever it is, all the outpouring of support possible. Not the attitude of, well how about you win first and then as soon as you leave, I'll ***** and moan about it. It's been repeated a lot on this board, but if he leaves in 3-4 years for a big time job, that's awesome. It worked out ok for our neighbors to the east. And we are who we are. We're not going to be a final destination for any young coach and that should be ok with us as fans.
  9. New member here and while I've visited and read the board for a long time, and have seen what I call "TheBullspen Grumpy Old Men", I'm still shocked at some of the negativity around Jeff Scott. If you look around the Twitterverse and fansites, this guy is at the onset, a great hire. Clemson insiders and fans alike are lauding this hire for us if it is indeed what unfolds. For everyone pining for Leavitt, stop and go get some help. You all sound like jilted lovers who just can't seem to get over that first love. As a kid, going to USF games, I was in awe of The Jim and how he built this program. His passion on the sidelines is what made me fall in love with USF Football and later attend and graduate from USF. As much as we'd all like to dream of this triumphant return and applaud his 8-9 win seasons, it wasn't going to happen. That ship has sailed and the sooner we as fanbase move on, the better. My point is, lets get behind the new leader. All we can do as fans is show the new HC that we're ready to support. And for anyone trashing the fact that Scott has never been a HC, so what?! A lot of coaches who came into programs and found abundant success had never been HC's before. It's a silly way of measuring what you think will be his future success. The guy is coming from a 1st class program, mentored by a FL football family and groomed under Dabo, recruits FL, AND is an offensive-minded coach. LOL, the guy literally checks all the boxes. Also of note, you know this guy wants to make a mark and I'd be willing to bet he won't be outworked when it comes to shmoozing donors and injecting life into this program we all love. Thanks for having me. Go Bulls!
  10. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Roger "Toro" Smith

      Roger "Toro" Smith

      Thanks for the welcome! I've been visiting this site for a LONG time. Figured I'd finally create an account.

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