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  1. You can't go to a NYD6 unless you are a Conf Champion of a G5 Conf....and THEN you have to be the highest ranked G5 Conf Champ (like UCF has been lately) so yes, all games are important...but you first have to win your division and then your conf, before you are even eligible to be considered for a NYD6 Bowl spot.
  2. I think puc never wants to worry about EVERY having to attend a Conf Championship Game on Championship Saturday nor having a full stadium for said game and have ABC broadcast it to the world. And since he doesn't want to make plans for that Championship Saturday, he obviously never ever wants to worry about traveling to a NYD6 Bowl Game and interrupting his exciting NYE plans. Pretend you don't care....and when you don't win...you can't be disappointed. (Thats for puc as obviously many of your fans do want to win and they do want to win conf championships which would mean they would have a shot at a NYD6 Game).
  3. If he bashes the conf that his team has never even won a divisional, let along a conf title...then yes, it was a cut and paste job.
  4. Conf Titles for the AAC is extremely important as one must be a Conf Champion to be considered for NYD6 slot for highest ranked G5 CHAMPION.
  5. Both teams were Independent and didn't join conferences till 2002 (UCF) and 2003 (USF). UCF has 12 Divisional or Conf Titles during that time while the Bulls are still looking for their first ever in each.
  6. Incorrect. BJones was talking about the 4 Conf Titles UCF has won just since 2013 when both teams were finally in the same conf. UCF won titles in '13, '14, '17 and '18 since AAC was formed. (UCF win other conf titles during CUSA play).
  7. Gee...thanks!!! It's been an amazing journey for me...as I've watched sooo many games (many wins and yes, plenty of heartbreat), but that's what makes my journey soooo enjoyable. When I was in school...I had a blast cheering for "Division II" UCF. It was a thrill...still remember my first game when UCF beat BCC for the very first time on a LONG 53 yd FG on the final play of the game. Flash forward to seeing Div II Attendance records...to making Div I-AA Playoffs...and then finally getting to Div I-A with Daunte Culpepper to beating Defending SEC Champion Alabama on their Homecoming Day...to joining a conf and finally having yearly rivals (like Marshall in the MAC and then in CUSA), to hearing about UCF building their own on-campus stadium...at the SAME TIME, UCF was building their beautiful new 10,000 seat arena that was the centerpiece of their cool new Athletic Village on Campus...to seeing UCF host the 2005 National Champion Texas Longhorns on Opening Day of Brighthouse Network Stadium...to seeing in-person at our on-campus stadium...winning Conf Championships after Conf Championships...to seeing UCF IN-PERSON their first ever bowl game victory...to seeing IN-PERSON UCF's first ever BCS Bowl Game AND Victory...to seeing in-person, UCF go undefeated in back-to-game seasons...plus seeing UCF win their 2nd NYD6/BCS Bowl Game in 5 years...and now UCF is set to play in their 3rd NYD6/BCS Bowl game in the last 6 seasons. Thanks for "thinking" about me and my journey....its been one hell of a ride...and I hope it doesn't end anytime soon.
  8. You know who would say the above? One who's school doesn't HAVE a stadium. All I know is ABC and ESPN certainly "love" what UCF has built...and that means a bit more to us than something a fan could utter who's team has got ZILCH in regards to a stadium, heck, even after YEARS in a BCS Conf, they still don't even have an INDOOR Practice Facility (you remember, UCF was first in the state to build one of those...and that was without any BCS $$).
  9. Heupel is REALLY big on "family"...as he has his and the other coaches families in/around the program all the time...even on the field after every home game (and in Tampa), plus in the locker rooms too. While successful coaches come in all styles...saying you are a family and BEING a family can be two different things...but right now for UCF, its certainly working for Coach Heupel...as he crossed that threshold for almost all UCF Fans on Saturday night and that goodwill will go on into the future too (even if there is a loss or two along the way).
  10. My ears are still ringing from ANOTHER crazed home crowd at our on-campus stadium!!!! https://twitter.com/UCF_Football/status/1069230706801418241
  11. UCF will be playing in their 3rd BCS/NYD6 Bowl in the last 6 years...while usf is still waiting for their first EVER conf title, let alone their first ever DIVISIONAL title. One program is knocking on the door...while another one doesn't even know where the door is located or what it even looks like.
  12. Ok...let's compare how many conf titles your team has since you wrote this post in 2006. I am waiting............. Still waiting............. You still there???? I could start to list UCF's Conf Titles since then (let alone UCF's FOUR Conference Titles when the Knights and the cows have been conference members) but that might take too long to list them all. Please tell us another story about usf's "future" success.
  13. I'm soooo glad UCF is always on your mind. Hope traffic was too bad when you left early in the 4th Q.
  14. Its to a point where most UCF Fans probably aren't even laughing about the state of the s. florida program...its almost sad...as they have the silver spoon BCS Invite back in Nov 2003 and wasted it away. (Ok...I agree most UCF Fans chuckle at the thought). Maybe that's why UCF is so hungry to always try and win their division/conf...because nothing was ever given to UCF...as UCF was the first school to win 1 (obviously they have 2), BCS/NYD6 Bowl wins that played in Div III, Div II, Div I-AA and Div I-A Football.
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